Eternity - Atila-Ira's Story: Prophesy

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The Master Speaks

“I’m sorry to disappoint Master. We are still looking to find her, but she seems to have vanished as if she never existed. Not even the Warlocks I employed were able to find her with their spells and well I’m still trying to find any Fair People with magic spells that can find a person.” Gordon spoke to the pitch-black darkness that surrounded him.

(“You will not fail me, will you? I have had great hopes for you since the day you were born. It is way I pleaded with Satan, no Lucifer, to Gift you. You are my sweet beautiful child so go out, be safe and bring my baby home, so that we can cure these worlds. Our dimension has been sick for too long, being apart from the other Dimension for as long as it has been.”) The voice seemed to echo so softly yet no physical noise stirred the darkness.

“Yes Master. I’ll find her, before they corrupt her as well. Before they take away her ability over the Void between the Dimensions… I… Love you, my Master.” He sounded so sad and longing for closeness to this unknown person.

(“My son…”) The echoes sounded soft, gentle and kind.

“When will we be together?”

(“Soon… Until then, accept the Darkness as my sweet embraces, accept the deaths as my sign that I’m always near you and accept pain as my merciful kisses on your forehead.”) And in that moment the darkness seemed to move, thickening around the greying man…

“You’re too kind, Mother.” His smile seemed wicked yet for some strange reason innocent.

(“Soon my child… We will have all the worlds in our hands… We will keep It safe, we will keep It pure…” ) A darker black shadowy figure appeared and for a moment the door behind it seemed visible; deathly…

“Master… I wish you could have been here, been my mother… but it’s all their fault our destinies have swayed, that I was born to those monsters out there. Can you tell me more of the existence of this World?

(“I cannot spoil it all for you… Just have patience…”) The figure merged again to the darkness.

(“Tomorrow is the Vowing Ceremony… Be sure you are there, if what I know of the Dimensions… She’ll be there… Take your brother with…”)

“His no brother to me, he is corrupted!”

(“He is your brother! The Elorhim saved him… he is fighting the corruption, once she opens the Doors, he’ll be able to gain his true glorious form once again, and you will rule by my side!”) Frozen with awe at the ‘Master’s’ wisdom.

“I’m sorry. I should take it all in consideration before making such comments. I’ll take my leave of you, Master.” Gordon turned to walk away. Stopping only a moment to take in the scent of rotting flesh…

Satan or rather Lucifer as he was called when he was still amongst the Angels of Light, had Gifted Gordon, and since then he was raised to believe he was the only true Guardian of the Worlds. The unknown darkness has twisted his way of thinking since birth and had him wrapped around her pinky.

But he didn’t mind being used, all he wanted was to have her approval of his existence.

He had been the first child to be born of a Warlock and Fae, his Warlock mother having died giving birth to him and his Fae father’s soul later used to give life to the still born child of another Warlock woman.

Both he and his now Demon brother was raised, separately from each other by the very darkness they call Master, for the sole purpose to having them loyal only to her…

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