Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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“I’m coming! Just stay where you are!”

Everyone’s dead… Blood…

“Stay away! Stay Away!” A young lady screamed. The man she loves still running, trying to get to her, but it has always been impossible for him… for anyone to reach her… They all always end up dying… She always ends up killing them…

Why must they all still come to me knowing I’ll be the cause of their death? Why? Why must I be as I am? I never wanted any of this! Please…

“Don’t come after me! There will only be more sorrow!”

“I don’t care! I’m coming to get you! Just don’t move!”

Don’t… Why? Why can’t I run? I’ve always just stood here? Can’t any of you see? No one is meant to be near me!

“Aaaaahhhhh!!!” A young lady sat bolt right. Sweat causing her clothes to stick to her, her hair clinging chokingly against her neck.

“Just a nightmare! Everything is going to be alright!” A man, faceless with blood streaming from his empty eyes, stroked her golden yet silvery white hair. She could not keep her blue-grey eyes from filling with fears, tears that now soaked her cheeks with salt.

“Why? Why? Did you have to come near me?”

“I’ve always loved you. Life without you is worse than death!” She sprang away only to slip on something beneath her.

Looking for the cause of her losing her footing, all she could see was bloody bones littering the bleak room…


“All everyone ever wanted was to come close to you… Why must you kill them all…”


I never wanted this! I wanted to be left alone! I didn’t want any of you to die! Because… Because…

“Nnnnoooo....” She shot up, sitting straight, she looked about the room it was snow white with not even one stain.

“All just dreams… You have to calm down!” She scolded herself.

“Al? Can I come in?” A gently voice asked from apparently nowhere, there was no doors…

“It will be best you don’t!”

“Because of your curse?”

“I… Yes…” She had a look of confusion about her, what curse?

“You know, no one will die just because they are close to someone. I’m coming in.”

“No! Please wait!” She genially feared what she might see once he entered…


A young man stood now before her his colorless hair hanging in his face…

“You see nothing happened. It was all just bad dreams…”

Something isn’t right…

An eerie blackness had crept up from behind her, carrying with it a stench… a stench of death…

“Look how beautiful it is outside. He pointed behind her, upon turning she saw the darkness creeping up on her.


“Don’t you like it, it is your own masterpiece!” He embraced her, his touch was ice cold and she could feel no life in him.

“No!” She pulled away from him. Clutching her head as she trapped herself in a corner and went down to crouch, trying to hide the horror from herself.

No… Please just stop it all! Please!

“Don’t you get it? You’re supposed to purify them, they can only be purified through death!” The man with boiling yellowish skin, and demonic eyes laughed at her naivety.

“You’ll never be free from this endless cycle unless you yourself die and even then someday another like you will be born.”

“No! I won’t let you have your way!”

“I will have my way, because our Master wills it!”

“I’ll never let you do as you or your Master pleases! I’ll not be some tool to bring death and sorrow wherever I go!”

“Oh, you will and when you realize that there is no other path for you, you’ll come running back to us!”

“Go away!” A pulse shot from her hand and pushed the man into the strangling darkness.

I’ll find a way to stop it all from happening! I won’t let anyone die!

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