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Shore - Part 1: Taking Command

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Lieutenant Michael Shore never thought he would rise to command his own vessel so quickly; nor could he ever have imagined that the fate of the British Empire would come to rest in his hands. Shore - Part I: Taking Command is the first of a trilogy of mystery/adventure novels set during the Seven Years War/French & Indian War of the 18th Century. The main character is a British Royal Navy officer who was born in the American colonies and never saw himself as upwardly mobile due to his colonial upbringing and his unfamiliarity with the mother country. Strangely, he is rapidly promoted to his own command by one of the Lords of the Admiralty and entrusted with a strange mission which is shrouded in secrecy. With the aid of his hand-picked crew of officers and men aboard HMS Philadelphia, Shore gradually comes to understand the importance of the task set before him. The strange disappearance of a British government official in Nassau leads to a voyage filled with intrigue, investigation and danger all around the Caribbean. This culminates in a race to prevent a terrible conspiracy which undermines the hold of the Crown on its colonial possessions and threatens to fatally turn the tides of war against the British Empire. A host of secondary themes abound in this work: class disparities and prejudices, leadership, teamwork, and trust to name but a few.

Adventure / Mystery
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Hostilities between Great Britain and France have raged in colonial America for three years - a struggle which would become known in that part of the world as the French and Indian War. It is but one theater of a much larger conflict in which both nations are fighting across the globe. This includes Europe itself, where allies of both sides are also fighting one another to maintain their own interests. Spain has thus far remained a neutral spectator in every way. The Seven Years War, as it will come to be known, will be recognized as one of the first true world wars in human history.

At this period of time, warfare is still in many respects a gentlemanly pursuit. Any man who has distinguished himself to the point of becoming a commissioned military officer, regardless of family background, is generally recognized as a gentleman. Such men would be expected to uphold certain tenets of proper behavior and always act with honor. The honor of a gentleman is worth more than gold itself...

An officer in the British Royal Navy, a young man born in the North American colonies, is about to learn of the part he will play, for better or worse, in the escalating confrontation...

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