Anna's Angels - Book 1

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Chapter 12

Andri-el arrived at the bayou cabin with the unconscious Anna in her arms, just as Samu-el was arriving.

“You carried her?” Samu-el asked in surprise, yet at the same time knowing that Andri-el was willing to give her all to help Anna. “We were warned to be careful if we touch humans.”

It was one of the great mysteries of God’s universe – when an angel took on a physical body in order to interact with humans, their touch with another human body allowed spiritual energy to pass from the angel’s body to the human. This was not necessarily a bad thing to the human, however it could be very draining on the angel, especially if physical labor was involved at the same time.

“I know the warning. I saw no other way. I’ve touched this girl before, when she was younger,” Andri-el explained.

Samu-el answered, “Ah, but touching a young child is not the same as touching a grown woman or man.”

“So I have discovered by touching this grown woman, Samu-el,” Andri-el answered him. She deposited the still unconscious Anna onto the bed in the back bedroom so Samu-el could care for her.

“Rest for a moment,” Samu-el advised Andri-el. He could tell Andri-el was anxious to get back to the train wreck.

“There is no time. You are here with Anna, so I go to help others.”

“There are many demons about, be careful,” Samu-el warned her. He watched her stumble as she attempted to leave. “Your life-force and strength went into Anna while you carried her, Andri-el. You must rest. You do not have the strength to go on.”

“I cannot rest. You are right, my strength is weak, but He is strong. Our Lord strengthens me.”

“May God be praised,” Samu-el affirmed. “Partake of the bread of Home, then go in peace.”

Andri-el appeared willing to follow his suggestion, so Samu-el turned his attention to the injured girl. Her left leg was broken and badly cut. Her right arm was broken and looked like it would have a bad bruise. She had many cuts and bruises on her body, including a large bump on her head. Her muddy shirt and pants were dripping wet. Her hair was a tangled mess of blood and mud. Her breathing sounded shallow and had a rattle in it, probably from swallowing water. He praised God that there was still a living spirit in this broken and frail body that could be healed. He prayed, “Lord, give me wisdom to heal this injured woman, Your precious daughter, Anna.”

Samu-el was impressed that Andri-el had gotten Anna to start breathing again after near drowning. Most people never recovered from that point. He would have complimented her, but without looking, he knew that Andri-el was leaving to go help rescue other people from the wreck.

The healer removed the wet clothes off the small body. Working without a helper, he also could not avoid touching her. She felt cool to his touch, and he felt life force flow out of himself into her. Unfortunately this life force caused her to drift back into consciousness, and moan in pain. As the pain mounted her mind again drifted back to an unconscious healing state.

“How can I not touch her, my Lord? Yet my touch causes her pain,” he prayed.

“Look up, for caught in the thicket is a sacrifice,” he heard in answer. Looking up, he saw a pair of leather gloves lying on the shelf.

“My Lord, thank You for the beast who gave its life in sacrifice for these gloves. Guide my hands as I set the broken bones. I ask that You provide the healing of this broken body.”

With the gloves covering his hands, Samu-el was able to reposition the bones in Anna’s leg and arm back into their proper alignment. He attached wooden slats to keep them in position, bound with strips of cloth ripped from a bedsheet. The gloves reduced the flow of life force, allowing Samu-el to work without Anna regaining consciousness. He washed her scrapes and scratches, and dressed her in a flowing robe. He placed her old dirty clothes in a pile in the corner of the room.

After he finished caring for Anna’s physical needs, he removed the gloves. He again prayed that God would heal her body. Andri-el had not returned, so he stood by the bed quietly, watching and waiting.

He observed that Anna looked physically weak, but had the potential to be very strong. He also saw why she had been chosen and so protected, making her a target of the dark forces that kept trying to stop her. The answer was plain to see to any healer, but not obvious if one were not aware of what to look for. Is it possible that she does not know? he wondered.

“Is she in there? I knew you were trying to pull a fast one on me, you and all those other ’el. Send her out or let me in,” Lu-seth screamed outside the cabin. “I’ll never give up, you know. Anna’s mine.”

“Thou shalt not enter,” Samu-el answered with authority.

“You’re a different ’el. Who are you?” Lu-seth screamed. “Where is Andri-el? What has she done with Anna? I feel Anna in there but I can’t see her.”

“My name is Samu-el,” he answered.

“I don’t really care who you are, let me in,” commanded Lu-seth.

“Thou shalt not enter,” Samu-el told him quietly, but with authority.

After that it was quiet outside the cabin.

Samu-el moved over to Anna. He laid his bare hand on her forehead, knowing that spiritual power flowed into her, aiding her healing. Her eyes fluttered momentarily, and she regained consciousness. “Sleep, child, sleep and heal. The spirit is willing but the body is weak,” he told her gently.

She opened her eyes for a moment, then drifted back into unconsciousness.

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