Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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A Means To An End

“Did you find her, Maigoeut?” The greying man asked surprisingly calmer than one would have thought he would.

“No. I did kill that Gale Family and an elderly guardian with the god dammed shakes though. Couldn’t eat it Hell knows what diseases ‘it’ could have in store for me if I did. The Gale woman tasted a bit funny, so I left her for dead, her man was nice. What I wouldn’t do to have found those children, they could have been so tasty.” Maigoeut was drooling, the acidy saliva eating at the shop’s wooden floors.

“What children?”

“The Elderly man said something about children. I’m Guessing it would be her children; that woman had strength left to have gotten to the Sanctuary after all to call for help, which I didn’t count on.”

“Well never mind the children, they are of no importance. Though what I want is that girl!” He shouted the last. His eyes blackening.

“Master will not be glad about this.”

“Shut your trap, Maigoeut!” He turned to leave, Maigoeut followed close behind before vanishing into a temporary Portal.

“We’ll check the lake sides.” One could hear his hate for Demons, but at the same time it was if he pitied this particular Demon at certain times, which wasn’t that time now.

“As you wish, Gordon.” Maigoeut replied just as they stepped out onto grassy fields the lake behind them.

“I can’t believe you noticed her missing only after she was late for her own ‘party’… By four hours! That would have been, oh I don’t know, round midnight! Then for the whole of two days you had me search your grounds. Then after that, today you had me search the town and question that disgusting Gale Family. And now the lake! Do you know how big this area is? It’s already nearing Midnight! That’s a bit over what three days now wasted of my time; I could have gotten drunk on Mer tears!”

“Maigoeut, I swear, one more word out of your mouth, except for ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and I’ll be sure you die here, never to return to your dimension and world ever again.” Gordon said, seething with rage.

“Yeesssss Ssssiirrr…” The Demon Maigoeut slid out his snake like tong, finally having decided to quit the sophisticated demeanor.

“Gather the Darklings to search the area, they’ll make quicker work of this than just the two of us.”

“Yeessssss Sssiirrr...” Maigoeut whipped his tail onto the ground, the sound it made vibrated through the earth. Within seconds the first of the Darklings appeared before them.

“Go search for the girl that bears blood of all and bring her to me, kill any who dare stop you!” Gordon ordered his army of ash-like scale beings, their flesh rotting from their bones. They half appeared as children that might have survived Hell Fire, but ended up cursed. These were the children of Warlocks. Warlocks were cursed. Their children, no matter with who or what they laid with, were always still born after two months and if not still born, born without a soul. The Demonic blood that runs through a Warlock hastens the time it takes for a baby to be depended on the mother’s womb, but in the process kills the baby… Darklings never age beyond the age of seven. They have immense strength and speed, but can only live within shadows, the direct sun burning their skin. And even pure clean water could harm them. But they did love the cold…

Disgusting! Why Warlocks are allowed to breed still is beyond me! They should be made sterile the day they are born, if not killed!

The trees stirred as if alive, Snow perked his ears, earning him notice from Sylph. Lightning that was perched in a nearby tree, stretched her wings and took to the sky. Snow got up into a defensive crouch, teeth bearing and a growl that even scared Sylph a bit.

“Something is coming…” Sylph closed her eyes and searched through the memories of the trees, grass, earth…”

“Darklings…” But as she said it the Darklings burst out of the woodland-forest. They were immediately on her scratching and clawing, their high pitched screaming whales waking Arialita!

“Run!” Sylph screamed out to her, Snow took his stance near Arialita, ready to rip apart any Darklings that came to close. Lightning dove at one of the Darklings that had pulled Sylph to the ground, picking it up and dropping it into the water, the water, having purifying properties where they were, instantly killed the Darkling!

I have to do something, I’m…

Sylph gave a painful scream! One of the Darklings had struck its hand through her stomach and was clawing out her insides!

I’m alone now. I couldn’t safe her. She protected me and I just stood doing nothing. All my training for nothing.

I want to forget it all. I have to forget it all!

“Éev-Ré Dés Sa-fé…”

“Stop!” Sylph screamed! She was still alive, but just barely…

“Don’t sing!” She screamed again. Her shimmering gold skin already pale as death. Silvery fluid was pouring out of her… Her blood… Her life…

Arialita stood there lost, some hope had crept into her that she could safe Sylph, after all she isn’t dead yet!

