The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 15: The Crystal and Andrew

“Do you know what had become of me when I left?”

" Honestly, I didn’t know, until you told me that you and Sky-lar were one. I heard of Sky-lar, years after you left. I could not have imagined that this same person was you. The story of Sky-lar is hazy. Dylan found a man wandering in the woods. He saw great potential in him. He taught him everything he knew. Dylan was amazed by his willingness to learn. His student was as good as the teacher himself. This made Dylan scared of the monster that he created. Dylan banished his apprentice from the group. However, his apprentice took something from him; nobody knows what it was. This act gave everybody hope that one day their demon can be vanquished for good. Sky-lar disappeared. For decades, I did not see Dylan; until nights ago. I was amazed that he wanted you so desperately. Now it makes sense. ” Master Jim concluded.

" I could not imagine my past being so tangled up. I knew something horrible must have to produce my amnesia. But this! It is a lot to take in at once. I am not aware of the missing pages. Why did I leave just to go to Dylan? Did I take the crystal, if so why? And what did I take from him, to make him have so much vengeance? And the most difficult missing article, why I changed myself into a young man once again. I have to find these answers at once.”

" I do not know how you feel right to know. However, I do know when you did live here so many years ago when you were in desperate need of help you asked the crystal for guidance. Maybe you can do it again. It does recognize you, and it tried to communicate to you before. Then, you couldn’t understand it. Now, you have information that you did not possess. Maybe it can trigger a doorway to the crystal.”

" Do you think it could work?”

" You cannot know until you try it.”

" If you do not mind; I will like to be alone with my thoughts. For the time being. I am going to wrap my brain around all this information.”

“As you wish Master Andrew. I completely understand. I will just be going now. I have some errands to do. If you need anything Andrew, please ask.”

“Thank you for understanding, Master Jim.”

That was the end of our long, eye-opening story-telling. I waited till he left my chambers to get into fresh clothes. And attempt to proceed to figure everything out. The whole conversation and the events replayed in my head repeatedly.

I retrieved the satchel open it and finally recovered the crystal from a secret compartment on the side of the bag. Placed this heavy item onto my bed, to let it rest. The Crystal was a dark blazing black gemstone. But it also had a shimmer to it. It was a compacted trinket. Not too big, nor too small. Was this what Dylan was searching for, It wasn’t something to kill. The appearance of it looked harmless. But deep down there was a magnificent power within. Keeping it hidden, though, from the world. Making sure not to reveal itself to any person.

Inside the Crystal there was life. An intelligent lifeform. The knowledge of It that was even more curious than the art of science itself. As I stared at it, there was something very particular about this item. I knew it, and It knew me. We share the same soul. The same conscience. It pulsed periodically, as It’s form of breathing. As I breathed, It pulsed the same time. Deep down there was a little heartbeat of its own. It had a mind and soul. Just like me, and every human out there.

This Crystal wasn’t something to fear. It was pure and light. It didn’t take any form of evil or darkness. It didn’t have the same motives as Dylan. On the contrary, It’s mental state was the exact opposite of Dylan. The soul of this Black Crystal was of happiness and joy. But there was a concern in it. Possibly a concern for humanity, or concern for itself. If it was safe from Dylan.

It was this little item that brought a huge load of dreams and warnings. Something so small had the greatest impact. And I was grateful for it. There were no words to describe my emotions for this object. Which had been laying on my bed. A place that was not honorable to have such an item on it. And I felt ashamed. For everywhere I set it, was not worthy of It. Hours upon hours I stared at the Black Crystal, not saying a word. Even my words were not worthy to speak in the same room.

The morning past, lunch was served and dinner as well. But I never exited my room for either of them. Nobody disturbed me. The day flew by in a flash. I had to accomplish something. I could not ponder the rest of the night away.

Finally, I brought myself together to talk with the Crystal. I went toward my bed and placed the Crystal into my palms. I decided to sit on the bed to be more comfortable. Everything that has happened to me thus far led me to an unknown question, which needed answers right away.

" I am ready,” I whispered to myself.

I closed my eyes shut to concentrate. Trying to feel the power of it, trying to bring this old friend back to life. I brought down my protective walls in my conscience, and let the crystal enter my innermost thoughts. Pure light cascaded in my mind. Like a spider web spreading through memory to memory. I knew this familiarity. To which an old friend you haven’t seen in a long while, comes back, and you feel like you never lost your connection in the first place.

" Hello, old friend. ” I said to the crystal.

" Hello Andrew River, it has been awhile. Something has changed with you. What has happened?”

" I do not remember a lot, these days. I changed, this is true. At present, I am fifteen years of age. How I got to be this young, I do not know. Neither what had happened in my past. However, I did find my way back to Hensworth estate.”

" And the task, did you complete the task that was ahead of you?”

" What task are you speaking of?”

" To destroy that a curse of Dylan. The monster that had defiled the power that I bestowed upon him and David’s son.”

“David, is that the name Jim Hensworth’s father?”

" Yes, he asked me to give them some of my powers, from which they can protect me, and help humanity. But that was not the case for some.”

" Master Jim has told me the story of your creation. But this is not why I came here. Dylan is still alive, but he is looking for you. He tried to extract information from me several nights ago. But it was to no avail.”

" I know I was there. I protected you from death. While Dylan didn’t feel my presence.”

Really, I did not know how to respond to that statement. ” Master Jim has informed me that you told me Dylan’s weakness. Is this correct?”

“This is correct.”

" I cannot remember his weakness. Please, tell me.”

" The entirety of this situation is fascinating indeed. The plan was never for you to have forgotten everything. Something must have gone wrong. You wanted to hide from Dylan until the time was right to attack, that was the last thing we planned. That was almost a year ago. How long have you been residing with Jim Hensworth?”

" As long as four or five months by now.”

" We cannot trust anyone. Especially, your friend Jim Hensworth. Do you know how he lost his powers, to begin with?”

" From the monster, Dylan.”

" That is somewhat true. But we do not need to go into that. All you need to know is that David’s son can carry the same evil that Dylan has. Do not tell anyone of this conversation, even Jim Hensworth.”

" I swear I will never do such an act. What should I do from here?”

“Where you are, is a safe place. I do not believe that Jim will hurt you in any way. But everybody has dark secrets to hide, even Jim. And his secrets can hinder you from the task ahead.”

“Why do you bring this heavy burden unto me?”

" You are just the person that can do the job. You have an enormous power and a gentle heart. Those are the ingredients I need to defeat that monster. The mere opposite of what Dylan has.”

" You and Jim have told me that I have powers. But I cannot conjure them up. Help me to remember. So, I can complete this quest.”

“Andrew, do you not understand. Your powers have been slowly being restored to you. But I can give you all your powers back.”

“That is what I want.” I replied.

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