The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 17: Defender

I got my things all sorted out. I pried up the floor that hid my book and put it in the satchel. As well as the Crystal and some food that Ms. Doris left by my bedside into the satchel, and wrapped the satchel around my shoulder. Before I opened my door, I peered back into my room. Knowing that this will be the last time I will see it. This little room was my haven through unknowing amnesia. This room had seen pain and saw myself become who I am. It is room for a child, not a man. I did not need its comfort’s anymore.

“Thank you, for everything,” I spoke to my chamber with respect.

I raised my hood making a small breeze and opened the wooden door silently. I went through the threshold. It was quite comfortable concealing myself; praise goes to my found powers. I knew exactly everyone’s location in the mansion. Ms. Doris was cleaning the stairway, and Jim Hensworth was in the dining hall pondering about me. Not knowing what had happened in his mansion. While I was heading toward my destination some maids, which were scattered abroad the mansion, were in my way. I had to make them hear a phantom noise, as a consequence, they had to check it out. Out of their curiosity. If that did not have any effect on them, I controlled their limbs to walk away. I noticed the emotion that I felt when I did this un-ruling craft. I did not like having the ability to control other beings. No man should have that power.

My journey was almost complete; I turned the bend of a passageway. Down the hallway was the door, that I desperately searched. No one, of course, had followed me. I made sure of that. I scurried down to the door. Remembering that this was the place where everything had begun of finding my true self. Even if I did not know it at the time. I twisted the doorknob and preceded in the room. Closing the door quietly behind me. The reclusive room was just how I remembered it was last. The only article that was missing was the satchel that I now carried.

“This room must feel like home to you Master. Knowing how long you waited for me to return.” I said to the Black Crystal.

“This room only brings the memories of loneliness, and deafening silence. Let us get what we need, and exit this room as quick as we can. We do not need the holdup of anything.” Replied my Master.

“As you wish.”

I knew where everything was, to rebuild my beloved staff. The wooden rod, in the far corner, the little basket to hold a precious blue diamond. Which I can enable my power to go through. Finally, I found my jewel stowed away in one of the dusty old boxes. Now, I just had to put it all together. I place the basket and the rod into place, wielding it with a fire that I commanded. And putting the blue diamond in the basket, which fitted like a glove. The blue diamond dispersed a bright hue. Everything was back where it belonged.

" Welcome back, my beloved staff.”

" You named it once.”

“Defender!” The staff beamed as I exclaimed its name.

“We need everything we have; it is time to go now, Andrew. ”

" I cannot see Dylan, where is his lair located at, Master?”

" It is shrouded in darkness; only a few can see it. He is at the center of the Ageless Forest. ”

“Andrew...?” Jim Hensworth had called my name back in my chambers. He opened my door, to find I was nowhere in the chamber.

“It is time to go,” I said.

“Yes, it is. We must be off.”

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