Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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Snow and Lighning

Ten year old Celestine woke up screaming; as if she was the one burning within the Hell Fire; tears ran down her cheeks as her adoptive father rushed to calm her! He stroked her hair as he pulled her in close to his beating heart.

“It’s just a nightmare, my Heart.” He whispered on his breath.

“But it seemed so real Papa!” The words staggering as she continued to explain.

“I was in the middle of a fire and monsters where smiling wickedly at me as if I was their dinner. No one could see our burning town Mansion Papa, and they ignored my cries for help… Papa, promise me you’ll never leave me alone!” She begged, she sounded so out of breath as if she was being smothered to death between her crying and fearful hic-ups.

“Before I promise anything sing the magic words to calm you.” Her ‘Papa’ suggested; wiping her tears and with a gentle nod of her head, she clasped her hands together as if to pray.

Sa-fé Ero-dé La-Fí” Celestine sang with a voice of an angel. Three worlds with no meaning to anyone, three words that could not even be deciphered by anyone, three words that sounded even to her ‘Papa’ as if she was just humming a tune too beautiful for any words to describe.

Immediately after she sang the last note her whole body loosened, her eyes fell close as if a great illness had taken her. The man laid her down and covered her with her quilt.

“You will be my shield as I your sword and together our Master will wield us to rid this world from evil.” He whispered as he leaned in close to kiss her upon her cheek.

“You seek truth, and truth is, you have it within your grasp! Sing the words you know you know so well, but never have, and all will reveal itself to you.” A soft gentle voice, as smooth as the winds that whisper, reached her mind.

“Who are you?”

“A friend that held you once as a babe; that kept to the shadows to protect you. I was unable to hold to my promise once, and I will not fail again, not with you, a promise I make you and the we Fair People do not make empty vows; a promise we make, forever we keep… Eternal we are” The voice sounded as if it was getting further away as the spell took its final hold on her, for who knew words ever held such power…

“Tell me what to sing? So that I can know… I want to know!”

“Ífal Éd-ore É…”

“Say it again I could not here the last!” But it was too late the spell sealed her thoughts and closed her heart to all that is outside of The Sight, The Gift for those that live in the truth of this world…

“I’m… Who am I…? If not...” Sleep, that is what had befell her, a deep sleep unlike others.

“…And amidst the blazing inferno the young boy could hear her singing still, trying still in death to protect her family…”

“William Carter! Off telling your ghost stories to little children are you? You know better than to frighten them with Demon Lore!” A woman well in her late thirties scolded the thirteen, almost fourteen, year old boy, dragging him by the arm to the Sanctuary. The boy, William, turned to wave farewell to the children who’d he always tell ghost stories to… because they always begged him to, he was a great story teller!

“You know just as well that it isn’t just stories Madam Whitechapel. We are after all a part of that world, the world of shadows, myths and legends!”

“Will, for the love of all that is human and ever changing, they’re just stories to them and best we don’t give them reason else to believe.”

“I met Mrs. And Mr. Gale this morning; their twins are absolutely beautiful and charming. It’s a shame they never got to know their dear sister… To think it has only been but four years since their home burned…” William seemed distracted as if regretting that he brought them into the conversation… But the story he most often told to the children always brought the memories anew.

“I was telling them of her you know… not of Demons or Warlocks, Vampires or Werewolves, not even of the Fair People or any of their kin. Only of the manor at the end of the woodland-forest that burned with the Gale family’s children still inside and how ‘she’ had tried to save her siblings… Madam Whitechapel did you hear any singing that night?”

“William, we’ve been through this before. Every year around this time you ask me if I heard the Gale girl singing and every time I’ve told you that ‘no, I didn’t hear Arialita singing.’ In fact I’ve never known her to have ever sung before. She was as shy and still as a church mouse.” Madam Whitechapel stood looking the same as she did the night Hell Fire had destroyed her dear friends and follow Guardians’ home, and along it burnt their eldest daughter… Saddened, but ‘used’ to it… And it was this that had sent a shiver down his spine, how could any one person ever be used to death… Madam Whitechapel thinking he was cold took out from under her folded woolen blanket, that she had clasped her hands beneath, a jacket for Will.

