The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 13: The Follower

“You know the where about of my father’s Crystal? How is this? You told me ago, you could not seem to relive your past. However, you know the region where the Crystal resides?” Master Jim said.

“Master Jim Hensworth, please let me finish. I can explain.” I replied.

“As your request, please proceed.” As he motioned to me in gentlemen, like way.

" Moments ago, I saw myself in a dream or memory. It was as clear as day. I placed the Crystal in a secret compartment in the satchel, over yonder. ” Pointing with my eyes the location of the satchel.

" You saw it in a fantasy.” He summarized.

“Indeed, I did,” I said.

" I see. You agreed that you had these ‘visions’ before this?”

" Indeed, I did,” I repeated.

" How long since, when they had begun?”

“When you showed me the room full of relics.”

“Explanations are now visible. I am to predict when you picked up the satchel the first time; the crystal recognized you. Because, of course, you handled it once before. But it felt something different in you; it could not decide what it was. You, on the other hand, did not recognize the presence. It was, as to you, a sickness. Your body, better that your mind tried to fight off the Crystal. The Crystal’s power was too strong for you to handle. You only harvested up a couple of images. I am to perceive?”

“Yes, you are most certainly correct. Each ‘vision’ became clearer as I lived here. They were faded together, in the beginning, now I comprehend them much more. I believe some were memories.”

“This does not surprise me.” Master Jim continued,” As your mind grew to the presence of the Black Crystal, it gave you more. Then, when it sought for the right time, it retired your memories to you.” He paused, then went on. ” Were they memories you had or was there more?”

I hesitated to tell about my nightmare, but I decided that I should, ” I had a dream of Dylan before. Before he came to the mansion, that evening at dinner.”

“The Crystal most likely knew that Dylan had been searching for it. Knowingly, you, at the time, endowed with the Black Crystal. Dylan had been searching for you as well. Thus, it warned you of that monster.”

" I determine I knew him before he snatched me. I had a memory of Dylan and me, but I had not been called Andrew, I was called Sky-lar. How I communed with him, I had been with him for a period.”

“You said your name was Sky-lar?”

“Indeed, it was, have you heard mention of the name?”

“I have, I found out he was tenacious, powerful,” He hesitated to finish, ” follower.”

“Of whom?”

" He was no doubt a follower of Dylan.”

" No, this cannot be. I am not those men that brought anguished upon me. That was not me!”

" Who am I to say that you were. You have no recollection of your later years.”

I started to defend my name, ” If I was a faithful follower of that monster, why would he have given me such a pain? Do you have an answer to that as well?”

" He acquired something from you; it did not matter if you were with him once. Dylan is not a compassionate man. Nor is he forgiving.” Said Master Jim.

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