Flame and Shadow

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Chapter 7

Some time later, Sherman took me aside to speak to me alone.

“I know this is a lot to take in, but you’ll get used to it. Everything will seem normal to you soon.” He assured. “Wait, what happened to your jacket?”

I had ripped the sleeves off of the jacket. I couldn’t exactly remember where or when.

“Uh…I was hot.”

Actually, I was still hot, like my skin was an oven, baking my insides, but at least it was a little better with my arms uncovered.

“Oh, well. It doesn’t matter. I’m just surprised that you’re warm. Most people are cold, here in Canada. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, knowing that it’s you.”

Another thing I didn’t understand! What was that supposed to mean? I wasn’t so sure that any of this would ever seem normal. On top of that, there was still one major thing that was bugging me, but I wasn’t really certain how to ask it. Again, Sherman displayed his talent for understanding what people were thinking.

“In everything that we’ve shown you so far, there is still one question that we’ve failed to address, isn’t there? I know you’re wondering…how do you fit into all of this?”

I flinched. That was it. I was just a pathetic girl that no one wanted. How did they know anything about me, and why would they care? These thoughts went through my mind as he continued speaking.

“Why would I bring you here, and how do I know your name? My dear, there is so much going on behind the scenes that you can’t even imagine.”

“I figured that. Things that I don’t understand seem to make up my entire life. When I look for answers, all I ever find are more questions!”

The man chuckled again.

“Then you’re going to hate this, but I promise I’ll explain. Another question: when Brookside burned down, what did you see, and feel?”

More questions. Well, this one I could actually answer. Maybe he would give me some explanations if I could satisfy him.

“Um, just before the fire started, I already saw flames. Not on the building, but inside me. I know because I could see them even when my eyes were closed. And I felt like I was burning up. Like the room was a million degrees, but again, it was only on the inside.”

“Have you ever seen them before, or felt that way before?”

I thought for a moment.

“Well, I’ve had dreams like that before, but I’d never felt that way when I was awake.”

Sherman smiled.

“Actually, you have, you just can’t remember. This has happened one time before.”

“What? Whaddaya mean? How would you know?”

Why couldn’t anyone just tell me something without adding more confusion to it!?

“12 years ago, when you were just an infant, the orphanage you were in burned down to the ground, and all of the children were moved to different places. Some into people’s homes, others into different orphanages. From that time, we were trying to find you, but never succeeded until now.”


“Why? I’ll tell you, but to understand, you need a little background. Sit down, it’s time for a history lesson.”

He gestured to a bench, and I took a seat immediately. I had to know everything. Maybe everything would finally make sense. Sitting beside me, his story continued.

“Like I said before: over three thousand years ago, a holy angel descended, and married a human woman. Unlike the previous relations between angels and humans, this union was blessed by God. He allowed this to happen, because he wanted to raise up His elect, predestined people. The children produced from the union of angel and man were perfect. These Ircabim are a completely different race from the offspring of fallen angels and women, the Nephilim. God put His blessing on them, and gave them the ability to generate elemental energy, like you’ve seen here.”

Honestly, I would have considered this a bunch of snorelax crap about 24 hours ago, but now, anything seemed possible…

“The difference was the identity of the angel that fathered our race. He was a Seraphim, one of the ‘Fiery Ones’ from around the holy throne of God. Because of his position in the hierarchy of angels, and his powers, these Ircabim are divine in nature, and can use spiritual energy for good.”

“Fiery Ones?”

“Yes. The most powerful of the holy angels, the embodiment of God’s judgement. We were put on Earth to bring the kingdom come, and guide humanity to true enlightenment.”


I sat in silence for a moment, trying to absorb all of this. Angel-human hybrids, leading humanity to God? It sounded perfect. Wait, does this make sense?

“Um, I have a question.”

“Yes? Let me know if I can elucidate anything for you.”

“Well, if you have God on your side, and incredible superpowers, and a divine mission to guide the world, why haven’t you? I mean, uh, no offense, but the world is a mess. It doesn’t look like people are getting any closer to God or anything.”

A dark look came to Sherman’s face.

“I knew I would have to tell you eventually. I was hoping for later, but I may as well tell you now. Wherever there is light, there is darkness. Wherever there is a guiding flame, there is a haunting shadow. Shortly after the creation of Nahalore, the Seraph disappeared from the Earth. Without his overseeing, an evil organization was founded to try to thwart our purpose. Everything that we are, they are the opposite. For thousands of years, we’ve been locked together, neither side prevailing. We’ve kept their terroristic ways in check, but they’ve prevented us from accomplishing God’s will for us and all of mankind.

“It is but a temporary stalemate though. At the foundation of Nahalore, a book of prophecy was written. No one knows who wrote it, or even exactly what it said. It’s been lost to history for thousands of years. But, one important prophecy has been passed down for generations by oral tradition. ‘When the Fiery One appears, the world will soon be purged’. That means our enemies will finally be gone for good!”

“Fiery One…the Seraph?”

“Not exactly. This isn’t an angel. Tradition says that it will be an individual who is born of the line of Seraphim, and possesses his spirit and power. For thousands of years, we have been looking for The Fiery One. But, among all of the people we have seen come and go from Nahalore, never has there been an Ircabim with power over fire. Until now.”

“Wh-what are you saying?!”

I felt extremely hot again.

“I’m saying, this is where you come in. You are very special, Sera. The power to change the entire world in inside your soul.”

“That’s impossible! I don’t have fire powers or anything! Look!”

I extended my hand, and tried to light even a tiny spark from my palm. Sera used flamethrower! But it failed.

Sherman’s expression softened, and he chortled again.

“Not yet, maybe. But I know it’s true. Want to know how I knew your name? Because I knew The Fiery One would be named after the Seraphim. If you were a boy, I would have just called you ‘Seraphim’, but a girl, I knew would be named ‘Seraphina’.”

“That’s just…it’s just-“

“Do you want to know how I found you? Another part of the prophecy was that ‘The Fiery One will appear in a storm of flame’. Ever since that fire 12 years ago, we’ve been searching every nearby orphanage we could find, and investigating every major fire. We were out looking during the night when Brookside burned. I knew…you would be there.”

I was stunned. This was impossible! I tried to speak, to ask for some kind of elaboration, but words would not come. My mouth opened and closed several times, without any sound. Was he saying that I was some kind of… savior?

“I know it’s hard to grasp. It’s not every day you discover that you are responsible for the fate of humanity. But whether you understand it or not, we need you. You were destined for this.”

“But, but, how can I be the Fiery One? And how could you tell? I’m not even fiery! At all!”

Sherman looked directly at my face.

“It’s when I look into your eyes, Sera. I can see the fire there. In your soul. I know that you are the one who will end this fighting, and finally bring peace.”

I was silent for some time, trying to decide if this was true or not. “Well, I’m not sure if I believe all of this, but I know one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“If I am going to be your Fiery One, it’s going to take me a lot of work!”

At this, Sherman smiled again.

“My dear Sera. If you are indeed the Fiery One, it won’t take you any work at all!”

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