“Here, before you catch a cold…” She smiled warmly at Will. And looking up at her with a sorrowful smile he saw the first snow fall for the new winter. And that night the Annual Winter Festival was about to begin…

It was snowing then to… William thought back to the day his own Parents were killed in a wild goose chase after some Warlocks that had wanted to summon an Ancient Demon… Only what they found was that instead of one Ancient Demon they had summoned a horde near the Gale family’s manor, instead of in the town center (where their Informant had told them). The Demons had killed Mrs. Rosalyn, the wet nurse, who was tending to the garden while the little ones were sleeping. His parents were the first to react when they realized that the information was just bait; to lead them away from the Gale family’s home. They were to act as stand-by on the outskirts of the city for in case anyone escaped the front line’s infiltration and so was the closest to the Manor. The Gale family loved the open space and had built their home there on the edge of the forest on the far end of the valley that surrounded their city. Having been ambushed from behind by a few stray Demons, his father was killed. His mother had seen the Hell Fire at the Gale Manor and knew that it meant there had to be an intruder, for the Gale family had placed powerful runes and wards to protect their home from any Demons to come near as well as any of the Shadow Creatures that were uninvited… Only guardians and Humans could enter there… Surely it wasn’t a Warlock then that raised the Demon horde…

Will could still remember running off to help his friend, Arialita, only to find the manor already ablaze. He could here Arialita’s voice… she was singing, but he could not make out the words. Next he knew his mother came out running with the twins in her arms. With her last breath, his mother held the words that have haunted him since…

“Aria… Saved… She’s gone… He…He…”

A sword had been driven between her shoulder blades and was protruding out her chest… She gave Will a loving Smile when she saw him hidden behind Madam Whitechapel to prevent him seeing his mother die in front of him, though too late… He knew then he’d never have another friend as Arialita and he knew he’d never say the words ‘I love you Mama’, ‘I love you Papa’ and lastly ‘Sing to me Lita!’

Though William could not make out the words, the tune of ‘The Lost’, he hummed it whenever he felt his spirit fall.

“What are you humming Will?” Madam Whitechapel asked curious at the calming, soothing tune that reminded her of home.

“The tune to the song I am sure she sang that night… I called it ‘The Lost’… I think it is fitting.” Will said, never looking back at madam Whitechapel who had slowed her pace and so he never saw her wipe the tears from her eyes.

That song… surely neither I, nor any of the others played it to the children… How could he possibly even know it, and even hum it so well? The song’s words aren’t even known to any of our kind so how…? And why only now is it I’ve heard him hum any tune…? An Elohim Song...A song from the Angels, oh how it seems an eternity since I have heard one...He even knew that particular song’s name…

“Will do you wish to come along to Weiss with Holland and Mira to behold their Vows to the Elohim?” Madam Whitechapel asked knowing full well that it is all he has ever wanted. To go and see the place his parent s grew up.

“Will promise me well go to Weiss together!” He remembered her begging him.

“We’ll say our Vows together!” She smiled, he knew she meant to cheer him up, he knew she could see it in him, the sadness he tried to hide from her. Something was bothering him…

“I’ll be of age before you!” He informed her.

“Yeah well I’ll have just barely turned fifteen so I’ll be able to say mine too!” She stuck out her tong, teasing him and running off before Will could tickle her.

