Anna's Angels - Book 1

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Chapter 34

Two weeks later, Anna was boarding the airplane in the New Orleans airport. She glanced out to the tarmac beside the airplane while she was standing in the airplane doorway. There were several people in front of her blocking further progress, so she took a moment to look around.

For just a fraction of a second she thought she saw a woman walking outside with bright blonde bushy hair. She tried to look for the woman again, but didn’t see her. The line started moving again into the airplane.

Since she was using her left hand to guide the crutch just to be on the safe side, she reached up with her weaker right arm and felt the leaf pendant on her necklace.

She recited a memory verse in her head, Thou shalt never leave me nor forsake me, She prayed silently, I am Yours, Lord. Use me for Your work as You see fit. If today is the day I go to Heaven, then I look forward to seeing You that much sooner. And if not, then I know You have more for me to do here on earth. Fear will not rule me, because You will not forsake me.

Peace reigned in her heart, not fear, as she took her seat and prepared for the flight. With the help of the stewardess, Anna stowed her crutch in the overhead compartment. She buckled her seatbelt, and got a book out of her purse to read.

The door to the airplane was shut. The airplane taxied out onto the runway and departed for Orlando. Anna did not fear.

The demon Lu-cedric found his fellow demon, Lu-seth, in the cave, still nursing his wounds.

“Hey stupid,” Lu-cedric called inside, “the Boss is willing to give you one more chance.”

“Sure he is. You expect me to believe that. You’re the biggest liar I’ve ever met,” Lu-seth told him.

“No need to compliment me,” Lu-cedric boasted, “although I totally agree with you. This time it’s the truth – the Boss told me to go find you. Looking around, however, I must admit that you’ve got yourself quite a disgusting bat-infested place here. Maybe you don’t want to come out of hiding.”

“What’s he want,” Lu-seth asked reluctantly.

“It’s about Anna. She’s getting on another airplane today.”

“When?” Lu-seth had to know.

“Right about now. Do you think you can handle her this time, or are you still too wounded from that loathsome ’el. Or maybe you’re too scared of her to go finish the job,” Lu-cedric taunted him.

“That ’el’s got nothing on me. Next time she won’t surprise me with that flashing light thing.”

“Sure she won’t. Regardless, the Boss wants you on the job, so get with it,” Lu-cedric told Lu-seth.

“What’s he willing to pay me?” Lu-seth ventured to ask.

“Don’t be stupid, Stupid. The Boss might consider not vanquishing your worthless existence if you get it right this time. Otherwise, something tells me you’re ‘toast’, if you know what I mean.”

“Where is she,” Lu-seth asked, starting to work up enough nerve to get interested in this chance to vindicate himself.

“New Orleans airport. You’d better hurry.”

“I’m on it,” Lu-seth announced, rushing from the cave in the direction of New Orleans.

“You’re on it, all right,” Lu-cedric laughed to himself as he watched Lu-seth rush away. “You’re on your last chance to be anything. Don’t louse it up, you louse!” he yelled at the departing demon.

Andri-el watched as Anna sat in the airplane seat in peace. The plane taxied down the runway, preparing to take off. She smiled at how much this woman had grown in the last few months. Anna was not the first woman Andri-el had ever protected, but she was the first ‘Chosen Princess.’

Andri-el half expected Lu-seth, or one of his demonic kind, to try and alter the course of this day like they had tried before. So far none of them had made an appearance.

Then she felt the evil presence approaching. Not so much felt the evil, but rather felt the lack of good.

“Thou shalt not harm my Anna.” she commanded.

She knew the evil presence was Lu-seth. He ignored the command and kept coming.

“Thou shalt not harm my Anna!” she commanded with such force that the grass near the runway bent over to the ground.

Unbelievably, Lu-seth continued to ignore the command, and kept charging toward the accelerating airplane.

“Does he have a death wish? What is Your command, my Lord?” Andri-el asked out loud.

“It is finished!” the Lord commanded.

“The sword of the Lord,” Andri-el yelled, as she hurled her sword at the approaching demonic being. The sword flew true to its mark, striking the creature in the chest.

The sword pierced Lu-seth’s heart, and began attempting to spread good out of itself into the wounded creature. Unfortunately there was no good in the creature to receive the sword’s gift. As Andri-el watched, the sword was suddenly falling out of the sky in empty air. She snatched it back into her hand, realizing that Lu-seth no longer existed.

“A great light was seen in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not, for his deeds were evil,” she spoke.

She sheathed her sword and followed the airplane to Florida.

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