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Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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Most Humans has lost their Gifts, but there exist beings out of their sight. One girl who constantly loses her memories after she uses her Gift in some strange way, is believed to be bring The End!

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“How Beautiful! Kate you should be proud! Louie Would have been so blessed!” A Woman with oaken colored hair with just barely visible grey streaks showing through said. She was beyond overjoyed.

“Thank you Misses Whitechapel. It’s just…” Kate couldn’t finish her sentence, a single tear slipped down her cheek and landed on the new born’s forehead, it crinkled its delicate soft face, in the start to cry, but instead with open pale blue eyes, gave what seemed like a smile.

“May I come in?” A man clad in heavy black robes knocked on the door opening it just a crack to make himself better heard. He scratched at his stubble beard having forgotten to shave it that morning, and the previous two as well. His grey-blue eye shown brilliantly and his dark black hair, a contras to the white nursery room, was neatly combined and waxed back. He took off the robes and hung it over a chair that was in the corner of the room as he went to see the little baby girl.

“Richard. You came.” Her voice was a bit more relieved and happy now, the baby seemed even happier to meet even more people.

“She’s beautiful, like an Angel!” She reached up her small hands catching at air, asking him to take her up into his arms.

“And very sociable… Have she a name yet?”

“No… I can’t seem to think of a single name worthy of having her called.” Kate said, regretting.

“If I might be as bold to suggest a name?” Richard spoke up, and Kate blushed, a thought she wanted to say aloud, but knew would not be appropriate especially with Mrs. Whitechapel there.

“It is a name that the Lady Sylph once told me off and it means Angel of Songs, Arialita.”

“It is a unique name.” Mrs. Whitechapel gave her encouraging vouch for the name.

“Arialita.” Kate said looking to get the baby girl’s approval as if believing she could understand them perfectly. The baby smiled brightly once and her eyes closed fast asleep as quickly as a cool breeze would have swooped by.

“I think she likes it. Arialita it is. Thank you Richard.”

“It nothing much, but a flower as her should have a befitting name! Sylph is waiting outside though and it is best not to keep her waiting for longer with Will, she’s the shyest Elven Fairy I’ve ever seen; only Elven Fairy I’ve known, mind you.” Kate smiled at Richards senseless humor.

“She can come in if she wishes.” And with that Richard left the room to call Sylph on in, only to pause for a moment, hesitate, turn to take his robes, hesitate again before deciding that whatever was on his mind would forever be best left unsaid..

“Why do you have such sharp ears?” A small boy about four years old asked his raven black hair spilling across his face.

“Because I am an Elven Fairy.”

“Why don’t you feel like everything else?” The Curious boy asked again and the Elven Fairy, Sylph, tilted her head in confusion.

“Because I am an Elven Fairy.” She answered in reply.

“Why are you an Elven Fairy?” He continued his interrogation of Sylph.

“Because I am an Elven Fairy. It is as what I was born as, as with you a Human to become a Guardian.” She answered in more detail.

“Why were you born an Elven Fairy?” At this stage Richard could not suppress his laughter, surely this boy would cease at a conversation where the only reply would be ‘Because I am an Elven Fairy’ by now, but no he had not yet given up on Sylph to be more forth coming with her answers.

“Richard it is rude to laugh at one who only wishes to gain more knowledge.” Sylph scolded him.

“He isn’t going to stop you know, he barely knows the difference between Guardian, Human, Demon or Fair People. Why don’t you run on home William?” Richard petted the boy on the head.

“I’m not a baby.” William looked offended ducking away from Richard’s petting hand.

“I know; just look at you! You’ve grow huge in the last two weeks since last I saw you!” He said sarcastically.

“Richard it’s rude teasing the child as such!” Sylph scolded him again and gained a mischievous grin from Richard.

“You wished to see the baby girl, you may go in. Her name is Arialita…” A silent conversation took place between the two as if remembering something they had spoken of long ago and perhaps even recently.

“Oh, oh, oh! Can I see her too?” William begged, while jumping about like a wild rabbit.

“Of course you may.” Sylph said holding out her ethereal hand for him to take.

