Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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A Vampire Covenant

Stein had cut through most of the Demons with ease while Snow and Lightning took care of the Darklings. Henry and David and the ginger headed Vampire gave their support where it was needed. Christen, the ginger headed Vampire was fierce and ruthless! Henry swift and David, well he was a Vampire… Yes David had bitten most every Demon there, he did ‘kill’ the most out of the three of them, his venom had made the Demons slow and flimsy, giving him the advantage, of easily snapping the Demons’ heads.

Arialita had sung a final Verse to wipe most of the memories away from the Humans’ minds, mixing the Ancient Language used by Warlocks and Elven Fairies, this was as there were some humans who see, but if Demons and the like didn’t want to be seen that is where the Gift of Sight came in… And well those Demons were out to kill not ‘hide’…

Over exhausted as she was, Arialita had fainted only for Stein to catch her in time.

“We should get her somewhere safe, and soon the sun’s rising.”

“We can bring her to the Covenant, I’m the head so no one will do her harm so long as she is there under my protection. While there you can tell me more about her, seeing that you seem to know something I have yet to learn.”

“Sure thing Henry, but first thing give me your hand.” Henry gave his hand to Stain, Stain placed a pendant in his hand.

“She gave me this after you left, I thought you might want it. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect her from them. I should have been more alert!”

“Don’t blame yourself! She was firstly a Guardian, as I was, and the years hasn’t been too unkind. I’ve come to have found a new family one I’m sure even she would have approved of. You know she wanted me to turn her, at that stage I truly did believe this to be a curse… Since then I’ve learned it doesn’t make you a monster for what you are, but rather what you do.” They continued to talk about the past as they headed towards the near mountains.

Stay away! Stay away! Stay away! I do not want to hurt you; please, just stay away!

He could still remember his own fear that he might harm his wife, the Angels’ Language then had only been sealed and him being one of the few Guardians who studied the languages was one of those very few who would remember at least a few of the words, specifically those used by Warlocks, Elven Fairies, Elves, the different dialects of the Mer People and even Dragons were believed to speak an Ancient Language that was a mixture of theirs and Angels…

He had run away all his life to rather protect than do harm, even as a newly turned Vampire then he held himself from drinking People’s Blood, instead he was a hunter, hunting for good meats to sell to the butchers, meat that has already been drained of blood… This was how he kept himself going, until he heard his wife had been killed a few months after he had left to protect her, she was pregnant with his child…

Stein took it just as hard, he knew he did. Stein was after all a Demon different from the rest, though he knew none of his Covenant would ever trust a Demon.

Stein had apparently watched from the shadows, taking care of Elaine. Elaine was the first person to see that not all Demons were evil. He himself could not believe his wife would ever be so trusting of the Shadow Creatures, such as he was now, or even Demons.

But he trusted her and had given at least Stein the benefit of the doubt.

“We’re here. How’s she holding up?” Henry asked.

“She’s ice cold. I never thought the Gift would drain her as such…” Stein answered with worry.

“One of my people was a doctor, he’ll be able to help, or at least try.” What he could learn then was that even the best ‘doctors’ would not be able to help her.

They were lead through long corridors; one would not believe that they were ever in a mountain in some caves. They had made it a ‘home’.

Arialita was taken to a separate room, Snow and Lightning staying with her, the place was huge. It had taken at least ten minutes to get to the nearest vacant room. Warm blankets were wrapped around her and even a fire was lit to warm her.

“All I can do is watch over her, she needs to rest, if what happened as you said is true, only she can help herself.”

“Thank you Jacob.” Henry turned to walk, to join the rest of his visitors in the hall.

“So tell me what and who is she?” Henry demanded.

