Tales of a Demonslayer

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Chapter 3

The three painstakingly made it back to Okami’s house. As soon as the boy stepped inside his sanctum, he tossed the girl onto the couch like luggage and started digging through drawers and cabinets. He pulled out a large white box from a bottom drawer and pulled out two syringes, two vials, some gauze, and a weird green paste. Without hesitation, he drew a light blue liquid from one of the vials labeled “anti-bacterial”. He turned to a rather astonished Mayuno, who kept shifting her attention from himself and the mumbling girl. “If you’re squeamish and don’t like blood, I’d turn away now.” He said as he wiped off the dried blood from his wound.

“I’m used to seeing it already, but what are you doing? And what are you going to do about her?” She asked.

“Well I’m trying to make sure I don’t get infected from this bite. Who knows how often this girl keeps her teeth clean.” He explained as he undid the tourniquet. His skin gradually lost the purple hue as his blood rushed back to the rest of his arm. “There should be a box with a spare key right next to the TV. Go get it for me.” He commanded as he held a damp paper towel his wound. Okami grabbed the other syringe and injected it into the other vial labeled “coagulate”. He took a deep breath and injected it near the wound. His breath became shallower as he rubbed a green paste on his arm and then ingested a little of it. He wrapped the gauze around the wound and finally went to the drunken girl on her couch.

“Dad? Is that you?” Her eyelids fluttered open, and Okami couldn’t help but wonder why her irises were so captivating.

“Yes sweetie. It’s me.” The words just slipped out of his mouth, but judging by the girl’s elated expression, he decided not to retract his statement.

A soft giggle came out of her thin lips. “You haven’t called me that since I left. I guess you’re not mad at me anymore?” Her arms looped around his neck and she nuzzled her head into his chest. “I’ve missed you a lot.”

“I’ve missed you too. I couldn’t stay mad at you.” Okami responded, his heart rate increasing exponentially once again.

“I found the ke-” Mayuno’s jaw dropped as her eyes became fixated on the sight of a girl wrapping her daintily little hands around Okami and snuggling very close to him. Before she could say anything, Okami picked her up like a princess and gracefully maneuvered himself over to her in one fell swoop. He looked her dead in the eye and mouthed “play along”. The girl paused for a moment before the realization of the situation slowly sunk in. She nodded furiously, cheeks a light pink.

“Mom got the key to your room.” Okami said in his most parental voice, setting the girl down next to her figurative mother and taking the key from her hand. His hands danced across the wall until they found a small indentation. After a little bit of picking and pulling, a door slowly resurfaced. Inside was a dusty room, filled with trophies, posters, and photos plastered across the walls and in photo frames near the nightstand.

The girl yawned and plopped down into the bed. An explosion of dust caused the little particles to fill the air, which drew out a short giggle from the drunken girl. “Goodnight mom, goodnight dad.” She yawned and dove under the covers.

“Good night sweetie.” Okami said as he shut the door and left out a hefty sigh. He dragged himself over to the couch and collapsed like a sack of bricks. “This is too much for me.” He groaned, setting his body sink into the cushion.

“Wha…what was all that?” Mayuno asked, her face still a bit flushed. She took a seat next to the boy, stealing glances as she twiddled her thumbs.

“My blood made her delusional. I don’t know why she imagined her parents.” He explained.

“What’s in your blood to do that?”

The boy turned to her with a rather sour expression. “You ask too many questions, Mayuno.”

“I-I’m sorry…I just don’t know anything about you. And until I can figure out how to get back…we’re going to be together for a while.” She blushed heavily. “So, I’d feel more comfortable if I knew more about you.”

The boy hoisted himself up, rubbing his right eye. With a monotone voice he explained, “I’m not what you think I am. I’m not someone you should get close to. I’m a hardened warrior who can barely feel emotions; what could you possibly want to know?” Guilt immediately filled his body as he got eye of her downcast face. “Look, I’m going to help you, alright? Now let me get some sleep and I’ll explain the rest tomorrow. I think you’ll like to hear the news.”

“O-okay…can I ask one last question?”

“Fine, go ahead.”

“Why was that room sealed off?”

Okami’s voice seemed to become empty and more unattached. “It was my parents room. After I came back from the demon world I moved everything that reminded me of them back into that room and sealed it off. I didn’t go through 2 years’ worth of training to have my mental walls break down by those reminders.” He turned over to his side and closed his eyes. “Goodnight, Mayuno.”


The sound of bloody murder shattered the soft silence that had surrounded Okami. “Would you pipe down?! I’ll explain everything after breakfast!” Okami yelled to the source from across the room. His eyes started to droop once more, but it didn’t last long. The vampire girl eventually made her way to the couch Okami had so lovingly called his bed. She was holding a knife from the kitchen counter in a very awkward position. Her hands were trembling, which matched the look in her arm.

“W-who are you? And what am I doing here?” Her voice had a noticeably higher pitch than Mayuno’s. It sounded much like a little girl’s voice. This defused the situation in Okami’s mind as he simply got up and walked towards his kitchen cabinet. “I-I’m serious! You better start talking!”

“Look I am very tired. I had finished a shopping trip with Mayuno, and then you ambushed me. So, let me just eat some cereal and we can figure everything out.” Okami sighed as he grabbed a box from the cabinet. The girl was still looking at him suspiciously, but sat down on the couch regardless.

