Scrub Kids, Book 1: Molding Destiny

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3 boys and their newly found predecessor travel through the universe, trying to find their lost friend Austin. Balancing planets, making new friends and conquering challenging obstacles along the way

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1: Discovery

We’ll begin this tale in a small city of Belleville. Where the city is buzzing, the people are friendly (for the most part), and the gangs of children run wild in the nights. Our story won’t be taking place in the city though no, it all begins in a treehouse. A tall quaint treehouse with a desk by the back window, where our friend Josh sits. Posters lining the walls near shelfs full of different nick knacks. An old mattress on the corner floor where Zac lay back in relaxation, and an old rigged up computer system where Josh is playing music loudly. As the bass wobbles the treehouse, Austin, A scraggly haired boy with a colorful attitude, holding a tidbit of chunk to him approaches Josh at the desk. Throwing up his hands very dramatically and saying,

“I’m bored! Can we do something else?!”

Josh, a very skinny pale white boy with shoulder length winged out hair, turns to Austin in the desk chair slowly. Throwing his hands to the sky and shouting back at Austin,

“WHAT?! You don’t like My Music?!”

Austin ducking back and walking toward the window of the treehouse, continues on to say,

“It’s not that, we’ve just been doing the same thing for DAYS! Where’s the excitement? The adventure? I feel like a caged bird let me FLYYYYY-AHHHHHHHH!

Austin had fallen out of the window of the treehouse, and plummeted down to the ground. Josh rushed over to the window as Zac, a short skinny stocky boy with lengthy straight hair, got up and wandered over behind him, muttering to Josh and then shouting down to Austin,

“Well so much for that idea…”

“You alright down there?! Anything broken?!”

Austin let out a loud groan as he responded to the boys,

“I’m fine, it’s just my pride is all.”

Zac leaning through the window to shout down to Austin,

“GOOD! Get yourself together then, we’re gonna go see what’s up at Nicks place!”

Josh turned to Zac questionably with an eyebrow raised as they both walked toward and climbed down the ladder,

“I think Nicks grounded”

Zac snapped to Josh with haste as they both froze momentarily on the ladder,


Josh with a slight stutter looked down to Zac as the continued to climb down,

“I-I-I think Jay is free though, we could see how he’s doing?”

The 2 climbed the rest of the way down the ladder and picked up Austin off the ground, dragging him off to the side of the tree and leaning him upright for a moment. Zac approached Austin snapping his fingers and waiving his hands in front of his face trying to get him out of the daze.

“Austin, Austin, AUSTIN!”

Austin snapped himself up and nearly head butted Zac on the way,

“WHAT?! I’m up I’m up.

Josh looking down to Austin as him and Zac lean in to pick him up off the ground, slowly speaking out with a calm tone,

“Good dude, good, well we’re gonna head over to Jays to see what’s up with those guys. You coming?”

As they prop Austin up on his feet he turns to both of them with a slight slur saying,

“Sure man, I could use a walk.”

The boys all flutter off out of the woods and through the powerline field as they head back into the subdivision where everyone but Austin lived. Full of lower middle class suburban living, the neighborhood was decently kept up. Mostly, theyThey walked down the street laughing and gallivanting with one another. Just doing what kids do on a bright sunny day. When they approached Jay’s house, they settled down while walking up the driveway to this ranch style home where they see Grandad sitting on the porch with a beer in one hand, and a Cheyanne cigar in the other. He turned quick to the boys and yelled out with a ornery tone,


Zac and the boys froze in their tracks about halfway up the driveway. Zac looked up to Grandad and spoke in a very subtle but firm tone,

“We know, is Jay around?”

Grandad turned hastily to the door and screamed out,


Jay, a stocky dark haired string bean of a boy raced to the door, throwing it open as he wiped his eyes with a cringed look on his face. He looked like he’d been inside for days, cooped up in his room dying from lack of sunlight. He looked to the boys and spoke clearly,

“Hey guys, what’s up?

The boys looked to their feet and one by one spoke out

“Not much”


“What you up to man?”

Jay’s face brightened like a kid walking into a candy store as he exclaimed,

“Oh you know, just playing that new ALIEN SLAYER on the system. You guys wanna come check it out?!”

Just then, Jay’s mom approached the door. She’s a small woman but, crazy, like a stereotyped pit bull. Beautiful, but can be mean as all get out. She stood in the door way and low toned when Jay went to walk through,

“Nicks Grounded! No company! Go find something else to do while you still got this nice weather.”