As they stepped into the nursery, in the corner, Kate laid Arialita down in a small cot.

“Sylph glad to see you visit. It has been some time has it not?” Kate whispered as not to wake her baby girl.

“Indeed. May I see your joyous gift?” Sylph inquired. A nod from Kate and Sylph strode in with such grace, in hand with William to the cot.

“Wow. She’s so small…” William said softly his hand reaching into the cot to feel Arialita’s small soft hands.

“You named her Arialita. I see why Richard suggested it. She has been blessed.”

“I must thank you Sylph. Richard told me it was you who once spoke of the name and has inspired him to suggest it today.”

“Is her name Arialita?” William turned to stare inquisitively at Kate. Kate nodded with a gentle smile and William turned back to admiring the little baby.

“Ka-Est Sha Lee Sevt Sha Iër Revér Gear-Acht; I promise an eternal promise to protect you and defend you, to be near you, I bind myself to you, my life, my soul forever unto the End.” Sylph first words weren’t understood by anyone in the room, but what she spoke after gave them a clear indication to the actual depth of what she had said in her Ancient Elven Fairy Tongue.

“Sylph…” Kate said surprised that the Elven Fairy would out of nowhere decide to bind herself to a mortal.

“Sylph, there was no need for you to bind yourself to a new born.” Mrs. Whitechapel sounded concerned.

“I wanted to. It has been so long since I felt such a need to wanting to protect something… Someone… This child, and even William, has tamed my heart. I feel this is the least I can do for at least one of the future’s children.” Sylph said in plainer words than what she was used to using, but learned to use, thanks to William.

Night had fallen quite fast as it was near autumn’s end, and Kate had just put the baby girl, Arialita, in her cot, everyone already retired for the night as well.

“Sorry little one, but I cannot allow any of the Prophesies to realize!” A shadowy figure whispered into the night. Ready to kill!

…A soft laughter filled his sharp pointy ears as the little girl in front of him gently touched his weapon that was slowly piercing her skin…

…A beginning of a curse awakened within him as he lowered his weapon to hang beside him, all means to kill the girl vanishing…

…A gaze of wonder filled his shrouded features as he saw her heal before him, not even a scar forming…

“Why? Why can I not kill you?” He whispered to the cold night his breath painted the air in front of him in white.

“I wasn’t expecting you…” The figure spoke again softly, he turned to see a man step through empty space.

“It has been forever since last we spoke… Since you told me of the other Prophesies…”

“Perhaps. Though for me it has only been an hour or so. To think you can step foot in a Sanctuary by merely wielding a blessed weapon… But that is why I’m here.”

“You don’t understand! That ‘Demon’ is on the move again! He’s following the commands of something evil!”

“I know. But we can prevent her from falling into their hands! ‘He’ has went against the Elohim and Angel’s orders, she’s already more than a week old now, so she’ll never be allowed to go to Elysium. One can only enter there if born there or within seven days since the Blessing, same with Azure! But she might still be able to go to Canaan, where she’ll be safe.”

“Canaan, doesn’t exist!”

“No, it does. But only the most ancient of languages can open the way there and the Angels made sure that no one can learn it anymore, but ‘they’ can.”

“They were all cursed then!”

“All but three that was born that day…” The man that had stepped from between space and time, wore a look of fear when he thought about it.

“But…” The shrouded figure asked quizzically.

“One of the three was affected by the curse. Two was blessed by an Angel of Light and the other by an Angel of Darkness, the same Angel that had cursed them and the same Angel that the Elorhim ‘worship’.” the answer came, but along with it a stirring within the house as well…

“Let us speak elsewhere, before her protector and guardian finds out who alerted her senses.” The figure of darkness step through the empty space the man opened up and just as that they were gone.

Behold, before the end of the 18th Century, a Gift and a Curse will be born onto the Earth. When a new era dawns with the turn of a century. The struggle for all the Worlds begin, with the Death of a Memory for a child blessed and the birth of a Memory for a child cursed. And the truth will be lost as the Ancient knowledge was stolen. The Angels will fall, their own prophesy already began when they abandoned hope for all but one, the child born of purest heart, of the first blessed by one of theirs and theirs own undoing. For Gifts not of Light and its Angels aren’t meant to be and will bring about the End; an end already destined since the first world’s fall.

