Silver in Hell

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30 year after being put on ice Silver wakes up...but its a whole new world now

Adventure / Horror
Silver Moonbeams
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Chapter 1

My eyes started to open, my vision was very blurry. Where was I, what was I doing here?

The last thing I remembered was…nothing. I sat up a little too fast only to get a head spin and have to lie down again. Someone in a white coat came over next to me.

“How do you feel?” they said

“Um...Dizzy, cold” I replied “trying to shield my eyes from the lights and his little torch”

“Stay still I need to examine you” the stranger said

He shone the torch in my eyes, checked my ears, checked my pulse, all the things any normal doctor would do that I could think of.

“Are you hungry?” he said

“No” I thought for a second “I am very thirsty though”

He taped the IV with his pen

“This will take care of that, now who are you and where are you from?”

“I don’t know and I have no idea” I replied trying to remember

“That could be a problem” He said looking at the monitors I could see around the bed “Your neurological signs are all normal, in fact you are the healthiest person we have had in yet, which is very strange as you were frozen the longest”

“I was what?” I asked shocked

“You were frozen; it was a prison for bad vampires who pissed off anyone higher up the food chain than themselves, they could be frozen therefore evading some of the newer stupid laws, like not being able to kill your childe, or your sire. You could just freeze them and send them here”

“So who did I piss off?”

“We don’t know, you were not filed or labelled.” He said writing stuff on his chart

“So is everyone in this prison filed?”

“Yes” he said matter of faculty

“Except me?”

“I wouldn’t have told you otherwise if I didn’t mean it” he walked away I lifted my head to see him go over to a desk and pick a phone set.

“Jane Doe is ready to go to her cell” he put the phone down again and came over to me with two black plastic looking things. I watched as he strapped one on to each of my legs. He put his hand on my shin and looked at me.

“If you do anything stupid these bracelets will take off one ankle, if you continue then the other comes off, one you are deemed fit for the arena you will also get one around your neck, and of you decide to disobey your head will be removed and you will indeed be very dead.” He turned away from me.

“Can’t you do dna test or something to find out who I am?” I asked


“Well wouldn’t it be better for us to know?”

“Look I’ve done my job, I unfroze you and made sure you were ok, I do not care if you are the queen of America or some low life from a sub-Antarctic circle, and I have done my job.” He said looking at his computer.

“Can you at least tell me why I was unfrozen if you don’t know who I am?”

“I unfroze you because that’s what my boss told me to do” he said not even looking up “You will be feed and looked after so that you can fight in the arena, if you lose you will be healed and returned, if you win you will get bonus’s. If you win enough you get to go in the death fights where you win or you die, I doubt you’ll get that far”

“And I am a vampire?” I asked

“All the frozen are vampires, staked and frozen till their release date, well that’s how it used to be” he turned to me “Now we unfreeze whoever the boss wants and send them healthy to a cell where they will one by one go up against each other in fights till the strongest kill each other and the winner is freed.”

“That doesn’t sound right”

“I know but I am just the guy who defrosts your asses and accesses wither you can fight or not, you are good to go.” He stood up and motioned for someone behind me

“Wait, can I get a better handle than Jane doe?”

“Not my department sorry, ask your guard he might be nice and ask someone higher up.” He waved us away and the bed I was on moved backwards.

I tried sitting up and seeing who was behind me only to have a huge hand push me back down and a gruff voice said

“Stay down till I tell you otherwise please”

We went through corridors that looked like a hospital, then through some huge steel doors to a corridor that looked like a prison past cells with all sorts of interesting people and animals, none of them made any noise, they all just watched as I was pushed past. The bed came to a sudden stop.

The Guard took the I.V off the hook on the bed.

“When this is done I will get you another” he helped me off the bed and to another bed in my cell, he hooked the IV on a hook above my bed.

“Stay and rest” and he walked out.

It was simple square room, no toilet, no window, just a door to the hallway I had just come in from. There was a bed and pillow but no blanket; it was a stark cell I stayed lying on the bed.

I was trying to find a memory of something, anything. But nothing came to me. It was a void.

I started sobbing into my pillow.

I woke up to someone shoving me.

“Night time bloodsucker get the fuck up” I looked up and saw a large man dressed in combat gear staring down at me.

“What you got nothing to say?” he screamed in my face

“Well yeah I do, but I figured you’re not gunna answer me” he slammed a baton across my face, it hurt like a mother fucker.

“Get up, get changed and get down to the common room. You have 5 minutes” he shoved some clothes at me and walked out I could hear him going to the next room.

I quickly got dressed and went out the door I saw some people walking the opposite direction I had come in from and I figured that was where the common room was, so I followed.

I stood to one side as I watched the rest of the prisoners file in, there was about 50 in total.

Then a few men dressed in combat gear walked in and cleared a path as a well-dressed man walked in behind them. They went to the centre of the room. None of the prisoners even whispered.

“Welcome to Hell, the ultimate prison and reality TV show.” He paused and looked around

“You have all been sent here or defrosted here to participate in a type of fight club. Which one of you is Jane Doe?”

I looked around seeing no one else put their hand up I figured it had to me I stepped forward.

He walked over to me with 2 of the guards.

“After today’s sorting, the boss wants to talk to you if you survive” he put his hand to my face then leaned into me ear and whispered “I hope you survive, you would love you to ride my hard cock”

I stepped backwards shocked by what I had heard. I looked at the grin on his face. What a freaking creep. I thought. He walked back to the centre.

“Now since none of you have had a sorting yet, here’s what will happen, we will leave the room, you all get to fight each other till there is 2 left standing. You do not have to kill each other in fact we prefer if you don’t, but we expect some causalities. If you refuse to fight your feet get cut off, and you will be sent to heal and recover before we throw you to the sorting again.”

They headed for the door, I noticed one of the guards from outside came in with a bag and he dumped it on the floor, then they all left and locked the door. Fight or refuse it was not going to be pretty. A few people around me started fighting. I dodged a swing at my head and made my way to the bag. Seems a couple of other people were doing the same. I tried to hurry, dodging legs and fists. I made it to the bag first and this guy with white hair was there as well, we looked at each other and I ripped open the bag….weapons fell out, nothing to lethal, a couple of bats used in sports. Some wooden stakes, I guess that made sense since we were apparently vampires.

