The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 18: Escaping my past, Running toward my Future

The location of the quickest way out of the room was from a long, stain glass window. I unlatched and opened it. We were two stories away from the ground. Everything so small.


To obey to the crystal’s command, I jumped without a flinch of fear. I knew I could land perfectly well onto the soft bedded grass. In an instant, I was on ground level, with no broken bones. I looked back up, and the window still propped opened, I closed it from two stories below. Erasing the evidence that we were in the room.

" Head to the east, that is where you will find Dylan.”

“Yes, Master.”

I ran as fast as I could, which in fact was expeditious. Objects were passing me in a blur. The mansion soon disappeared in minutes. No doubt Jim Hensworth knew that I was no longer in his abode.


“Yes, Andrew.”

“How did Jim lose his powers. ”

“You do not need to know that right now. It has no relevant to this quest. Besides, I am not the being you should be asking this. When the time comes, he will tell you the truth. But for now, concentrate on the task ahead.”

" Very well, Master.”

When dawn started to break over of the horizon we stopped to take a short pause; by a cliff looking over small hills and valleys. The sun was penetrating inches above those mountains. The sight was a beautiful landscape. A picturesque place to live. A slither of heaven.

The rush from everything that had occurred was finally ending. Nevertheless, I still had the excitement from the day’s events. Just a few hours ago, I was fifteen still. And if I had not connected back with the Crystal I will still be fifteen. I would be a young man that did not know who he was, or where he was going. Wondered what the purpose that I was on this Earth. Now within a few hours, I knew everything. I knew my past, the lessons that my Master taught, and my mission that was ahead of me.

“Relax, for a moment. You have done well.” My Master said. He was exhausted as I was.

" I was thinking the same thing.”

I placed my belongings down onto the soft ground and sat down next to them. Reached into the bag for some morsels. I was surprised how much was in there. I only put in cheese and bread. But in the bag, was filled to the brim with dried meats, cheese, and fruits.

“Did you do this?” I asked

“You only took a little, and I knew that our journey would have lasted more than a day. So, I restored your bag. You need all your strength.” Said my Master.

“I can always count on you,” I replied.

“You can rely on me, but I will not do everything for you. I know we were in a hurry to leave. You couldn’t take too much. And that is why I gave you more victuals. But remember, it is not my duty to be a marketplace. I am your teacher, and you are mine student. I will teach you not feed you. That is your responsibility.”

“I understand Master. Thank you for thinking of me. I do appreciate it.”

After when I had done eating a small meal, I took the book, that was lodged underneath the food, out. I finally understood what the meaning of this book was. It was a spell book. And the history of what I am, and what I can become. I only got passed the Introduction. So, I had a way to go. I went through chapter one through four in a breeze. In this book, I could command the pictures to move, and they would have told little stories of their own. I learned that through my powers that Nature and my abilities were one. Everything was connected. Nature had its powers of in itself. And people who discover their powers were vessels through Nature and us. However, I had something different. I had my Master, which was a whole other power. He had been bigger than what was taught in this book. A whole new book should have been written just to try to comprehend what this crystal can do. Compared to the silly tricks that this book contains. But this book can still help me through the knowledge of whoever wrote it, because whomever knew what the capability of their powers were. Henceforth I know what my capability is. Which has brought me courage to conquer my quest. But in some aspects, this book was hard to understand. When I got to the chapters and lessons about an Ancient Language, it was a little difficult to understand and comprehend. Trying to conjure them, was difficult.

One step at a time Andrew.”

“I don’t have time, though, Master.”

“Yes, the hour will be soon approaching to defeat Dylan. But you will be strong enough when the time is right. The most powerful spell casters have found their greatest achievements in their darkest hour. I have faith in you, for what you will do.”

“Master, in the Introduction of this book it mentioned that light cannot live without darkness. And vice versa. How will the world be in the balance and work efficiently if I will destroy Dylan? He is the darkness of itself?”

“Dylan is evil. And your power can live on with a hint of evil that is in this world, even if it is a small amount. And there will always be evil in this world. I am sure Dylan’s evil will transfer into someone or something else. Just how I am with you, and how I help you with your walk in this craft. Dylan feeds on any bit of Darkness he can find. When he is gone, someone will most likely replace Dylan. Something will change in them in a flash. Just as the moment when Dylan turned. The author of this book of yours knew that. Everybody that awakens their power within them has learned of that. You are reading it in the wrong context. The author said what he said so you won’t wage war on each other. And destroy each other in the process. When both the light and the darkness vanish this world in which we live in will be reborn. Everything that we know of will start again. You must protect the innocent from the evil that lurks in this world. But you cannot destroy each other. The light will always exist, and so will the darkness.”

Master, how did you know what the author mentioned in the Introduction when I didn’t even say anything about protecting the innocent? I wasn’t ‘reconnected’ with you.”

“When we ‘reconnected’ I saw everything that you have done without my presence and what you saw. We were always one. We were never separate. Even if you couldn’t feel me, at the time.”

I see, Master.”

I put the book back into the satchel and closed my eyes to take in the peaceful surroundings and what I just learned. I felt the Earth waking up to the new morning. And the creatures that abide nearby started their day. The birds were catching their meals for themselves and their young families. The little rodents were squirming along the floor of the ground. Hiding from their predators that were lurking just above their heads. Little ants were coming out of the ground finding supplies for their home and queen. Honey bees, buzzing around pollinating the flowers nearby. Keeping them alive and well. The small shimmering hummingbird flying collecting sweet nectar. Every little creature stirred and awoke from their homes. And coming out of them. To protect or feed their families. Even some were protecting the Earth as well, as they commenced their daily jobs.

As I meditated on these animals, and the surroundings their everyday tasks fed my soul. This creation of light combined with my powers helped me to rejuvenate from my journey. When I opened my eyes, the sun was out and above our heads. What seemed like moments were mere hours? I brought forth a small pond of clean, refreshing water. Making a cup out of my hands, I drank the water taking in the last bit of the scenery before heading back out.

“Are you ready?” Questioned my Master.

“Yes, I’m finally am. ” I picked up my belongings where I last placed them. I headed back off, on my quest to conquer Dylan.

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