“Straight to the point as always. Very Well. She’s an All Blood… There are multiple Prophesies all about the same occurrence to come…And in all these Prophesies there is mentioned something about the blood… It is why they, the Elorhim had always ‘experimented’ with lives, having Warlocks be born, making Demons, cursing people that made you Vampires and even the Werewolves and Werecats. The Warlocks were the closest to what they wanted, but every one of them a failure… That was until one was born that not even they knew was different from the rest. Richard… He vanished a few years ago, though rumor has it he went on a rampage when his ‘child’ was killed… Of course everyone thought he talked about a Darkling or the fact that he blames himself for the reason that his ‘child’ was still born, it wouldn’t be the first time a Warlock lost it when they realize their greatest flaw.”

“What does this have to do with the Girl and her being what you called an All Blood?” David chipped in.

“She’s Richard’s daughter.” The room remained silent. Henry was waiting for Stein to say something like ‘I’m only joking’…

“Ten years ago she was born, normal and healthy… Nine months in the womb… Normal. Richard’s mother was an Elven Fairy, the Elorhim had killed her… She didn’t want to be a part in it all, but they had captured her from her home with a Werewolf, they loved each other; it is one of those few rare love the Fair People find. Her husband was, before he was turned into a Werewolf, a normal Human though. Arialita’s mother a Guardian, a Caith…”

“But that isn’t possible…” Christen came falling on the chair at the table they sat at.

“If she then has all this blood of different races running through her she would be a freak of nature…” Realization dawned on him, Christen was at least sharp.

“Her power it is the first among any beings… A power only Angels were believed to have and yet I believe even the Angels fear her…” Henry took the words right out of Christen’s mouth …

“Yes, a freak of nature. One of the Prophesy said something similar… The thing is I don’t believe she’s the very exact person the Prophesy foretold of, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a very important…”

“Miss, you can’t go wondering about!” Jacob said trying to stop the girl, but unable to come close to her…

“Arialita…” Stein rushed up and went closer to the girl who stood by the entryway rubbing her sleepy eyes, one of the blankets folded around her still, she was clutching on it for life itself.

“I want my… Papa…” She collapsed, the shield around her not having yet died down, but it didn’t stop Stein from feeling until it did vanish to pick her up.

“She doesn’t remember anything and never will; she, before she truly knew what she was singing, sang a Verse that completely destroyed her mind… I believe it is from this shock that her life is in danger every time she sings a Verse so simple yet draining as putting up protection, yet just now she had made a barrier without singing, her power is growing and fast!” Stein said as he turned to take her back to the room, Jacob guiding him.

“If I might ask; you just said her mind was destroyed. Why did she then ask for her father?”

“Her heart still knows, she never finished that particular Verse, it was though the second time she had sung it.”

“Second time?” Jacob inquired.

“I’ll tell everyone once we go back, she won’t wake up again I’m sure of it.” Stein said. His features though seemed to remember something of horror.

When they laid her down Snow and Lightning wasn’t at all panicky that she had just up and wondered about, it had to mean they trusted the People here, or at least Henry, Jacob and Stein, because when a curious Vampire couple leaned in to see their new guest, Snow snapped at them, bearing his teeth.

Stein kept his worried look as he and Jacob went back to the Hall.

“Is she at rest now?” David asked, he didn’t seem like the type who would be the hateful type, for a moment when he asked that, it almost seemed like he could care for the girl, more than he lead on.

“Yes. And to answer further question before it is asked, I’ll tell you why I know all this. When I first heard the Prophesies all of them; I had made it my mission to find and kill the person the Prophesies speak of. Richard had confined in me that he had made love to a widowed Guardian, her Husband died, killed only a few weeks ago. A bit over two to be precise. This was only after about the forth month of the woman’s pregnancy. He told me that she had not made love for over seven months to her own husband; what with him returning from raiding Darkling Camps only early mornings, exhausted… It had been trying… I was there when Arialita was born, I was there when she was taken away from her home at the age of six, I had heard her sing, before I could reach her, before Sylph felt Arialita leave her, but unable to get through a protective barrier, one that wasn’t there before… having been bound to her by a Vow Sylph could feel that she was still alive, and had to stay close to her no matter what. Richard, everyone was too late, not even I knew she was still alive until days ago. Most of the People who had come to know her had made some short of promise to one another to keep her safe. At that time we couldn’t explain the reason why. It was out of love for some, but for me, Caleb, and a few other Fair People and even Werecats it was because we saw something beautiful in the girl, something that might be able to safe everyone… Like I said then we couldn’t explain it, but now at least I know why… She has Angel blood in her, Demon Blood, Fair Folk Blood, Shadow Blood, Human Blood, Guardian… The Angel blood is because she was as some would say an Angel. It is why the Elohim wanted her to be raised as an Angel since the very day she was born. A Guardian by the name Ermin refused to have a widowed parent, who he believed only had the child left of her husband to remind her of him, and to love her, heck to separate any parent from their new born is a horrid thing to do!”

