Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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A New Life to Start Again

“Who are you?” A gentle soft voice asked. She had a slim figure and was still very petite. Her small hands stroked the wolf gently, he leaned into her hand as she continued to pet him. His white thick fur coat was warm.

Strangely he was in no hurry to catch the quite large eagle that sat nestled now behind her.

The wolf gave a slight pup like ‘bark’ and put his snout against her forehead. It was cold and a bit wet, but she laughed silently.

Snow, you had named me Snow and she is Lightning. We are your guardians and companions.

“I’m glad then that you are here, Snow. And of course you to Lightning!” She stroked Lightning’s, feathers gently with the back of her hand.

“Can you tell me perhaps who I might be?” Sorrow instantly seemed to fill her being.

“I seem unable to know my own name or where I came from.” Salty tears started to escape, despite her effort.

Snow whimpered, he hated seeing her confused and sad.

Arialita, please do not cry. We know of a place where you will be safe. It is quite far, but if we hasten we can reach the entrance to that place within another ten days travel. It is called Weiss. An old friend of yours told us how to reach, so please be patient.

Lightning nudged Arialita with her beak. They were overly protective of her, even though they barely knew her for only over a week now.

There is something you must sing, it will help you remember the Ancient Languages. Knowing it all will help you when we are not there.

“You are going to leave me?”

No never. It is just to make sure that if anything does ever happen and we are not able, you will be.

“Very well. What is singing?” She asked unknowing as her memories were destroyed.

It is when you speak with all your heart, to a tune or music you make up with your soul.

Arialita tilted her head still confused, she gave it some thought and started to hum a soft, slow and gentle tune.

You have it, now add these words to it, you need to say them, sing them to that tune or any other. The words are Shiren Ífal Éd-ore Ésfá Antérrâ”

She started it out slowly, singing it with such a soft sweet melodious voice, it was… enchanting! She finished it, and if ever there was any other being who did not know those exact words they would not even have been able to make it out… To repeat it… To tell of it…

It was as if something clicked and words started pouring into her mind she could never have imagined real.

You know words now you never knew before. Words that will give you strength and power. The Words you sang where a final gift from a dear guardian of yours and friend. It is what she had given us to help you where she no longer can. Could you tell us what it meant.

“Open mind, open body, open soul and heart to the Gifts born with, which has been denied to for so long…”

It worked then as she said it should? When you sing the tongues, you give them power. You will be able to do wonders beyond the ingrained truths of this world as well as in other worlds.

You might not ever remember your past though, but it is in all nature of everything living or not to continue forward. See it all from today onward as a new life, a new start. We will help guide you so that you never doubt your choses!

“Eh Wiëten. Soí.”

Snow laid his head on her shoulder, as did Lightning.

“Thank you Snow. Thank you Lightning.”

The girl went to sleep, to rest for travel the next day. She seemed sad, but Snow and Lightning had erased some of the fear that made her feel so.

“This was the best day ever!” Will said over exasperated.

“Leo did you and your sister at least enjoy it?” Mira asked him, a smile so sweet it could charm even a Goblin.

“Yyyeessss.” He said with his lisp after he got the nods from his sisters. But as he did his expression turned sour.

“What’s wrong Leo?” Mira asked, Leo was nearing tears, his sisters too.

“Wwweee mmiisssss ooouuuurrrr mmoommmmyyy!” The three burst out crying. They must have wanted to share the experience with her. They were supposed to mourn her death yet they had been laughing and screaming joyfully.

“Here, here.” She took Leo onto her lap and beckoned Lisa and Lina to come closer. She hugged them tenderly, trying to comfort them.

“It will be all right. I know how you feel I lost my mother too when I was young. She died of illness and my papa was already gone as well. Holland too lost his family when he was just a babe. They had to go fight off Darklings. Will too lost his parents in an ambush. We are all orphans here. We are each other’s family here, so we will help each other and protect each other. Besides I am sure she would have wanted you to enjoy the day.” This seemed to help the little ones to calm some, even though their crying didn’t stop just yet; not until they had fallen asleep.

