Anna's Angels - Book 1

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Chapter 6

“Samu-el, you are summoned by The One,” the attendant told him.

Samu-el quickly answered, “Yes, my Lord. Here am I, send me.”

“You are needed to help Andri-el take care of Anna. Hurry, there is not much time. My blessings go with you,” he was told.

No answer was required. He immediately left their Home and rushed to the aide of Andri-el and Anna. Usually when urgency was required there was a certain disaster in the making. He knew not to question the request, but instead immediately obey.

He heard further instructions as he was on his way, “And remember to be careful if you touch Anna.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Lu-seth and Lu-cedric were looking at the train bridge above the Mauville, which had just bumped the bridge support. They both snickered at the thought of the upcoming disaster.

“How’s that for a nice piece of handiwork?” Lu-cedric bragged. “Even the Boss couldn’t have done better. Those idiots on the boat think they’re still in the main Mobile Channel, not here in this dinky little Big Bayou Canot side channel. Even if they radio for help they won’t know where to send it.”

“I must admit, it does look like a fine disaster in the making,” Lu-seth answered, a little jealous that it had not been his idea to get the barges involved.

Lu-cedric continued to brag, “I pushed that boat over slowly and gently out of the main channel without the guys on board even noticing that they took a wrong turn. Look how the swing bridge moved over just far enough to be right in the middle of the tracks. Those idiots on the boat don’t even know they moved it. If you will also notice, the train bridge was originally designed as a rotating bridge to let boats pass. However, the turning mechanism was never installed. Fortunately for us, the bridge was also never secured from rotation.”

Lu-seth was even more jealous of Lu-cedric setting up such a house of cards, waiting on the approaching train. He had to admit that it was a brilliant setup – better than he had thought possible. Then he thought of a possibly flaw in the plan. “Lu-cedric, what about the red light on the track telling the train that there’s a problem with the bridge?”

Lu-cedric answered, “Go look at the light, you idiot. It looks green to me. If you look a little closer at the bridge you’ll notice that the continuous tracks never broke, so the light never went red.”

Lu-seth was extremely jealous of Lu-cedric’s setup. He had to find a way to take credit for it, or for at least part of it. Suddenly the solution came to him.

“Lu-cedric, I see the train approaching. It seems to be going pretty fast. How long ago did the barge hit the bridge?” he asked, with a sneer starting to spread across his face.

“I don’t know, why? Maybe five or ten minutes. What’s it matter?”

“Not thirty or forty minutes ago? Are you sure?” Lu-seth’s grin got even wider.

“Like I said, maybe five or ten minutes, you lame-brain. Do your ears need cleaning out tonight? Long enough – before the train got here – that’s how long.” Lu-cedric didn’t see where this conversation was going.

“Then you can go ahead and thank me now. If it weren’t for me, you would never have had the opportunity to set this up. I gave you the opportunity for this up-coming spectacle.” Lu-seth was laughing with pride and pleasure now.

“What do you mean? This is my setup. I’m the one who knew the bridge could be moved. I’m the one who pushed the barge up the wrong channel toward this bridge. You had nothing to do with it, you liar.”

“Thank you for the ‘liar’ compliment, but this time it’s true. I delayed the train for 38 minutes back in New Orleans with a mechanical problem when I pulled that hose loose. If it weren’t for me, the train would have passed this bridge 30 minutes before your barge could hit it. Therefore, thanks to me and my long delay of the train, there’s now a train disaster in the making with Anna on board.”

Lu-seth could see smoke starting to rise off Lu-cedric’s head, as the truth of what he said started to sink in. A few lightening bolts flickered off some nearby trees. Lu-seth continued to laugh in spite of Lu-cedric’s unbridled furry. Lu-seth reasoned that it served that proud Lu-cedric right to be put down a notch or two. He deserved it.

Andri-el heard the demons discussing the barge and the bridge, she decided to investigate closer. That’s when she saw how misaligned the bridge now was. Recognizing the danger that the bridge represented to the train and to Anna, Andri-el rushed to wake up Anna, and get her to a safer part of the train.

“Anna, wake up! Wake up!” Andri-el insisted.

A very sleepy Anna answered, “What? What’s happening? Is it morning already?”

Andri-el knew there was very little time. “Anna, wake up! Grab your things and go.”

Anna refused to wake up. “It’s still the middle of the night. Go away.” She closed her eyes again and turned away from Andri-el to continue snuggling in her pillow.

“Anna, this is Andri-el. You’ve got to wake up. Get up now!” she commanded.

“OK, OK. You don’t have to get pushy. What’s the big rush anyway?”

“It’s too late to grab your stuff. Run, Anna, run to the back of the train. It’s the only way.”

Anna stood up out of her seat, rubbed her eyes, and stepped out into the aisle. The two seats where Jackson and Matt would have been were empty. The aisle was empty also, and everyone in the seats close by were asleep. Since Matt’s and Jackson’s seats were empty, she assumed they were still in the lower area. The train still seemed to be swaying back and forth, going full speed down the tracks. She looked back at her seat, to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. A woman with bright blonde hair was blocking her way back to the seat.

“Run Anna, run to the back of the train.” The woman pointed in the correct direction.

Starting to walk in the requested direction, Anna asked, “Why? What’s going on? I don’t see anything. It’s doesn’t make any sense. Is this a dream?”

“Run, Anna. Run!” the woman screamed.

Anna jogged a few steps, and almost stumbled. Without looking back, she asked, “What did you say your name was?”

“My name is Andri-el. Go, Anna. Go – run to the back of the train! There is no time.”

“Do I know you?”

“You must get to safety. Run!”

Anna reached the door at the end of her train car. She put her hand on the handle to open it in order to cross the small distance to the next coach car behind hers. She saw the lights in the center aisle of the next car. That aisle-way was also empty, just like the one she was leaving.

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