Anna's Angels - Book 1

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Chapter 27

“Good morning, my child,” Samu-el spoke to Anna in the hospital room.

Anna immediately recognized Samu-el’s heavily accented voice. It had such a lyrical and soothing quality about it. She turned her head and saw him standing beside her hospital bed.

“Samuel, you came to see me. I’m so glad. I thought I might never see you again.”

“Are they treating you well, my child?” he asked.

“Of course. Matt was here yesterday, and my aunt and uncle. They would love to meet you and thank you for taking care of me. The Coast Guard said they looked for you but couldn’t find you at the cabin.”

“I was not at the cabin when they searched,” he answered, as if that totally explained the situation. “Your care is my only concern, Anna.” He set her clean pink T-shirt and blue pajama pants on the chair in the room.

“Why are you so concerned about me, Samuel? I’m not so important. But I did want to thank you again for your tender care,” Anna told him.

“I deserve no thanks. Thank our God for sending me. It was my honor to be the one caring for His Chosen Princess. Praise be to God.”

Anna found herself answering, “Praise be to God.”

After a moment of silence she asked him, “Samuel?”

“Yes, my child.”

“Remind me again about my necklace. You did give it to me, right? I didn’t just dream the whole thing.”

“Your necklace has no magical properties or powers,” he told her. “It is not to be worshiped or revered. Only God must be worshiped. The leaf is merely a reminder to never be afraid. Just as the trees shed their leaves in the fall without fear, because they long for spring. They are not afraid that spring will never come. Neither must you be afraid.”

“Thank you for telling me. And thank you for the necklace,” she said almost shyly.

“You must never doubt yourself or question God’s love for you, Anna. You have been chosen as a special woman from the day you were conceived. The path may not always be easy, indeed it has not been easy for you so far, but never doubt God’s mission for you.”

“How am I to know God’s mission. Will He tell me plainly?” she asked honestly.

“You are already fulfilling that mission. The forces of evil greatly desire you, but God in His wisdom protects you at all times. You are at the center of a great struggle. Which will win – good or evil?”

“I don’t understand,” she told him. “Terrible things always happen to me, Samuel. You were there to pick up the pieces this time. Who will be there next time? I’m always so afraid of what will happen next.”

“Good things and bad things happen to all people, my child. Many people died during the train wreck – but you were chosen to live. Many people died during the airplane wreck when you were a child – but you were chosen to live.”

“So my necklace is a reminder to not be afraid, right?”

“Yes, my Anna. You have discovered the truth. Do not forget.”

“I won’t forget. I have a question about Jackson.”

“What about him?”

“Matt said Andriel told him to go find Jackson on the train. Why didn’t she rescue Jackson herself just like she rescued me? Or why would she not have known that it was time for Jackson to go to Heaven? And if it was time for him to go, then why did she tell Matt to rescue him?”

“Ah, I see the confusion. I believe if you ask Matt to remember Andri-el’s words carefully, he will have to tell you that Andri-el instructed him to ‘find’ Jackson, not ‘rescue’ him or ‘save’ him from going Home. You see, my child, Jackson had already gone Home before she brought you to me. Andri-el’s instructions to Matt were merely an opportunity for him to reach out to God in desperation. Sometimes a person must see their own shortcomings before they can recognize their need for a Savior.”

“I think I understand,” she told him.

“If not, pray for wisdom and it will be given you. Your seeker approaches.”

“Will I see you again, Samuel?” she wanted to know.

“I do not predict the future, my child. That will be as it will be. Go with God,” Samu-el instructed her.

Anna closed her eyes and offered a quick prayer of thanks for the peace that talking with Samuel brought to her heart. She heard the door to her room open and close. Without looking, she assumed Samuel had departed. She kept her eyes closed to rest and think about what he told her.

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