Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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The Elohim Child

“Who are you?” Richard asked while Will readied his Aurora sword.

“Oh, please that toy won’t harm me!” The dark figure looked at Will with pity.

“I asked you a question!” Richard snapped a bit.

“You should watch your mouth!” She spoke with such venom.

“You should have known by now, but oh well… I’m called Chaos most of the time, but I like you to use my name I have chosen for myself! Lilith!” She said playfully, while bringing horror to the two Warlocks and Will.

“I could have created the perfect realm by destroying the ones still remaining! If that girl didn’t go and vanish and completely destroyed her brother!” She started grinning from ear to ear, her smile twisted and warped by her evil.

“I just thought to get some sort of satisfaction, by getting revenge of her delaying my plans by killing some of the people she cared for!” She started moving closer to Will…

“You’ll be the first since you loved her so very much!”

“Stop!” Richard jumped in between Lilith and Will, but with a swipe of her hand she threw Richard into something solid obscured by the thickening darkness.

“Stop.” Another voice broke the through the darkness. Sarah looked up in awe as she saw a child; with snow white wings, mid length, light golden hair and pure sky blue eyes; slowly land, and breaking the spell Lilith had cast over the land and bringing light back.

“Who are you?” Sarah asked, and out of nowhere Lilith burst out laughing!

“An Elohim child! A child, seeks to stop me?” She kept on laughing.

“Will, are you unscathed?”

“I am. But how did you know who I am?” his, Richard and Sarah’s attention on the Elohim child now, and ignoring Lilith which caused her to seethe in anger.

“I’ve been told by Kala who is who. You might not have seen me hiding behind Malachy.” She smiled so gently it made all their fears that came alive when Lilith showed herself seem far away.

“Stop ignoring me!” Lilith shouted like a mad woman, but when she tried to pluck the Elohim child to face her she was shocked to find that she could not touch the girl.

“Richard, I’ve hear of your loss… but may I ask you to one day years from now, to protect a girl who is going to be in a lot of danger. She’ll only be human, but she’s going to be in grave danger when she turns to the age of twenty-one… maybe even before then… I have, as Kala some Prohetic abilities and is why I know that she’ll need you… I don’t know her name nor how she appears, but I do believe you will once you meet her!” The Elohim child helped Richard up once she finished healing him of the wounds from his harsh landing being thrown by Lilith and her claws that had raked him when she did.

“Sarah, might I please borrow some of your magic, I don’t have much myself, and seemed to have used most of it healing and holding the barrier.” Sarah nodded still shocked at the beauty of this child.

Taking hold of Sarah’s hand the child channeled Sarah’s magic through her and created a ball of light that soon reshaped to appear as chains.

“Seal of light!” The child called out and the chains wrapped itself around Lilith and a nearby tree, it locked itself and Lilith and the Chains vanished to thin air.

“What happened?” Sarah blinked, she had never seen a sealing spell as such before, and neither did Richard.

“I’ve sealed her in this tree, once it dies, only then will she be freed!”

“But then…”

“I’ve already asked of the wolves to protect this forest and gave power to the chief who will be able to pass it on to the next to insure that the trees here stay alive for at least another ten millenniums!” She smiled a childish smile.

“Richard, do you think you could open another Portal back to Weiss?” the Elohim child asked and Richard agreed.

“Rose! Where did you go off to?” Malachy scolded as soon as the Elohim child, Rose, stepped through the Portal.

“I saw a vision and had to go after them! Lilith was going to hurt them, but thanks to Sarah’s power after learning the Ancient Language I was able to seal her away. Before that though I gave the wolves the duty and strength to protect the forest. They, I believe have proven themselves capable once before, if the story Kala told me is true.”

“That doesn’t mean you can just up and disappear! You are young amongst us Elohim, and even in appearance! You’re the first child! Besides you are to join the Council someday, that means you can’t act so rash!” Malachy went on scolding.

“Honey, what he wants to say is that your still as a baby, your Gifts, your power, it isn’t as strong yet, and you still have a far way to go! But you said something about Lilith…?:” Kala seemed a bit confused.

“She meant Chaos.” Richard clarified.

“That can’t be!” Feya reassured.

“It is.” Will confirmed Richard’s words.

“But a young Elohim as Rose can’t be able to seal such power yet!” Feya tried to convince them, her, otherwise.

“No, but Chaos is new in her own body as well. Maybe not as inexperienced, but still weak! And Rose did say she used Sarah’s own magic and power. We’ve already seen what Rose can do that is why we said she should come with…” Kala hinted to a reason only known between her, Feya and Malachy, Phera not having the slightest idea though and neither of the few that was still gathered.

“Then it isn’t over yet… No one is safe just yet…” Stein mumbled.

“We have to go!” Malachy turned and ordered the Portal to open so they could go home.

“We’ll start preparing for the worst!” Malachy said, already ready to prepare for a war.

“We are not going to allow any have the Prophesies come to bear fruit!” And with those final words that only Richard and Sarah had caught on to as the Elohim passed through the Portal, and a backward glance from Rose where she gave them a slight grin, did they realize that perhaps Rose was the same as Arialita…

My child… I wish you would have returned home, to me, but perhaps this ruined world of ours is better left forgotten… Perhaps I should make a new home with you there where you can stay in the light… you do seem stronger there! Not so fragile as you’ve always been here… The void never was meant to accommodate you it seems, I should have known…

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