Echoes Rising

By Arrowyn Jessica Campbell All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Action


While Eryn is adjusting to everything that's happening in her life; JB must face a new threat. A young reaper that can drain other reaper's powers. Kyros and JB need to come up with a plan to either eradicate the new reaper or become obliterated themselves. Tucker was Serius' son and Eryn's half-brother when he was human. Now. he has unimaginable powers that he can't seem to control, as his mind slips further into the darkness. The third book in the installment of the Eryn and JB Williams series will you take on a terrifying, exhilarating ride into the middle realm of the reapers all while tying back to the one thing that keeps JB human. Without a human tie, reaper's cannot take human form for long; and with powers that surpass any known being, it's time to fight fire with fire.

Chapter 1

She watched quietly from the shadows. Her large yellow green eyes reflective of the faint light coming from down in front of her, she could sense more than see JB crouching beside her. Eryn shifted her position just slightly and leaned further out from her hiding place on the ledge. Her metallic claws gripping the edge of the rock under her giving her better stability. Little rocks were dislodged by her movement and they cascaded down over the edge. One of the men looked up after being hit by one of the falling rocks. Eryn moved back quickly, afraid of being seen.

A voice from the left-hand corridor called and the man mumbled something about pigeons in the rafters before going in the direction of the voice. Leaning back over the edge she watched the workmen for a few minutes before scanning the rest of the walls for footholds and hiding places. The stone cavern was crawling with workmen and directors, heavy machinery lay scattered around the space making for good obstacles to hide behind. They would have to move quickly. Looking over at JB now, she motioned forward and down. He nodded understanding the gesture.

Together they began making their way down the wall and toward the center of the room where a gem the size of a baby’s fist glimmered and twinkled in the light.

This wasn’t the first time they had seen the rare Solonian gem. A gem so clear, radiant and priceless, it had been on display a month ago at the Royal Museum of Ontario before it had gone missing a week ago. Eryn and JB had been assigned to get it back. The closer to the ground they got the more she understood about the men who looked like workmen, but were much bigger, heavier and thicker. They looked like the sort of men found on pirate ships and Viking vessels. Reaching ground she quickly ducked behind a massive dumper vehicle with tires bigger than she was. JB landed lightly behind her. She peeked out from behind the tire, waiting a moment for the center guy to turn his back to her, than she darted to the next vehicle.

The adrenaline pounded through her veins, heightening her senses and slowing everything around her to a crystalline clarity. She began scaling the side of the vehicle. She crouched in the cockpit of the dumper truck keeping a careful eye on the men around her.

Men pushed heavy carts of what looked like an ore of some kind from one tunnel into another and the foreman oversaw the progress of it all.

JB rose to join her, his black red tipped wings making no noise as they flapped gently keeping him at eye level. He also had a barrier around Eryn so no one could technically see her, but they still had to be careful. She was moving again, leaping silently from the dump truck they were hiding into the next truck over; her large black padded feet offering her stealth and balance.

She was already on the third vehicle when he appeared beside her again. She gave him a manic excited smile as she leaped twisting her body over the head of one of the workmen as they passed under her. He sucked in his breath as she landed and slid across the top of another vehicle her metallic nails scraping against the metal. She stopped with a grimace of pain a moment before all the workmen in the room stopped what they were doing and as one unit turned their heads in the direction of the sound. She braced for a fight, shifting completely from woman to panther as the workmen began to converge around her. Growling low as she braced for battle, Eryn leaped down and then ran for the nearest tunnel winking at JB as she passed him.

No more than a shadowy specter he glared at her before shaking his head and making his way to the center of the cavern where the Solonian gem sat encased in a pillar of glass. He set a small circle drawing device against the glass and began drawing a large circle.

They had precious little time and once he reached in a grabbed hold of the gem, a small click sounded and he yanked his hand back a moment before a large evil metal claw with spiked teeth clamped down on his wrist. Alarms blared and JB jumped back rarely spooked by anything, nearly dropping the precious gem. He ran in the direction Eryn had gone in, hoping she hadn’t had to fight anyone. When she was a panther, there was no telling if she’d simply continue running or if she’d turn and fight. He wasn’t entirely certain which would be better for her.

