Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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T’was a long first week, the light that shone within the caverns were that of candle light and Starlight-Marble.

(A marble that when viewed normally looks pitch black, though when in the dark, it glows and one would almost believe one was looking into a starry heavenly sky.)

In one room a girl was still fast asleep even though the sun was already high up in the sky; not that anyone could see that, mostly as most of them were Vampires.

“She’s still a bit feverish.” Jacob said when Caleb came to check on the small child.

“I know. I can’t help myself though. So many people have had to watch her from the shadows, it is strange, finally seeing her right in front of me. No one blames you for your words then. You’ll see despite all she might be, she is quite lovable. She’s kind and caring, shy and yet a she can talk you to death. Though she has some rarer moments, when you one would realize, she isn’t the same as other children… She contains so much wisdom that it in itself is frightening…” Caleb looked towards Jacob and smiled wearily.

“Jacob. You must promise me never to say anything about monsters when she is near… Nothing! Not even when refereeing to someone else being a monster.” Caleb looked straight at Jacob, their eyes met and Jacob could see the fierce look that Caleb held concealed there, with only a gulp a sort of agreement came amongst the two of them.

There is so much that must be avoided to keep her from falling from grace… She’ll Love to see these Starlight-Marble, I’ll be sure to make her a gift from a piece of it, for protection…

“Caaaaann wwweeeeee goo ppllllaaaayyy?” Leo tugged at Mira’s hand pulling her to say yes.

“What the heck! Let’s go play! Go get Lina and Lisa.” She said with the warmest smile.

Leo came bouncing back his two sisters following suit. They were all giggles and smiles, it had already been six days since they arrived in Weiss and according to Madam Whitechapel it was the twenty-third December now. Mira could hardly believe it, it still felt as if it should have only been now the fifth or sixth December.

Leo lead the way sniffing out the path they needed to get to, to go to the small park that was closets to them. Parks could be found almost everywhere between the many glass towers of Weiss. Mira remembered Will’s attempt to reach the very bottom of the towers, and before they knew it, Will was coming past them from above when just a minute ago he had dived down disappearing from sight.

Madam Whitechapel had said that Weiss was not connected to land and that at the very bottom, the lowest level of Weiss, there was a Loop. A Loop apparently being something that connected the very top and bottom of Weiss meaning one could never truly ‘fall’. Though she did say that there are Pockets where if one did fall through it one would fall to the land of that World Weiss existed in, but all around Weiss specifically there weren’t any of those ‘Pockets’, instead it was something that could be found only further away out to the edge of Weiss where there were more wild islands than the ones they had seen when they went on their first flight.

When Leo saw the park with the swings he rushed of along with his sisters. They loved the swings!

Mira went to sit on a bench, keeping a watchful eye on the three little Werekittens.

Will, will you promise me that we’ll be together forever?

Will, I don’t ever want to go a day without you!


Will, do you believe that there exists something more to this world than what we are taught.

Will, let’s find Paradise for ourselves!

Will, I don’t believe the Elohim and the Angels are very nice.

Will, I… I… Love…


(“Why do you keep haunting me so?”) Will thought, he laid there on his bed, still as a mouse, whenever someone knocked or peered in through the door, he would pretend to still sleep.

When Madam Whitechapel came to ask him why he was spending the last three days in bed, he had lied and told her he wasn’t feeling to well. Madam Whitechapel was now out looking for a Healer to see what’s wrong with him, though he knew exactly what.


He loved Arialita, and now the more time passed the harder it became… He always believed what people and stories said that all pain fades, one only needed time… But the pain, the longing for the girl he grew to love more and more everyday… was getting worse.

(“What if she’s still alive? I mean they never found a body, surely she must be alive somewhere…”) He laid there in his bed, his cushion was already stained wet with tears…

(“Lita… I know you’re out there!”) He finally convinced himself, stood up and headed out towards the Rift from where they entered.

Standing before the Rift he, looking towards the towers of Weiss onto the wide open that stood vast before him, he started planning on how he was going to find out exactly what happened to his best friend and how to find her!

(“I’ll go back midnight tomorrow; it should then be the twenty-seventh or so December. It will take at least three hours to get back here. I’ll be back for the Vowing Ceremony, so I’ll need to get my hands on one of those speed scrolls Holland…”) He planned his steps carefully.


Will turned around fast his heart racing.

“Who’s there?” He asked fearlessly, turning looking for whoever’s voice he heard calling out to him.



“Will! What are you doing here? I thought you were sick.” Holland asked.

“I’m better now. Just had to rest it off.” Will lied, though clearly Holland doubted Will anyways.

“Come on. I’ll show you the caverns, it is really something else.” Holland always loved exploring places, discovering new things, finding something beyond extraordinary and viewing everything in a new light.

He lead them to a tree which was growing over a tunnel of sorts. When they entered darkness swallowed them whole quick and as fast as death came to some…

“Stars…” Will whispered.