I grabbed a baseball bat and stood. The white hair guy looked at me as he went for one of the other bats. When he had it I heard him yell duck, so I did as he cold clocked some girl who was about to fang me. She went down like a ton of bricks, then I started swinging at anyone who came near the bag and weapons, and so did Mr White hair. Together we made a good team beating off anyone who tried for weapons, knocking a lot of them out. I looked around as the fighting started to die down there were not many of us left.

“Nice move there hogging the weapons, bet you couldn’t take us without that bat.” One of them said as they all moved towards us

“Bet I’m not stupid enough to get rid of it” I said sneering at them

“You think you’re smart, you smell like fledgling” another sneered

“Why don’t you all kill each other nicely and we will wait till its 2 on 2 and put our weapons down and fight hand to hand” my new white haired friend said

“I like the odds of us storming you overpowering and killing you then taking each other out” a really big mean looking guy said coming forward. He didn’t look up and had a huge cowboy hat on.

I looked around 10 vs. 2…this might hurt.

They started to storm us when the white haired guy started spinning with the bat out, I opted just to swing and see what connected.

Whitey was taking down the 5 who went for him, no worry’s…me on the other hand…4 of them rushed me I swung and knock two down, but on the pause before a back swing one of them nailed me to the floor forcing the bat out of my hand. I reached my hand out before he could move and grabbed whatever was there, I slammed it into his side just under his ribs pushing it up towards his heart suddenly he froze, but he was now dead weight on top of me and the other 2 had gotten back up one of them had my bat and was headed to help with whitey. I could feel I was moving incredibly fast and was really strong as I heaved the body off me and it flew across the space taking down the guy headed to whitey I jumped up and before I could stop I was being slammed against the wall with a hand at my throat. I was trying to kick the guys nutts, it was the guy with the cowboy hat, he looked into my face and his eyes nearly popped out of his head, one of my kicks landed him in the nutts and he went down dropping me on the way he crawled off to the side quicker than I could see, and I went for the 2 still in front of me. Whitey had finished off his lot they were staked or unconscious and he came up next to me.

“So 2 v 2…” he said looking at the 2 we faced

“No its 3 verse 2” the female one said. She was short but she had this crazy look in her eye that told me she would snap me in half and drain my blood in a heartbeat. The other one was a lanky guy but I had seen a bit of his fights out the corner of my eye. He was fast agile and mean. I didn’t know what I was and I had no weapon.

And of course the big guy with the cowboy hat who had returned to the fray. He came up behind the other two a hand on each of their heads and smashed them together knocking both of them out. He walked up to us we held our attack, he bowed his head to me and said

“Kick me again, and I shall stay down. Or do you wish me to take this man’s place at your side.” He said

“I …What?” I said a bit stunned

“Only 2 can go on, I can fight the next round and hopefully help protect you.”

“But..” I said pausing as he suddenly fell forward a dart in his back. I watched him fall a look of shock in his eyes.

“You know me” I whispered

I looked around to see what was going on. Guards came through the doors and started clearing the wounded and de staking the staked. I stayed kneeling next to the cowboy. Two guards grabbed me from behind by my arms, I struggled to free myself and was hit then everything went hazy before I passed out.

When I woke up I was in the medical room I had woken up in when they defrosted me, but I was strapped to the bed. There was no one in the room as I looked around I could see a lot of medical stuff which wasn’t a shock, but I also noticed they were not just giving me blood but taking some to.

I felt really dizzy. The door opened and a man who seemed well dressed walked in with guards behind him and the doctor who defrosted me.

“You should have informed me the minute she woke up.” The well-dressed man said to the doctor

“How was I to know she was the one? Not like she had a sign or a label.” The doctor snapped back

“Well the fact she had no chart should have alerted your stupid brain to something unusual. No tag either, did this not come to your attention.” He walked over to me, he seemed vaguely handsome and he smiled.

“Welcome back, I am so sorry for the shabby way you have been treated my dear. I have waited so long to find you.” He said patting my hand

“You know me?” I said to him

“Yes dear I know you.” He said smiling in a charming cute way

“Please tell me who I am” I begged trying to get out of the restraints

“You are Katarina the love of my life, whom I have been searching prisons for the last 2 years.” He said he looked sincere.

“I’m sorry I don’t remember.” I sank into the bed. He began to unfasten the straps.

“Then let me help you” he said smiling. He took the IV lines out both going in and out. And took my hand to help me off the bed,

“We shall go to your new home, where we can start helping you remember your life.” He clicked his fingers and the doctor brought a wheelchair over. The man gracefully helped me sit in it, then he knelt on one knee and kissed my hand and looked into my eyes. I could have sworn I saw I glimmer of something not quite right…almost evil…before they went back to loving and caring.

“My love I must introduce myself. I am Jason Mc Cloud. Your devoted husband and biggest fan.” He kissed me hand again and I giggled a bit. He stood up and moved behind me to push the wheelchair. We went out a door opposite the one I had gone out before, opposite to the one they had come in.

This hallway was totally different to the one I had gone down last time I left, instead of stark nasty white walls it had a rich cream look with gilded styled base and ceiling, in a gold colour. There were windows here that looked out into a white vista of mountain range. It was a full moon tonight. The curtains for the windows were heavy blood red velvet trimmed in gold, I was betting so the sun couldn’t come in during the day. I was pushed to the other end of the hallway, I noticed the desks at each end and the big men on either side of a rather solid looking doors. The one we were headed for was closed and as we got closer one of its big guards started to open it, it seemed to be a series of locks and it needed both guards’ finger prints. For some reason a thought of “must remember to unlock it need fingers of guards” I shook my head, why would I even take note of that, and how is it I know they have 3 hidden weapons each, one gun, a Taser, and a silver stake. I wasn’t willing to put my life on the line and see how they used them. But I shouldn’t be thinking this, my husband is here and we are going home.

“Are you ok Kat my love?” Jason said awakening me from my thoughts I noticed he had slowed to wait for the door to open.