“You are wonderful with the children, Mira.” Madam Whitechapel complimented.

“I’ve been wondering to ask since this morning. Why is it you have a whole three floors of a tower all to yourself as a home and not live here? It is beyond beautiful and peaceful!” Will asked what was on everyone’s minds.

“I wondered when you were finally going to ask. Every Guardian is given a Floor. But only a few are allowed to stay here forever, it is due to the drastic time changes that happen in the other Worlds while only a day passes here.”

“Does that mean you aren’t allowed to stay here for long?” Holland asked this time.

“No. I am one of the few that is allowed, so was Will’s parents. It is though due to Mira and Holland that we decided all to go back to Earth, it was then we met the Gale family, six years before Kate’s first husband died.”

“Why did you decide to stay on Earth for me and Holland?” Mira took her turn to ask.

“You were just born and Holland was already seven months old. We wanted to be a part of your up brining. The two of you immediately had a special place in our heart and Ermin, he too was allowed to stay here, but loved the outside Worlds more, he is so much a wonder, just as High Elohim Yu. Ermin, when Will was born, had already then decided to be the warrior and guardian who would protect the small town some ways outside of Tahoe City, about thirteen days travel if to take the trip over land and not over the lake. Higher Councilmen Malachy, then demanded something, just after the birth of Arialita, something from Ermin; he never said, and Ermin bless his soul denied it. We then went with him to Tahoe were the Gales build their new home out in the woods. Richard and Sylph was always out playing with you children. Sylph being as protective of Arialita and Will, never allowed anything to happen without her knowing, that was the reason you children were forbidden to pass the Fur tree lining, which formed a sort of barrier. Of course Mira, you and Holland never played much with Will, and Arialita, as shy as she was, always hid behind Will so you always ran on to play by yourselves. Both of who were more into studying the ways of the Guardians, than playing though always with me and Ermin after your mother died, Mira. Holland before then lived with you, the two of you truly are more like brother and sister than just good friends.”

“You mentioned something about Richard…” Holland said, trying to remember something that brushed just past him unable to be touched.

“Richard is a Warlock, one that has never practiced magic before though he knows quite a lot. He swore never to use magic after his first time, it killed his wife… He disappeared about seven years ago and he didn’t show himself since, he always kept his eyes on everyone from the shadows, I’m sure. So you wouldn’t know him too well.” Madam Whitechapel said thinking back, the past brought about quite a lot of horrid memories, but a few where still precious enough to look past the terrible.

Mira stroked the little ones, smiling, glad that she might be able to help them somehow. They were fast asleep by now the sun already showing signs of rising in the horizon again, they had continued their ‘short’ talk right through the night about other matters as well such as why a Demon would summon all of the Darklings, which of the Elohim from the council would choose who. Will of course hadn’t bothered listening to any of it instead his mind was on other matters.

I remember Uncle Richard, he always treated me like a baby, he had suggested Arialita’s name, and once I’m sure of it he and Sylph was talking about Arialita as being born of more than just Human and Guardian blood, that her father was an Elven Fairy ‘Hybrid’… Warlock…Why would they have said anything of the like in the first place?

“Will I’m afraid?”

“Afraid of what?” Will asked, the three year old Arialita, all red eyed. This had been the first and only time he had ever seen her crying.

“Uncle Richard. He said he can’t see us anymore. I’m afraid I might never see him again! He is more like a papa than Papa.” Arialita said with a wavering voice.

“Well he has known you longer than Uncle John…” But this only seemed to worsen her crying.

“Lita. Please don’t cry I’m sure Uncle Richard only means to protect u,s that must be why he is leaving! He’ll be back you can count on it! So please smile if not for me, for him, you know he’ll always watch over you from the shadows.” With that she rubbed the tears from her eyes and smiled brightly calling out to Richard

“You better promise to come back!” She screamed out before pulling Will off from the low hanging tree branch and towards the slow flowing river.