“Starlight-Marble, and despite it being marble it is quite light. It is believed in some myths even to us, that Starlight-Marble has mystical properties…” Holland smiled his eyes filled with wonder.

“There’s even apparently a Rift down here somewhere. Help me find it and I’ll give you as many Speed Scrolls you want, just be sure to be back at least by Earth’s 30th December alright?”


“I know you better than you think!” Holland smirked.

(“His was not the voice that was calling out to me.”) Will thought as Holland continued talking about how a find it would be to locate the Rift in Caverns.

“Fine! I get it. I’ll help.” Will finally agreed, only because it gave him a better advantage, he might be able to use even this supposed Rift.

“Will? Where are you? I’m afraid…”

“Hey, Sweet-Pee. How are you feeling?”

“Tired.” Was Arialita’s only reply to Caleb. Stein Sitting next to him just smiled.

“You’ll notice she has quite a stubbornness to her now-a-days.” Stein said, and when he noticed her staring at his eyes, he forced his face into an obscure disorder… to be as funny looking as possibly he could.

“Hah! You’re funny when you try to make faces.” She said smiling and with a laughing undertone to the way she spoke then.

“Good as long as you’re not freaked out by my weird eyes.”

“Your eyes are nice. I like them.”

“Oh, you do now?” He leaned in to tickle her crazy; she burst out laughing screaming for him to stop! Pleading for someone to help.

“What’s going on?” David skirted to a stop after hearing her screams for help, but seeing her laugh as Stein continued his attack on her even David and the others that had showed up couldn’t help but laugh, for even when Stein had long since ceased she continued to laugh.

“It seems she has swallowed a laughing bug.” Henry noted shaking his head, Arialita still laughing away.

When she finally stopped, tears had started to stream down her cheeks, and she… she had stopped smiling all together. All joy had left her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Caleb dared to ask though already had the same feeling as Stein, it was the same reason that had lead Stein to wanting to tickle her… To stop her from feeling whatever feeling it was that had invaded her heart.

“I… Don’t know. It feels like a part of me was stolen. As if I’m not me…”

“Silly girl! You’re still you!” Henry said, only later will he realize how much one’s heart remembers what one’s mind never does.

“You don’t understand… Never mind…” Her voice sounded scratchy from the screaming laughs and now the tears that choked her.

“Rest up we’ll be leaving tomorrow. There’s a Rift very nearby, we’ll take you to Weiss. The Elohim will be able to help you and answer any and all questions you or we might have.” Stein reassured her.

She nodded, but it was clear her thoughts were long since not on them anymore, rather a word.

(“Will. Will I ever be able to continue forward? I now Snow and Lightning will help me, protect me and even… die for me. Is that my will? Do I really ‘will’ them to do everything for me? No it has a different meaning to all that. Will…”)

“Will! Please!”

Leo, Lina and Lisa were running about laughing, shouting and just simply being children. The Vowing Ceremony was just around the corner, tomorrow…

“You kept me busy searching for some Rift that wasn’t even there!” Will’s voice hissed, grumpy and tired all at the same time. They hadn’t found anything and he and Holland was to search again later that day. Holland of course convinced Will that whatever his reason for wanting to go back to their home world could wait until later, he himself would help Will find whatever it was he wanted to find… After they found the Rift in the Cavern.

“Well at least take those children’s’ example, and smile a bit for once… You’ve been a grouch since we arrived. Lost in whatever thoughts you conjured up inside that messed up head of yours!”

Life and death is only a part of our reality. There is little we can do to keep from moving forward. Hear the rush of the wind. Feel to crushing weight of the sea. It is all a part of our Worlds. Round and round and round we go, yet still unable to catch the past. Round and round and round we go, not knowing we are already too far ahead.

“That’s a very beautiful tune you’re humming.” Stein said coming to sit beside Arialita.

“Does it have any lyrics or is it another Verse?”

“Still working on the words, but it’s not a Verse like the others.” She fiddled with her fingers trying to keep herself from blushing.

“Well do share!” The way he spoke since meeting him was always reassuring, calming most of the times.

“it’s about life. How in even in death everything keeps going on, how sometimes you might feel you’re moving in circles, but really it’s only because you can’t see the straight path you’ve walked, sometimes narrow, other times wide. Some wrinkled and some with turns, bumps and dips, but still the way forward is will never meet up with the road already walked. That sounds so stupid saying it aloud…” She frowned.

“No doesn’t sound so to me! It sounds like something that could make a beautiful song!” Yip definitely reassuring, that’s Stein always motivating her without trying, since getting to know him in this very short time.

“How far is the Rift from here?”

“It’s actually inside this very Cavern.”

“Alright is everyone ready to leave?” Caleb asked as everyone finally entered the hall. With nods everyone confirmed they were.