“No I am just trying to remember” I said sadly

He came around the front of the chair and crouched down to face me.

“We will work this out together my love, for now let’s be happy we can make new memories together.” He smiled stroking my face with the back of his fingers.

“I have a gift for you.” He said standing up again and going back to the back of the wheelchair to push me again “I have been hoping for so long to find you, and now I have I can give you something you always wanted”

The door opened to a huge lavishly decorated room, some would call it more suited to a Middle Eastern harem without all the woman. There was a raised bed in the centre and we went over to it and helped me on to the bed and waved a hand. I noted all the exits. And all the curtains, maybe the woman were behind there, I hoped not I couldn’t imagine me sharing that well.

He sat next to me as a pair of guards went behind one of the curtains. I heard what sounded like some kind of big cat make an annoyed sounded noise. Then the two guards came back out holding chains, they came all the way over to the bed and handed the chains to Jason. He yanked them hard. And out from the curtains came a beautiful huge tiger. I sat back.

“Why is it here and in chains?” I asked a little horrified

“It’s a ware-tiger” he said as if that explained everything. “We have a breeding pair to save their species” he seemed so proud that he was doing something noble.

“But why here in chains they need space to run and why is he in tiger form?”

“My dear the world has changed since you have been gone, he is only in tiger form to show himself to you as a favour to me, but he also requested the chains for your safety as he is not always in full control in this form.”

“Oh” I said feeling stupid “Of course.” I blushed.

“We have here ware-tigers, were panther’s and are trying to find a few other species we may be able to help save. The guards took the chains back and used spears to guide the big cat back to whatever was behind that curtain.

“What about the prison thing and the TV fights?” I asked

“They are to fund our ventures here, vampires and humans now sort of co-exist, and everyone seems to love watching criminal vampires fight for freedom. Kind of like the humans WWE”

“Why do I remember the Wrestling and not who I am?” I said mostly to myself as I looked down shaking my head

“We will find out my love.” He gave me a reassuring pat “Let’s get to our home here” he put me back in the chair and pushed me across the room to a door that led to another opulently over done hallway, we passed so many rooms they all began to blur into one another, And so many elevators with really boring music, then I fell asleep. I remember thinking this is getting a bit old.

I woke up and it was evening, huge glass windows looked out over ice and mountains and the moon shone bright on the white snow, the bed I was on was raised to take full advantage and there was glass everywhere, it seemed odd to me that vampires would have so much glass, but the view was spectacular. I looked around the room, it was very stark and cold everything was black, white or grey. All the furnishings were sharp and made of glass and metal… no accidental wood stakes in here.

The room was huge and had everything you could need, a kitchen unit that was of a decent size, a dining area, a lounge area, and this bed which seemed to be a centre piece to the whole room. The bed was very luxurious and warm, the sheets so very soft and the pillow was perfect. I turned to look in the bed next to me, it was empty. I got up and wrapped the sheet around me and went to look out the window, I could tell we were high up, and looking out, I realized we were in the middle of a lot of ice. We were on a boat, a very large boat. A door opened behind me and I jumped.

“Good evening my love, it’s good to see you awake again” Jason said coming through the door.

“Where are we?′ I asked

“At the moment we are in Alaska picking up some more prisoners to defrost” he smiled

“What kind of boat are we on?′ I asked

“It’s an old cruise liner, the anthem of the seas, I bought it when it was decommissioned, and we refurbished it for our little venture then I went in search of you.”

“Why was I frozen?′ I asked

“Well a very powerful vampire named lord Ivanovich decided you would be in his way for something and he staked you, then sent you away, I later found out he turned you into an ice cube but we have a few ice prisons in our world so I have been going around the world picking up iced vamps in the hope one day I would find you.”

“I wish I could remember” I said sitting on the bed “what happened to the guy who said he knew me?′

“I had a talk to him, he was mistaken, thought you were an ex of his, but he didn’t even know your name.” he said but I felt something was off.

“What about the guy with the white hair?′ I asked

“He’s been put into a team to fight in the preliminary rounds.” he said

“So they fight to see who goes forward” Jason nodded” and then fight in teams” I asked

“Yes, till they make it to the finals where each team fights to the death, those who live are set free, with some restrictions on what they can or cannot do, if they break the laws just once when they have left here they are killed instantly.” he explained “we have a final coming up in about a month, I hope you will be strong enough to join me, now you are here and it will be our anniversary.”

“Oh, right we’re married.” I said remembering what he’d told me. “I thought vampires were strong fast and never sick, why do I feel so weak.”

“I’m not sure my love” he shook his head ” it is very unusual, all the others are fine, maybe you need more blood” he walked over to a fridge and pulled out a bottle which he opened and brought back to me “There’s plenty here, so you can have as much as you want” I drunk the bottle he gave me, it tasted like crap and I nearly spat it out.

“We have to drink this crap?” I asked

“Well it’s not perfect but it’s better than starving” he said seeming annoyed that I didn’t like it

“Sorry I guess I’ll get used to it”

“I’ll get you a bottle of the better stuff maybe that will suit your tastes better “he said walking back to the fridge ” but this stuff is very expensive so you can’t drink it as often .”

“That’s OK I’ll just go with this, I wouldn’t want you spending excessive money on me.” I said finishing the bottle “where would I find my clothes” I asked

“Arh yes we haven’t got all your belongings here, but there is some dresses in the wardrobe that should fit, or there’s my work out gear, you used to love wearing it because it smelled of me” he said walking over to some drawers and pulling out some sweat pants and a t shirt. “I have to go into the town here tonight to oversee a supply run, but I will have my personal assistant show you around and look after you.” He explained throwing his sweats on the bed

“Great” I said looking at the clothes I put the t shirt on first it was way too big for me and more like a nightshirt

“Is there anything you can think if that you may need over the next few months, we spend a lot of time at sea?” Jason asked

“Um, something to do...maybe something to read.” I said pulling on the oversized pants. “Maybe some clothes that fit” I laughed as the sweat pants fell down again

Jason walked over to me and put his arms around me looking at me in the face

“I don’t mind if you spend your time here naked or even just wearing my t shirt” he bent in to kiss me ...I let him after all we are married... it was an OK kiss but nothing mind blowing.

