The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 16: Becoming Sky-lar

" You have to adhere to every direction I will give to you, are you ready.”

“I am.”

" Knowing that your power is already inside you, I cannot teach it to you again. But I can remind you. We must extract them. By doing so, I will return all your memories to you, and the proper age you are meant to be.”

" What do you want me to do?”

" Breathe, and relax; let me do my work. No doubt this may be painful. Are you ready?”

“I endured Dylan; I am sure I can handle this.”

" Very well, on the count of three. One. Two. Three.”

The capability of the crystal was indeed powerful. I dropped it onto the ground, making a loud thud. Nevertheless, our connection never hindered. The crystal pulsated throughout my past. It revealed everything to me, including, my powers. I saw why I left the mansion; it was the only way not to get Jim Hensworth involved with anything. Indeed, I did take the crystal, the crystal and I were one, we could not be separated even if we tried. When the crystal was in the presence of Dylan, many years before I came into the plot, it saw his weakness. Unfortunately, it had no time to snatch it. Through the power that the crystal occupies, I stole Dylan’s weakness. Therefore Dylan was searching for the Crystal in the wood, to retrieve what had become lost. Several nights ago, he tried once more. To shield myself from Dylan I changed myself back into a young boy. However, the spell went wrong, I do not know how, and I forgot everything.

After an unexplainable long time, I got everything back that belonged to me. It felt like I had found a long lost relative after many decades of searching, and finally reaping the rewards. There was a pain that this experience produced. However, not a terrible pain, but an alleviated pain.

“Wake from your slumber, Andrew. It is all over.”, said the crystal.

I laid on my side, on my mattress. The breath of life came back to me. I had different clothes on, not childlike clothes. I was wearing a white cotton long sleeve shirt. My hands had black gloves, which were covering the front and palms of my hands. My fingers were still exposed. Covering my chest was a pure silk embedded vest, which was the color black. My collar was up, exposing a Regency Brummel ascot tie, of pure white. And making the outfit complete was a flowing black, hooded cape. I went to the window to see my reflection; I was around the age of twenty. I looked exactly like Sky-lar. I didn’t even recognize myself at first.

“Look at me!” I even said this in a deeper tone. Not a child like tone. Defiantly not a voice of a fifteen-year-old.

" The powers that you possess can have that effect on you. That is how my skills work. This is exactly how you looked when we first started your education in this art. How much do you remember?”

“I remember everything.” A small house placed in the hustle and bustle of the main road of a village. With traders in the market, a few blocks down. The green pasture that I used to run in, every day. A beautiful, humble woman had been watching me persistently. A woman who had a tender and kind heart. A woman who was destined to be a great mother. And indeed, she was. She wasn’t anybody’s mother, but mine. Every day I was lucky to have had her. It was us against the world. But, when I just became a man, before I could have made a name for myself she got sick. Nobody could heal her. I didn’t want any healers that had a magical ability to help. Because I grew up with the same magical craft every day. Through destruction and hate. I didn’t want to ask one of them to heal her. I would have done it myself. But I could not. And I lost her. After her death, I went on my own, trying to understand if my stubbornness killed her. One day I met David, he brought me in. I learned about the Crystal. And I had a purpose in life that my mother would have been proud of me fulfilling.

“Superb. Now let us begin.”

I reclaimed my powers. Which includes the power over the elements, telepathy, the power of control, and the darkness. And how to control it, or when it was necessary to use it. Happiness overjoyed my being. I was the person who I was meant to be. No more confusion, only peace.

“What should I do about Dylan?” I asked.

" Well, that is a tricky subject. The quest needs completion very soon. The abilities that you used to possess has become restored to you. But your outfit is not yet complete, your missing....”

" My staff.” I interrupted. ” I know where it is, in the room full of relics. Everything that we need to destroy Dylan is in there.”

" Yes, this is correct. You must go to the room, bring me with you. From this point forward we cannot be separated, we are one once again. ”

" I understand, Master.”

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