“You tripped the alarm system didn’t you?”

Eryn’s voice laughed in the earpiece jammed into his ear. If he could hear her, it meant she was running around as a naked woman.

“Yes, time to turn tail; also, stop giving the goons behind you something decent to chase after!”

He growled low while turning a corner. The closer he got to her, the stronger their link with each other became. And once they were together, JB could then take them out of this maze of tunnels deep within the rock surrounding them. Eryn’s rumbling laugh sounded a moment in his earpiece before he could hear it in his head. She opened the link and he was able to zero in on her location.

It was easier picking up on her thoughts and location when she was a panther than when she was human. Closing his eyes, he focused on her aura and then following the ribbon that showed her life-link he found her crouched in a darkened corner. She turned her eerie gold-green gaze on him as he appeared. Taking her hand they disappeared in flash of black red light.

“Man, that was so much fun!” Eryn laughed, clearly pleased despite having to outrun people.

JB watched her raking an appreciative glance over her body. The predator in him raised its head and lust darkened his eyes to near black. He curled his arm around her waist and drew her in for a scorching kiss as he ran his other hand through her short hair.

She moaned against his mouth, fitting her body against his and not for the first time since they had gotten back together she was struck with how masterful JB had become.

The Reaper growled low in his throat sending shivers down her spine and electricity dancing over her skin as she could feel his lust growing to charge his powers.

“Did you get it…?”

She mumbled against his mouth, her head spinning as she reeled from the ecstasy of kissing JB. He nodded, rubbing his slightly stubbled cheek against her smooth one before moving down her neck. They were standing on top of a mountain, and the chilly air swirled around them. He moved his hands over her shoulder blades and came across something that chilled him to the bone. Something that hadn’t been there that morning; he stopped kissing her immediately and looked at her.

“Eryn, don’t be scared ok… but I think there’s a dagger in your back.”

She stood as still as possible, while JB inspected the wound. She didn’t feel it, not yet anyway. It must have happened when JB had teleported them out of the underground caverns. Too far away to flash to his penthouse suite, he made her bite down on a shirt that he twirled together while he pulled the dagger out. The wound looked clean but deep.

Eryn gasped in pain, her breathing now coming in shallow gasps as soon as the dagger left her body. Then laying his hand against the wound, concentrating fiercely on healing it, she groaned a moment before slumping forward on to the ground.

I must not panic, I must not panic, I must not panic. The mantra kept repeating in JB’s head as he began administering first aid. Clearing his mind, and bringing back the memories of the other times Eryn had gotten wounded while on a trip; he began to clean the wound keeping the pressure on it to slow the bleeding. It looked deep but the blade had narrowly missed both her heart and her lungs. Every time Eryn came close to death, he died a little bit inside.

And right now the world around JB changed from living to dead. She had lost a large amount of blood, and he could hear her heartbeat slowing down.

He sewed the wound shut, wrapped a gauze pad around her chest and then turning her over gently he laid her down on her backpack. Making sure to keep her slightly elevated, he leaned his forehead against hers, praying her pulse stayed strong enough for her to live. He could feel it fluttering against her rib cage and with a little “help” from his powers, her heartbeat began increasing to a steady rhythm and she gasped.

That night as they cuddled against the campfire, Eryn studied the Solonian gemstone in her hands. JB rested his head on her shoulder, turning his head into her neck inhaling her sweet scent of strawberries, death and wood smoke. The gemstone glimmered in iridescent colors against the firelight; there was a deep redness in the center of it with green and blue radiating outward from it.

JB reached to touch it from behind her and a flame from his hand flew into the gemstone. The blue fire from JB’s fingers danced inside the gemstone.

“Do you react with all kinds of gemstones?” Eryn asked still watching the flames dancing inside the gemstone.

“Not usually, only moonstones and bloodstones.”