“I have just had an idea” Jason said “I have to go into the local town and get you something and sort out some other business, why don’t I get Khan to show you around, answer any questions you may have, and maybe he can take you to our resident fashion designer.”

“You have your own designer here?” I said a bit shocked

“Yeah she does all the costumes for the fighters, and dresses for the wives of some that work here, she does some exquisite work.”

“Oh would I know her name?” I asked wondering which designer it was

“Savannah, she was turned the year you vanished” he said “she became big for a while but then she attempted to kill her sire, now she works for me”

“Was she frozen?” I asked out of curiosity

“Yes we defrosted her a year ago, she wasn’t suitable for fighting and very useful to have around when you need a new outfit for the next big party, which we have a few of.” He smiled at me

“So could she make me some normal clothes” I asked while trying to tighten the track pants with the string.

“I’m sure she will have something suitable for you” he smiled “just remember though when you are picking clothes, you represent me out there to all those who don’t know you yet.”

“So you want me to dress smartly, stylish, so you look good?” I asked thinking how arrogant

“Exactly” he smiled “I will leave Khan with you today, he can answer your questions and show you around”

“Cool, how long will you been gone?” I asked

“3 days max” he replied

“So even though someone staked me and froze me you’re leaving me here alone?” I said

“Darling” he said coming back over to me and putting his arms around me “I would not leave you if I did not believe you will be perfectly safe here, Khan is a very good protector he will lay his life on the line for you.”

“Why?” I asked “I mean why would someone, I don’t know, do that for me?”

“Because you are my wife and I told him to” Jason said seeming just a little angry

“So you are the boss around here?” I asked

“Yes. On this ship I am god” he said then he kissed me and let me go. “Well I have to go, I will send Khan to you on my way out.” He turned back to me “I am so glad I found you” then he walked out the door.

I just looked around the room for a minute then decided to make the bed and tidy the spotless room. It really didn’t take long.

Next I started looking through the drawers and seeing if I could find anything to help me remember.

There was a laptop in an old fashioned desk so I thought I would jump online and find out what the last 30 years has been like.

It was pass worded so I couldn’t get in, I left it and kept searching.

There was a knock on the door so I yelled come in and I stopped my search.

I looked over and saw a beautiful young man who was built unbelievably well, you could just tell it wasn’t gym muscle he worked hard on that body over all was my guess, everything was well proportioned, ok so I am married not dead. His hair was long and a deep true black with a white line on each side and one down the middle, I liked his style. He was wearing a tight black t shirt and black yoga pants I guess. He had bare feet which made me giggle.

“You must be Khan” I said holding my hand out to shake his, he gave me a weird look as if to question why I would touch him. I took my hand back.

“Ok then not friendly” I said looking around the room some more but not so intently.

“Are you looking for something?” Khan asked

“Where would Jason keep sunglasses?” I asked

“Why would a vampire require sunglasses?” Khan said looking positively confused

“Because I don’t want anyone to see me when you show me around, I’d like to get the feel of the place.” I explained

“That makes sense, but I am not aware of Mr. McCloud owning any sun glasses” poor boy still looked confused.

“I do however know where you could get some.” He added

“Could you get some for me, I want to have a look on the internet at what I have missed in 30 years” I said

“I can bring you a laptop when I come back, Mr. McCloud’s is secure and only he has the password” He said smiling at me as if he was a little impressed at my fumbled attempt to get on to Jason’s laptop and amused I would try.

“Thank you” I said and went and sat back down on the bed. He left and I flopped back on the bed.

I don’t know how to describe the nagging feeling something isn’t right, I mean I was frozen for 30 years, my husband has only been looking for me for a couple of years, what about the other 28 odd years. I wish I could remember who the hell I was.

Khan came back with a laptop, and some sunglasses and clothes, just jeans and a tee shirt nothing flash, but it suited me and it fitted.

“Thank you for this” I said

“Just doing my job” he replied

I sat on the bed and Khan logged it into the internet, I scanned for any and all info of the last 30 years, and to be honest…the world is gone to shit, worse than anyone would have expected.

Hell what I do remember of time before I was frozen, things were already shit.

Vampires coming out of the coffin seems to have been a really bad idea, there were some countries who embraced us, most ended up having massive fights and protests over vamps having human rights, plenty of activists for both sides, on the bright side I.S. got wiped out, the US government sent a pack of vampires over to the middle east and they were dismantled from the inside, of course the full details are top secret prompting all kinds of conspiracy theories. The vampires claimed they came out because they have had enough of humans treating the planet so badly and they were going to fix it. Well they slowed it down looking at some of the reports.

Humans were now a symbol of your wealth, if you owned a few. So they vampires had really taken over and humans lost most rights. I couldn’t find anything about what happens to humans who aren’t Claimed.

The fashion was weird, on one hand pretty normal stuff, on the other, the rich and famous were wearing the most gaudy and pretentious things, so I doubt could be called clothes, but there was an equality there, men were just as bad as seemed the less you wore the richer you were or more famous.

I looked up this place.

Everything I had been told was true, but I did not realize the extent of this spectacle, massive promotion on how the events are not rigged and everyone here gets the chance for the finals, by fighting their way up the food chain, twice a year they released the winners of the finals, there was no same sex fighting it was all in, and the finals were brutal most who won were in next to no shape to leave. Vampire right activists don’t like this place. But most people love it, every town we stop in some of the fighters get to go and do meet and greets, but they seem to be very closely guarded.

The human world is in total chaos by the looks, so no change there. There’s a new top religion that preaches peace and love to all, which is cool, but you have to live in a commune, which is creepy. They call themselves Adams chosen so I think they are loosely Christians. They are one of the very few to allow vampire’s to join them, and the only Christian based one.

The pope lost his job when he suggested it would be alright if vampires were to follow god in a catholic church, I guess he was being a little too progressive. There is no pope now, as Nostradamus predicted

“Wow so much has happened” I muttered to myself I looked up and khan was just standing there watching me

“Yes I could imagine it would be very strange for you.” He said “ you know things in the weather changed so much the top half of the world is mostly cold and dark and miserable while the lower half is hot and sunny, I don’t know how that is, it doesn’t seem right, but yet I don’t know why” he seemed ashamed

“Well I have no idea, I guess climate change got us and flipped our world”

“Yes but I do miss the old days.”