“Henry what did your scouts say, is it safe to open the Rift? Remember once we open it and there is any Demon near they’ll sense it.” An affirmative nod from Henry and everyone was off.

When Arialita passed him Stein holding her hand, Caleb kneeled before her, took her free hand and fastened a plain looking bracelet around her wrist.

“Whenever you’re afraid the Starlight-Marbles in this will remind you that you are never alone!” He threw a thick dark cloth over her wrist and beckoned her to look.

“Stars… It’s pretty! Thank you Caleb!”

“Thank Stein too, he forged the gems from the Starlights.” He barely finished and she pulled both of them into a hug.

“Soí! Thank you!” She translated it to the simplest words.

“Snow! Lightning!” She called to her friends once they exited the hall and within a moment they were there. It still surprised her that the caves were big enough for lightning to fly in.

It took them about two hours to descend into the depths, but when they did reach it the Starlight-Marbles Held so much intensity it literally smothered the groups’ torches, but darkness didn’t greet them instead the Starlight-Marble shone brightly, brighter than they have ever thought it could shine.

“I never thought, it could be so beautiful!” Jacob said, havin never before been so deep before.

“The Rift is just around the corner from here. Caleb you know how to open it, you take the lead.”

“How is it opened?” Arialita looked up to Stein.

“Unlike the other Rifts that lead to Weiss, this one can only be opened by a Seer, a person who is higher than a Prophet… Caleb has earned that title years ago.” Stein informed her.

“There! Did you see? Did you see? Those clouds, it looked like a Dragon for just a moment! A Dragon that was heading to the stars!”

These drawings, this Dragon flying, to the stars... Ironic…

“Will it’s getting late, let’s head back. Tomorrow’s the big day don’t want to sleep through the whole thing now do we?” Holland called out from just ahead of Will.

“Alright, but you owe me big time, helping you even if we didn’t find anything!”

“I hear you!” Holland said finally heading back up to the surface.


Will turned around fast, the voice it was closer than ever before!

“What’s wrong will?” Holland took hold of his pistol, not sure why Will seemed ready for a fight, what was it Will heard or felt that he didn’t…

“Will! I can’t find my way! I’m lost! I’m afraid!”

“Will!” Holland dashed after Will when he finally caught up with him they were deeper into the cavern than they had dared go before.

“Will… Will… Will!”

“Lita…” Holland barely caught what Will said under his breath. Will looked like a ghost with the Starlight-Marble shining all around them.

“Will… Lita is dead… She isn’t going to be found here! She’s gone…” Holland tried to pull Will to go back, but Will pulled away and ran even deeper.

“Will… Please…”

He reached a dead end, hammering on the rock hard wall, he screamed out for Arialita!

“Will…” Holland didn’t know how to respond to Will’s sudden behavior.

“Will!” Holland grabbed and pulled Will away from the wall just as a Rift opened…

As soon as a group stepped through the Rift, Holland had his Pistols aimed at them.

“Vampires… What are you doing here?” He asked before noticing a Demon, a Guardian and a small petite girl stepping through, a giant white wolf standing beside her and the largest bird he ever saw landing before the girl in a protective manner.

“Put down your weapons boy! We’re not here to fight! We came to bring the girl to your Elohim Council, Caleb here is a Guardian he opened the Rift for us, and well we are her escorts.” Henry stated.

“Besides those won’t harm us.” David, with his ever sarcastic voice and devious smirk, said.

“Lita… Lita!” Will called out to her he wanted to run to her, but was quickly stopped by Christen with a dagger to Will’s throat.

“Leave the boy be! He knows her better than even Sylph did!” Stein smiled sweetly.

“Lita!” Will stepped closer to her; Holland was staring faithlessly at the girl. She did have a resemblance, but something was different from the girl that was always hiding behind Will.

“Who are you?” She asked her voice soft as she stepped protectively behind Stein.

“I’m Will…”

“Will she’s not Arialita! Or at least not your friend from then!” Holland hissed still aiming his Pistols at the group he focused his aim specifically on Arialita or now on Stein and Henry.

“How about we give you all our gear and weapons and you just take us the Misses Whitechapel. I have urgent news for her about the Sanctuary and Ermin.” Caleb suggested.

A silent nod was confirmation enough. Will though stared at the girl confused and overwhelmed at her likeness to his memories of Arialita.

“Will…” She whispered and tucked at Stein’s hands for him to lean down.

“Stein I don’t feel that emptiness now… Looking at him… Will, did we really know each other?” Stein nodded to her whispers in his ears.

She leaned into snow stroked his fur and whispered something to him. When she lifted off of him he walked upped to Will, Will not really knowing whether to be afraid of the giant Wolf or not, stood frozen…

With a sloppy wet lick on Will’s face and a nudge, Arialita giggled, and Will… He knew then that this was the same girl he had lost four years ago.

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