“But this doesn’t explain who she really is, only a part of what she is.” David interrupted.

“Her true name… That Demon he said something about her; that she should remember her true names…” Henry recalled.

“Her True Name is many; different cultures has come to call her by different names. In Hindu she is called Kali, Laufeia in Norse, Persephone from Greek. But the name that was given to her in the Prophesy is Atila-Ira… it is one Word that has no connection to any of the languages, but it means ‘to destroy and to bring an end’. In fact it’s very opposite is Arialita. Sylph knew the Prophesies. I think she knew something more, I think she wanted Arialita to be the one to save, to build, to help…”

“One reason to believe she has some part in the Prophesies is that whoever has blood of her on their hands will be cursed… I had tried to kill her even before Sylph made any Vow to her, not even Sylph knows this, as soon as I pierced her skin with my scythe, she didn’t scream or cry… It wasn’t anything lethal yet, my whole soul refused to go through with it, I was hesitant and good thing too, because when I realized that she was ‘playing’ with my scythe, buried less than half an inch in her stomach and… laughing joyfully… I could feel that something was terribly amiss… Demons, we have souls, many souls trapped inside us, the Demons that are born where either one of the Parents are Demons, have one soul, the less powerful the being who is revived is the less souls are required… But to think that even we Demons can be cursed… If she is to die, I will die as well and even if I were to live, something terrible will come from me living… Just as the first time she ever sang a destructive Verse, the first time she destroyed her mind, I could feel my own demise, if she were to have finished it I would have been a part of her death… instead she was stopped and it only destroyed her mind, for many reason this might sound as good news, but at the same time it would have been better for her to have finished it…

“What would have happened if she was to finish this Verse?” Henry said rubbing his temple, this information was a lot to take in, without knowing completely how everything came to be.

“She would have died.”

“Died? You mean it would have killed her… because it was draining as today’s?”

“No because it is meant to kill her. Most of the words she used was in the Ancient Warlock Language, one of three I know, I could not comprehend the meaning of what it truly meant even though I knew the words, The Warlock usage along with Angelic Words can often be catastrophic if not given thought… Only when I saw her alive with Sylph did I realize what she had sung then… Even though I should have known then… She didn’t remember anything. And it was just a moment later they were attacked by Darklings. They killed Sylph, and Arialita, wanting to it all to stop… to end… started that very Verse she had sung four years ago, when Sylph with her dying breath stopped her, Arialita wanted to safe her so before the Verse had destroyed her mind completely she had changed the Verse and freed the Darkling from their fate. If she was to have finished the first Verse she would have been dead for the second time around, it is because she is still recovering from having her whole mind, her past memories and feelings destroyed that that protective barrier had tired her so, too such intend that it puts her life on the line.”

“If she is to die it would mean you would take your own life as well, to keep whatever that curse is from afflicting others.. So why didn’t you kill yourself when you first believed she was dead?” Christen spoke up.

