Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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“Where did she go?” Will asked each of the Elohim, as they tended to the injured and the dead. When he finally reached Kala, she could not hide a guilt that wasn’t meant for her.

“What happened to her?” He asked her.

“She doesn’t know how powerful she truly is. She doesn’t even need her Gift of the Tongue to achieve most she does. She only needs to wish something hard enough, and her soul will let it be. I truly tried to stop her, but it was too late…”

“Where did she go? What happened to her?” He screamed at Kala with no second thought of who she is, her position she holds over him as one of the High Council, ranking just below her own husband, Malachy.

“She took herself, teleported… transported herself to I fear no one knows where.” Kala looked to Will with saddened eyes.

“Gordon got to her just as she vanished from our sight. He is with her.”

“No. We have to save her. You’re the Prophet of all Prophets you must be able to see where she might have gone!” With just a look into Kala’s eyes Will knew the answer.

“No… I can not. Lately, just as there has been fewer and fewer Prophets over the years, my own Prophetic Gift is waning. The Light of our Worlds are fading… Making it ever so harder to see beyond the present and the current of time. And besides that it has always been difficult to see her even in the present. You heard the Angel Alexandre say it himself even they are unable to see her.” She could see Will’s will, his soul, seep into nothingness.

“I’ll find her no matter what! There has to be a way!”

“I’ll come with you.” Haward’s commanding presence not lifting Will one bit.

“We’ll help. She is after all family in her own way!” Tamrin offered her help along with the other’s not even considering to ask them if they were in, but nods from them all confirmed her words.

“Besides I would fail the Lady Feya’s Gift to me if I were to just ignore my duty to help others find their way home, wherever that is for any of us.” Lorenzo stepped up.

“Only problem is we don’t know where to start.” Raymond had to bring them back to the main source of their predicament.

“Wherever it is, it will be somewhere she’ll feel save, where she thinks she’ll be able to keep everyone save.” Will lifted his opinion.

“How sure are you?” Stein stood right behind Will surprising them all.

“When we were little, before she was taken… She said she didn’t want anyone to be hurt because of her. I think she blames herself for what just happened, after all everyone has made it clear that her power is a threat and that Gordon wants to use it. She was always running to the most secluded places she could find when she felt afraid or saddened. She’s still her even if she doesn’t remember.” Will told them of all of what he knew of her. How she had never cried when she thought she would cause others grieve. How she healed a baby bird that had fallen from its nest, ignoring her own scrapes and bruises trying to catch it before it would hit the ground, knowing it would die if it did. He looked towards Snow and Lightning.

“They, if they could speak or rather if we could understand them they would tell you I’m right. She hasn’t changed, her heart still remembers even if her mind doesn’t.” Snow went to take a seat next to Will as if to prove in his own way that Will spoke the truth. Lightning was flying outside trying to see if she could spot any more approaching danger, but none presented itself yet.

Hold on Lita I’m Coming for you! We’re coming for you!

“Hahaha!” A little girl laughed out in joy as she ran after some Vexies, as they taunted her playfully. Unknowing that she was no longer the small little girl as she appeared. Time went by faster here than anywhere yet as quickly she grew she had stopped aging. She still acted the little girl, but something was different about her. It almost seemed as if all knowledge and wisdom she once had… Had left her…

“Hahaha!” She ran after the Vexies, to her they seemed innocent and beautiful, but when they were to remove the veil they had placed on her she would see that they were Vexed, with sharp teeth that can bite through hard rock and veracious catlike eyes, these tiny Fair People were deadly.

They had placed the girl in a dream world as their prisoner.

I’ll be at peace here, and I know no one will ever need to be in danger because me again.

She continued to laugh as the days went by, but really only a few hours has passed in the Worlds since she transported her away from everything to a secluded place not even she knew where.

“Happy thirteenth birthday Lita!” The eldest Vexie held out a finger to act as a candle to blow, using magic to light the tip with Hell Fire… But to Arialita it appeared as a small cake with a candle struggling to stay alit.