She never noticed the figure fighting the Darklings in the distance, not that it mattered…

Arialita gripped her head, pain stung her mind as she tried to think. Her will was stronger though.

“Dés Shrû Dee-êd Marí. Dés Weer Seïn Lo-kay-Têh…” She fell to her knees the life drained from her eyes… It was tiring singing as she was, but more so when everything seemed to blur around her. Her head felt as if it were going to explode.

Continue, she felt, she must.

“Dés Struë… Cét Tarsh Méh…” Celestine cradled her head in her one hand, the other supporting her from collapsing onto the ground from her kneeled position. What happened around her, not even she seemed to notice. The Darklings were withering away, screaming and kicking in agony as each word she sung reached their ears. They might not have great hearing, being almost completely death, but somehow her words had reached them.

“Stop… You mustn’t sing the Angels’ tongue without thought.” Sylph whispered, but her words could no longer reach the girl, she was lying very still, nearly passed out from exhaustion.

Though within her mind she still wanted to finish the verse, she needed to even though her own unconsciousness didn’t have the strength…

If only I can finish! Please! I can safe her!

A twitch of her fingers, was proof that she was still fighting to stay awake, but no sound no words graced her lips…

“Stein… Get her… out of here…” Sylph was barely able to say the words, it was said so softly like a cool summer breeze, it would be her last. With the final strength she had reached out to the animal guardians and made sure they knew where to take her as she saw Stein was still too far to have heard her… The danger not being over just yet.

“Who am I? Where am I? It’s so dark... and cold… I… I need to safe… I need to do something… But… What was it?”

Snow raced through the thick canopy of trees while Lightning soared above, searching for shelter from whatever ordered the Darklings to attack them. The lifeless form that Lightning’s claws held, showed no signs of waking up any time soon….

We will keep her safe till our last breath, we will be her strength and we will be her reminder that she will never be alone.

“Where in Hell did she go?” Gordon screamed fire breathed out of him as he took gulps of air through is lungs. His eyes were evilly dark and his skin yellow and boiling.

“I can sssssmmelll only Darkllliingssssssss. They arrrre allll dead though.” Maigoeut Hissed.

“She did all that. I just know it. She’s stronger than I thought. More powerful than I could ever have possible dreamed. We need her! Find Her!” Gordon ordered, murderously.

“Yeessss Sssssiirrr.” And Maigoeut went off, vanishing into the trees.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Twenty-seven. Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine.

Fifty-four. Fifty-five.

“Alright I know I asked this just a minute ago, but really, it feels like an eternity. When are we going to get to Weiss?” Will asked irritably.

“We’re almost there, another hour or so, so continue counting.” Madam Whitechapel answered.

“One. Two. Three…”

“In your head!” Mira yelled at him.

“It’s strange that we haven’t come across any more Darklings. Also there isn’t any Fair Folk near.” Holland stated his worries.

“Yes… I was sure we would at least meet a few Nymphs. They love the forest, and have always been its caretakers, why abandon it now?” Mira quoted her knowledge of one of the many Fair People in the world.”

“Something must have frightened them.” Will said mockingly.

“You might have a point there, Will.” Madam Whitechapel praised him.

“I was only joking!”

“Joking or not. You might be right. Look.” Holland pointed to a nearby tree. Three young crying Werecats huddled beneath the large tree’s roots that provided a sort of sheltering or hiding place.

“Come on out. We won’t hurt you.” Mira stepped a bit ahead of the rest of her group and sat on her knees, palms up and open.

“The braver one of them and also oldest in appearance stepped out from under their hiding place.

“Sssstaaayy aawaayy!” He called out with a lisping voice, clearly not yet properly taught to speak the human tong.

“I won’t come closer. I only want to find out something. What happened? Where is the Fair People and your mother?” Mira asked as kindly she could.

“Ssshheesss Deeaad. Kiillleeed byy Daaarrklllinngsss wwheenn tthhhheeyy wweeerrreee sssssummmmonnneed.” He spoke slow and with a closed month so it was difficult to make out exactly what he was saying with his terrible lisp that he had.

“Who summoned them?”