“How old are you?” I asked

“25” he said

“How old is your sister?” he looked at me funny “I mean you had to have gotten the clothes somewhere I figured for some reason you might have a sister here” I explained

“Yes” he stopped looking shocked “we are twins, but we grew up apart from one another”

“Oh that is sad, I think siblings should always keep in touch and be together” I looked back at the screen. My eyes were watery.

“So do you want to show me round this ship?” I finally said breaking the intense silence

“Yeah sure I’ll show you the winners quarters first then the stadium and shops and areas for you to relax and enjoy life on a cruise ship” he smiled “but I have to ask you not to speak to anyone in the prisons winner quarters they are a bit, rough and unruly at times”

Oh don’t worry I plan for none to see me.” I said “why do you think I wanted the shades and I found a baseball cap too so no one will see who I am till I am ready. To be honest this whole deal is freaking me out a bit, and I’d like to know more about me before I speak to anyone else.”

“Thank you” Khan said smiling “Shall we go?” he stood up and did the after you sweep towards the door with his left arm.

I walked next to him but he insisted he go through doors before me, something about my protection.

We walked down hallways of doors, Khan seemed to know where he was going and told me more about life in the past 15 odd years that he remembers. He was careful not to reveal anything about himself or his sister, it was all general knowledge, even some from before he was born. Suddenly he stopped.

“This is where the stadium entry is for your private box, I will show you that later” he continued walking and telling me how Trump become the president of the USA and he incited a civil war, he was kicked out after 18 months impeached I think it’s called. Then Hillary took office ended the wars started by Trump and started getting the country on track, but vampires decided it was time to come out… things got bad after that happened. Now the world is ruled by a council of Humans and Vampires.

Shifters tried to stay in the shadows, but the vampires made it impossible in the end, many ware-beasts were wiped out, there were a few in some hidden places and some common agreed sanctuaries. His sister spent time in one such place training with panthers and wolves. Finally I get a tid bit.

I can see the pride on his face when he talks about her. Then he suddenly shut it down

“Sorry I am not allowed to talk about anything personal” Khan said suddenly looking sad

“Why on earth not?” I asked

“The master’s rules” he said and turned back to the job at hand walking me through the prisons winner’s quarters.

We were both patted down and given the ok to go through. Where the corridors we walked had no people, this place was busy, there was a gym below to the left and a dinning kitchen area to the right, and we were on a walkway above it all. And through a door at the other end. Once the door was closed Khan said

“That’s the general population, never stop when you cross there, one of the might find a way to get you”

I was kind of glad to be on this side of the wall, we went through another door and this area was more set up like a house, there was a comfy lounge with huge TV and some people playing some console device. I think what was on the TV was what he was doing in game, he had some weird glasses on that seemed black out. The TV show stopped and so did the guy he turned around.

“Hay Khan” he said nodding in Khans direction: How you been?”

“Fine bro” khan said. He shook the guy’s hand. “Just showing this one around, boss’s wife.” I thought I heard a slight snarl in the voice, but when I looked he was just like in the room, blank.

“You poor thing” the guy said to me. “Well go through have a purve some fine specimens of man and woman hood here.”

A woman came round the far corner she was very snake like. In the way she moved.

“And your husband will let you hire us for entertainment” she said rather seductively slithering her way over to me.

Khan jumped in the way

“I can’t let you do that” Khan said to her

“Katerina, this is Envy and that guy is Taylor, they are two of our top ranked fighters that will be in the next release brawl.”

“So you two will have to kill each other or be on the same team?” I said

“We are on the same team, but there are other teams up here” Envy said and yes she slithered her S’s

“Do you like what you do here?” I asked stupidly. Soon as it came out of my mouth I wanted to slap myself and rewind

“Huh, you a couple of bloodsciles short of party there girl” Taylor asked looking at me like I was stupid

“Sorry stupid question, I’m still adjusting to all this” I explained

“Shit you’re not meant to talk to them” Khan suddenly said “shit”

“Let’s go” he said suddenly stalking off across the lounge and through a door where a divine smell was coming from.

We entered what was a sort of kitchen dining area there was a guy cooking something he turned and smiled, I smiled back. He looked like the guy with white hair from my first fight and I wanted to say hi, But Khan kept pushing me forward. We went through another door into a hall way, lots of doors.

“This is where the top fighters stay.” Khan said still gently pushing me from behind as we walked past other people headed to the kitchen area. No one looked at me, it was my guess that the serious look on Khans face was why.

We went up some stairs and there was another hallway with lots of doors.

“This is where the people who are still prisoners but work for the show, and others who work here” Khan said he stopped at a door and knocked.

“Come in” I heard a female voice say Khan opened the door and went in

“This is Katerina” Khan said to her then he turned to me “And this is my sister Mary-Anne”

“Great to meet you, and you look good in my clothes” she said

“Thanks they fit much better than Jason’s sweats” I said

“I didn’t even know he had sweats we have only seen him in a suit.” She said “I have some more stuff here for you, I went through my stuff and pulled some bits out.” She pointed to a large rubbish bag that I could tell was full.

“Wow thank you” I said

“So your Jason’s Wife? “She asked suddenly

“Yeah, apparently” I said shrugging “I actually don’t remember”

“Yeah Khan said you had forgotten who you were, and you had been frozen for 30 years, so much has changed” she said

“Yeah I’m learning that fast, so you guys had 15 years of no power, that would have been rough.” I said trying to make conversation

“Yeah the world turned to shit fast once vampires came out of the coffin, and dragged every other “supernatural” being into the lime light and then the wars began, if you want I can help you with the whole thing, both Khan and I have seen it all been through it and still escaping the side effects of it”

“Side effects?” I asked

“This prison, the fights, the ‘research and breeding programs’ this boat is one big effect of the after math.” She said

“Yeah. Lots of dead, humans and supers all because people couldn’t keep their shit together” Khan said “but hay we are still alive thanks to this ship and Jason” he pointedly said to his sister

“Yeah sure, but we still are his prisoner’s.” She snapped

“I sort of guessed, by the way we got here” I said I had a really bad feeling gnawing at me, something is not right. “I wish I could remember”

“Did you remember your name or did Jason give it to you?” She asked

“That’s enough we have to go” Khan said getting up and standing between us. She pushed him aside. But he got back up quick and stood to face her.