Jay whimpered to his mom while we stood in the background off to the side,


When his mom turned away, he looked sadly back to the group and softly spoke,

“Well, what now?

Josh excitedly jumped up and shouted brightly,


Austin abruptly jumped in shouting,


Zac looks to the group suggestively,

“Why don’t we just start walking, I’m sure we’ll figure something out along the way.”

So the group nods and begins walking through the subdivision, just another suburban land. Filled with ranch style houses, plain front porches and houses with tacky paintjobs. Kicking cans and dancing away their issues while the afternoon fades to evening. They decided that they would walk up to the party store and hangout for a while, grab some drinks while they wind down on this eventful day. So they headed to the back of the subdivision and started on down this old path through the woods, where Austin would perk up complaintive and speak out with a whine,

“Sooo, when we get there, is there going to be a place to sit down? Preettyyy sore in the feet area if you know what I mean.”

The group was silent, Austin continued

“Guys? Hey Guys? GUYS!

Snapping back, the group scoured Austin, then Josh spoke calmly as they turned back to face front.


“Just calm down man, we’re almost there, ok?”

So the group kept walking, leaving Austin to hang back on the woodsy trail as the kept walking up toward the party store. Austin spotted something at the base of a tree and held himself up for a moment while still trying to talk to the group ahead.

“Ooh shiny. Hey guys, there’s a thing over here and, it’s um, well, glowing?”

Just then a loud thunderstruck sound appeared and the group froze. Turning back slowly, Zac speaks first,

“Austin? Buddy, where you at?”

Hearing no response Josh steps forward and slightly snaps out,

“Come on man, Austin, where you hidin?”

With still no response, Jay steps forward and snaps off harshly,

“Alright dude, enough is enough! Where are you?”

They still heard nothing back as they peered through this cloudy fog that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. After the thundering noise occurred, Zac speaking out to the group beginning to ponder their situation,

“So, did anyone see what Austin was talking about?”

Josh looks to Zac with a response, then turning to Jay looking for an answer.

“Not me, you see anything?”

Jay’s short words said it all,

“Nah Brah.”

Then suddenly a sparkle appeared at the base of a tree in the distance. Jay swept up his arm as they all rushed over to it.

“Wait! What’s that?!”

When the group got to the base of the tree, they found this small chromium sphere with these strange designs on it. The designs somewhat resembled what the Illuminati triangle would look if it were a sphere in shape. Zac picks up the ball, examining it with the group and says questionably, then handing it off to Josh

“It’s uh, Josh?”

Josh takes the sphere timidly, examining it closely as he spurts out,

“It’s not natural is what it is, where do you think it came from?”

Tossing it back to Zac who wasn’t prepared but, still fumbles and catches it anyway. Then looking to the group saying,

“I don’t know but, whatever it is, it might be the reason Austin’s gone. Let’s bring it back to the treehouse and see if we can’t find anything on it.”

When the boys get back to the treehouse, they set up shop in a circle. Keeping the orb in the middle of the group while they take out their phones trying to find anything that would resemble this THING they found. After a while of the investigation going nowhere, Jay perks up and speaks with frustration to the group,

“Well, I got nothing, any ideas?”

Josh throws his hands up and drops his phone in his lap,

“Not a clue man. Not. A. Clue.”

As Josh turns to Zac, who still has his eyes glued to the phone screen, Zac brings the conflict to a halt saying,

“You can’t just give up THAT easy, either of you guys want to try and explain this to his PARENTS?!”

Josh and Jay are silent as Zac slowly peaks up from his phone,

“Thought so.”

Josh is pondering on the other side of the room, speaking out to say,

“Well, what if we tell them he’s staying at my house?”

Jay looks up to Josh with a high raised brow,

“But, I thought Austin’s parents hated him hanging out with us?”

Josh pondering for a moment, then with a eureka face palm speaks out,

“Oh yeah, I guess that kind of slipped the mind.”

Zac looks up to the group speaking outright with subtle agitation,

“Well, my place is out of the question. Pops thinks we’re all WAY too loud and says we all probably have more than a few mental issues. Austin’s parents have found an extreme dislike in my persona too so.”