She was afraid… even after that… I know what it was even if she couldn’t recognize it herself. She was afraid of getting to far away… And then Uncle Richard had said that and it was a cause for the reason she couldn’t hold her tears in that day. She knew she was leaving people behind… She could feel herself being pulled away from us… Could she have already guessed she would die soon?

Lita if only I told you how much I cared for you... Since that first day I saw you when Sylph took me into your nursery that day… I knew I had to protect you! Sylph knew it too! That is why she spoke her Words that day. Words that makes me even now think of your singing, how almost similar it is to each other even to Richards strange language he would often speak when he got frustrated…

I’m not saddened knowing my parents died that night, I always lived in fear knowing they would die being Guardians who was tasked to Fight. I am though haunted by the words my mother spoke. Hearing that you were gone… Whoever she was trying to refer to, who was to be blamed, I’ll find him someday and I’ll make him pay!

“Will what are you humming?” Mira asked, she had never heard Will hum any tune, less this. It was beautiful and calming, Madam Whitechapel looked away from the bookshelf she was at, looking for something to give to Holland, he had inquired her about something related to history…

“A song Lita often sang to me, one of many… I can’t help humming some of it when I think of her… I…”

“You miss her, don’t you” Mira stood up to embrace Will, she was the most mother like figure, more so than Madam Whitechapel. Will nodded, stifling a choking on the words he wanted to answer with.

“The tune you hum, Will, are tunes that we often play only at Ceremonies, long, long ago. It bothers me that you know them, that she knew them. You keep saying she sang them though…” Madam Whitechapel finally said, shocking them all, except for Will.

“She did, but I could never make out the words, it was… intangible. Like when Sylph spoke in her Ancient Language or Uncle Richard often slipped into his.” Will told them.

“Did she ever say what she was singing?”

“She called the songs she sang Verses. She said Sylph once told her she was gifted with the Angels Language. I never doubted her, she could understand Richard and Sylph perfectly when they spoke.” He answered confused at where this was going.

“The only time anyone else ever said she had sung, was when a Fair Child had almost died of eating Flower Berries from the Lillian Tree. She claimed that Arialita sang… But that she couldn’t make out the words…”

“I wasn’t there, rather she had just suddenly ran off, faster than ever before…”

“We will be sure to ask to speak with the Elohim Council about this then… After the Vowing Ceremony!” Madam Whitechapel said dismissively.

“Lita!” Will called out after her.

“Can’t wait I need to hurry!” She ran off like the wind, faster than she had ever run before.

It was another reason to add to my worries that she was going to leave me behind…

When Sylph felt Lita’s distress she had just suddenly appeared before me asking what happened and moments later they heard the Fair Child call out for help. Lita was unconscious when his father, him and Sylph got there.

Of course Sylph didn’t enlighten anyone about Lita’s gifts of the tongue then either.

As long as I can find out why that all happened that night then I don’t mind telling the Elohim Council everything about Lita. Only a few more days…

“Snow… It’s so beautiful out here! Where are we heading to?” Arialita asked as she skipped next to Snow. Lightning scouting from the air.

“Weiss. Of course you said as such yesterday.” She said stopping suddenly.

“Don’t worry I’ll be alright my head is just spinning a bit.” She shook her head as if to shake off whatever dizzy spell was floating around her, but this proved in vein and only worsened it all.

“I think though we should take a break though.” She said realizing herself that she wasn’t feeling all too well.

“Really a town nearby? One of two? Which one is better.” She looked around trying to see any glimpse of any town through the thick network of trees.

“Why isn’t it safe?” she asked, Snow just growling away ‘talking’ to her, ‘telling’ her and ‘answering’ her.

“How do you know?”

“You can smell it?”

“Vampires? What are they like?”

“Why would they drink people’s blood?”

“But can’t they live without it?”

