Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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Before them loomed a deserted land with the old ruins of some kind of mansion or temple, though they knew it was a warped space, they could still smell the Sulphur that hanged in the air and the burnt ashes that got caught up in the wind.

“To think a warped space could be so real…” Mira shivered at the thought remembering the dead warped space where one of the Rifts closed just a moment ago to Silverstar. The stench of death and rot hanging in the air… And even where they entered to Clou’neer the warped space there turned from something beautiful to something… Cursed… The warped space now gone there… What was their world coming to?

Closer they went and once through the warped space they were surrounded by a glorious palace for a temple. People could be seen tending to the gardens, not once staring to find their visitor odd…

“Why are we here?” Shadow asked, their kind along with many other kinds such as Vampires and most Fay weren’t allowed on grounds as this, which belonged to the Elohim.

“Before they went in I had placed a sleeping spell on them though I was too late to safe… I took them to safety, here. Though Maigoeut got to Kate and John, her parents, I was able to safe her brother and sister.” He looked so sad then, when he looked at the sleeping form that Snow now carried on his back…

“Her brother and sister has the Gift of Healing, they might be able to help her, remove the Blight.

“Greetings. How might we help?” An elderly man who clearly wasn’t a Guardian, but very much a normal Human, asked when they reached him where he stood atop the stairs into the main Temple.

“I brought two children, twins to you. Their parents were killed and I being… Unfit to be their guardian, thought it best to bring them to a place where they’ll be safe. Now I have their elder sister, Elohim Pax will know her. She’s been Blighted, her emotions has been sealed in her to cause imbalance for a greater threat to feed upon. I believe that they might be able to save her. It has been some time since they’ve been here, surely Pax and his Guardians by now would have taught the children how to use their inherited Gifts!” The elderly man nodded as Richard spoke, never letting his weary eyes stray from their sight of the girl who was resting atop her wolf and her ‘pet’ eagle that had landed just seconds ago next to her and the wolf.

“Do tell me why this girl is able to tame wild hearts of beasts? I still sense their freedom within them.”

“She must have gained their trust, and as long as no one seeks harm on her they’re docile amongst everyone else. They’re not always with her though, but as soon as she calls they always appear.”

“I see.” He went closer to ‘pet’ Snow, but Snow for some unknown reason had a disliking in this man and had instantly bared his teeth.

“We don’t trust you!” Arialita said flat toned as she came to feeling Snow’s unease.

“And with good reason. Even the harmless being can be a danger to everyone else. You, Girl, I don’t trust either. You’re better off not ever knowing your brother and sister, but it isn’t for me to decide. Though I see you a threat, as I should, you being the child that brings misfortune to everyone around you, Pax has already declared that if any of you should come here, for whatever reason, it should be allowed.” The man turned around slowly and for the first time some of the group realized he needed the help of walking stick to keep himself from falling over, his limp leg pulling him to the right.

“Jeyra!” A young boy and girl no older than five, definitely younger, shouted in glee. They were clearly busy with some game, the floor scribbled with blocks and numbers.

“What on Earth have you two been doing?” He laughed out joyfully.

“Playing hopscotch.” They giggled and realizing they had guests, stared just a second before each grabbed a hand of their new guest. Will and Mira was dragged off to play by the little girl and Lorenzo and Raymond by the boy.

“Before you continue your game, I want you to meet your elder sister. Arialita.” The twins stared at the girl who was staring at her own hands.

“We have a sister?”

“Yes. She needs your help, help only little once as yourself might be able to give…”

“Look at her doggie! He’s so cute!” Snow perked his ears, his head turning to the side, how could he not be mad at two children daring to call him a ‘doggie’?

“Cool! Can we play with them?” The little boy smiled and for a moment, unnoticed to everyone, Arialita could not help but smile.

“Hopscotch is boring anyways!” the girl proclaimed and ran to see who could be the first to twine their hands between Snow’s long fur coat.

“I like, you more!” The small girl turned her attention to Lightning.

