Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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Talk of Monsters

“Why should we let her stay? She’s a monster! Something worse than a Demon!” It wasn’t just the Caretaker and his wife, but instead a whole group of Guardians who would rather kill every last being that wasn’t Human or at least a Human Guardian. Seeing all others as tainted…

“I agree! She has greater power than even the Angels! Why should we allow her to stay here? She’s an unknown! Besides we can’t have a Sanctuary and seal it off from the world just to keep her safe from whatever wants to use her power!”

(“Thank goodness she isn’t here! This is one of the many reasons it is best for her to stay away until we can get them to stop calling her by such terms. I was sure this would happen in Weiss, I thought it over an now it is happening all over again! Who is messing with time?”) Caleb ran scenarios over and over in his head.

“Gentlemen! You just said it yourselves, she’s not the treat it is whoever wants to use her! She’ll not abuse her Gifts…”

“Gifts? She has no Gifts! Only the Elohim and the Angels can Gift a person, she’s cursed!”

“Don’t you dare say as such!” Madam Whitechapel stood up, she despised every word that made Arialita be seen as some evil being.

“She was never the one that asked for all that power! For all she knew, from when I knew her, she thought she was a Guardian who’ll one day give her Vow to one of the Elohim. We only needed refuge until you came back so as for us to ask you if we could use the portal, we understand that it opens up to anywhere…” Madam Whitechapel’s words went unheard by the Caretakers.

“And from what we know since meeting her, before we brought her to Weiss, she was childish and brave, kind and stubborn.” David said as he appeared out of nowhere, having stolen his way into the library.

“Why are you here, Vampire?”

“Same reason we are.” Shadow and Leer stepped in through the door having been waiting just outside.

“Snow, her wolf, we can understand him when we are in our wolf forms, he said that even living under Gordon that one day that they met and ran away, they got to see her for who she truly was, kind and innocent, and despite Gordon wanting to make her into a weapon she didn’t allow her morals of life be broken. As for the short time we have come to know her, she even without emotions has values she live and strives after and that, is not to cause harm… To any one!” Shadow’s stern rough voice ran true to be heard by everyone in the room.

“That does not make her any less of a cast out, a beast! She’s better off dead!

“I myself am a Demon, yet I have good in me, I and my kind were meant to be evil, tools for the Elorhim, same as with Warlocks! But you don’t shun us as you just now are doing with a girl that has blood in her of Guardians and of the good Fair People who keep to their words.” Stein stepped from the shadows.

“Besides have any one of you kept count of how many times you have called her a monster or any of the like? She has a name and it is Arialita.”

“I’ll call her as many times a monster as I like Demon!”

“Then you’re all fools! Caleb I’d rather she stay with me where I can protect her, rather than her living amongst people who can’t even stand calling her by her name!” Stein raised his voice.

“Where is that… she anyways?”

“She’s somewhere in the Sanctuary, she’s safe and until you have it in yourself to stop seeing her as some ‘thing’ that can just be discarded I think it best she doesn’t show herself any time soon.”

“She needs to be thrown somewhere where no one will ever be able to find her!” The woman sneered. And in that moment a stifled breath was heard, Leer turning ever so slightly in search of what she thought she heard, but to no avail could she find anyone other than the assembled group and none of them was struggling to get their breath.

For hours cries that Arialita was somehow worse than Demons went on. A turn was made when Sarah finally walked in with something she wanted desperately to find, the book she had seen Arialita read and write in her own ‘notes’.

“You keep saying she’s a monster, and maybe we should stop thinking of our own thoughts and what she is thinking. She wants us to just forget about her…” She showed them the book, at every foot of every page she had written something.

“It’s a poetry books…”

At every page different authors had made their statement in pen… Authors that weren’t at all that famous… And some very much renowned…

Only a few though truly stood out from the rest…

“What’s the point in showing this to us?”

“Her point is… Arialita needs to find the place she belongs and all we wanted to request was to have us use the portal… Have it open up to France!” Will said as he leaned against the door, having eased dropped.

“Great another who wants to interfere, you aren’t even of age yet, never mind not having made your Vows yet!”

“I’ve made a vow, to protect her, to support her as long as I can. She’s getting further and further away from me… And no matter how hard I’ve tried to stay with her, I still feel like I’m losing her! So for now I’ll keep trying at finding her around every corner even if it means to lose her all over again!” He made his thoughts clear, just as Stein passed to the further end of the room, noticing a heap of books littering an abandoned corner of the library.

“I didn’t realize you cared nothing for a neat library?” Stein pointed out.

“Who left the books out?”

“No one left books ‘out’, rather your monster and our jewel is fast asleep behind that stack and if my sense of smell hasn’t lied to me, she fell asleep crying.” Henry spoke up for the first time in the whole fight of why Arialita should be allowed to stay here at the Sanctuary until the Portal could be opened rather than be thrown out as trash. Caleb walked up to the isle and peered around and to everyone’s dismay there she was cheeks stained with tears.

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