Flame and Shadow

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Sera and I stood on the top of Teklos’ ship and watched the all-consuming fire leave the sky. We were unable to see Hal, but we knew that she was the one defending us. Immediately after the fire disappeared, the atmosphere was filled with a colorful aurora. I learned later that it was visible everywhere on the surface of the earth for two hours. A fitting memorial for an amazing girl.

While gazing up into the heavens as the aurora disappeared, I couldn’t help but consider that this world where we live is only a dark shadow, cast by the flame of what was on the other side. Whatever that meant. Would I ever be able to comprehend it? Though I was no theologian, even I could see that there was no way for me to figure out the true form and purpose of our cosmos. I had more down-to-earth thoughts to occupy my mind.

Following the completion of our adventure, I, Milo Thomas, went back to Bindmont to be with Dani. We got married shortly afterward. The wedding wasn’t big or extravagant, but it was all we wanted. Sagar was my best man, and Sera was the bridesmaid. Within a few weeks of our marriage, Mr. Yoder of Yoder’s Pets won the lottery, and ran off to the Bahamas, leaving us his pet shop. Dani and I ran it together, and just loved living the simple life.

Todd Kopek finally started his own ministry. He worked in the prisons, in addition to pastoring his own church. Many came to Christ through his efforts.

Mahsa Sadeqi originally wanted to be the world’s first female NFL player, but then she decided she wanted to do something more useful with her life. After a brief stint as a police officer (one week. Starting at the bottom and taking orders didn’t work for her), she finally found her calling as a psychiatric therapist.

Reese and Bethany went their separate ways for several years, before finding their way back together again. They got married, and had 6 children. I hope they turn out a little friendlier than their parents.

My Aunt Mara ended up getting married to Dorian Peterson. They disappeared, and I heard rumors that they were starting a detective agency, but don’t quote me on that.

Believe it or not, Isaac Sagar managed to settle down. He lived in a small apartment just down the road from where Dani and I lived. He was very much a part of our lives.

My twin sister, Sera Thomas. After everything we had been through, she still had an adventurer’s heart. She told me that everyone from her life was gone, and there was nothing tying her down. Now, she travels the world, looking for exciting escapades. Sometimes, no one sees her for years at a time. I’ve heard rumors that she got married, died, became a communist, and others, but there’s never anything to them. Occasionally I just get up in the morning to find her sacked out on my couch, wearing an Egyptian headgear or a Kimono or something like that.

I think of Hal a lot, as well as all of the other people we’ve lost along the way. Kyle, Josie, Rachael, Kazushita, Geoffrey, Takeji, Trinity…

Never did I think my life would end up like this, but when Jesus helped me to forgive others and myself, I was finally able to find peace. I grew up having no family, but now, I feel like I have a really big one.

I wouldn’t have my story be told any other way.

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