“Do you want her to take you for a lift?” Arialita asked her smile still showing and Will taking noticed could not keep his eyes off of her.

(“She’s smiling… She’s… showing her happiness definitely suites her best.”) He smiled a longing smile, but soon saw Arialita was forcing her smile.

Within the large empty room Lightning opted for a glide around the room the girl sitting atop her between her wings her legs hanging to the front and she, clutching a handful of feathers.

“This is fun! Go faster!”

“I want to go to!”

“Hahaha! You can go once Lightning lands again.” Arialita said with a laugh in her voice and then realizing she could feel… Joy! It wasn’t forced.

Looking at her little brother she didn’t know she had, he gave her a nod, and when she looked up her sister waved at her, a silent understanding coming between them…

They all opted to play for a while, knowing that the two would throw a fit if their new friends were to leave.

“We don’t want you leave, ever!”

“We must, but we have three other friends who would love to come play with you two, their names are Leo, Lisa and Lina. They’re in Weiss with Madam Whitechapel. I’m sure Elohim Pax wouldn’t mind having them brought over to play, in fact I’m sure they would love to stay!” Mira sat with the small girl on her lap while her twin brother s was still playing with Will and Arialita.

“Promise?” She held out her pinky.

“Promise!” Mira hooked her own picky, it was a childish act, but for a child, that act meant the world!

When the light started to fade, everyone was beat, at least now they know of one means that can get any being to open their hearts even when cursed, Blighted. Children had their own Gift that was only theirs for a while until their too old for it, pure innocence…

But Richard had said that they could actually heal, but…

“They healed her while no one was looking or took notice.” Caleb surprised them all.


“I saw you all in a vision. And saw her in it with you heading to here. Thought I would come by and tell you that we need to meet up and head to head to one of the ancient Libraries so that we can find a way to keep her safe or even perhaps seal her Gifts.”

“When did they heal her?” Mira asked curiously.

“When they bounded off to her they briefly held hands and touched Arialita. Their Gift works when they are one.” Mira nodded in understanding, after all they were twins, it is almost certain that most of their inherited Gifts would work only when together. She turned to Jeyra.

“Sir? How long is it possible for us to stay here?” Mira asked the old man that clung to his cane.

“Not long, it will be best if you head out to the Sanctuary North of here, I understand that Tahoe’s Sanctuary has been taken… If otherwise I would have suggested your Warlock here Portal you there. A demon had attached itself on the late Misses Gale and took it over.”

“Yes, we were told the same by Caleb.” Haward said from the very back of the room. He stood there in the corner behind the shadows that it cast, as if it warranted him a piece of safety.

“We’ll go there first thing in the morning then. Lita, how are you doing?”

“I’m good for now, thank you… Richard…” She could not call him dad just as she found it strange calling even her brother and sister as ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister’, and maybe it was for the best as only a very few knew he was her father by blood.

“Stein and the others will meet as at the Sanctuary. Arialita, if you aren’t too tired, would you mind if we spoke in private?” She shook her head, whatever he need to ask or tell her was important!

“Everything around you changes too fast, The incident in Weiss it wasn’t supposed to happen… and yet it did. Elohim Kala barely saw the future in which it did happen just moments before it did. I had warned Jacob not to speak of monsters before you when we had a private meeting with the Council, yet we didn’t have a private meeting, and you didn’t end up killing yourself, instead you heard everyone’s’ thought and went to hide to keep them save…” Caleb seemed concerned.

“What are you getting at Caleb?” She asked confused.

“I think someone is intervening with time and fate…” They stared at each for a while.


“I thought you might have an idea…” She shook her head.

They had all left early morning, before either the twins would be up.

It took them three speed scrolls to reach some unknown village some thousand miles north from where the Temple of Pax laid. Seven hours to be exact. They only realized how urgent it was to get Arialita to safety, when they saw the village in shambles. Demons had attacked and the village and this time there was no survivors. But how to keep her safe was the problem for it seemed whoever was after her, was playing cat and mouse with them. They could only hope the Sanctuary had a Gate to the Sanctuary in Europe, specifically to France, where there was one of the largest libraries, where they could hopefully find out something more to the various Prophesies, Myths and Legends as well.