“Because Sylph went missing, If Arialita were to have died in spite of all that Sylph could have done to prevent it, She would not necessary die herself, she went running off into the woods towards the lake, before I could follow… I thought that if anything, at least I should find out how and why she died if she died at all. A man by the name Gordon Evergreen had kidnapped her, I saw him actually with Arialita once before just after she was kidnapped, but I did not know it to be her then, she was cloaked. But something had dawned on me, I felt an urging feeling to follow. They were heading to a Town home, protected from anyone to enter unwelcomed. That night, the girl had nearly killed several Demons, Warlock and the like that were attendant in that house, how I’m not sure… I could only watch from a distance, but that man was laughing hysterically! Another Warlock was summoned carrying what then seemed like a diamond as big as my fist, but I now believe it was a sealing orb. He wanted to try and seal that power for the time being until he could control the girl’s power. A few days later they left to a mansion in the forest. I thought nothing more of it I couldn’t get closer due to a barrier. But just a few days ago I followed a demon that had been causing trouble in the area back to that same mansion this was when I saw Sylph for the first time since four years ago, she told me that Arialita was alive and hidden behind that barrier. I wanted to kill myself for not realizing then that the girl might have been Arialita! This man, Gordon Evergreen has been alive from just before the Angels sealed their language from the worlds and realms. HE is no Guardian, but he believes himself to be. He was the first to have been Gifted not by Angels of the Light or their servants, the Elohim, instead he was Gifted by a powerful Elorhim, Satan. Satan had Gifted him the very second he was born. He believes he is the only ‘true’ Guardian, and seeks to bring the End, an end to all that is ever changing… He doesn’t even know who his ‘Master’ is but I can take a very good guess…”

“Lucifer… He is very loyal to the Elorhim…” Stein nodded, Henry was right.

“The thing is, he wants to bring an end to everything! Fair People, Humans, Shadow Creatures, Demons… Everyone. And to do so he has made it very clear to her that they are all evil at heart even if they never did anything wrong. I wanted to save Sylph to help her protect the girl, but another Demon, a Demon that was sent along with the Darkling, kept me too occupied to act. Before I killed him he said something about a greater Demon, Maigoeut. He serves Gordon well, being the man’s younger brother. Maigoeut was born of the same father Gordon was, different mother, she was offered to be a sacrifice in creating yet another Warlock, though the child was still born so Satan himself had bounded thirteen different souls of various animals to bring him back to life.”

“So basically the gay is a psychopath.”

“Pretty much.” Stein had nothing left to truly explain further, though a lot of question still hung one everyone’s minds

“So what now?” David dared to ask after a while.

“How do we insure that she isn’t going to cause the Apocalypse?”

“We keep her away from the rest of the world.” Henry answered.

“We’ll keep her here, the Covenant will protect her.”

“With all due respect, Henry, Gordon will find her here sooner or later.” Stein Said dismissively.

“Then we’ll keep her safe here until then or at least until she is strong enough to travel. I reckon it would be some time before then?”

“Yes, if anything I’ve learned is that she’ll be out for at least another two to three weeks and will take another week or so to recover her strength.”

“She’s a monster… Why would anyone in this Covenant dare protect a monster, even if you order it?” Jacob said out of no where

“Jacob, you’re the last person I would ever have expected to mention this!” Henry seemed a bit angered at this.

“Not that I feel right mentioning this, but she has powers that threaten even the Angels, she could very well be a monster; be she good or evil!” Jacob said more strictly.

“You’re right.” Stein interrupted before Henry could snap at Jacob.

“She is a monster! She’s born from a Warlock the first ever not as a Darkling or still born. She can kill Demons with a single word, which even makes me fear her. She can bring peace to Darklings, heck what I know of her powers is barely a scratch on the surface.” Stein went on.

“If I were to tell you the truth, even I fear her, but she is herself, we do not have any right to judge her. The Angels were willing to let her live with them… But it was entirely depended on one Guardian’s choice. Though if you knew half of the many Prophesies, you would think she’s the most Ancient of all Greater Demons, but I believe the person from the prophesies won’t be some being with absolute power, rather she or he will be a servant to a servant of a servant of someone like Arialita. So keep your thoughts to yourself and either leave, or help in some means to keep her safe until we can safely get her to Weiss, which is where I believe her ‘friendly’ wolf and eagle where leading her to, just as I was asked by Sylph.” Stein said fiercely, his eyes changing from a green blue color to a ghostly white silver color, his whites crimson blood colored.

