Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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“Ermin is dead?” Madam Whitechapel gasped. Everyone was already shocked to hear that Caleb one of the three of Elohim Malachy’s own Guardians was still alive… and now they had to hear the terrible news of what had become of their dear friends.

“Yes, as soon as I had the vision it was too late. He went to try and save the children, but was ambushed by Maigoeut, a cloaked figure though had stopped the children from entering the house and had taken them to Pax’s Temple. Ans also, a lesser Demon attached itself to Kate and entered the Sanctuary it is in the hands of a man, Gordon Evergreen.” Madam Whitechapel went to sit, shock had taken over.

But she always seemed so indifferent to death…

How come now she’s upset?

Why didn’t I stay?

I could have protected them! Ermin… Maya… Shin…

I… I am sorry…

Will turned to walk away the weight of the world seeming to crush him after hearing the news.

“Will?” A soft gentle voice caught his attention.

“Arialita…” He still had to find out how she was lost to him then, to understand why she isn’t dead, but hadn’t come back to him…

“Will, let’s go outside, please?” her gentle smile lifting his spirit some.

When they reached a small park, one which was littered with trees, she spotted a large rock and went to stand on top of it.

“Come sit with me here!” She called out before sitting down, folding her white dress neatly beneath her as she did.

“What happened to you back then?”

“Back when?”

“Four years ago.”

“I barely remember the last month, all I know is waking up in a cold cave, it was snowing outside and Snow and Lightning they were protecting me.” She looked towards the sky.

“Caleb, I think, knows and well Stein I feel has protected me before even my memories can remember.” She stretched out her hand as if she could touch the sky above if she could only reach it.

“And do you feel like you might remember any of us… Me?” To that she shook her head, no.

“No, I’ll never be able to remember. But I do believe my heart and soul does.”

“Come on!” Will sprang up from the rock where they sat, he held out his hand, his smile belied the sorrowful look still in his eyes.

“I want to show you something.” He took her to where some wings were kept, showed her how to use it and before she could ask why he jumped from the balcony, she following suit.

“This is amazing! Better than Lightning taking me!” Her voice barely reached Will over the wind.

“I want to show you something. When I get upset I usually hummed one of the many tunes you used to sing to me. Then I came here with Mira and Holland, and wanted to know what the clouds felt like, and later I wanted to reach the bottom of Weiss… First the clouds.” He flew over to a cloud below them. She went after him when she emerged below the cloud, her hair and cloths wet and she herself a bit chilly due to the wind on her wet skin, she smiled brightly.

“It feels like… Séra. A soft embrace…” In that moment Will felt again that feeling that he was going to lose her again, as if she was running ahead and he would never be able to catch her.

“What’s wrong?” she seemed genially concerned for Will who seemed to have lost himself in thoughts.

“I just don’t want to lose you ever again. You might not remember, but it felt like I lost a part of myself when I, we all, thought you were dead…”

“I have that same feeling, though it’s still there, it doesn’t hurt as much since meeting you.” She reassured him.

“Besides I’m not going anywhere soon. I like it here!”

“You only used to sing in that strange language that no one seems to even hear the words of.”

“A friend I don’t remember gave Snow and Lightning the Words that taught me, rather open me to it all, I can speak them almost as well as I can sing them. Even to speak them holds great power, same as singing them as Verses.” All Will could do was smile, the little girl who he held so dear was growing, still, before his very eyes.

“Come on second one. This is really fun you’ll love it! In the same time it is nice to do when you want to get rid of any… ‘weight’… unwelcomed thoughts.”

“Where and what?” Will shook his head.

“You just stop flying and keep falling, no matter what just keep falling.” He screamed out to her as he folded his wings around him and fell.

“Will!” Arialita dove after him.

“Relax we’ll keep falling the bottom of Weiss is connected to the top!” He screamed to wave off her worries, when she was able to catch up with him. Finally doing as he said she folded her own mechanical wings around her and fell over backwards…

Goose-bumps… ran across her whole body, a sense of weightlessness washed over her and graced her with a freedom she had never known. Her fast breathing moments ago seemed to slow almost to a stop and she could hear her heart’s slow rhythmic beats as she breathed every now and then…

“Will… I love you!”

Why do I keep feeling like this around him? As if I need him to safe me…

“Will please don’t cry when I’m unable to be near you one day!”

Why do I keep feeling the need to protect him from me? As if I’m… a monster…

Her wings started to unfold… And as soon as it was it caught on the wind and with a slight thought she willed her wings to lift her into flight once again. Will did the same and came right up to her.

“Fun, right?” She nodded her breath catching a hold onto her… she was breathless!

“And frighteningly and thrillingly calming!” She agreed.

“Let’s get back you need to be properly introduced to some Guardians and soon to be Guardians!”

They headed back to Madam Whitechapel’s home where Mira and Holland had already gathered Guardians. One in particular caught her attention. He was a boy just barely fifteen. His fair golden blond hair and stormy grey eyes had stolen her heart, ‘the last of her lost heart’, was her thoughts seeing him.

“Meet Haward.” Will introduced the boy who had caught her attention.

“Celia.” He introduced the young woman of about eighteen years old, she had light brown hair in curls and her plain brown eyes made her seem just as plain.

“Raymond, Donavan, Tamrin and Lorenzo. They’re all just a few Guardians that is going to be part of the Vowing Ceremony tomorrow.” He introduced the rest of the group, none of them stood out too much, instead their appearances where almost the same as Celia, different in their own ways, but none held her attention as Haward did and he knew it too.

“Valentine and Fredrick. They’re almost as old as Madam Whitechapel. Ouch!” A hit on his head from Madam Whitechapel that passed by, was warning enough for him not to bring age into the introductions.

“They’re all here to welcome you ‘home’ I guess or rather your being here.” He said awkwardly, not really knowing whether she thought this as home already or if she felt offended of him calling this her home, without asking.

“I already send word to Richard, hopefully he’ll respond to it.” Everyone seemed weary on how they spoke around Arialita.

“It’s alright to speak around me, I might not know any of you, not even remember my family, but you all do and that’s reason enough for me to want to hear all about it.” Arialita spoke up to inform them that nothing they said will warrant negative reaction towards them.

“Good-day, Arialita.” Haward took Arialita’s hand and gently placed a kiss upon it.

“Day…” Arialita blushed slightly.

“Come sit with us, I reckon you might feel a bit like the odd one out amongst the older people.” He gestured to where the soon to be new Guardians were gathered in a circle.

“We’re playing some games. If you like to join that is.” His smile made her blush even more evident, but luckily it faded quickly.

“That will be nice.”

The evening seemed to pass by slow. Snow was in her newly appointed room sleeping, Lightning perched out on her new balcony and her group she traveled with had headed towards the Central building to ask for the Elohim Council to meet with them all after the Vowing Ceremony.

All through some laughter, Will could feel the tension of the horrid news of Ermin, the Sanctuary and the Gale family drift in the room, his eyes never leaving Arialita for even a moment.

My dearest sister has finally started to awaken... Though why I didn’t notice her leaving that place doesn’t bother me as much, how she got pass Father is the big question… And why isn’t she with Chaos? Chaos would have known the moment there was an imbalance in this realm, have used her… to conquer this realm as well, just as she had done to the now forgotten realms. Oh well now I can finally get revenge on her for having been the reason Father exiled me from Ginnungagap! Destroying our world with your light wasn’t enough! It will never be enough!

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