The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 22: More Magic

“Master, how many spells are from this language?” I asked

“There are so many, they are countless. New ones are being executed every day. Therefore, it is hard to study such a language. Followers of a language have study delinquently in this art form. If a person finds a new characteristic they will make a spell. Enchanters have been sharing their spells within the group of people who are performing such an incantation. Such enchanters are healers. They must mediate on this language and the properties of this language to retrieve more knowledge to help others. Even if they are persecuted. They love the path that they are destined for, and nothing can stop them.”

“If a new spell is being executed every day, how are they then writing them down and sharing them so fast to other conjurers?”

“That’s the problem. Most enchanters use the well-known spells at first. Then they too will meditate to experiment with new spells. However, the difference with you and them is me. I know when new spells are being executed and if they work properly. And I will share them with you in due time. My presence is connected not just to you, but to every language that encircles the magic with in everything.”

“Please teach me more Master.”

“Very well, but you need to know the difference of what each family of languages feels like. So, you can distinguish between the two. The language of Nature is pure and light. As you conjure such a language you might have felt normal, as if it was a part of you. Compared that to this new language. The language of the Darkness. Most likely you will feel an emotion of hatred and anger and you do not know why. And most of the followers of the Darkness lust for those emotions to drive them, to continue their art. Once you lust for that power you will try and quench your thirst, by any means possible. You however, must understand these properties and observe how they make you feel. Thus, you can distinguish them between the two. And have a proper balance with them.”

“Was this always my destiny, to this balance? Or was it your idea?”

“Your destiny is intertwined with me, and I am intertwined with the world of Magic. Thus, the answer to your question is a yes. When David created me, he opened your destiny and the future generation of the world. This was never my idea, but the idea of Magic. You have started this path ever since you met David and Jim so many years ago. You must accept this road that you and I and the presence of Magic is going down. Once you accept this, the journey will become a whole lot smoother, than what it is now. Yes, I do agree that there will be times of chaos and anguish but you will go through those flames with a new-found strength than ever before.”

“I do not think I am ready for all of this. I do not think I can handle the weight of the world on my shoulders. You say I can, I cannot see it though. How am I going to accept this if I cannot accept myself? That I will achieve marvelous things with these powers of mine. I cannot defeat Dylan, and bring balance to Magic.”

“Andrew look hard into your soul. Tell me what you see.”

“I see nothing.”

“You are not looking, you are just hoping you notice nothing. Let us do this exercise I want you to mediate on the Light and Darkness of this world. After you communicate with them, tell me how they make you feel. And if you have any power over them. You are the balance that this world needs. You just have to accept it.”

“How can I communicate to the Light and the Darkness?”

“Relax and kneel. Become one with your surroundings. Talk with Nature, notice how you feel when you are communing with her. Once you finish, commune with the Darkness. Do not listen to him, only notice the emotions that will come into play. Once then, relive those emotions. And when you conjure such spells of both families you will be able to notice the difference of which side they came from. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Very good, let us begin.”

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