“Stein I do believe though before anything you should explain to them who you are, my Covenant isn’t very fond of Demons though these who are here now know now, after your help back in the town, that you can to a point be trusted…” Henry suggested, when he finally, seeing Stein’s eyes, remembered who Stein truly was.

“I’m Demon. I was born a Demon, both my ‘mother’ and ‘father’ were Demons. Demons do not have parents as most say. Instead most of us who have a Demon ‘mother’ are laid as eggs and hatch, with no parents to take care of us from there on, but we at least know when we were ‘born’ from a parent who isn’t a Demon. My ‘egg’ if that is what you want to call it was left to hatch here on earth, it was a human who found me and took care of me, she had taught me that not everything believed to be evil should be evil… She taught me what it meant to be good, though hard it was, just instinctively knowing evil… Caleb saved me from my own kind when they attacked my village, it was a serene place in Japan, surrounded by mountains… I was able to survive the Hell Fire, being a Demon, but she died… He promised to meet me again in the future and that I shouldn’t forget what she had taught me, for at the end she was what a real Mother is, someone who loves unconditionally. This was thousands of years ago. About five thousand years ago I met Elaine, Henry’s wife then, before he was bitten by Vampire. Again I failed to protect someone close to me. Then twenty six years ago I ran into Caleb again, he told me of all the Prophesies, and to some that might wonder, Caleb is one of the only three Guardians ever Gifted by Malachy…”

“And you needed be so informative further Stein. They all kindly hosted me for the last four years. I just strictly asked them not to mention me even when another speaks of me.”

“Caleb!” Stein was surprised.

“Yes that seems to be my name, don’t go wasting its use now…” Caleb said jokingly.

“I’m glad everyone has finally gotten together.”

“What do you mean, Caleb?”

“Well I am a Prophet. I can see multiple futures and one of the many better outcomes were reliant on everyone coming together. Well almost everyone. There are only three people still not here but we’ll meet them in Weiss when she wakes and is at least able to walk, which should be in about fifteen days plus another two to avoid the Darklings that is currently scouting the portal to Weiss we need to take.”

The Covenant… He had made this Vampire Covenant to protect everyone, it was his means to try and fulfill something his wife believed in after he heard of her death, after he had realized what she meant when he was done killing over forty-eight Werewolves… one by one he had hunted the pack that lived near the town where his wife was killed…

Everyone in his Covenant had one or other reason to protect someone who wasn’t a Vampire, who didn’t want to be the monsters their kind was believed to be…

And now…

He realized…

The world might end and he didn’t understand what one small young child had to do with any of it. She was innocent by all means. Stubborn, some, maybe more than some. Brave yet foolishly naïve. She was in all means to him just a child…

He himself had heard one of the many Prophesies: Come Ye who drinks blood yet is not a drinker of blood, purify the World, bring the End. Cursed be those that taints their souls with Thee born from Light and Darkness, but do not belong of either Shadow Worlds, Mortal and Immortal. Angels will fight their kin; their weapons, unknowing that both of theirs and theirs undoing are at a near… Songs will be sung and a calm will settle. A child of the Void shall Thee be, and Ye, servant of Thee and Thy, will do believing it your bidding. Thy shall be Thee shield as Thee be Thy sword, will be proclaimed and fate unyielding no matter paths chosen and traveled. Death will come to Thee yet Thee can never die, not till one born weaker than Thee, Ye shall unbind Thee and Thy, The End

Stein might be right that she is only part of the Prophesy, maybe she and Gordon are as one coin with two sides… Heads and Tails… Top and Bottom…

Whichever be the case the, Vowing ceremony is in nineteen twenty days, the thirty-first December. By the sounds of it all they are needed to be there just before or with the Ceremony, Henry could make out at least the jest of it all.

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