If only I told her my fears… That I felt she would leave me soon… That she felt so far away…

“Celestine! Good morning, my Heart!” A graying man gave a warm (cold) smile to the young girl, behind him on his left stood her tutor, he taught many things, but whenever her ‘papa’ and he met together with her as now, it meant physical training. Mostly it consisted of basic survival skills, hunting and best of all Muay Thai and Capoeira. The tutor, Mr. Larks always said that if one could fight one could dance, but a dancer can never fight, such is the nature of all things ever changing…

It has always struck her as odd that they would always use the phrase ‘ever changing’ as if it meant something more than that all things living can change…

“Papa! What am I to study today?” She asked smiling her hair hanged loose up to the below her shoulder blades, the sun that played between the shadows and landed on her made her seem like an angel. Her hair fair, almost white with a hint of gold that shimmered in the light, her eyes sky blue and filled with unknown wisdom.

“Nothing much. You are only to choose your ‘pet’ today and learn the rules, for training it. But my Heart, before you get overly reactive remember this, they are animals, wild beasts. To train them is make them loyal to their master, not to have them as friends.” The warmth of the man’s smile evaporated and it was evident that Celestine knew that her father truly was – frightening!

“Yes Papa.” Her eyes were looking for clues in the ground, trying to avoid the coldness of her ‘Papa’s’ eyes.

“Larks, I leave her with you.” He said with a wave of his hand to continue on as he left her there in the court yard.

“Glad to have you back Mr. Larks. It has been some time, has it not? What about four months?” Celestine tried for a conversation.

“Almost five. I had to run an errand for your father. One you’d be able to guess by now.”

“Yes, it’s whatever ‘pets’ Papa was talking about.”

“As assertive as always Milady. Milady can choose between either an eagle or a wolf. Both are prestige predators!” Mr. Larks sounded proud of the fact that he was able to obtain these still wild animals.

“How did you get them, Mr. Larks?” Celestine asked as they approached the caravan that carried the crates with the animals in, the cages hidden behind the black clothes that hanged over it.

“I hunted them and trapped them myself, Milady.” Luckily he was ahead of her; she hated knowing that a living creature’s freedom has been ripped from it…

“I’ll train both.” She said just loud enough for Mr. Larks to hear.

“That’s daring, Milady. But I bid you to not try; you see your father made it abundantly clear that you may only choose one, for you would only have one chance!” Immediately she knew what he meant by it, this was another lesson her father wants her to learn, that failure would lead to death. A strange way to teach such a lesson, but effective towards a person who cares as much about life as she.

“He may be my father, but not my blood. He cannot make a choice for me. And that is final.” She had no reason to raise her voice or sound dominant to get one to listen to her. When she spoke it had always had the effect to pull one to simply agree with her. She was young, but she had wisdom beyond her years.

“Very well Milady.” Mr. Larks pulled the heavy, thick black clothes from off the cages. Within the smaller of the yet very large cages, but too small a cage for the poor animal was the wolf; snow white and with alarming ghostly-blue eyes. It was massive for a normal wolf, if not for the fact that she knew no Shadow creatures could enter through the protective wards, she would have believed it to be a Werewolf. And within the biggest cage more fitting for the eagle, but still not big enough for it to stretch its wings properly, was the largest bird she had ever seen or would ever see.

“An Artic Wolf and White-Tailed Eagle. Do you find them to your liking? They are quite a specimen to behold, are they not?” Mr. Larks sounded as if these creatures were collectors’ items. Celestine despised this man…

“Indeed Mr. Larks.” She hid her frustration and pretended to see these animals as her father would rather she did, tools to be used.

“Have them placed in the empty stables west of here.” She ordered a servant that stood to the side.

“Milady might I suggest before you start training them, we have a bout. See how Milady’s own training has come along?” Mr. Larks always took pride in Celestine’s quick adaptability. She was a jewel in the rough.

“I don’t know. I woke this morning feeling quite drained. As if I didn’t even shut an eye, I might be catching cold…” She looked as if she was contemplating the possibility.

“I’ll be better tomorrow and then you can show me how to set those traps you used to catch those magnificent beasts for me.” This sparked Mr. Larks’ interest.

“Milady has herself an appointment then; bright and early tomorrow morning.”

