The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 20: Learning more Knowledge

At night, just as during the day there was life. All the night creatures and animals awoke from their restful sleep. It was another world that most people do not see. Wolves are crying to the moon. Owls are hunting for a midnight snack. Bats had flown out of their hidden caves to come alive once more. Foxes and deer came out to look for food in safety. Little fireflies danced above the ground. They were an interesting society to study. As I looked at them, I could see them produce themselves into shapes. Then I realized that I was commanding them to do it. They could become anything that I wanted them to be. To animals that are living every day, to mystical forbidden creatures that once roamed the Earth. To weasels from dragons they could conform to anything. I wasn’t controlling them. It was more of a partnership. They could have said no, but they were having as much fun as I was. They decided to come closer to me, to investigate the being that produced such enjoyment. I let them enter my mind as I entered theirs. They were a society that thought and had separate feelings. But they all worked together for their group. They did not follow a queen like their neighbors the bees and ants of the day do. They were on their own. Each flash that they produced was different compared to the rest. I showed them that I could create a similar fire that they did every night. I lifted my hand to emanate a glowing ball of wind. It wasn’t fire nor was it anything else. But merely a magical orb. I was glad that they loved my trick. They were thrilled to see someone to produce close to the same glow as they produced. They mad a little hum, for their form of gladness. The same way a cat purrs when it is content. At a point, they hummed too loud that they could have awoken Sophia, Jacob, and Ethan.

“Shh. Not so loud. You are going to wake them up.” I whispered. They apologized, but they didn’t understand the human world. So, it wasn’t their fault. They were just expressing their happiness.

They kept me company for a few hours, as they flew around of my head. Making my surrounds have a light source. I opened my satchel to uncover my precious book. I began where I left off. This Language was a mystical language. Nature and her surroundings spoke this language first. They were the first teachers of such a language. Then when humanity began, they taught it to us. Each sentence had a different meaning. Some spells had more authorities than others. And you had to cast them with respect. With respect you had for them, can change the level of power that they enveloped. These spells and phrases had emotions to themselves. Just like you and me. But other spells didn’t have to much authority, and they were for simple, everyday uses.

But, some powers do not need spells for you to cast. They simply are inside you. And everybody has them. Some you must discover for yourself. In this life, you will never stop learning what you can achieve. Everybody can command the elements, and use telepathy. But controlling the darkness, I learned that I was the only one that had it within them. I didn’t have to learn it. The darkness had been there, but it wasn’t inside you with your powers. And I learned this in the last chapter.

All night I study and learned new things about my abilities. When the Crystal found me many years ago, I never had this book. I only had the lessons that my Master taught. Which, compared to this book, had a more spiritual aspect. This book had the beginning lessons, not the spiritual lessons you will achieve. When David created this Crystal, he didn’t know the full aspect of what he had done. He had created a whole new view of these powers. But a greater perspective. An eye opener. With the Black Crystal, you can have an easier connection with the world around you. If you listen and let them speak, you can learn so much. But some have a darkness in the heart that nothing can quench. They yearn for more power in their craft. Just like Dylan. After a long while, I close the book. Tied the twain, and put it back in the satchel. I put the satchel on the ground and made it my pillow for the night. And the fireflies faded away as I started to go into a dream world.

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