Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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A Chance Gone

‘Chaos’ surrounded the group, they had hurried along to get to where Lightning told Arialita trouble was. The Werewolf pack’s home was in shambles, their dead laid rotting, littering the once could have been peaceful village. The Demons long since gone.

Shadow and his companions went running through the now dead land hoping to find someone, anyone alive. As they did a man in a black hooded cloak appeared just behind them and showing off their keen senses they transformed into their Wolf forms, larger than Snow by about two hands.

“Uncle Richard?” Will asked, confused. The man had not changed at all from last as he remembered him.

“Will? What are you doing here?” Anger was hidden at the back of his words.

“We’ll catch up later. What happened here?”

“I sensed the Barrier here weakening about two months ago, I could enter without permission, which caught me off guard, and I hurried here as fast as I could. But it was already too late, the barrier was gone by the time I got here.”

“When did the barrier disperse?” Shadow asked.

“About five days ago. Why?” He asked, though already knew the answer.

Making their way back to the tree where Arialita laid safe, with Snow protect ting her.

“Will! What is that sword you are holding?” It’s a piece of the bridge we used to get back to Earth..” Will didn’t yet know how to tell Richard all the news involving Arialita… But it wasn’t long before he would see it all for himself…

“You… You remind me so much of a little girl I once knew… she would have been ten this year…” Richard held Arialita’s gaze for a moment; she had woken just a while ago, but was still exhausted and weak.

“Uncle Richard… It is… she is…” Will smiled gently. Richard stood there without words… confused only for a moment.

“Will, I don’t understand!” But something held him from completely losing where Will was trying to go with his now quite words.

“Lita… She’s… Not dead… She… she’s you?” Richard looked from Will to Arialita… Right into Arialita’s empty eyes, and saw straight through to the small six year old he thought had died.

“She’s Blighted! We to get her to Sylph now!” Richard sprang into action just then noticing her lifeless eyes. A type of curse had infected her. One of Chaos’ means to prevent its own destruction.

“Sylph is dead. Killed by Darklings while protecting Lita.” Will remembered Caleb and Stein telling them what had happened since the very day Arialita was taken.

“That can’t be possible! Sylph… She’s the eldest of the Elven Fairies, she was the first baby one of the first seven… They don’t just die!”

“No, but Caleb did say times were changing. Richard… Lita… She’s got Gifts unlike any! She might be the very person mentioned in various Doomsday prophesies, and maybe she isn’t, but one thing is for sure; she has some part in it! Will whispered as that Arialita could not hear, but she was already out, fast asleep.

“We need to get her then to one of the others! For now we don’t have the luxury to morn Sylph… I can open a Portal to the nearest Rift that leads to their World. Come!” Richard had reined in his thoughts as quickly as they came… His daughter was still alive!

When they were portaled towards the Rift that lead to Silverstar, the home of Elven Fairies, the Rift had been ‘changed’… Icy mountains surrounded them and snow was gently falling… Greenland…

“This can’t be… Silverstar… Is untouched! Why is the Rift blackened?” Holland looked on in confusion.

“It isn’t Silverstar it’s because of Sylph specifically. The seven has always kept the Rifts to them clear of the Corruption. This one was Sylph’s duty. If we are to go through here it might open up in space or in somewhere deep under water, it might even land us in a volcano who knows where except in Silverstar; then we’re all dead!” Richard explained.

“Can we go to another Rift?”

“No. this is the only one I know of.”

“There’s one other way!” Richard managed a slight gentle smile as if rememberingsome dream that was long since lost.

Just then the Rift closed right before them, leaving only a dead warped space.

“Well that chance is now gone for good.” Shadow said to no specific person or for any real reason.

“Why are you still going with us?” Tamrin noted Shadow keeping them company.

“To see it all through to the end! I want to see what unfolds surrounding her!” He said, sparing only a glance at Arialita’s direction.

“Well then, where to?”

“The Temple of Pax.” Richard pulled his hood back over his head before chanting the words to open the Portal.

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