“It has begun… The girl has left the Void… She’s the key to opening the lost Paradise…” Shadows fell in layers around a man, the shadows speaking sweet nothings to him of a ‘better’ world, where they could be together… again…

(“I just wish I knew where ‘he’ was…”) A sinister shadow thought to herself all while embracing the man with darkness, soothing him… Motherly-like…

“Massssssterrrrr…..” A snake like voice echoed into the pitch blackness of the room.

“You are here.” The unknown voice spoke, her voice was smooth and rich, it told of elegance, yet held a sense of insanity.

“Listen my sons. You must work together from now on, as for you especially, I know it will be hard, but I believe in you!” She unfurled the man she had embraced in her shadows to see his brother for the first time…

“William!!!!!! Wait for me!!!!!!!” A small girl called out laughing as she ran after her childhood friend. Her fair hair dancing on the air and her pale almost grey blue eyes was filled with joy.

“You should be careful Arialita, you might hurt yourself on those rocks. They are sharp and I do not wish to see you harmed.” A lady with an ethereal appearance stood and watched as children played about the shallow parts of the river.

“You shouldn’t worry so much a few scrapes never killed anyone, Sylph!” William called out a reply.

“Words should be spoken with more caution, William.” She informed him.

“Sylph, can we go play in the clearing?”

“You may. Do not leave the Fur Tree boundaries though.”

“We won’t!” Arialita said filled with joy. She chased after William, who was by far faster than herself. When she finally caught up to him he was already sitting on top a boulder in the middle of the clearing.

“Lita, come sit here!” He called out to her; his grin was free and natural.

“Will. Don’t run so fast!” She puffed her cheeks in attempt to look angry, but instead ended up laughing, her laughter infecting Will.

“Lita, sing to me!” Will demanded has he wiped a tear of laughter out of his eyes, still smiling and gripping his tummy that had started to pain with the fitful laughter he had finally escaped. With a nod from Arialita, she clasped her hands together_

“Lé-Ví Revér Lee Seïn Marí Lo-kay-Têh Ífal Éd-ore Ésfá Evól Soí” She sang her heart out, and though the words were intangible to Will you could hear the tune to which she sang, and he loved it!


“Yes Will?” Arialita stared at Will for what must have felt an eternity. They had been friends since she could remember, but something was bugging Will and she believed he would tell her when he felt ready.

“Never mind, it’s getting late. Sylph doesn’t like it if we stay out too late.”

“Sylph knows where I am and I can feel her presence all around me, she’s not worried. She, though, will be the one staying out longer she’s preparing a feast for tomorrow’s festival. Are you going to join?”

“Wouldn’t miss it!” He said grabbing at the chance for spending more time with her.

It was a night as any other; stars shone bright on the outskirts of the city where no other lights defiled their beauty. She was six when the demons came and devoured her would have been peaceful life, her nurse maid, picking fresh flowers from the garden for the nursery, killed, ripped asunder for their pleasure of hearing her scream out her last breath…

While chaos rippled through the night outside the nursery, a sanctuary, guarded by protective runes and wards, the demons unable to get to them; an innocent looking man strode up into the room gently ushered soothing words to the baby twins to ease their crying, and covering them with what seemed like a blanket of sorts, before wiping the runes and wards from existence allowing the demons to light the once serine home ablaze with Hell Fire! A mother crying seeing the fire from a far and her husband embracing her with tender care, knowing full well they were too late to realize the truth. A warlock stood in shadows vowing revenge on the bastard that wreaked havoc upon this family!

An Elven Fairy ran as fast she could her bond broken and a part of her soul with it!

Through all this, not one human sought to find out what happened outside their beloved city. They continued on with their festivities as if nothing ever tragic had happened that night… as if not able to see the blazing funeral for the twin infants and a girl, fair in nature and beauty, they never knew was even born.

Her trail of thoughts were louder than the snow storm and the lightning with it that raged now around her. Lightning had picked up speed and she could just barely make out Snow running beneath them on the forest ground.

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