“Does this mean you’ll be leaving?”

“Milady’s father suggested I stay while you get affiliated on how to approach those creatures. You can’t very well just ask that wolf the give his paw and not expect it to bite. Same with the bird, she has quite a temper.”

“Of course, my father always has a point. Very well Mr. Larks guide me through the rules.”

“First, never set them free. Always keep them secured from fleeing. With the bird always keep it blinded, only when releasing it to hunt do you let the bird see and that alone is when it is trained to come back to Milady.”

“That’s easy enough to remember and to keep to.”

“Second, do not stroke them as you would any other pet. Third, have them acquire their own food, while unable to escape of course, best would be to let live prey loose near them which they can catch on their own, again make sure then that the prey cannot escape.”

“Makes sense so far for me, giving them food will make them as domesticated animals.”

“Yes Milady, just as said. And for now until tomorrow I think only those would be needed for you to know. Show me now how you’ll handle them, I’ll correct when Milady makes a fault.”

“As you’ve always taught me, learning is faster by doing.”

“Truer words has never been spoken, Milady.” Celestine gave a slight nod to give her approval of the statement.

As they neared the stables a breeze came up, cool and pleasant. It carried with it the smell and promise that snow would fall soon, and something that had Celestine on edge. Turning to look into the woods in the distance.

“Is something the matter Milady?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Are you sure? Guesses are never fitting.”

“I just thought I heard a voice in the distance.” Celestine turned back and took to the last stretch towards the stables.

“Just the wind playing its tricks on the mind. Your father would never allow any trespassers, not the Fair kind or the ‘Shadow’ kind, not even the Human kind. He’s strict on that matter and has measures in place.”

“I know. It’s to protect me from the evil, while being trained to defend the good.”

“Exactly!” Mr. Larks gave a sideways glance, when Celestine stepped ahead of him, to insure his own reassurance that nothing has trespassed onto Evergreen Grounds.

Stepping into the stables Celestine went on her knees as close as she dared to go towards the cages. The wolf started to growl murderously. And the bird wanted out!

“Ssshhh… It’s alright.’ She said so softly that when Mr. Larks had stepped into the warmer stables out of the freezing winds, that had started to pick up, one could hear the dry grass, stuck to his boots, crunch. The wolf’s growls became less threatening, but still warning enough not to come closer, even the bird stopped pushing on the bars of the cage with its wings.

“Now what to call you.”

“Milady, your father made it quite clear that they are not pets.”

“Shush now Mr. Larks. Names are a formality. A means to identify one another respectfully.” Mr. Larks was stunned; he had never heard her use words such as ‘shush’, for her to use it was like any other lady to swear.

“I’ll start with you, wolf. You’re as white as snow with stormy eyes. Surely you have to have a name fitting of your personality and looks.”

Snow… you should call him Snow… For as snow he comes quickly and unexpectedly, yet he is gentle and calculating…

Celestine turned to gaze out past Mr. Larks and shrugged when she saw no one fitting of the voice she thought she heard and passed it off as the wind. Mr. Larks scolding the servant for something or other, did not noticing Celestine’s confusion.

“Very well Snow it is. Now for you…”

Eagles are fierce, they strike fast and yet are elegant creatures, graceful and frightening, as lightning.

“Mr. Larks can you please finish your business with the servant and close the door the wind is speaking too much for me to think straight.”

“Milady, the wind cannot speak. But I will do as Milady says; after all I just finished telling the servant to bring your father.”

“That’s good then he can see my progress. I do believe I would at least be able to have trained them in something by the time he reaches here.”

“Milady, animals can’t be trained within a scant few minutes!”

“You’ll see…” Celestine turned to stare at the bird, blinded, but knew that she was staring.

“Lightning! That is what I shall call you!” Celestine was thrilled at being able to name the animals. She looked towards Mr. Larks and saw that he was distracted.