The stone he wore around his neck was an enchanted Reapers stone that brushed her ear as he leaned forward against her back. She nodded as if this was something he said every day. Although in their world it pretty much did. She leaned closer to the fire to watch the light refract through it, the moment the gemstone touched the flame it became absorbed within the stone. JB fell forward catching himself a moment before his face connected with the cold embers in the fire pit. He stood up brushing the dust of the rock off his khakis, and looked around for Eryn.

“Eryn! Eryn where are you?”

He yelled her name over and over again, and it echoed over the mountain top and through the ravines and valleys below without a response. She was gone within the blink of an eye.

She opened her eyes to a strange light coming from above her. The walls surrounding her were a clear green - blue color while the floor was a shifting red, that shifted between dark red and light red.

“In ten seconds the barrier will be lowered and you will be free to move about the maze, get to the center and finish before the other contestants and you will be rewarded. You have five minutes to complete the maze. If you are unable to survive the maze, your body will become absorbed and used for different purposes.”

The voice echoed around the space for a moment before disappearing. Once the voice had disappeared a screen appeared in the air in front of her. Eryn let her ears become round black panthers ears.

Immediately she picked up the hum of murmured voices not close but within her vicinity.

A buzzer sounded and the screen disappeared once it had reached zero. A timer appeared just on her right side: 5:00. 4:59. 4:58. She began to move.

She didn’t know what would happen when she got the center, or what would happen if she lost, but she didn’t want to find out. She turned left at the first intersection she came too and found herself in a room.

There was a door on the opposite side of where she was and a door on the adjacent wall. There was a dark leather couch in the center of the room and a huge bay window that overlooked out onto a sparkling blue lake. A man stood in front of it looking out, his hands clasped behind his back.

“Welcome Player; first question: If you had a chance to change what had happened to you, JB and your daughter; would you go back and change it?”

The man spoke or rather sounded like he was speaking… however, when she walked around to his front side it looked exactly like his backside. It was disturbing.

The ache of heartbreak and loss flared brightly in her chest a moment before the timer above her chimed once notifying her there was now 4:00 minutes left to complete the maze.

“I wouldn’t change it, for to change the past would be to ruin the future.” She said loudly.

The door in the center of the room opened, and she quickly exited the creepy room. The hallways turned and twisted and at one point she swore she was walking on the ceiling.

She turned right and entered into an arena type room. Someone else had also entered the arena.

“Challenge two; defeat opponent in hand to hand combat by any means necessary. Winner will advance to next round; time limit has been extended by three minutes for fighting contestants.”

Standing across from her was another girl, about her height, though thicker body wise with straight black hair that hung past her shoulders. The look on her face told Eryn this girl was here to fight, and she would do whatever possible to win.

“I don’t want to fight you, but I will win.”

She spoke without emotion and her pupils expanded until they ate up the whites of her eyes. Her nose flattened, became broader and her ears became smaller and brown.

Within one moment and the next the girl turned into a giant black bear, and then she ran directly at Eryn. Eryn barely had time to react as the girl charged her, as it was she took a hit from the girl’s claws into her shoulder. Blood gushed down her arm and chest as the girl sank her claws deep into Eryn’s shoulder.

The girl flung Eryn across the arena. She let out a scream of pain and turned into a panther.

Her metal claws sparked off the light overhead. Slick with blood as it ran freely down her shoulder, growling through the pain she rolled onto her feet and sprang as the bear charged again.

The terrible sound of growling and tearing filled the arena. Eryn landed on the girls back when she ran up the side of the wall and flipped back onto the bear. Her fur was course but thick, Eryn buried her metal claws deep into the side of the bear’s neck, and then she was able to feel muscle and blood run over her wrist.

The girl let out an enraged howl of pain, her massive black arm swinging up to swipe Eryn off. As a trained military enhanced experiment that was also part panther, Eryn knew how to fight very well in both forms. She sliced up the bear’s neck spraying blood onto the sandy surface of the arena. The bear let out a strangled cry of pain before turning back into a girl who was covered in blood from her right shoulder down. Panting Eryn could see the deep gashes she had left from her claws, still spewing blood. The side of the girl’s neck looked like ravaged raw meat.

