Annala: Memoirs of a Mermaid

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Annala, a lone mermaid, is living in the South Pacific in 800 C.E. Never having interacted with any creatures similar to herself, she wonders about the world and what her purpose is here on Earth. When early Polynesian settlers arrive on her island, she is introduced to humans for the very first time. Intrigued by them and their similarities to herself, she becomes curious to find out what else is out there. Annala lives for thousands of years and is able to communicate with all humans. She also loses her fin when she hits the shore, thus allowing her to look and act like any normal human being. From her first interaction with humans in the South Pacific she sets out to explore the world. Annala travels from landmass to landmass starting in 800 C.E. until present day. She meets all kinds of people along the way, interacts with so many diverse animals from the land and sea, and learns a great deal about the world as well as about herself. She sees beauty and destruction, love and hate, and peace and war.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Fort Lauderdale, FL

August 2015

The sun was beating down on my face this morning, making it impossible to continue sleeping. Magic, the small black cat I found outside my apartment last night stood up and stretched beside me. I decided to get out of bed, make myself some tea, and start writing. I’ve kept journals throughout my time, but now I feel as if it is time to write more than just a few words in my journal. The time has come for me to write about what I know, and what I don’t know for that matter.

I woke up in my new apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s been awhile since I’ve been back to this part of the world but it feels like home. Actually, everywhere I go feels like home. I’m not one to really a miss a place too much. Rather I often miss the people I’ve met along the way. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see some of those people again. Many have long since left this earth. From time to time I think about where they are and why I am still here.

I’m back in the Sunshine State, near the ocean, where I belong. This is my home for the moment. I need time alone to get my thoughts together and figure out what it is that I need to be doing. I have found that time spent alone is often when you learn the most. The Universe seems to place everything you need right in front of you. And right now, a pen and paper are just about the only things I need.

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