“Now you have to listen to me. Papa he wants everyone to fear him and he expects the same from me. He wants me to have everyone and everything fear even me. I’m willing to let you go free, though I would like it if you would come back if I were to call upon you, something you must decide on your own, I know you to be intelligent enough to understand. If you do I will protect you, but we have to play safe around Papa.” Celestine whispered making sure not one other soul could hear her, except for Snow and Lightning.

Celestine came closer to the cages, slowly she took off the blind over Lightning’s eyes and slowly she unlocked the cages…


“Go!” Celestine shouted with a fearful, yet victorious smile as Lightning took to the sky through a hatch in the roof that was left opened and Snow out of the door that wasn’t properly closed on the other side of the stables. Mr. Larks came with hastened pace towards Celestine and before she could even react she felt the stinging burn on her cheek. Her head felt heavy and her ears were ringing. Mr. Larks had hit her with all his strength across her face.

Celestine brought up her hand to sooth her burning check.

“They are wild animals Mr. Larks. It was quite tempting not to set them free.”

“What is going on here?” The graying man stepped into the stable.

“Celestine, my Heart, why would Mr. Larks dare hit you?”

“I trained the Wolf and Eagle, you see, to come back to me later. And I released them. I gather Mr. Larks isn’t too pleased about that, which is all I could garner.” Anger faded from his face, but what took its place was worse.

“Mr. Gordon Evergreen! Your daughter is sickling naive. She went against all the rules. She’s a disgrace to the name of Evergreen! There is no why a wild animal can be trained in a mere ten or so minutes!”

“That’s enough out of you Sebastian!” This was the first Celestine ever heard Mr. Larks’ First name… Her father was beyond anger… he was itching to murder!

“And you Celestine! I’d thought I taught you better than to disobey me!” Celestine flinched at the harsh manner he spoke, this was the father she feared not the one she came to love.

“If you say you trained them. Call to them now so that I can make end to their lives!”

“No!” Another first, never did Celestine refuse her father anything he asked of her, nor disobeyed him. It had thrown Mr. Evergreen completely aside.


“Yes, no. I will not let you harm them, they are loyal to me.” She felt the surge of what could be called bravery, but knew it to be foolishness.

“They are animals, Celestine! They know not what words are!” Mr. Evergreen bellowed.

“They seem to me to perfectly understand what I asked of them.”

“Then call them and I might consider sparing them.”

“No. Only when you promise me they will live… Papa.” Mr. Evergreen’s eye twitched the murderous look vanished from him.

“Very well. I Vow it upon the Master.” This was what she had hoped he would say. The one promise he’d be serious about keeping.

“Snow! Lightning! Come to me!” Celestine called out and closed her eyes as if in prayer.

You heard? Go back! Take this with you; I cannot enter any further than this…

A Howl sounded from the edge of the woods and just as suddenly Lightning came diving into the stables, back through the hatch. Snow came to sit next to Celestine. Mr. Evergreen and Mr. Larks both ware staring with astonishment.

“Celestine! I’m so proud of you.” Mr. Evergreen wanted to take a step closer, but was stopped abruptly when Snow bared his teeth.

“They protect me and are loyal only to me, Papa. They don’t know you, and well, after the way Mr. Larks acted just a moment ago…” Celestine brushed her still burning cheek with the tips of her fingers.

“All very splendid.” Mr. Evergreen was beyond excited.

“But how…?” Mr. Larks asked, fear still evident from when he was sure he was going to be killed… It was a sure thing no one knew about Celestine’s ability.

“How else? Celestine has always been gifted with words. This just goes to prove it! Celestine, my Heart, tonight we celebrate! And I’ll answer any one question you ask of me, even gift you with some news of my own, I hope.”

A storm is brewing… She thought to herself. A note in hand:

“You are in grave danger, he is not who he lets you believe you are. Come to the Lake, they’ll take you.”

