Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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Day of Mourning

“She can’t be dead!” A man shouted to the heavens above.

“She’s eternal! What do you mean she’s dead? I’ll kill you!” He grabbed the demon who had come to tell him what had happened in his absence.

“I’ll kill you right here right now!” He slowly hoaxed out the life within the Demon…

(“No… My son… you mustn’t… Respect him… He has endured much without you here… I’m glad to see you safe…”) darkness encroached the room…

“I wouldn’t have been here if you didn’t come to bring me back. That witch refused to take me to her and now…”

(“She’s not dead only her mortal body…”) The darkness soothed the man, calming him, he let go of his Demon brother.

“But this sets your plans back years!”

(“Only a few… But with them fallen now… I’m finally free to pass into this realm! It is a shame she destroyed him completely though… She could have purified him… I guess she has some prophetic ability that saw him constantly turn… His lust for power is what has given me so much strength over the years! Now I can finally use it all!”) The darkness was luring, its poisonous corrosion…

“Mother… What is happening?” The man fell to his knees drugged by the darkness.

(“Sleep now…”) She lulled him and when he was completely gone the darkness solidified into an ether; real appearance.

“Take care of his body, he’ll still be of some use to me someday.” The woman stared deep into the Demon’s eyes.

“And when you are finished with Gordon, I suggest you, my dear Maigoeut hibernate for the next few hundred years. You’ll need your strength.” The woman flicked her long misty black hair over her shoulder, her night black skin glistening as pure black gold… Sleek as raw oil… Her eyes as red as blood and cat like and the whites were rather deathly black…

Gathered in Weiss all the Guardians had come together to have Arialita’s funeral, a memento was to be erected near a wide open garden that was only a stroll away from Madam Whitechapel’s home there.

Even the Elohim had joined, not caring for her, but to witness as tradition usually had… A part of the tradition was to Spirit summon the diseased. This was to ensure that they were ‘dead’. If their spirit’s physical form showed within the water bowl it meant that the person was still alive, but if only a spirit light presented itself then the person was ‘dead’.

One Elohim having the power able to open a portal just for Elohim to pass through, no other beings, but only a hand full… Five to be exact… And it could only stay open for a minute at most and is way the Elohim that could open the Portal was there as well; Phera.

The Prophets gathered there, that could still see glimpses of Arialita in the future through other peoples’ future paths, those that wanted , needed know whether she truly was dead or not and if so whether the person they kept then seeing could be then her reincarnation… which they would only know if the bowl breaks…

Kala had been the one to insist they do this, she had her own doubts about Arialita’s death. Kala had always suspected that her own kind the Elohim where born from souls who die in the other Worlds… and where many of them just exist, without any memory of how they came to be and was believed to be the Angels who created them she had theorized that maybe… They were people who did not die, but was dead and wouldn’t be reborn… Though only a select few ever were reborn… And with the timing of the new Elohim that showed up fast asleep in the plaza, the youngest ever… a small girl with the bluest eyes she’d ever seen, it couldn’t be a coincidence!

Will had taken a stand at the very edge of the garden, he was wearing like many or rather as the few others were, the traditional mourning clothes, white hooded cloaks trimmed with black and gold. His hood was drawn and he was staring out as far below he could see… It was a cloudy day, the clouds that was usually far below from their current floor level, about five miles up from where the bottom of Weiss ended and the top started, was now spilling over; rolling on the grass and wetting the hem of his cloak. He wanted to jump and just disappear! Was this what she could have felt? When she read those poems and stories… Did she truly felt like disappearing or did she already feel like she was disappearing?

Richard who had been wondering aimlessly was there to witness the summoning of Arialita’s spirit, he had been, still was, desperately wishing that her form would show, he needed her to be alive for he could not bare to lose her a second time, there was no strength in him left to go on. She had been his light… his reason to live. Kate, though he loved her truly, even she did not spark him, didn’t motivate him to live the lonely immortal live…

It wasn’t long, until everyone was gathered. Kala had taken out a clay bowl and had poured water into it while she whispered strange words. She then held up the bowl to trap sun light in the water’s surface and finally spoke Arialita’s name.

For a while nothing happened, and this in itself was an oddity. But then light had burst out of the water, escaping its surface that had held it captive. And burst into small dancing lights that fractured and dissipated into the air…

Staring in awe, even the few Elohim that had gathered was surprised at this. What its meaning was, was a mystery, but in many ways it had given Richard and Will a stronger hope that their light was not gone.

Richard opened a portal and before he could close it Will and Sarah had passed through with him.

“Welcome to my World…” A black beauty spoke from the luring darkness…

“This is not where the portal was supposed to open.” Richard Spoke up, not yet recognizing the figure, not that he would.

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