The girl collapsed face down in the dirt, her blood still pooing around her soaking into the sand. The timer beeped and a door on the far side of the arena opened.

Tired and discouraged from her previous battle, she headed towards the door. Slipping into the hallway beyond She pulled the makeshift bandage around her shoulder with her teeth. Her head pulsed and her shoulder and back ached. Black spots clouded in at the edges of her vision. She was vaguely aware of the timer above her head and slightly off to the right. Sighing she scrubbed a hand through her hair making it stand up in spikes. 2:37 the timer kept ticking down. She continued on through the maze.

Eryn wished JB was there or was at least able to communicate with her. Instead, he was outside the gem in the real world. The maze was beginning to seem endless and she still didn’t know if she was any closer to the center and still the timer ticked down. Finally, she entered into another room. This time it was a disturbing scene from Dr. Sirius Develanka’s island of spliced creatures. Eryn had come from there originally. Her mother and her entire genetic line had come from that island.

The last time JB had visited, her half – Brother Tucker had escaped and laid waste to the entire island, killing everything in his path.

She shivered at the memory and cautiously made her way into the room. There was an examination table upon which sat a woman.

Sirius was standing next to her taking her pulse. She was beautiful, lithe with green eyes and long dark brown hair. Eryn recognized her immediately; that was her birth mother.

There was no voice this time, and her time had momentarily stopped at 1:45. She had to be getting closer to the center; the obstacles were becoming harder to get through. She kept watching the two people. It appeared that Sirius cared a great deal about her mother, the way he kept touching her arms and smiling.

A sick feeling took hold of Eryn, and as she watched, Sirius grabbed hold of the woman’s wrists and was forcing her back onto the table. She could hear the woman telling him no, she was afraid, and as she pushed against his chest, Eryn could hear Sirius shushing her, telling her it wouldn’t hurt that much, the first time always hurt. That’s when Eryn moved to try and get to them.

She was brought up short by a glass barrier. Growling she felt her hands extend into metal tipped claws. She was vaguely aware of bones breaking and re-growing into a bigger form, her fingernails becoming claws and the liquid metal in her body sliding over her skin to become unbreakable. With an enraged cry, she slashed at the barrier.

Nothing happened except for a shooting pain that ripped up and down her arm. She cursed and kicked out at it.

Sirius was now between her mother’s legs and fumbling with the zipper on his pants, his back was to Eryn. She looked away and covered her ears, tears streaming down her face as realization dawned on her. She choked back a sob, turned her back on the scene behind her, sliding down until her head was between her knees. She started rocking slowly back and forth.

She was so lost in grief and despair that she barely noticed a pair of strong arms go around her. One hand stroking her back the other her arms in awkward but soothing gestures.

JB murmured her name over and over again, soothing her. He didn’t understand why Eryn was crying as if her heart were breaking, but he would do anything to stop the gut wrenching sobs that were tearing their way out of her chest.

That night as they settled in front of the campfire she told him what she had found out; in short whispers hours after she had thrown up in the bushes little ways from their campsite. She watched his face darken, the Reaper coming to the forefront. He was fiercely protective of her. She was his heart, and he was her sanity.

JB rubbed her back and her arms trying to warm her freezing body. She was still shaking like a leaf in the wind, her teeth chattering in her jaw. She couldn’t get warm; it was cold so very cold. She was barely aware of JB’s presence. At some point during the night, she began to drift into unconsciousness; JB caught her before she could go face first into the fire. The next morning Eryn was unusually subdued on their way back.

“Are you ok?” JB asked her not for the first time that morning.

“I’m fine; I didn’t sleep well that’s all.” She rubbed her hands across her eyes and through her hair leaving it standing up in spikes and tufts. He gave her a grim smile and continued to trudge down into the forests surrounding the mountain they had been on.

The sky overhead turned gray and a light rain began to fall. It began to increase as they stumbled and ran downward seeking shelter in the trees. The sky had turned a dark charcoal color and thunder rumbled loudly overhead. They were soaked to the bone within a few minutes; Eryn was still shivering violently; her teeth clicking together and she feared that they would shatter right out of her jaw; JB didn’t seem to be minding the cold. When they found the cave it seemed a miracle.