By tonight I’ll be long gone. I can’t stay here. It’ll be the death of me yet. She wiped a tear from her eye and glared out the window. The sky had darkened immensely. But what caught her attention first was the shimmer of a figure that stood far away at the very edge of the Grounds.

She packed a basket with only the needed essentials.

She looked towards the giant snow white hump of fur that laid at the edge of her bed. His ears perked, he had heard her turn to walk up to him. She laid her hand gently on his head, stroking him. She knew how she was going to escape.

“He would never allow me to be free… I don’t know why, but I have something they need of me… If I’m right… It is something to do with my talent for the languages, especially these strange words that I know and yet know never to have read, heard or spoken before... I’ll not be their tool!”

She opened the window, the frosted wind instantly freezing her to the very bone. Lightning struck, but it didn’t bother her she was waiting for it. Lighting came sweeping low and landed just in front of her on a patch of grass that was strangely still green… She climbed through the widow and Snow followed. Lightning took off with a lift of her wings. Lightning plucked up the smaller Celestine by the shoulders, careful not to hurt her too much with sharp claws. Snow headed for the woods. Lightning taking to the sky.

So this is what it feels like to fly… Free…

“Yes Master. From tomorrow I’ll be sure to start her studies in the Ancient Languages. Though I do wonder how I would do so, I have no knowledge of the languages of old, thou you know most of it, Master, you’ve made it abundantly clear she is not to meet you before ‘then’.” Mr. Evergreen seemed to have gotten even grayer, as he stood in front of a sealed door. The room was pitch-black, not even an owl would be able to see. But how could he then?

“Yes Master. I’ll find the Elven Fairy to teach her. I did not even now some of the Elder Fair People Still knew the Ancient Languages, especially that of the Angels.” Mr. Evergreen Bowed and swiftly turned to head up the stairs.

When he reached the top he called to one of the servants to summon Mr. Larks to the Attic. It took some waiting and patience… He never was too patience a man.

“Yes Sir. You called.”

“I have a proposition for you. To make up for earlier failures. You always knew not to ever lay a hand on Celestine, she’s the key to the Master’s plans. I want you to find an Elven Fairy. Her name is Sylph apparently. She’s of most importance! Only she’ll be able to teach Celestine of the Ancient Languages and even you know that the Language of the Angels has long been sealed to the ever changing minds. Guardians and younger Shadows alike, but it is time you know; Celestine already has some knowledge of them and can learn the rest, and just as you should know, the Ancient Languages have power in them.”

“Sir, that is not possible. She was born after the Angels tongues of old and even if she could learn it, with all due respect there is no man that can capture an Elven Fairy. They only show themselves when they want to be seen. No one is even sure how they look!”

“She’ll show herself, if you mention Celestine, by her true name. A Vow she had made long ago will assure of it, the Fair never break their vows.”

“I don’t think it’ll work sir. Celestine was acting strangely today. She said she heard a voice in the wind… If what you say is true I believe now that it might have been Sylph as you called her, she might know what we are up to and will not…” Blood dripped from his mouth… Looking down Mr. Larks could see a silver blade piercing his chest.

“I loaf disobedience. You should have mentioned it all to me the moment she said anything out of the ordinary. You have failed me, and most of all the, Master; more in one day that could ever seem possible!” Murderous… Mr. Gordon Evergreen was murderous. His lust for blood always evident in his warm yet cold smile.

“I’ll find someone who will obey me and do as I say.” He grinned ear-to-ear.