Josh darts his eyes to Zac, EXTREMELY offended in tone,


Jay leading up from behind speaking softly in understanding,

“I mean, I guess I can understand WHY he would think that. We already established that his parents don’t like us either but, you guys remember that sleep over we had at your dads? You know, when I brought the game system down to the basement?”

Flashing back to Zac’s Dad’s basement where the boys had a game system set up in the basement. The floor and couches was flooded with chip bags and candy wrappers, with 2 liters of soda trolling on the floor. Josh is at the computer desk blaring music, while Josh and Jay are glued to the TV with game controllers in hand. The loudest, wobbliest bass that you’d ever heard comes to a screeching halt as Josh begins to scream at the other 2 over the game system,

“What do you guys want to hear next?”

Zac shouting back to Josh at the desk, shouting over all the noise that they’re making,

“I don’t care! Too involved with this game to worry about it!”

Jay props up, making himself heard,

“Just make it bump, HARD!”

Just then, among from all of the candy and soda piled up on the couch, Austin emerges from the pile of filth and muffles out with a mouth full,


Then preceding to gulp down a 2 liter as Josh looks to him with accomplishment. Josh raising his voice as he turns to the computer,

“Alright. Works for me!”

The boys continue to rage on through the night just like that. No remorse, no regret, just gaming it out and having a blast of a time.

When they come out of this flashback they all have reminiscent looks about them. Josh speaks first with a laugh,

“Ha! Yeah, but you gotta admit though, DJ was on POINT that night!”

Zac is looking out the window while Jay and Josh are in the background hamming it up, with a big sigh he turns to the group saying,

“Totally worth the screaming.”

Jay propped himself next to the window looking to speak at Zac,


There was a long pause as the boys sat and thought about things, then suddenly Josh popped up out of nowhere wondering,

“Hey, do you guys remember that night that we all got caught walking around at 3am and, the cops made Zac call his dad to come pick us all up?”

Now this flashback is all placed in Josh’s perspective, as he’s captivated in a past time that was extremely unpleasant. Sitting in the middle of the back seat of Zac’s dads big black F150, he’s extremely panicked, going back and forth with himself through the whole ride to his house. This is what it sounded like as Josh was thinking to himself,

“Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no no nO NO NO! What do I do? My parents are going to kill me if they find out. Wait. I think I got it! I got it! Yes, it’s not going to….wait, no that won’t work…yeah wait no, yeah no no oh no yeah no-

STOP! Listen Josh, you need to relax.-

But, what about my parents? If he wakes them up, we’re dead! No friends, no video games, no computer?! I don’t think I can do that again! It’s my life! If we lose that, then what?...YOU FIX THIS!......Well?!-

No. Chill out.”

The truck then pulls into the driveway of this ranch style home. Upon getting out the driveway s transforms into a cracked abyss, flooded with fire and lined with spikes. As he walks up the drive and onto the walkway it stretches out like an extremely long corridor. Zac’s dad puts his arm on Josh’s shoulder and guides him up to the front door of what now looks to be a large, decrepit hell house with claw marks all over, fire burning through the windows and hole in the roof, and a shackled up skeleton hanging next to the door way. As they walked up Josh’s initial thoughts are,

“Winging it!”

Then as Zac’s dad bangs on the front door of the house, 2 creatures appear in the doorway. Morphing Josh’s parents into large scale demonic creatures as Zac’s dad looks to them with his hand on Josh’s shoulder saying,

“I believe THIS belongs to you.”

The 2 demon parents of Josh look down to him, screeching out as they tipped their heads back and DEVOURED his head!

The flashback comes to an abrupt stop and Josh is sitting there in a blank stare with Jay and Zac shaking him out of this zone he was trapped in. Zac yelling,

“Josh. Josh, JOSH!”

Snapping back Josh shrieks, and Zac continues

“You good dude? Thought we lost you there.”

With a deep breath, josh lets out a massive sigh of relief, then speaking exhaustedly,

“WHOA! Yeah, we’re NEVER doing that again.”

Jay peaks into the group with a very lowly tone,

“Agreed. So what’s next?”

The boys huddle together and come up with a plan to meet back at the treehouse with proper supplies so they might spend the night researching this THING they found in the woods where Austin disappeared. When they get back up to the treehouse, they’ve all got backpacks on, holding flashlights and Zac is wheeling a generator behind the group with extension cords hooked onto the sides. Approaching the bottom of the ladder to the treehouse, Jay speaks up while Josh stands back rubbing his chin with question,

“So Zac, what’s the plan again?”