It wasn’t until they got close to it that they realized it wasn’t so much a cave as it was a mass graveyard of bones. Most appeared to be animal bones, however, the more disturbing part was that there were human bones in and among the animal bones. Eryn shivered and not just from the cold.

“JB, what happened here?”

“I don’t know Eryn, I don’t know. But whatever happened here… it was brutal. I can feel all the violence that was done here.”

JB turned a haunted look to her and she gasped. He looked as if he were in pain.

His black blue eyes were weeping, but not tears… they were weeping blood. Alarmed Eryn got a cloth, soaked it in rainwater and began wiping away the blood leaking slowly down his face leaving red trails behind.

Her touch was soothing and helped him block out the souls that were tied to this place and he could do nothing to help them. She began unpacking gear as quickly her cold hands would allow. She took out plastic ponchos and after rearranging both the backpacks she put a poncho over JB and pulled his hood out to cover his face.

Looking after him helped her focus and come out of the stupor she had been in after the gem maze. It was still safely tucked away in her backpack. His eyes were still weeping blood, and he seemed to be lost within his own torment. She knew he was linked to the spirit realm; that as a Reaper he could see, hear, and feel the souls that were trapped here. She needed to get him away from here, away from all this evil.

The sky was dark and the rain was coming down in sheets. The trees offered little help to them in blocking out the torrent of rain that swept down the mountain side.

She had tied a rope around her wrist and JB’s so that they wouldn’t get lost in the storm and she could feel him slipping and sliding along behind her.

Vaguely she wondered if the rain would ever stop. Finally she stopped somewhere near the base of the mountain and found another small cave which was actually more of a crevice but provided enough cover from the rain that they weren’t getting soaked.

JB still had this haunted dazed look about him and seemed to be following Eryn and her lead. She sighed and looked back out at the sheeting rain while she unpacked their things and set them out to dry as best as possible. The crevice they were in was damp and chilling.

She set about making a fire, going out into the rain and coming back with small armfuls of semi-dry sticks.

“JB, I need your help, please snap out of It.” she pleaded kneeling in front of him.

He just looked at her not seeing her. “I should have helped them… I couldn’t even do a soul burial for all the evil in that place.”

“I know, I know, but I need you here with me now.”

She spoke softly as if speaking to a scared and cornered animal. He just nodded and held his hand toward the fire. Blue black flames leaped from his fingers and lit the sticks she had piled. A small orange blue flame began to lick at the sticks growing bigger until they had a small comfortable fire.

After making sure the fire would keep going for while she snuggled up beside JB trying to rub warmth into his freezing body. As a Reaper, he was naturally colder than she was because he was technically dead.

In this state he could see her aura much more clearly; she glowed with a fierceness and vitality that he found both warming and a little frightening.

“Come back to me…” she whispered a moment before drifting off to sleep; exhaustion overtaking her.

He settled her as gently as he could on the ground in front the fire, a sweater of his pillowed under her head and the blankets, though still slightly wet on top of her. He slipped out into the rain. She would understand; he needed to do something about the trapped souls that were further up the mountain side.

As he neared the cavern he let the Reaper take over completely; a wraith with black angel’s wings and a hood over his skull. He materialized his scythe in his hand and walked calmly into the cavern, twirling it as he went. It didn’t take long; the souls would have been able to sense his presence just as he was able to sense theirs. He slashed the air in an x formation, opening the doorway to the next stage; and then the first of the souls began to come to him. They screamed a hollow yearning sound that only he could hear. Crouching he slashed out, again and again, purifying the souls. His eyes began glowing an eerie black red, and he growled with the pleasure of being able to consume so much evil and souls in one place. He howled into the night, as dark ecstasy ripped through his veins.

The souls kept coming, and though they couldn’t harm him they could swarm him and make it more difficult for him to do his job.

It was like a macabre dance of dark light and flame; of hollow screaming and pain.

Panting he watched as the last of the souls entered the doorway and it closed up behind her. Only then did he bury his hands in the ground and he pushed back all the evil he had consumed, watching as it drained out of him setting fire to the cavern and flowing back into the ground.