“Not long? How long is not long?”

“About a week… Why then not head to the other town?”

“We can’t afford to be seen of course… But I could disguise myself!”

“Out of our way?”

“Oh you mean it is back from where we came! That’s why we can’t be seen there.” The conversation continued on like this, seemingly one sided. They relaxed a bit by a small sprite running between a narrow trench formed by tree roots. She continuing to try and persuade Snow and Lightning to head to the town with vampires.

“Yes!” They had finally agreed to it if she kept to her promise of staying out of sight and was ready to leave by sundown.

Of course they would only reach the town by dawn the next day at the pace they continued with, which was slower than what Snow and Lightning wanted.

Stay away! Stay away! Stay away! I do not want to hurt you; please, just stay away!

He screamed from his crouched position in a small corner. He knew now what he was, he would never wish for this curse on her. He loved her, but he knew she would never understand.

She had long since passed away, he tried not to lose himself to the drunken lust for blood…

And then it all happened just too fast…

Stop. You started a new life for yourself, you haven’t killed anyone in over a thousand years!

He tried to keep his calm…

“Something isn’t right here.” Arialita said as she took another step into the town. The place was ‘deserted’ and yet Snow insisted that he could smell people still here.

“Snow if there are people here, why are they not out in the street?” She made a run for the nearest wall when she thought she had saw a shadow move in one of the alley ways.

They continued cautiously ahead, taking care not to make too much noise.

“Snow, follow me. I think I know where everyone is.” She lead him down a narrow street, Lightning stood perched on one of the taller buildings, always on the outlook.

When she and Snow reached the end she felt around the ground for some sort of hatch.

“Found it!” She pulled on it, hard, but it didn’t budge. Lightning came gliding down and clawed the hatch lifting it as she flapped her wings to take back to the sky.

She entered, slowly descending the stairs. Snow taking rear guard and Lightning kept guard at the entrance.

“Sssshhhhh…” A man, pale as a ghost and lean as if starving hushed the assembled crowed, his ash white hair made him seem even more deathly. Just moments ago they heard metal creek under some kind of weight or force.

“If we want to survive we have to stick together!”

“You’re a Vampire. Why should we trust you and your kind?” A bulk of a man stood up from next to his frightened daughter, she was still clutching her head in horror… Her mother killed in front of her just a few days ago…

“It was not my kind that killed your wife, but it was my kind that saved your daughter!” Another Vampire stood up, one with bit more color to his skin, given by his ginger hair.

“But who is to say it isn’t your fault that we were attacked?”

“Look if you want to die you should continue talking. Whatever we just heard, even if you didn’t, it isn’t to say it will be another survivor. So shut-up so that we can try and hear how many of whatever is coming down those stairs!” A Vampire who bared his teeth, hunger evident in his whole expression, hissed. He hated it when the Humans saw his whole kind as monsters. For sixteen years he had lived in this town, not one Human had been killed, not one even bitten or turned by his ‘kind’. Sixteen years that he lived here, living in the shadows, protecting them all because one Henry Silverton was in charge of all Vampires in this town… Sure they all respected him, he took care of everyone! He had shown them that they didn’t need to live their lives as cursed, but rather differently than the rest; Bar owners, Inn Keepers, Night Guards and Body Guards for the Human Wonderers who preferred night outings when no one could see them cheating on their wives or wives on their husbands.

To the crowd it felt like forever when even the Vampires couldn’t understand why they haven’t hear anything yet since…

“Snow I now that there are people down here they feel afraid…” Snow stopped to stare at her, he knew his and Lightning’s sixth senses where sharp, but did Arialita really just say she could feel the People’s presence? He could barely smell anyone down there, where outside all he could smell was blood… He didn’t want to tell her that he thought everyone to be dead…

“Who are you?” A ruff voice greeted her with a razor sharp knife. Snow growled baring his teeth viciously… No one dared threaten Arialita!

“And why are you with a Werewolf?”