“Deeeemmmmooooon. Eeeeaaaarrrlllyyy lllllaaassssst nnniiiiggght” Mira looked towards Madam Whitechapel, their suspicions where not far off.

“The Fair People they fled to the south?” Mira asked while point to the direction. Thinking back to their encounter with the Darkling last night, it had been heading to North, maybe North East.


“Why not come with us then we can protect you and help you find somewhere safer than here.” Mire suggested. The boy Werecat looked towards his younger sister.

“Aaallllrrriggghht.” He came closer to Mira, when he was close enough she slowly lifted her hand to stroke him behind his cattish ears. He must have loved the affection, because he was purring. His sisters came scampering up to Mira’s group seeking attention as well.

“What is your names?”

“Mmmyyyy nnnaaameee iiiisssss Lllleeeeooo. Mmmyyyy Ssssiissstteeerrsss’ssss nnnaaaammeee iiisssss Lllliiissssaaa.” He pointed to the white haired-furred Werekitten, her eyes a light blue.

“Aaannndd Lllliiiinnnnaaa.” He pointed to his sister that appeared more like him, with light brown hair-fur and soft earthen brown eyes.

“Well then Leo, Lisa, Lina. Glad you we can help you.” Mira said, she truly had a gift when it came to befriending Fair People as well as shadow creatures.

I’m sure that Elohim Lalein will be the one to Gift Mira. She’s kind and gentle her words can bring forth war; used right it will ensure peace.

“Come we must make haste.” Madam Whitechapel ordered.

“If that Demon was anywhere near here, he will come after us when he smells us.”

I’ll be sure to kill that man now that I know who to blame for her death and now these children’s parents. I’ll be sure they would be able to live peacefully. I’ll take them to the Temple of Pax, his Guardians will teach them well enough for Elohim Pax to Gift them when they are of age. They will be as far as possible from the events that is about to unfold…

Shadows parted as a cloaked figure walked towards what appeared to be an abandoned mansion. As the figure got closer and focused his eyes to see past the warped space. The mansion no longer appeared abandoned, but stood strong as if it has never been rumored to have burnt down. People wearing white cloaks greeted the lone figure with joy as if they had known of him, but was surprised to see what he had left after he suddenly just vanished from sight after having reached the center of the court yard…

There on the horizon! Do you see? We will head there! We will reach it by mid sun! It will keep us safe till the sun dawns tomorrow again.

“We are here. See that warped space between the leaning two trees? The rift lies there guarded by ancient runes to keep out all beings that are unable to enter with a guardian who is able to draw the specific Blood rune.” Madam Whitechapel took a pin from her hair; it was sharp, meant as a back-up weapon. She pricked her finger and drew on a small piece of rock a rune of faith that none of them has ever before seen, it was a spiral that after about two rounds changed direction once, went up and came down right through the center.

“A rune that is ever changing.” Holland said before readjusting his hands beneath the small Lina that had fallen asleep on his back, her hands dangling past his neck.

“Correct Holland. A rune that symbolizes all we need; to continue onwards.”

“What does a rune look like that speaks of an end to all that is ever changing.” Will asked, curious.

“There is none such rune as there is no means to stopping changes from accruing.” Madam Whitechapel said while placing the rock, on which she had just drawn in blood, in a small crack in the ground. The rock turned to dust and the Rift opened.

Mira entered first, in her arms was Leo who also had fallen asleep just a while ago. Will came through next, he held Lisa’s hand, she was quite active and had refused to be carried, instead started running after a feather that drifted on the air pass them.

“Why are you just standing…” He never finished for his question was answered. Weiss was magnificent.

“Beautiful…” Holland said as he came through next followed lastly by Madam Whitechapel.

The view was breath taking. Endless amount of high towers pierced the sky in front of them. Below them from where they stood on a cliff was a valley, streams of clear fresh water ran through the middle. Past that was the beginning of the first tower, it seemed to rise from beneath the earth.

Going through the valley was like a dream. Looking up golden light poured out from between the towers that seemed to grow in size as they neared the City of Weiss. Pixies flew up to Mira and giggled softly, they went to stand on her shoulders; they were small, small as a baby’s pinky. They weighed lighter than air on her shoulders as they twirled her few thin strands of hair in their delicate hands. There beady eyes were shining as the light reflected of them.