“I was told no one was to talk to her, if he finds out…” Khan left it hanging

“Khan” I said “I need help to find out who I am?” I put my hand on his arm his face kept half shifting and his stare at me and his sister was really intense

“There’s a lot of people on this boat, someone could know who she is” Mary-anne said staring right back at her brother.

“1 clue” He snarled “Tell my sister one thing you have that someone could identify with you and only you” he said staring at me

“My tattoo, on my back” I said I turned around and pulled up the shirt I was wearing. My phoenix covered my back it was awesome work. ”This Tattoo is pretty big, I woke up with it, someone might know of it” I said

“Oh yeah someone here should know about that, it’s really beautiful.” I could feel her touch my back suddenly my shirt got pulled down.

“We are going now.” Khan snapped at me “You are going to us killed one day sis, please be careful”

“Always brother, you know I can handle myself” she smiled at me “It was nice to meet you Kat”

“You too Mary-anne and thank you for the clothes.” I said as Khan pushed me out the door without touching me, grabbing the bag of clothes as we left.

“Would Jason really kill you if he found out I spoke with your sister” I asked him as we walked back through

“Me yes, my sister will just get raped and forced to get pregnant” he said matter of factly. “And it’s not so much talking as what you were talking about, if he has done as you say, he will not want you delving into your past.” He looked around nervously as if someone might overhear us

“Then why did you agree to it?” I whispered

“Because I don’t think it is fair, and I think he is wrong, I am not blind” Khan said “I just know when to keep my mouth shut.”

“All about your survival” I nodded “I get it”

He kept walking he seemed really angry As we went through the living area there were a few more people, the guy with black hair smiled at me again, I smiled back. Man he was cute. Khan kept us moving without speaking. He then took me through the “guest area’s” there were rooms that were currently empty, but Khan explained when the fights are on they are all full of the rich and famous, come to watch vampires fight, and with the final rounds which happen once every 6 months, they charge thousands just for a single room, and they still fill fast. What do you know, people love watching death fights, live and up close.

He showed me the arena from the VIP seats where I would be seated for the fights, there was a stage for a band Khan explained the band plays theme songs for each team or fighter and they play between fights as it can take 20 mins to clean the ring.

Then he took me to a room full of books, there was a sour looking woman behind a desk.

“Hi Angel, this is Katerina she’s…” he was interrupted

“I know who she is” Angel said with a very nasty tone “you may get books out if you know how to read, but you have to check them out here.”

“Thank you I think” I said

“Pff whatever.” She snorted at me

“What the hell is your problem” I said in a pissed off voice

“Nothing” Angel said

“Um…lets go I’ll show you the on board shops” Khan suddenly said when we got into the hallways and away from the library I asked him about her.

“She was Jason’s girlfriend till yesterday” was all he said

We looked at book shops that sold magazines about this place, sports shops that only stocked sports clothes, and souvenir shops that had a lot of merchandise, come to think of it everything had HELL on it. There was a shop that sold smokes and lollies, most of the shops were closed because they were in between fight nights, and Khan explained they are all open when the fights are on.

We got back to my room and I started going through the bag of clothes. There were lots of jeans and shirts, just my style, I think. There was even a couple of pairs of nice boots that were in my size, and some sneakers.

Khan stood near the door not saying anything.

Day came and he was still by the door when I fell dead.

He was still there when I woke the next evening.

He saw me wake up and went to the fridge and grabbed me a bottle of the elite blood and brought it over to me.

I took it and drank it.

“If you are going to do this every night could you possibly add a dash of whisky to it before you give it to me?” I said

“But you’re a vampire?” He said looking at me weird

“Yes and I like my fake blood to taste a bit better than this.” I stated, getting out of bed naked .At least he looked away at that point. “I could always just bite you” I said behind him, he moved away from me quite fast.

“I believe if you bite me my blood would conflict with yours and you would die” he said

“Oh.” I said fake pouting “Lucky for you then”

I went and got some of my new clothes I chose the black jeans and a black shirt with a pair of boots.

“Where is the hairdresser?” I asked Khan who seemed embarrassed I had made fun of him

“Down in the shopping center” he said

“Good I want a new hairdo” I said “let’s go”

He shook his head as if I was some kind of weirdo

“I can get her to come here for you” he said

“Maybe next time” I said “this time I want to go out and see if I like her style, how many hairdressers are here?”

“I think there’s 2” He replied

“Well hair is very important, so I will have to choose which one I like and might trust to do my hair” I said

“Fine I will take you down there, are you not going to wear your shades and hat?” he said

“I might wear the shades but I want to get my hair done so a hat would make it a waste of time.” I said grabbing the shades

We went down to the shopping area and to an ally of sorts where there was hair dresser and a few make up shops.

The hair dressing area was well equipped with nice looking gear and it was very clean, there was a older man and a young woman who were cutting hair of other people, I sat to wait.

The woman looked over then nodded to the older man.

“How can I help you?” the older man said

“I need something done with my hair” I said

“Yeah when they chop it after defrosting it’s always a mess”
“Who said she was defrosted?” Khan said suspiciously

“Dear boy I have been cutting hair all my natural and unnatural life I know what she has been through to get hair like that.” He calmly said to Khan “not only that but no one comes here with a guard unless they are recently defrosted and need a cut before they go in the ring”

“I didn’t know we had any newbies entering the ring this week” the woman said

“She’s not a fighter” Khan said

“Anyway I just want my hair done, this…” I pointed to my head “Mess doesn’t feel right”

“Well how would you like it done?” the man asked

“I’m not sure actually” I said

“Well you have a look through those books while I finish up here, and we can discuss any you like” the man said going back to the guy whose hair he was cutting.

