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Raven Academy

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It happened one morning, I suddenly woke up, unable to go back to sleep. I walked out of my room planning on getting some water, when a knock came on the door. What happens beyond that changes my life The idea for this book came to me while we were in the car coming back from the store, I looked at the woods that we were passing and the idea just hit me.

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It started out as any other boring day, dressed and go to school. As I woke up that morning, something seemed off, I wasn’t sure of what at the moment. I looked at the glowing neon clock on my night stand beside my bed, I was shocked to find that it was only four am, I never got up this early on the weekends, well not even one the weekdays. School doesn’t really start until around seven, no matter how much I tried I could not fall back to sleep. I decided since I could not go back to sleep, to just stay awake. I got up, and put my slippers on, these are my favorite pair, they are: pink, not really my favorite color, with black and white stripped bow on the front of them. I walked out of my room and jumped when I heard the door bell go off. ‘Who in the world would be coming around at four am?’ I thought as I slowly made my way to the door since whoever was at the door would not stop knocking after the door bell did not work. I got on the sofa that was by the door, and looked out the window. As I did, the door bell stopped and no one was there. I slowly got off the sofa and to the door, unlocking it and opening it up. No one was in sight, I looked around, and was about to shut the door when something caught my eye. I looked down and saw a box, it had a letter on top of it, with my name on it. ‘What in the world?’ I thought as I bought them both inside, and into my room, so I wouldn’t wake up my parents up, they both had a hard day at work. My Mom is a professional Author, and my Dad a baker. I laid the box down, it wasn’t tp heavy, but wasn’t too light as well. I opened the letter first:

Dear Ava Lyn,
I know that this will come as a shock to you, but you have been chosen for the new school. Its going to be in a Private Boarding School. All the books, living space and nesecites you will need will be covered by the school. In the box is your uniform, and a packet that will give you information that you will need about the school, you will find everything you need to know in there. Call if you have any questions. Hope to see you at our school.
Sincerely your;
Headmaster Oliver

I was shocked, I never entered into anything, ‘How do they know who I am?’ I thought as I looked at the box. Sighing I thought I might as well open it. It took some time to open it, but I finally did it. Inside was indeed a packet and a uniform just as they said in the letter. The uniform is a knee length black dress, white leggings, and shiny intoed black shoes. On the front of the dress was what I could guess the schools symbol. In the coner, on the left side was a bright red phionx, it looked amazing. I put the dress down and looked at the packet, the school was huge castle. From the reading, it seemed like a really cool school. They have their regular classes, but then they have their regular classes: Fencing, Swimming, Horse back ridding, Meditating and Judo just to name a few of them. This all seemed to good to be true, and a little creepy at the same time. I mean who would come at four am and drop this at your door step. I continued to look through the packet, and decided to call them when my parents go to work, I don’t want them to know about this quite yet, until I know more about it. I brought the stuff back to my room, laid down and before I knew it I was asleep.
I woke up not that much later, I looked at the clock again it was six am, ugh only two hours! ‘I guess I might as well get up now’ I thought. I heard moving downstairs, guess Mom, Dad and Alex are up. I got out of my bed and out of the room. I meet my family in the kitchen. Mom was making coffee and Dad breakfast, Dad makes the best pancakes. I looked at them, my Mom and I have the same long red curly hair, while Alex and Dad have short curly raven black hair. Mom has sapphire blue eyes, the same shade as Alex, Dad has forest green eyes, while I have one forest green and one sapphire blue eye, we all have freckles on our face and nose.
I sat down as Dad placed the pancakes, bacon, eggs, and grits on the middle of the table. I grabbed some pancakes, grits and eggs, of course they were good. After we ate, Mom and Dad left, Alex left not that much later. He goes to his friends house on the weekends. He is in High school and sixteen years old, while I am thirteen. After I was sure that they were all gone, I grabbed the packet and the phone, dialing the number.
“Raven Academy, how may I help you?” a male voice on the phone asked. “Yes, I’d like to ask some questions about the school” I said. “What are your questions Ma’am?” he asked. “I don’t understand how I was chosen, I never sent anything in” I replied. “You don’t have to send anything in, your name was written down the day of your fifth birthday” he said. It was getting more and more confusing. “You don’t have to worry about anything, there will be a ride there as early as Tuesday morning to pick you up. You will stay at the school, and go home during vacations” he said then hung up before I could say anything. I looked at the phone confused, what the heck just happened?! That did not help, it did the exact opposite! I just put the phone down, and decided to go on a walk, to clear my head. ‘What did they mean by ride?’ I thought as I continued my walk.

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