“Fetch me the Warlock girl, the one called Sarah Brail.” A spark lit in his eyes. The Warlock girl could be of greater use, she was after all roughly Celestine’s age… In appearance. Celestine could do with a ‘friend’… A petite figure stepped from the shadows, she had her Blood thirsty colored hair curled and tied into dog-ears, which made her seem… innocent. She carried with her a stuffed bear, almost a quarter her size, but its eyes were… alive, for when Mr. Evergreen took notice of her presence the teddy-bear was the ‘thing’ that waved hello. She was by all means what was called a necromancer…

“Ah, Miss Brail, just the Warlock I was looking for. I need you to find an Elven Fairy by the name of Sylph. Also you must keep what you are secret while around Celestine, the girl you are to befriend. After all, though she is to be my shield and a tool for the Master, she is firstly my daughter. You’ll meet her tonight at dinner; we are having a celebration at her expense. You do remember her from back then, when just after I first sought your employment? When you so gladly gave me that precious object…” He spoke casually as if the dead Mr. Larks’ body didn’t still lay there in a corner, staining an expensive handwoven Persian carpet.

“Gordon. Enough chit-chats. Of course I’d remember the girl. There are many rumors of her already in the Shadow World, mostly involving her being able to slay a Demon with just a single word after that eventful night. And knowing what you are now and for whom you work I’d rather not give you any more thought. Good-bye… Mr. Evergreen.” And just as that she vanished before he could kill her as well.

Fire seethed out his hands, and his eyes became an eerie black, his skin almost seemed to be boiling.

“How dare they all… I’m a guardian! Gifted by Lucifer, I serve only the Master! How dare they disrespect me!”

Calm down… You’ll have your way yet… To purge this word of evil… To heal it of its corruption…Those that go against us are not for our new world… Our paradise…

Mr. Evergreen took a few deep breathes and counted to ten.

“I’ll find Sylph myself, after tonight that is. We still have about four hours to go before then and I want it to be perfect.” He finally said when he calmed, his appearance once again that of a normal human being.

“Come out!” A feminine sweet and gentle voice ordered into the coldness of the dark that had found its way into the forest.

“It’s just me, Sylph.” A voice broke the eerie silence, his eyes shone as a demon’s through the darkness.

“Stein? What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same?”

“She’s still alive… Hopefully she’ll listen to my warning and get out of there before he has her do something that’ll ruin her!”

“Who is still alive?”

“Arialita…” Her voice hitched when she said the name.

“She was killed by Demons that night, Sylph!”

“No. I can just barely feel the bond I have with her and it has lead me here, I’ve tried getting closer but… the barrier it prevents me from stepping on that monster’s grounds! He has killed so many Fair in these forests… Their blood fuel’s the wards and runes he has placed here.”

“I know.” Stein stepped from the darkness and what appeared to be a weapon was concealed still within the darkness.

“He has a powerful Demon working for him… I’ve been trying to kill it, but every time it escapes through some sort of Rift, I finally followed it to here two nights ago and witnessed a greying man, the one you might be referring to with that Demon I followed they slaughtered a baby Werekitten, I think it was for some ceremony, but I couldn’t get closer because of the barrier they had put up.”

“Stein I need to ask of you something.”


“If something was to happen to me please make sure she gets to Weiss! It might be the only place she’ll be safe. He’ll definitely take her to an even safer place too, if he hasn’t turned against mankind too…


“Promise me, Stein!”

“I’ll do as you say.”

Thoughts ran distractingly through Celestine’s mind.

Everything her father had taught her was that the world outside the barrier was evil, that people seeked to use her to further destroy Worlds. That all beings were evil only a few were not… and that they, he and she was of the few… Mr. Larks had repented and so to was no ‘good’. Warlocks, Demons, Humans, Shadow Creatures such as Vampires and Werewolves and even Fair People were all evil, along with the rest, but only a few would be able to repent…

Those that can move past the inner barrier, after being allowed past the first barrier, the outer barrier, was those that were never or are no longer ‘evil’…

But something was wrong she always knew it!

What if, just maybe, her father was wrong?

Why would he say everyone was evil, when what he was trying to teach her was no different than destroying as well?

Shouldn’t destruction be fought with a willingness to create without destroying?

She always had hated violence, but bared it. Because her father, the man that saved her life when she was just a baby… believed it was the only way to undo all the wrong… Because of a Master she could only meet once the new world was created…

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