I started looking through the piles of magazine’s and hair books, I found a couple I liked, then I found one I loved, it had white streaks in black hair, I had the black covered as my hair was all black.

The woman fished her client first and came over.

“So what you thinking of?” she asked

“This one I need white streaks, not sure why but absolutely, white streaks. To break up all my black” I replied

“Only VIPs get bleach and colours sorry” she said

“She is VIP” Khan said

“Alright big boy, just chill.” The woman said “when are you coming for a cut Khan”

“Never” he replied I got the sense there was something between these 2, Khan was so short with her, and she seemed to be teasing him.

“So white streak to defy your natural black, I like it. But you will need regular touch ups.” She said

“Well Anne you should do it, since you are the resident colour expert” the old man said finishing up the guy he was cutting.

“Will you be going to the fights?” she asked

“I don’t know, I am still adjusting to things” I replied going to the sink she had guided me to.

I sat down she washed my hair

“You need some hard core conditioning, your hair is the worst I have seen, how long were you frozen?” she asked getting right into my hair massaging my head so well

“30 years or so, according to Jason” I replied, I noticed they went a bit stiff at the mention of his name

“But they hadn’t started the freezing program until 25 years ago” the old man said carefully watching Khan

“She was the first, that’s all you need to know” Khan said gruffly

“If there was no power for 15 years how did they freeze people?” I asked suddenly thinking of it

“Generators, solar, the prisons are all in places that are pretty much frozen 24/7” Khan said

“Yeah that was a pretty hard time for anyone who wasn’t loaded” the woman said “I’m sorry I can’t bleach this down for you yet, your hair is too brittle it will just break, but I can give you a good conditioner to use every day, no need to shower just put it in twice a day for 40 minutes and rinse, then in a week I will be able to do what you want”

“Great, do you think you could maybe tidy up the mess a bit now, a trim to even out the hack job they did” I asked

“Yes of course I was going to suggest I trim it and tidy it up, no point in working on bits that will come off anyway.” She said smiling at me

She sorted my mess of hair out and gave me a tidy cut, at least whoever butchered it didn’t cut it short, it was still half way down my back after Anne had finished.

“Wow that looks so much better already” I said looking in the mirror

“Ok no hairdryer’s, or straighteners, just do the condition thing and I will bleach your streaks for you” she said

“Yup I will do that” I said happy that she was competent at her job

“So we do charge this to you or Jason?” she said to Khan

“The boss will take care of it” Khan said “Let’s go” he said gruffly to me

“Thanks Anne” I yelled back as Khan was doing that thing when he pushes me without touching me

“You know Khan” I said half way back to the room “there’s no need to be so rude to people”

“Humph” he grunted “you don’t know Anne like I do, I wasn’t being rude I was being short because I don’t like her, and she knows why”

“Ok big boy, I get it, unrequited love sux” I said smiling

“No” he said “not love at all” he gave me a look that said it all

You know when someone loves someone and is trying not to have feelings but doesn’t want to show they do, or high school tactics, you know hate the one you want.

“So do you have a love interest?” I asked

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I am waiting for someone of my kind.” He had a steely reserve about this but I could see the hurt in his eyes, like it wasn’t really his choice.

“We all have our crosses to bear I guess” I said

“Not you” he said looking sad “you have it all, a husband who’s one of the council pets, no memory of anything to stop you living your life, your free and don’t even realize it, instead you want to get your memories back, I bet once you do you will regret it.”

“So you think I should just forget about who I actually am and be lost, but live my life like it is now and be grateful?” I said

“Why not?” he said

“Because I need to know who I am, and even though you won’t admit it you know Jason is lying about things, why are you so on his side, he threatens you and your sister, and you do nothing but close your eyes and ignore it.”

That got to him, I found myself slammed up against the wall with his huge hand at my throat.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about so shut the fuck up” he snarled at me then he released me “You need to get back to your rooms. I’m done talking to you.”

I shut up and followed him quietly the rest of the way.

I decided to spend the rest of the night on the internet looking at what had been happening in the world. I spent the next night doing the same, Jason arrived back just before dawn.

“So how are you feeling?’ he asked as soon as he walked in the room

“I’m ok” I said

“Any luck on the memory?”


“Khan told me he took you to see his sister” Jason said looking at me funny like I was keeping something for him and he was fishing for it.

“Yes she gave me some clothes to get by, told me a little about what happened in the last 30 years, she was really nice” I said

“Did you talk to anyone else?”

“Well there was a couple of fighters in the area we had to go through, said hi to them, and the hairdressers, I got a little trim to tidy up this mess and I will be going back in 5 days to get my hair done.” I told him

“So you are feeling better then?” He said

“Yeah, I still need to know who I am and shit but aside from that I’m great.” I said

“Good, well in a month you will be able to join me at the 1st of the fights.” He smiled coming over to kiss me, I moved away. He looked very shitty with this move.

“I’m sorry I just don’t know you well enough, for kissing, I know you said I’m your wife…” I started to cry, yeah it was fake “I just wish I could remember”

Jason put his arm around me and hugged me close

“It’s ok, I understand.” He lied I could feel it in my gut “It is nearly dawn we should get to bed, not good to die in the middle of a room for the day”

So we died in bed together for the day.

When I woke he was over by his desk. I got up and wondered over to him.

“Evening” I said coming up behind him

He slammed his laptop shut.

“Don’t ever sneak up on me like that” he yelled I jumped back a bit

“I’m sorry” I said moving back to the bed area “I’ll just get dressed” I grabbed the clothes I had worn the night before and shot into the bathroom. He didn’t follow.

When I came out he was gone, he left me a note and a bottle of elite blood. The note said

“Sorry I’m not used to having people around”

I looked towards the door and saw Khan there. I grabbed the bottle

“Where is Jason?” I asked him, then skulled back a huge amount

He blushed then quickly said “I don’t know, working”

I knew he was lying, I suspected he was visiting his bonk in the library.

“Are we allowed to go out?” I asked staring at him

“You are not a prisoner” he said “but I would suggest you just hang here today” he added refusing to look at me.