Why not go to the Angels for Safety or again to the Elohim? The Angels feared her, not knowing when she might turn on them and fulfill one of their own Prophesies, and well the Portal had closed to where the Elohim lived.

Richard was getting anxious, he needed to get his daughter to safety, he didn’t ever want to lose her again…

No one ever told me I was a Warlock… and then one day…

I and he… we had to go outside… Outside of the warped space for the first time without knowing what really was out there… In look of a special flower that was believed to grow about a mile out to the west, a Demon had attacked and killed him and I ended up using magic for the first time. Thinking I would never be welcomed again having killed a Demon, Pax and his followers all against any form of violence even to protect oneself… I fled as far I could! I headed south. It was only by chance I met Sylph, and then another chance a few hundred years later and he fell in love with a Guardian, her husband had just died, it was a loveless marriage though they cared very much for each other, but still he shouldn’t have allowed himself in her moment of weakness and sorrow to have acted the way he did, soon he found she was pregnant… He along with Kate coaxed a lie… But he knew all Warlock children were born Darklings or… How would they then explain it? He would, the day it happened made sure the Darkling would die before it turned completely…

(“Please be safe!”) Richard had stopped walking, and was staring towards the sun that had just passed the horizon and was now waking many a souls.

“Warlock! How long do you reckon it will take for us to reach the Sanctuary?” Leer sneered, it was clear she despised Warlocks, but for what reason no one knew.

“You know you could act more lady like even though you’re a mutt!” A small childish voice spoke, for sitting up on a rocky cliff overhead was the Warlock Sarah Brail.

“So very kind of you to join us Sarah…”

“You…” Leer’s anger pitched.

“Oh, Sush!” And with those words Leer’s mouth was ‘stitched’ shut.

“I bet you’re her reason for hating Warlocks?” Richard grinned. The group was now fully focused on the potential new threat.

“Well… It’s her fault!” She quickly placed whatever the reason was on Leer, who could blame? Sarah was still a young Warlock and also ‘still’ a Child… of seventy-nine years old.

“Come now, you’re not that naïve anymore, even though you look like a small little girl! What are you doing following us anyways?”

“And here I thought you didn’t notice!”

“I noticed the moment I met Will in the destroyed Werewolf camp. You’ve been following them for quite a while.”

“Only as best I could. I promised that old man Ermin I’d look after the children. After all I am, I’m true to my words, if not nothing else.”

“Indeed you are, and despite having refused to learn from a Warlock you taught yourself quite well in the arts of magic.”

“And to think they wanted me to let you take me to some crackpot, druggy Warlock… I think I did well for myself as well!” She bragged, a devious smile permanently plastered to her face.

“I actually wanted to ask if you’d allow me to take you to the Sanctuary? I know where it is and have a marker there so I can open a direct portal.” Sarah offered

“That would be very kind, but what’s in it for you?” Richard knew not to ever expect anything from another Warlock as this without there being some form of payment that they require.

“Teach me the Ancient Language!”

“It is as simple as that.”

“It is. Arialita can open my mind with one of her songs and you then will teach me.”

“I’m not even sure that will work.”

“It will. If I make a Vow as the Guardians do to the Elohim then she can Gift me with the ability to learn the Ancient Languages. All I want to learn though is that of the Warlocks. I read somewhere that we were called Warlocks because we were made to be locked in eternal war, but that all of us has failed the purpose. The Elorhim they wanted a war and thought we would be their weapons…”

“And you want to learn because…”

“I seek to fight against them when the time comes and it will! She’s prove of it, the daughter of a Warlock… She who has blood of all kinds running through her veins, she who is of the Void, and well the Void wants her back. They all do!” Sarah whispered into his ear as not to stir the others with some knowledge that is left better not known.