Eryn knew was alone the moment she woke up, and not just because JB wasn’t physically beside her, but it was because she couldn’t feel him. She wasn’t quite panicked yet, but she was worried. She started the fire up again and nibbled on a granola bar. The rain still hadn’t let up and she could hear rocks and mud and things sliding down the mountain side with the torrents of rain. She checked her watch; JB hadn’t returned since last night. She picked up her helmet and waited while the plates clicked into position.

A full body suit of armor she had designed and put together herself so that she wouldn’t take as much damage. A suit similar to Ironman’s in that it electronically kept track of her vitals. However, that was where the similarities stopped. It was designed to change as she did; being able to go from human to panther and back without difficulty and when she needed to take it off she would give the command and it would fold back into itself, very much like puzzle pieces clicking into place. The best thing was it was waterproof to a certain depth.

Once the final piece clicked together it beeped letting her know she could move she began creeping slowly back up the mountain side, the rain battered against her armor.

She was halfway up and blinded by the torrential rains when she heard a strangled cry of pain.

She bolted toward the sound, her metal claws digging into the soft slick ground underneath her. Suddenly the ground gave way and she was falling through earth and rain. Branches whipped past her and slammed themselves against her armor. There was an oppressive weight on her leg pinning her to the ground. Growling in irritation she heaved herself into a sitting position. She couldn’t get very far because of her leg, and the large rock that was on it so she ended up leaning against the rock cave.

She couldn’t retract the armor until she got her leg out from under the boulder. Using her other leg she braced it against the rock and leaned her back into the rock behind her. It rocked just slightly but she still wasn’t able to get her leg unstuck.

At least nothing felt broken and with a few more good pushes she was able to move it enough that she could pull her leg out from under it. Her armor was slightly dented but seemed to have taken the brunt of the impact. “Retract.”

The armor began clicking back into itself. She looked up, it was still raining, but the rain seemed to be stopping before it got down to where she was. It looked like stardust falling.

“Man, it’s going to be a long trek back.” She said as she flicked on the flashlight that had been strapped to her utility belt.

Over the years she had learned to shift with things like backpacks and belts on her without losing them.

The walls dripped with moisture and glinted with mica and obsidian stone. There seemed to be jagged wall holds all around her. She vaguely wondered how far down she had fallen and if JB would be able to find her.

“JB!” she called as loudly as she could. Her voice echoed around her and farther down to her right, something slithered. Her heightened panther’s senses immediately perked up and put her on alert. The last thing she needed was to alert other creatures of where she was.

There was a scuffling sound further down and she shone her flashlight into the tunnel. It glanced off something that instantly slipped behind a boulder. Every instinct and sense was on high alert and she had a feeling that whatever was down in that tunnel was something she didn’t want to meet. Steeling her courage she let her left hand become metal encased claws while the other held the flashlight. She began walking slowly down.

She would rather know what she was facing than wait and have it come up and surprise her.

Her light reflected off a round gleam in the darkness, she whistled low. A creature came out from behind the rock and looked at her. It looked like a dog, albeit a slightly luminescent dog. Its fur glowed a pale blue and its eyes were round and white. She realized it must be blind if it lived down here in the darkness.

The beast in her roared to the forefront, and the urge to run was overwhelming. There was something incredibly wrong here, but she didn’t know what. Still looking at the dog creature, it gave her a horrible sense of unease. For a few minutes it just watched her, and then it began to walk slowly towards her, growling low. With its head down and teeth bared she swore the color of its coat began to get brighter and undulate like wind through a field of long grass. It was terrifying and beautiful. She began to back away and that’s when the creatures face split open to reveal a long snaking tongue with suckers on the underside.

“Not a dog! Shit!”

She bolted backward.

Between one step and the next she was a black panther, her tread became silent and she ran zigzagging back to her original position.

Launching herself at the wall just barely missing the creatures tongue as it lashed the air under her hind legs. She jumped ledges and dug her claws in when there was barely any gripping room against the rock. The beast below her kept lashing its long snakelike tongue towards her; howling in frustration when it missed. She scrambled against the last bit of rock ledge, pulling herself over just as a figure appeared from the rain.