“I’m Arialita and as for Snow, he is no Werewolf!” Arialita answered.

“And Snow stop it you’re scaring the others!” Snow did as she said noticing for the first time eyes hidden even further down the hall peering out of a metal vault like room, of which the locks were rusted.

“Your name does not tell me who you are!” He said again turning her around and pushing her tightly against the wall.”

“No dog pet is as large as that either!”

“Snow is no dog ‘pet’ mind you! He is my friend and he is a wolf!” The man that still had the knife pressed against her neck saw her eyes, unwavering, unafraid, kind, gentle, knowledgeable… He was threatening her life and she was throwing a tantrum over him calling her ‘friend’, a wolf, a pet… And yet she seemed no older than ten!

“Who are you?”

“My name is Arialita, I already answered that the first time. And if you mean to ask rather what I am… I can honestly tell you I don’t know. Snow and Lightning doesn’t know anything either other than I can fully understand the all languages.”

“Then I guess the better question to ask is how did you find us down here? You’re not been seen here ever before.”

“I could… feel everyone’s presence, their fears, their sorrow… As if I could hear their very thoughts…” Arialita seemed confused, not even she knew exactly why and how she had known to look for them.

“Might I ask what happened?” She finally decided to ask something herself. The man known to everyone as Henry let her go, his hair reminded her of her own, except where hers had a hint of a golden sheen to it, his where completely colorless white.

“Hordes of Demons attacked, they were looking for something or someone. A man that was called by one of his servants as Mr. Evergreen kept ordering the Demons to find “The Blood Borne”. They killed most of the people in the town…

“I’m so sorry to hear…”

“You being here means that the Demons have gone…” Arialita shook her head.

“No… They’re still out there, hiding… But we could help you if you allow us to…”

“How will one small child be able to help us?” Another Vampire came to stand next to Henry.

“I can sing Verses.”

“Sing? Verses? What the hell will that accomplish?” He spat to the ground.

“David enough of your snappish attitude!” Henry snapped at the hunger driven Vampire, the ginger haired one, and a few others, were not very far off from snapping too.

“Though I would like to know why a child would suggest that singing could chase off the Demons?”

“Not chase, rather purify, unlike exorcism and trying to kill them.” Arialita said and this turned a few heads.

“You’re a Guardian?” Even the Humans seemed confused they could see Vampire, Werewolves and such, not all Shadow Creatures, only those that are still very Human… Just… ‘Cursed’…

“No. What is a Guardian?” Arialita tilted her head slightly in a questioning manner. She was calm and her own voice seemed to ease the tension in the damp and dark room, though her question was rewarded with surprised, concerned and confused looks of awe at Arialita, clearly she knew of the Shadow Worlds how could she then not know who and what the Guardians were.

“You mean you don’t know?” Arialita shook her head, clearly Snow and Lightning still had to explain that to her.

“Nope, Snow hasn’t gotten to Guardians yet.”

“So your friend, the wolf, can speak?” David asked sarcastically.

“Not like we are now. I understand him and Lightning quite well though, don’t you?”

“No and who is Lightning?”

“She’s an eagle, the biggest and most graceful you’ll ever see!” Arialita said exited and already forgetting the horror in which they all were in.

“You could very well be a Demon yourself! Some Demons often appear completely Human as yourself, with no foul smell or anything!” David grabbed her by the collar of her dress, her boyish pants sticking out near her feat.

“I can prove I’m not. Some of the people you are so nobly protecting are gravely injured are they not?”

“What of them?” Henry asked.

“I can heal them with a Verse.” She said simply.

“Very well heal them. If you can.” David spat in her face, earning him a scowl from Henry and a threatening snarl from Snow. Arialita simply wiping the spit from her face and daring him to try it one more time.

He put her down and she went closer towards the people some of the children ducking behind their mothers and fathers.

She kneeled in front of the girl still clutching her head, trying to get rid of the memory of her mother.