A little while later, Mayuno walked into the kitchen. She worriedly looked over at the vampire girl brandishing her knife and huddled closer to Okami, who had just finished his last bite of cereal. “So, you got a name?” Okami asked.

“I don’t have to tell you anything.” She sneered.

“It’d make things easier; you don’t have to be so uptight.” The demon slayer yawned.

“Eva.” She muttered.

“Alright Eva, it’s time for me to explain what happened.” Okami said. Eva straightened her posture as she listened to the boy.

“So basically, me and Mayuno were walking home, and then you showed up and tried to bite her, but I intervened with my arm. You drained some of my blood, making your brain a bit ill. So, I kept you safe in my house cause I didn’t want to know what’d happen if you did something stupid and get caught.” Okami explained.

The vampire looked confused at his explanation, but Okami’s remained unfazed. “Alright, you’ve gotten your explanation; now get out of my house.” The boy said pushing Eva out of the door before she could vocalize any kind of opposition. The door slammed in front of her face and let out a large yawn. “Now I can finally catch up on sleep.” Okami grumbled to himself as he walked back to the couch, but stopped midway by a knock at the door. A loud groan escaped his lips as he trudged back to the door and glared at the vampire girl in front of him.

“Um can I poss-”


The boy closed the door and plopped himself on the couch.

“What about Eva?” Mayuno asked.

“I don’t really care right now. I haven’t had a proper rest in quite a while, and frankly I’m not thinking rationally if I’m tired.” Okami turned over and not another sound was heard from him.

His peaceful rest did not last for very long, as the chipper laughter of teenage girls were like a blaring alarm to him. The irritation sunk to his very bones and he arose very slowly from his slumber. “What are you still doing in my house?” Okami growled, a deadly look in his eye.

“Well I could stand to leave her all alone, so I let her back in.” Mayuno smiled. However, this time it did not seem to have the same effect as it usually did.

“Don’t you have your own place?” Okami asked the vampire girl. Her rather direct “no” caused his spirit to leak out of his body. “I’m not letting you stay here; I already have stuff on my plate with that one.” His eyes met Eva’s, but she didn’t buckle underneath the intensity.

“You should treat me with more respect; I’ll have you know that I’m a demonslayer.” She fished her badge out of hidden pocket in her cloak. “Read it and weep. You’re in the presence of rank three slayer: Magician.” Eva boasted, holding her head up high, a snarky grin displayed across her face like a neon sign.

“Rank four: Red Knight.” Those four words were enough to throw her off the high horse. “So, as I said before, get out.” His discontent growing with every passing second.

“L-lies! There’s no way you’re that high already!” Eva said, her eyes wide with shock.

Okami sighed again and went and got his I.D and showed it to the skeptical vampire. “No…no way, I’ve never seen anyone that young receive such a high rank.” She whispered to herself.

Mayuno popped her head in-between the two, temporarily cutting off the tension. “Umm…not to intrude or anything, but what rankings are we talking about?”

“You don’t know? I thought you lived there.” Okami asked.

“W-well…I’ve lived there for a while…but I haven’t had the best experience with slayers…” She explained. Okami gave her an inquisitive look, but decided to fill the girl in. It would make things easier after all.

“So, the DSA, or Demon Slayer Academy, was founded on the idea of killing wicked demons that escape hell and keeping peace both in the demon world and here. Over time we expanded from demons to other monsters, but the name still stuck. Anyway, you are ranked based on your skill. A recruit without any prior training is placed at rank 1: Exorcist. Throughout the first year of training, you choose on whether you want to rely on either hand-to-hand combat or magic. You’ll still learn both, but mainly focus of whatever you choose.”

“I went with combat.” Okami said.

“And I went with magic.” Eva interjected.

“The rankings in combat go from rank two: Page, rank three: Black Squire, and rank four: Red Knight.” He explained.

“The ranking in magic go from rank two: Spell Caster, rank three: Magician, and rank four: Necromancer.” She added.

“After that, the two ranks merge again, rank five is Paladin, rank six is Master, rank seven is Demi-God, and rank eight is God. Additionally; as your skills develop you can rank higher and higher, and gain access to the other sections of the demon world.” Okami explained.

“Other sections?” Mayuno asked.

“How could you not know about this…” Okami whispered to himself. “There are five sections in the demon world, which are Fenrir, Sekaini, Sekuma, Maohkai, and Rengoku. Fenrir is the biggest and most populated of them all.” Okami explained. “I’ll explain more along the way. It seems that you’re a little lost.”

“Just a little. I wasn’t really taught any of this.” Mayuno smiled sheepishly. Okami’s senses were telling him to interrogate the girl, and find out exactly what she hasn’t told him. However, his aching body was telling him otherwise.

Okami started walking into one of the rooms to get some peace in quiet, but was stopped by a very determined 5-foot vampire girl. A loud groan came out, it almost sounded like a threatening growl. “What do you want?”

“I want you to fight me!” Eva blurted out; passion in her eyes, fist gripped tightly.

A slightly sadistic grin formed on his lips as he pulled out a black ring from his pocket. “Demon Magic: Arena Trap. Clause: Sparring.” A large purple orb enveloped the three of them, and then vanished.

The three had arrived in the same swirling, purple-skied pocket dimension where Okami had fought Rias. Okami pulled his blade out of seemingly nowhere, smiling widely. “Well…let’s begin.”

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