…Lita… Only Will ever called me that… I never told these beings my name… I…

With a wave of her hand she dispelled the Vexies’ spell over her and with a word she vanished as if she never existed. The Vexies were cursing and swearing screaming out in agony and anger. Their own life put on the line for the spell to work, life magic that, after all, is why they have such strong magic… And a part of that life was now taken from them…

Reappearing, Arialita found herself in a wide open plain, trees dotting it in intricate intervals as if it was planned and not grown wild of its own accord, yet it held a feel of untouched natural beauty to it. Flowers of all kinds greeted her and animals, even those believed extinct grazed unafraid of her presence.

She found, after wondering awhile, an extra soft patch of grass where she laid herself down to rest, the soothing, soft, small and gentle waves of the lake easing her and beckoning her to rest.

As she laid there her mind wondered, yet she was unable to focus on any one single thought… Something was missing, something… precious…

“We’ve been looking for her over a month now. Heck we even had the other People look for her in their own worlds where we won’t be able to cope well!” Raymond was frustrated. They had used over seven thousand speed scrolls too go as far as fast as possible to try and find Arialita as soon as they could.

After they heard of all the various Prophesies regarding the same happenings and more specifically one legend among the Angels, that one with their knowledge would be born to destroy them they were determent to find Arialita; since after all she is the only one born after the vanquishing of the Angels language and still able to speak it, so she had to be found!

The Guardians had taken to looking for Arialita on Earth while the Vampires went to Dispearic, where they could get ask of other creatures of the dark if they could look for Arialita in their own Worlds…

“Relax Raymond! Lita has to be somewhere. We’ve basically covered every world known to the physical realm but what of something that exist outside of time completely; not like Weiss or even the Elohim’s own world…” Lorenzo started to rumble away.

“Lorenzo! You genius!” Tamrin grabbed Lorenzo and kissed him smack dab on the mouth… for an awkward moment the two just stared at each other before Lorenzo remembered he still had a tongue…


“Somewhere not bound by time! That’s it! How many place do we know of that is outside of Time that can’t be accessed by Rift, Gate or Portals?” Haward took charge.

“Only three. Three I can think of.Verix, nasty place to end up in full of Vexies, the only way to get there is well teleportation and only the Vexies were believed to possess that ability, but being unable to live anywhere where there exist some form of sunlight even the light of the moon will harm them so they usually teleport their victims to them. Then there is Clou’neer the city in the skies unlike Weiss, it was; a now extinct race of Vulpines, a race who they could distort time and space, had their own city built on one of the shattered moons of Le-ier a world in Caleb’s Realm. And finally there is Eden.” Lorenzo named.

“The Vikings made a reference to it another as well, a myth, called it Valhalla. Then there are others as well such as the city of light surrounded by an enclosing darkness. Atlantis the sunken city of forgotten technology..” Mira said, having arrived with the catch of the day and having overheard their theory before entering the same makeshift shelter.

“Mira, Holland. What took you so long? Usually you take just under an hour to hunt down some good meat?” Tamrin looked towards the few birds Holland had in his hands.

“Well that’s because Lightning and Snow helped a lot, but they went running off to who knows where!” Mira answered.

“Why didn’t you go after them?” Will snapped. He was protective of the two beasts as they were his best friend’s only company.

“Not our job to take care of them, besides they’re still very much wild animals. It isn’t like Arialita trained them, they only seem to listen to her out of ‘free will’!”

“Still Holland, there had to be a reason!”

“And there was! Only when we got back and saw the imprints in the ground about a quarter mile away did we figure it out. Werewolves. And they weren’t alone.”

“No we weren’t!” A dagger was pressed against Hollands throat. As three more Wolf bloods came walking in, in Human form.

“So we suggest you stay calm and let us explain before you start trying your hands at chopping off our heads.” The man with his knife against Holland throat loosened his grip.

“We’re listening. Your hostility wasn’t warranted either. I won’t allow judgement of that kind without reason, by the lady Feya herself, I am her Guardian and my duties is to see reason before judging. I figure you want to say that we’re trespassing on your territory?”

“Yes, you are, but it isn’t the primary reason for us being here. Your mutt actually saved us from being Demon chow and the quite large bird was able to distract and lead them out away from us and well you lot!” The other more bulky of the four Werewolves took the opportunity to explain before any of the group decided against Lorenzo’s words.