“It is for her to decide though. Arialita what say you?” Arialita nodded in agreement and without any doubt.

“Are you mad?” Shadow snapped at the two of them.

“Maybe I am and maybe I’m. Who cares? All I care for is that my daughter is still alive! Whatever comes, I’ll make sure this time that she’ll live!” Richard walked through the Portal Sarah had opened in that split second, the rest following suite, those that had yet to learn Arialita a to be a Warlock’s daughter in utter shock.

Upon reaching the Sanctuary, the group of young Guardians found that everyone was already assembled. Madam Whitechapel was there Stein, and the Vampires. Others were gathered there as well. It was so strange to Will, never before could Vampires and Werewolves sit together without having killed at least one of the other. Neither did the younger generation Warlocks ever help or tried to get together with any other race. Even another Elven Fairy, Lilac, was gathered there in a corner, Sylph’s protégée.

An elderly couple was there and had welcomed them all with warm open arms, but warned that they were not in charge of the Sanctuary and that the Care takers were… Not kind to other races except those of Human Guardians… Apparently their own children were killed by the same Demon as what Stein told her the reason for so few young Guardians… But instead blamed everyone and not just the Demon.

I’ll never be free… I’ll always be a bother to others…All I can do is wait for the day I am to die... The others, they’ll allow me to stay for now, but only until the Elder Guardians are back they’re the once to judge my fate… Stein… Caleb… Will… Haward… Mira… Holland… My lit’l brother and sister… Even Leo, Lina and Lisa… Everyone lives I ruined, just because I wanted to be free… Because I wanted to live…

Three days had passed. The children, Werekittens was being looked after by an old friend of Madam Whitechapel back in Weiss and well Mira’s protectiveness of them and her missing them! But all in all the Sanctuary was lively. Sarah was able to convince Arialita upon a Vow not to harm innocent people with the knowledge of words at her disposal and have already learned the whole Ancient Warlock language. Though mastering it was a whole different matter.

Of course they rarely saw Arialita they at least knew she was still safe, as she still showed up at breakfast, lunch and dinner when it was time.

“What are you doing that no one can find you?” Will asked her as they sat at table.

“Reading. I want to read as much as I can!” She said smiling ever that gentle smile.

“What did you find that’s so interesting?” Haward took the seat beside her eager to hear her speak.

“Only stories… I… can’t believe there’s so many different stories! It’s amazing!” She quickly stopped herself from saying what was on her mind… That she wanted to live a more normal live as such as most of the characters in the stories… Fall in love, live and die…

“Arialita! You better get that mutt of yours to stop chasing after the birds!” Madam Whitechapel came in scolding.

“They just want out! Open the doors let them go hunt. They’ll return when they want.

“We can’t just open the doors!”

“I know and that is why I’ll place a Verse on the Door to let no one that isn’t named come in, even when someone clings on to someone that is named they’ll be unable to enter, even if they disguise themselves fully as someone named by my Verse, they’ll be able to revealed and kept out. So no need to worry going in and out.”

“Oh. I didn’t know you…”

“I could do that? Yes so it seems…”

I hate it! I can do everything! There is nothing to any persons mind that I cannot do, yet I’m unable to keep myself safe and out of some mad man’s hands that seek to use me…

After dinner Arialita stole herself and hid herself in some hidden part of the small Library. It was a spacious room with two floors, bookshelves lined one part of the Library creating that few hidden corners few ever saw to visit. To the front nearest the door, was a large tables, where apparently meetings were held as it was easily the largest room in the whole Sanctuary for such an occurrence.

Three days went by, without hearing, seeing or, strangely enough, thinking of Arialita, though everyone knew she was still safe inside the Sanctuary. Word had finally been received from the real caretakers, stating that they didn’t want ‘a monster such as her in their Sanctuary’. They were there at the ceremony of the Vows and immediately hated her for what she was and didn’t care to hear of who Arialita really was.

According to their letter they would be back by the week end that was only a day away still and that they wanted everyone out by its end…

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