“Your mother isn’t dead you know, she is still alive in your memories and heart. Her soul already reborn as an Elohim. She protected you and she was in every sense of the word good. So she will be rewarded to being your ‘guardian angel’.” Arialita folded her hand tightly around the girl’s, giving a reassuring smile before she started singing.

“Seïn Leah-A Soí Evól Dee-êd Éd-ore Seïn Lee Mari.” This short Verse had healed everyone in the room, even the girl whose hands Arialita held, though she was crying she seemed to have accepted what had happened.

“I’m going to miss her though…” She said, she was about the same age as Arialita just with a bigger build.

“How? What?” David was at a loss for words.

“The language you sang, it is of the Angels, but Angels has long since sealed the Ancient Languages I should know I was one of the few who lived then.” Henry said.

“Does that mean… The Angels they came to save us!” A man called out in joy! The rest of the crowd seemed to come alive. Those that was half dead was confused at how they were still alive.

“No,” Arialita said dismissive.

“I’m not an Angel! And there is no one else who came, it is just me!’ She said with a frightened voice.

“I’m…” A loud roar echoed through the corridors of the shelter.

“Shit.” David swore under his breath.

Before anyone could give a reaction of fear, a Demon lurked from behind a corner.

“Well, well, well… To think our prey would show herself so willingly…”

“What do you want with me?” Arialita asked her voice having no sound of being afraid, she was fearless.

“You should know. You ran away from your father after all he had done for you, train you to be… You are to safe this world from the evil that has corrupted it! Yet you allowed yourself to be tainted by that very evil…”

“The only evil I see is you and your brethren who have hurt all these innocent people. What did you do to Lightning? And who are you?” She asked again.

“Your bird is fighting off some Darklings outside, as for who I am is no concern to you… before you ask the other question again let me ask you this do you remember you’re true name? Do you know what you were called by your father before you ran off and do you know the name you had before you were saved by him by those wretched evil parents you were born to?” The Demon smirked as he trained to confuse her and catch her off guard.

“I do not care for my past all I need is to continue forward! And I do not care much for who you are either.” She closed her eyes and brought her hands together as she always did before she began to sing.

“You thought I would allow you to sing? You so are predictable!” The Demon laughed.

They were searching for her, but she doesn’t seem to remember anything… I have to save her! I have to save them all, I can’t allow…

The demon fell to the ground before turning to dust. It was not Snow who had attacked, he was still growling beside Arialita. Instead behind where the Demon was, was a ‘boy’ standing with a giant scythe balanced in one hand the other he held out for Arialita to take.

“Come on we need to get everyone out of here, and I need you to sing, sing something to put up a protection barrier, leave those Demons and Darklings to me alright?” Arialita nodded she immediately trusted this boy, though something wasn’t quite Human about him, neither Warlock, Vampire, Werewolf or any of the like…

“I don’t need to sing for that one really.” She smiled. She put her hands together, she really did seem like an angel in prayer.

”Just one problem. The sun.” David said with an enraged, sarcastic know it all temper.

“No problem. Arialita, if you would?” She nodded her head.

“Lee” She held the word that no one could make out, to a soothing note that echoed and rippled the air around them, a shield was surrounding them all and as they moved the shield reformed around them constantly. The boy had taken her by the arm guiding her as she held onto the power that coursed through her to form this shield, this barrier. She could feel it, that if she was to lose concentration now she wouldn’t be able to do it again, to make another barrier it was too draining…

She is going to have a difficult life still ahead of her… Hopefully I can show her not all of us are ‘evil’…

The boy readied his scythe as they neared the exit of the shelter…

“Henry! Good to see you again! I’m sorry to hear what had happened to you and then your wife. No one should ever life through all that…”

“Stein… It’s been a long time, you’re the only Demon I’ve ever came across that actually has good intentions!” Henry smirked, his fangs slipped out as he readied his own weapons, a katana and a short blade.

“And you’re still the same as ever! A Guardian at heart!”

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