The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 12: Being one

“What?” I laughed. He was joshing, I just knew it.

Master Jim raised his hands in defense, “I do know it sounds unbelievable, trust me. There are things out there that are unbelievable but are true. And now, this very moment, I am conveying the truth. You believed me about the relics, do trust me about this. ”

“You are mad!” I stated as I tried to get out of my bed, to flee away from this lunatic. With the soreness that welts produced, my cuts and my fragile body from the fever; getting out of my bed was an obstacle. When I stood up straight, a major migraine developed on my left temple. The pain compared to Dylan’s methods. Personally, I thought he was still doing his bidding. “Ahhhhhh....” I wailed in pain. I leaned toward my bed table, which was the closest object that I had by me, to quench the torment. The pitcher and the candle shook, and the glass toppled over my hand. Soaking my skin.

Master Jim jumped up out of his chair to help me recover; he obtained my arm and exclaimed, “Master Andrew, are you okay?”

“No! Do not lay your hands on me!” He was the crazy man in the room; I didn’t want him to touch me. But he refused my commandment. I burst with a scream, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...”

I was in the body of Sky-lar, from the forest. In our hands was the Black Crystal.

" Make them stop! I can’t take it anymore!”, I screamed. My vision was fuzzy. A piercing shriek came from the room.

" What do you want me to halt?” Retorted Master Jim.

" The visions, they bring much pain!”

" Have you had these visions aforetime?”

I shook my head. “Please...make...them...sto...” I grasped my head from the surging affliction.

I was me again; Sky-lar had disappeared for the time being. I subconsciously put the Black Crystal in a secret compartment of the recognizable satchel. In front of me, was the mansion that I had resided. I placed the satchel on the bottom front step; I could not control myself. I evolved into Sky-lar once again.

Master Jim had been uttering something to me, but I no longer heard him. I only heard the piercing shriek that emanated from the room. My vision was still blurred; objects were only interesting shadows that passed by. I felt the room spin like a top.

Both Sky-lar and I rapidly fused into one another. The vision sped up. We were distributing all the artifacts unto the steps of Henworth Estate. Then we stopped, lightning flashed against the night sky. We were lying on the steps of the mansion, just like the relics we placed there. We to were a relic from a different age. Lightning flashed once more, Master Jim and Ms. Doris picked my faint body from off their front stairs.

For me ages passed by when I awoke out of my past. I laid back on my mattress. I started to lift my body in an upright position. I grumbled from my welts. There was no relief from any of this. Misery after misery. I could not find comfort.

" Master River, please, do not get up so fast.” As Master Jim mentioned this, he tried to comfort me with his touch.

“Master Jim, I am terribly sorry. You were right; I am much older than I perceived to have imagined.” I said as I swallowed my pride. I continued, “Master Jim, have you seen who the person was that dropped off those relics in the Northside?”

“I never got the chance to see the face of the individual. Only a shadow here and there.”

" I have a confession to make. It was I. I dropped them off. They too will help me to defeat Dylan once and for all. I cannot explain now how I do know of this. Please trust me.”

“The only way to destroy Dylan is with the Black Crystal.”

A moment passed, with us earnestly staring into each other’s eyes, “I know where it resides.” I finally said.

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