“So Jason doesn’t want me bumping into him and the girlfriend?” I asked and finished off the bottle

“No, he is very busy and his gifts from his trip will be here soon.” He said looking at me

“He said he wanted you to stay here till he gets back so he can drop in and get you as soon as he is able” he said

“Right, ok then I’m gunna play a game on the laptop you gave me” I said resigning myself to being stuck here I found some free easy time waster games, you know match three ones. I had no desire to piss him off today, I knew where the line was with him now.

Jason seemed to have a very short fuse, he actually scares me when he’s angry.

So far I have not seen much about him I like, maybe that’s why I am more convinced something is wrong.

Around midnight he finally arrived with bags and bags of stuff, he sat me on the couch and waited till everything was brought in and placed before me.

“I don’t have long darling, but I got you some things while I was away “he said waving at the bags “I know you’ll enjoy going through it all so I shall leave you to it” he said and headed towards the door.

“Thank you” I said looking at all the stuff that had been placed in front of me, a lot of non-descript bags, a few with brand names, but none I could recognize. I started with the bag nearest me, everything was wrapped in tissue paper and a bit too much perfume. The 1 st bag had some lingerie.

It was all lacey and frilly, useable yes, but I didn’t really like it at least it was black I thought. There was all the items, stuff I don’t think I’d wear like suspenders, and stockings, there were even corsets, no practical things, all lacey and frilly. After for bags like this I was beginning to worry there were no clothes, but I looked up in time to see a man walking in a rack of clothes.

One glance told me these were not your average clothes, nothing relaxed and cozy about them, they were all cocktail dresses, pinup style dresses, evening gowns, 3 racks came in…

“Could everyone please leave my room?” I asked the people who had gathered in my room. Ones bring more things from Jason. I couldn’t take anymore. Not one single bit of this felt right.

Yes the dresses were nice, but not every day wear. I was so glad I had the clothes from Mary-anne.

Khan gave me a funny look.

“You too Khan I need a minute” I said not looking at him

“I’ll be just outside then” he said backing out and closing the door.

I had to lie down. I walked like a drunk over to the bed. I knew now Jason was not my husband, these clothes were not my style, all the lace, was so not me, except for a special occasion, not every single day. It was all too much, everything that happened over the past few days, so much to catch up on…

“I think she passed out” I could hear someone say

“Really, you think?, you are meant to be here with her at all times” I heard a voice raise

It was really angry.

“She needed a minute, master, I was just outside the door she was safe and I sent for you immediately” I heard Khan say, sounding a little bit scared.

“Don’t blame him” I said not opening my eyes “He did what I told him, I was a little over whelmed”

I felt a jump on the bed like I had given Jason a fright. I slowly opened my eyes.

“Oh thank the god of blood you are still alright” Jason said smiling, I noticed he had a gold tooth now, I wondered where he got it and when and more importantly why.

“I just got over whelmed with all the …” I waved my hand in the direction of the clothes and tried to sit up. It was not going to happen just yet, I felt so weak.

Jason got a call and moved away, Khan jumped in his place.

“Are you ok, you look very pale?” he sounded concerned

“I will be fine I just need a drink” I said

“Did you not have one when you got up?” Jason said coming back to the bed, Khan jumped out of the way really fast. Jason glared at him.

“You can’t blame him, I needed to be alone, I didn’t know I was going to faint, I didn’t know vampires could” I said

“Normally they don’t” Jason said “that was the doctor on the phone and he seems to think he knows what you need, he’s bringing it over now” Jason smiled at me, He turned to Khan “ I want you to start training her so she will look good when we go to the fights together”

“Excuse me” I said suddenly sitting up.

“You will need to tone up, you haven’t used your muscles properly in 3 decades you will need to start some personal training thing to get your body working right again, then I’m sure your mind will follow” he smiled at me

“I am of perfectly sound mind thank you, just because I can’t remember does not mean I am stupid, It is starting to look like you want to control some kind of Barbie doll, if so I suggest that nasty girl in the library, she’s more the dress up Barbie type” I yelled

“You used to love clothes like this” he said

“I very much doubt I loved them 24/7” I said “because all I see here is things to wear on special occasions, where’s the work out sweats, the jeans, the shirts, the hoodies, you know clothes.” I said

“I am so sorry, I got caught up being happy your back and went out and got your favorite things and forgot we have normal days and I like my wife to be and feel as pretty as she is? He got very loud in the middle there and I got scared, I was glad he seemed to calm by the end

“I’m so sorry” I said “You are right I should be delighted they are beautiful dresses” I gave in, this felt weird too, but what could I do, have him toss me out on the ice so I can find my own way, tell him to fuck off and be left with what?, he’d throw me back in the fights, and he was right I am rusty as hell.

“I shouldn’t have yelled, I’m sorry.” He said patting my leg under the covers.

The Doctor came in at that point with an IV line, which he plugged straight into my arm and hooked up a bag of blood. He turned to Jason.

“Change it over when it’s finished and she will be fine” and with that he walked right back out.

“We will have to apply for a license for you, it seems you cannot drink fake blood that’s why you passed out, we are lucky you didn’t frenzy and kill Khan” Jason said “ so until we get that you must rest, no going for walks or anything, they only allow a few bags of human blood per person so we have to be very careful till the license comes through, even then however you are only allowed a certain amount over a week, they work it on 2 a day, yet we only need 1” he continued “you only get 4, if you don’t know” he gave me a questioning look

“How long does getting a license take?” I asked

“It can be anywhere from 1 day to 2 months.” Jason said

“And 4 bags of blood over 2 months …” I looked at the bag in his hand “and you just used one on me and intend to give me another?”

“Oh this is a medical emergency, that’s totally different” he said

“So what do we do when I am starving?” I asked feeling very worried

“I suppose we could have someone cut you so you get more” he said “all the others have been fighters so it wasn’t an issue, and none had lost their memory”

“Fuck” I said

“Please” Jason snapped “no need for that”

“I am sorry but it is really frustrating not remembering anything” I said “and I don’t want to drink off anyone so frenzying is out of the question”

“So how do I apply for this License?” I said sitting up

Jason pushed me back down

“I will do it for you” he said getting up and going to his laptop

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