Zac responding with a certain firm determination,

“Well, first off. Does everyone have what they were supposed to bring?”

The boys empty out their bags in the middle of them and start naming off the items they were assigned. Josh pulls out a case of soda and begins,

“Soda, chips, and best of all.. MUSIC!”

Jay chimes in pulling a blanket out of his bag,

“I got blankets, pillows and phone chargers.”

Zac shines the flashlight on the generator that he wheels behind them,

“And I snagged the generator and some extension cords from pops garage. Are you guys ready to party?”

The boys climb up to the treehouse, struggling to get the generator up but, when they did things went smoothly. With phone chargers and lights stretched out across the treehouse, the boys had set up shop in the corner by the one mattress they had already placed up there. Josh is sitting in the computer chair, Jay is laying up on the mattress, and Zac is huddled up in the corner by the window. All of them are faced in their phones searching desperately when suddenly Josh stumbles on a match for the Sphere they had found earlier. The group huddles around Josh as he explains,

“Well, it says this THING is called the Omniplex. Apparently it holds the Realm of Simultaneous Chaos, and understanding. It says it was designed by Devine beings and channeled through “Chicken Mcgreen” in times of Anguish, Pleasure, Confusion, Isolation, and Excitement. Whatever that means… Oh, and it’s supposed to bring peace and understanding through Forgiveness….and Ascension.”

The group of boys stare to each other all with brows raised high, confused, Zac speaks up.


Josh rebuttals with a firm,

“Yeah I don’t know dude. This doesn’t really tell me anything about WHY it would have taken Austin.”

Jay walks off into the background and picks up the Omniplex. Fiddling with it while Josh and Zac are still staring at the phone screens trying to piece things together, he presses the eye and it starts to open up. With a “Click-ZZZT-clack clack clack-SHHH” sound, Jay freezes up and exclaims to the group,

“Uh, Guys. I think I just opened it.

Just then, a Red and Purple flash of light SHOOTS to the ceiling, spreading around the orb as it floats up off the ground. Floating face level with Zac, The Omniplex BLASTS a beam of light straight into Zac’s forehead. Josh and Jay panic as they watch Zac drop down to the floor. Screaming as the catch him before hitting the ground,


Zac slowly starts to come too as Josh and Jay hover over top of him. In the midst of the chaos that transpired, none of the boys had realized this cloud of smoke that surrounds the Omniplex. Out of this smoke rises a ghostly figure in a tattered cloak. When his head lifted it revealed to the boys as a smiley face but, instead of eyes, there were 2 X’s, one was bigger than the other and, in the middle of his forehead there was a split. Filling the massive split in his head looked to be a cluster of stars and darkness. Zac speaks up to let the boys know he’s alright,

“It’s alright guys. NO idea WHAT just happened but, I think I’m ok.”

Jay, noticing the smoke, turns to see the new floating figure in the room. Panicked,


Abruptly interrupted by the mysterious figure announcing his presence,

“I am the Keeper of the Omniplex! A guide if you will. From this world, to the next, and every other in between. You have a GREAT journey ahead of you, come. We have much to speak on.”

The boys and their new found friend had an extensive talk, revealing to them that their new friend was from a not so distant plane of existence. Also that he was referred to as The Death Smiley. It was an intense run but they had come to the conclusion that they needed to get some more things straight. Zac now fully awakened from the blast, approaches the subject with determination to get some answers.

“So wait. What you’re telling me is, that thing you came out of has formed a bridge with my mind and the 4 corners of the universe? And that you’re here now, to bring light to the corners of this Realm, by exposing our friend Austin to an existence beyond this world?”

The Death Smiley nodding back at the boys, speaks out


Josh throws his arms up and jumps in the conversation with intensity,

“So what’s next? Are we about to get over run by dragons and medieval brutality?! What else is coming out of that thing?!”

D.S. walking over to the window of the treehouse, speaking firmly to the boys as he gazes out the window in deep thought.

“Good question. For now though, you boys might want to rest up. There is a great deal of indifferent experiences coming your way. It would be best to get some sleep. Tomorrow we will begin.”

Zac jumping up with hard questioning as he snaps intently at D.S.

“Well wait! What about Austin?!”

D.S. calmly turns back to the boys, speaking calmly,

“All of your questions will be answered in due time. You must be patient.”

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