The Panther & the Reaper

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Eryn and JB have always had their differences, but this time JB's returned as something more different than Eryn might be able to handle. Some things should just remain dead.... Eryn and JB are back in the second book of the Eryn and JB Williams series. This is one adventure that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. Eryn adjusts to living with a reaper as they try to find their way back to being partners again. JB tries to retain his humanity and struggles against the Reapers control but things never hit the fan in a small way and as Eryn and JB complete the missions, things take a turn for the worse as they try to get on even ground with each other.

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Chapter 1

He watched the car as it sped down the dark highway. The driver was distracted since his girlfriend had her head between his legs. They had been having a night out on the town to celebrate the male getting a raise at work. The female was an artist with his baby on the way but she didn’t know that yet. This was his first assignment and even though he knew what was to happen, he was still shocked when it came to pass. The deer crossed in front of the cars path quickly causing the driver to jerk the wheel to the right which in turn trapped the girls head between the steering wheel and his body.

The only good thing about watching the whole thing play out was that it was quick. He heard the crunch of the hood under the impact of hitting the tree and watched as the engine flamed quickly converging over the bent hood and the flames licking their way up the windshield and body of the car. He walked slowly over to the smoldering wreckage of the accident; leaning down slightly he placed his hand on the man’s shoulder looking for his soul that was still trapped inside his dead body. Once out he went to remove the girl’s soul which was easier said than done.

Since she was bent forward across the males lap, he had to reach farther in to touch her.

Finally with the two souls out of the wreckage he was able to do a soul burial which would allow the newly released souls to enter whatever lay beyond life.

“In the next stage you will be seen by a judge; he will then determine whether or not you are worthy to move onto heaven. If you are judged unworthy, you will be sent to hell. I am here to guide you into to the next stage of eternity.”

He spoke without emotion and then taking out his dagger he slashed an x into the air which then shimmered with light as the doorway opened. The couple stepped through and the doorway closed after them. Looking around at the carnage he sighed and pulled his hood over his eyes. He knew that this wasn’t going to be easy and he was grateful that his emotions had been stripped from him otherwise he didn’t think he would have been able to go through with collecting their souls. With only a couple days of training, he wasn’t exactly ready and since all they did was show him the basis of controlling his powers and disguising himself from normal people. The rest he learned on the fly; and the monster within wouldn’t let him rest until he had completed his assignment.

With nothing else to do, he flashed himself back to his penthouse apartment. He had every modern convenience available; from a large flat screen television to a high tech gaming computer and console.

One of the perks about being a Reaper was that it was a well-paid gig. He watched as the moon highlighted the city below and still his thoughts were restless. With eternity stretching out before him he began wondering if getting back together with the only girl he had ever loved would be a possibility.

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