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Hero's Body

By Enna Morrison All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


The empires of Light and Dark are done waiting. Both of them wish for world domination, and neither is willing to compromise, so they fight. A large war of light and darkness, giving power and guidance to those who need it. But this wasn't what God wanted, he never intended for his sons to fight, to cast such danger upon the being he cherished. So he gives his people a choice, a path to follow. They can either fight for the light, for their safety and freedom, the dark or not at all. They could choose their alliances and do as they wished. But things got out of hand, and the games were nowhere near a close.


It was a fairly warm day in Mablegale. The sun was high in the sky, casting light on the small town. Large oak and maple trees spotted the land, growing denser as they reached a dense forest. Mablegale wasn’t a rich town by any means, but it wasn’t broke either. The delicate walls of deep red brick were covered in a thin layer of ivy vines and flowers, showing the towns true age. Not far down the road was Metagrivin, a small amusement park that was actually quite popular with travellers and tourists, leading to the larger town thru a thick forest.

Many families that lived in Mablegale had lived there since its creation centuries ago, however, a few moved there due to to the calm peacefulness of the country, such as the Nithrain family.

The move had been suggested by Holly, who was pregnant at the time with her childern. She wasn’t coping with the stress of the busy city they lived in and wanted a change of scenery. This lead to them moving to Mablegale and they had lived there ever since.

Holly was a fair-skinned woman with a small delicate build. She had several freckles over the bridge of her nose, from cheek to cheek. Her nose was small and button-like, and her lips were soft and fair. She had large doll-like emerald eyes that sparkled with happiness. Her hair was long, reaching her shoulders in wild red curls, that she refused to do anything with. Her favourite outfit was her long flowing green summer dress, with white lace detailing and matching ballet shoes. Holly was happily married to the larger and definitely more violent Jarin.

Jaren was a large, extremely buff man, with dark cocoa skin, and many scars from bar fights. He had a square face and large features that were slightly distorted from repeatedly broken and dislocated bones and scars. His eyes were small and a brilliant ice blue. He had short dark brown hair, that was never brushed and stuck up in every direction, almost like it had a mind of its own. He always wore a pair of ripped blue jeans and nothing else, showing off his large muscles.

Together the two had two children, fraternal twin girls Day and Night. Day was small and delicate, with soft features and light peach skin, with no freckles what so ever. Her hair was light blond and short, kept in a delicate pixy cut, that framed her delicate features nicely. Her eyes were a soft hazel, and doll-like. She normally wore a nice light yellow dress, with a slightly darker orange trim, and wight flats.

Night was small, but not delicate. She was visibly strong and mentally capable. Her face was rounded, but more like a heart, with sild freckles covering her entire body. Her skin was a lightly tanned olive, and her features were small. Her eyes were slim, almond-like, and a somewhat dark, crisp electric blue. Her hair was long, reaching her mid back in a soft wavy copper. She always kept it in a low, but tight ponytail, tied after with a black ribbon. She opted to wear dark toned shirts, a dark purple hoodie, black shorts or stretch pants, depending on the weather, and black sneakers.

Of course, they lived with Holly’s mother, Tiffany, her aunt Juniper, her son Alex, and their grandparents Alexander and Catrina.

Tiffany was a small and delicate woman, with sharp dark blue eyes that held endless knowledge. Her skin was a soft olive and she had wild freckles. Her hair was long, reaching her shoulders in tame, ginger clues that were starting to grey a bit. She wore a loose wight dress, under her dark purple satin mages robes. She also wore a pair of delicate purple flats.

Juniper was a small, delicate woman, with soft features. She had icy blue eyes, that were almond-like but gentle. Her face was heart-like and friendly. She had short wild blond hair, that was slowly turning grey. She wore a knee-length well fitting pink dress and matching ballet shoes.

Alexander was a kind young man with somewhat more oval features. His eyes were almond-like and slim, with a colour of chestnuts to match. His light cocoa hair was long and wavy held in a low tight ponytail by a dark green bow that matched his suit. He also wore a black tie and nice black shoes.

Alexander was a nice well-built man, with a kind but wrinkled features. His skin was a light peach, and his wise eyes were a gentle electric blue. He had short grey hair and a small bald spot from hair loss. He always wore a dark grey suit with a wight tie and black dress shoes.

Catrina was a delicate, scrawny woman, with fair set features and a few wrinkles. Her hair was short cupping her cheeks, and dark grey. Her eyes were narrow, black, and held understanding. Being the main Priestess she always wore her wight and gold robes, and tall wight hat, which had spiralling gold detailing, and nice white flats.

They were a happy family, living in peace for the most part. Night had troubles making friends, but she did have a few. She was socially awkward and avoided groups and gatherings. Day, on the other hand, was a social butterfly, with a large group of friends, who like her, enjoyed being the centre of attention. On days like this Night would normally train in the woods, preparing for just about anything, staying for weeks on end. Day would be at the park, riding the train and other rollercoasters until sunset.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case, and on this particular day, everything was about to change, whether they were prepared for it or not.

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