Flame and Shadow

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Chapter 60

Bishop Oro Sherman paced through the abandoned wing of the chapel. He did this a lot lately. Things were not going the way they should, or at least, the way he thought they should. Was anything that he accepted as fact actually true? He couldn’t let his people see his doubt, or all hope would be lost. Already a bit of unrest was growing. Still, everything he believed seemed to be in question. Was Nahalore really to rule the earth and guide humanity? Was there really a prophesied Fiery One who would bring about the end of conflict? And, most worryingly, were they even really descended from a holy angel, as part of God’s divine plan? He had never questioned this before, but in light of everything that had taken place, one couldn’t help but wonder if it had all been a lie.

No one had ever actually seen the book of prophecy for themselves. Everything that Nahalore knew had been passed down for thousands of years by oral tradition. The bishop of the organization had a single solitary page of the book, which had been ripped out eons ago, so it was certain that it existed. However, the page was blank, and no information could actually be gathered by studying it.

For the first time in his life, the great bishop began to question the sovereignty of God, and his organization’s position of superiority and predestination as The Almighty’s chosen ones.

As he heavily pondered all of these things in solitary silence, he suddenly heard a voice. The man quickly turned to face the intruder.

“Oh, Doshi. Can I do something for you?”

Doshi stared enigmatically back at him, with a cold smile on his face.

“No, you cannot. You’ve already fulfilled your purpose.”

This took the older man by surprise.

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“I mean, you’ve done everything that I needed you to do, and it’s time for you to die.”

“Doshi, what are you talking about?” Fear mixed with anger entered Sherman’s voice. “Are you trying to overthrow me, and take over Nahalore?!”

In reply, Doshi released a powerful torrent of water in the direction of his former commander. The force from the water jet was enough to punch a hole through concrete, so there was no telling what it could do to a human body. Just before the blast reached him, Sherman held out his hand. The water stopped moving, then changed course. It flowed upward, and circled in the air above the bishop like an enormous watery halo.

“Doshi, you’re a fool. You know I have the ability to control all elemental powers used against me. Why would you even think that you had a chance?”

Doshi shrugged.

“Couldn’t hurt to try.”

Sherman reached into the long sleeves of his robe, and removed a number of glowing orbs. They then floated out above his hands in front of him.

“I can manipulate all existing energy, but can’t project any of my own. These orbs contain pure spiritual elements of each type, that I can use as an offensive force. You have no hope of standing against me.”

The lashing water suspended above Sherman’s head began whirling faster and faster.

“You dared to defy the will of God. You turn your hand against me, ME! Who practically raised you, and mentored you, and guided the development of your powers. You will be punished. God’s hand will strike you down!”

The yellow orb began floating higher than the rest of them.

“I think I’ll crush you with your own water, then fry you to death with holy lightning!”

Doshi shrugged again.

“I don’t think so.”

Just before Sherman motioned for the water to cascade down upon its caller, he found a sword sticking through his chest.


Despite the stabbing pain radiating from the steel blade through his body, the bishop slowly turned his head around to see his attacker. It was a woman in a black combat uniform and dark hair tied in a long ponytail. Sherman hadn’t seen her in all of his pacing through the chapel. It was as though she had literally appeared out of nowhere.

“Thank you, Mara.” Said Doshi politely.

“You…traitor…” Sherman weakly mumbled.

“Traitor? Far from it, old man. A traitor is one who turns against his allegiance or cause. I’m doing exactly what is best for Nahalore. We will soon rule the earth, and I’m going to be the commander. The only sentient creatures on this planet will be the Ircabim, and there will be no one left to keep us from our divine destiny!!”

“Are you…going to kill…every human…”

“No.” Doshi laughed. “Not me. My master will.”

“How long…have you been like this…”

“I used to want to serve you, old man. I wanted to grow up to be just like you. But then, the dreams started. Six years ago, when a certain little brat showed up, I began to have dreams…of my true master. He told me everything I could be, and exactly what Nahalore’s true destiny was. We were meant to rule, Sherman. That’s why we exist. Nothing will stand in our way. Not even you.”

The bishop could only stare helplessly, still impaled on the sword of Doshi’s accomplice.

“Hm… I haven’t tried Omni-caller blood yet. I wonder if that could be the secret. Hopefully there’ll be enough blood left for my experiments after I’m done with you… Well, I’ve had enough talking. Goodbye, crotchety weak old man.”

With that, the woman removed her sword from Sherman’s back, and disappeared. Doshi then gestured downward, regaining control of his water energy. The helpless bishop was crushed and drowned in the torrent. He was dead in a matter of moments. After the deed was done, the younger man felt no remorse, no guilt. His former mentor’s body lay motionless on the ground; completely dry now that the water-caller had removed his concentration from the energy. Doshi smiled.

Oh, what fun I will have with his blood. It could be the key…”

As the young man looked around Sherman’s private wing of the chapel, he couldn’t help but have a feeling of power.

“Hm hm hm hm…” He chuckled. “Everything is mine. I’m now in command of the most powerful force on the planet. And no one can do anything about it.”

He held out his hand, and found that he could still generate water energy. He shrugged. Doshi was hoping that he would inherit Sherman’s Omni-calling ability, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Oh, well. His water-calling was very strong, and more than enough to deal with a certain fiery pest.

The woman reappeared in the shadows nearby, and walked over to him.

“Troaz. The Prophesied Ones got past your guard dog.”

He waved his hand passively.

“Ah, Mara, I’m not worried. The rest of the organization is still loyal to Sherman, or ME now, as it were. They’ll take care of them.”

Mara nodded.

“I understand. But just to be cautious, we have supplied a number of troops which can assist at a moment’s notice.”

“Fine. We’ll hold them in reserve, but I doubt we’ll need them.”

“I am needed elsewhere, but I have left one of our best lieutenants here to command the men. All will go as planned, I’m sure.”

With that, she turned to leave. Before she teleported, Doshi called out for her to stop. She paused without turning.

“Don’t feel like I’m serving you now. I don’t work for Teklos. My master is far stronger than you. We just have goals that happen to overlap. This way, we both get what we want. Just don’t think that you have any power over me.”

The woman nodded again, then vanished into the shadows.

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