Just a shadow that waved his hand over the gaping hole and it closed up just as the creature lunged straight up and lashed its tongue towards Eryn.

“You certainly can get yourself into the most interesting situations you know that?”

JB held the umbrella over Eryn’s head as she lay back in the dirt panting. He helped her to her feet, handed her backpack to her then taking her hand he flashed them back to his penthouse suite.

“You know it’s always kind of sickening when we travel like that. It’s worse than flying.”

She said as she dry heaved into the sink. JB grimaced and rubbed her back.

“I’m going for a shower… you going to come join me?”

She nodded after a moment and took his hand as he led her to the shower they shared.

They were watching a movie cuddled up on JB’s king size bed when the doorbell rang. Eryn looked at JB who shrugged. He got up and shrugged on his house coat as he moved towards the door. Kyron stood on the other side of the doorway, looking slightly disheveled but otherwise none the worse for wear.

There was a bruise high on his cheekbone that was starting to swell and he looked about ready to kill something. Considering he was also a Reaper on the same level as JB, was saying something.

“You want a drink or maybe an ice pack?”

JB asked the other Reaper moving aside so he could enter the apartment.

Kyron moved stiffly into the apartment and shrugged his coat off, before sitting down on the chair in the living room.

“A drink would be preferable. Thanks.”

JB chuckled and made him a drink before going to join him. A large black cat slunk into the living room, jumped up on the couch and watched Kyron warily.

He looked slightly alarmed that JB had a large wild cat with claws that glinted metal sitting quite amiably on his couch.

“Uh… new pet?” he asked taking the drink from JB’s hand.

The panther growled low and Kyron shifted uncomfortably.

“Easy, she doesn’t like being called a pet… she pretty much does whatever she wants. Don’t worry she only attacks when provoked.”

“Right… anyway I won’t stay long; I can already feel my powers starting to fluctuate. But listen I didn’t come for a friendly visit, I came to warn you; there’s a rogue Reaper out, whose indiscriminately killing people to gain their souls. He’s young and powerful. So be careful.”

Kyron polished off his drink before rising and setting his glass on the coffee table in front of him.

He looked at the panther that looked back at him with a feral gleam in her gold green eyes that was slightly unsettling.

“Is that what happened to you? You got into a fight with a rogue Reaper?”

Kyron nodded at JB’s question.

“Hades sent me to try and subdue him but he’s freaky strong.”

JB looked concerned but not overly so; instead he glanced toward the panther that had her paws on his lap. She made a small whining noise and butted her head against his arm. There was something very strange about the big cat, for one thing she smelled distinctly human under the smell of death and animal. JB kissed the top of her head, and spoke quietly to her before getting up and showing Kyron out.

“You keep some weird company.” Kyron stated before heading down the hallway.

“I don’t like him… he doesn’t smell right…”

Eryn growled lightly wrapping her arms around JB and leaning her head against his back.

“Well if it’s any consolation, he doesn’t like you either, the feelings mutual.”

He chuckled turning in her arms.

“Is the rogue Reaper going to be any problem?”

She asked as she moved languidly back towards the couch.

JB watched her appreciatively and was just about to go towards her, when his phone beeped.

“I’ll be right back.”

He flashed from the room, leaving Eryn lying naked on the couch.

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Taylor Rankin: This is a amazing story u should make a second one ❤❤❤

meghanelizabeth: Absolutely love, easy to read and follow

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Zhoelizabeth : please tell me there is another book this ended with me in happy tears I love this book so much I have been Bing reading it th is has to be by far a wonderful book the writing is amazing I did not have to put words in for other words to understand what somthing said it gave you a visual every thi...

Charlene Mylle: One of my favourite books ever.

Edson Garcia: Story had me enthralled could not put it down .interesting and gripping story

Anthea Snowden Evans: Absolutely fantastic story

Paulette Martin: I've been thinking about Preacher finding his one. Can't hardly wait to read the complete book.

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