Will-O’-The-Wisps lit their path towards the city as the sun started to set. Sekos could be heard starting to sing beautiful songs. Bringing a new kind a peace and joy into the valley. Some of them sat at the embankment of the stream, some still lazily swimming and playing in the water.

All kinds of Fair People where here, a few friendly spirit beings and the gentler shadow creatures, such as Nekomata, Cat Siths and Kitsunes.

When they finally reached the towering buildings, they soon realized that they were on a floating island, in the sky. The streams poured down the edge of the valley into nothingness, clouds were drifting idly by far below them.

“Follow me.” Madam Whitechapel called to them, she was already heading towards a see through glass bridge that was connected to one of the towers leading straight into it.

“All the towers are connected by glass bridges.” Madam Whitechapel explained as they finally crossed and entered a tower. The inside was large and open, a hall that seemed to stretch endlessly.

“There are exactly a hundred towers as this one; four-hundred smaller towers that deem as living quarters, and thirty towers, three times as big as this one, that are used as shops, gathering halls and the like. In the very center you will find the Angels’ hall where once every five years a ball is held and when the its Clock Tower signals midnight, the Elohim will show themselves to Gift all born Guardians, Welcome new chosen Guardians or announce.” She continued, but alas her explanation was lost.

“It is during the Vowing Ceremony the Elohim would bring forth news of an Angel that might have been born not on Elysium, which has only happened twice before, Phera is charge of bringing them to Azure where the Angels will come to take them to Elysium.” And then she herself remembered what Ermin had told her when she told him of Will humming a very old Elohim song.

“She was apparently an Angel…The third to be born outside of the Angel’s world… I doubt it, but maybe she does have a connection with them and is why they wanted her…” Ermin had told her.

Maybe he meant she was Blessed like an Angel would have been, but why would they want her to have grown and raised in Azure and Elysium?

Will, Mira and Holland were all awe struck, even Lisa stopped wondering over the feather she had caught, to admire the structure of Weiss.

“Of course there are smaller Villages located on various other Drifting Islands that can only be reached with these. She had finally gotten their attention on a pair of attachable, wings that was of mechanical design.

“Let’s go!” Will grinned from ear-to-ear. Madam Whitechapel showed them how it worked and they caught on quite fast, of course it took some time for the Nekomata Siblings to get the hold of it. They tied leads on each Leo, Lina and Lisa’s wings to keep them from flying off and soon they were ready. They had dropped all their belongings at a nearby reception, where they promised to take it all to Madam Whitechapel’s home. Yes she had a home here in Weiss… Why was she then living out in a Sanctuary in the middle of their ‘small’ city of Tahoe?

They stepped up onto an open balcony, nearing the edge; it felt as if gravity was laughing at them, for nearing the edge of their only protection, it was luring them, pulling them closer quicker with every small careful step they took…

They jumped_ Falling free from any force that gave stability. Falling and it was peaceful, graceful, yet freighting and rushing… The air passed them, yet breathless they were.

Their wings caught on the wind and lifted them up! They were flying! Soaring through the sky… Will shivered a bit, as they all did, though not because it was cold…

“This is amazing!” Mira screamed at the top of her lungs! Leo who was frightened a moment ago laughed with glee!

Lina and Lisa still screaming, but for a whole new reason!

“I wish I could have known I could fly before now!” Holland screamed for them to hear him over the gentle buffeting wind.

Will went a bit lower, he always wanted to feel how the ‘fluffy’ clouds would feel. If it truly was as soft as it seemed…

Wet. It felt wet. Wet, but nothing else. It didn’t feel like water would feel, it felt like… Not like nothing, but not entirely like something, the something that normal words could describe.

Words can’t always represent your feelings or what you truly want to say. You have to be careful! Even when just talking casually.

Could this be what she meant?

Words, though they have vast meanings, doesn’t hold what you always truly want to say. It can’t always describe what you feel.

Even if there are thousands of words, they are not all known to one single person…

Slowly her eyes fluttered open, damp darkness greeted her. Snow was lying next to her, keeping her warm, while Lightning stood near the small entrance of the cave, keeping the harsh stormy winter wind from full on blowing in. It was already pith black dark outside_

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