“Demons? What are they doing so far in? this very forest is Hallowed ground, sacred. Hollowed by your own ancestors! Your chief must have given them permission then!” Will snapped.

“I am the chief, and technically this forest was Hollowed by Vulpines and gave guardianship to the Chiefs of the Werewolves packs here.” The man that had previously held the dagger against Holland’s throat threw some more accurate history to them.

“For them to be here… It means that the Vulpines’ Priestess is in danger.”

“They’re extinct…” Mira’s look of confusion when she said this brought a smug to the Chief’s face.

“Indeed that is what everyone believes. But really they just can’t leave their eternal home, Clou’neer you called it.”

“But it’s just ruins now.” Mira again said this time trying to sound more sure of herself.

“To the rest of the Worlds yes it has longs since been left to die and brake to a mere shimmer of what it used to be… But you said it yourself they can distort the very fabric of time and space. That is way they stay locked in their own city frozen in a time when the city we know was still in its youth.

“Someone must have gone there.”

“Lita… Lita is there! She has to be! How do we get there?” Will rushed over to the Chief.

“First who is this Lita?” He asked.

“She’s…” The words were stuck on Will’s tongue.

“She’s a Guardian yet to give her Vows and besides the minor Gifts she inherited from her parents who were quite renowned Guardians, scholars… She has some… some kind of Gift she was born with. Apparently she was born an Angel. But the Angel Alexandre had told us that even people who were born Angels don’t have that kind of power if they hadn’t yet given their Vows to the Light… or the Darkness…” Haward answered for Will.

“Can she travel through time and space?”

“We believe so, and so much more.” Haward confirmed.

“Then she is the treat we must kill to safe our friends.”

“No!’ Will stepped in front of the Chief and the exit just in time, stopping the Chief and his subjects from leaving.

“You can’t kill her. If she is there then a man by the name of Gordon should be as well. He had caught her before she vanished into thin air. Besides killing her, if the Prophesies are true, will either kill you yourself or curse you and everyone who had any means in her death!” Will used that opinionated fact against them, be it she is a part of the Prophesies or not, though Will wanted to believe she was not a part of anything that would someday be a treat to everything that is.

“Very well you may come with us. My name is Shadow.” The Chief Werewolf introduced himself.

“Leer.” The lady of the group gave her name.

“Albert.” The one who had given them the jist of them being there gave out his hand to shake, respect clear as day for Lorenzo who kept to his word and Lorenzo took it, out of the same mutual respect.

“The mute here’s name is Kevin, but don’t think he’ll act kindly if you just ignore his opinion. He has his own means to communicate. Oh and if you’re wondering your ‘pets’ are waiting at the place where we can open a Warp to the Eternal City.

When the group reached a warped space, and entered it lead by Shadow, they found themselves looking up at one of the oldest and largest trees the group had ever seen, all around the tree a Shimenawa was tied, to ward off evil as far as the tree’s weaving roots stretched, which was almost the whole forest.

“The Vulpines made sure that only a select few would be able to ever find this place, there are misdirection spells everywhere besides it being protected by the warped space. The moment we entered time stopped flowing for us. In fact when we step back through the Torii, you might find already a week might have passed or you might step into the past, it could very well be that no time at all had passed, it will though vary person to person.” Indeed when they looked back they could see the traditional Shinto Gates far in the distance, looking around them they were standing in a wide open garden as well. Shadow was smirking, he loved the looks of utter surprise on the groups faces.

“You all thought you saw everything! Well you’ll be even more surprised when I tell you that only the Elohim and Angels know of this place, but a promise between us prevents them from telling any other person from any other race or pack, only my pack knows that this place exist and only we know where.” Shadow suggested to the him, Leer, Kevin and Albert.

“When we touch the tree we’ll be transported to Clou’neer.” Albert said as he already went closer to it.

“Come on we don’t have the time to be standing here then.” Will rushed off after Albert. With a shrug Shadow had to give a slight laugh.

“Actually we have all the time we need!” Ironically so, as time had stopped for them in this space they found themselves.

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