The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 23: Talking with the Spirits

The floor of the ground rested on the bottom of my knees. I laid my hands on my legs, and became very comfortable. In a calm state of mind. I opened my eyes. All around me there was quietness. But inside the evil trees there had been a flow of energy. Traveling to each tree. Making sure each tree was still alive. This energy left a remnant of glowing pure energy behind. But it soon wisped away in the breeze. I followed this energy to each new tree. It entered one tree than existed out of a different tree. It could have been the next tree or many trees ahead. Once or twice the energy noticed I had been following it. Soon it sprinted away from me. Trying to get away from this stranger. I chased it, sometimes I lost it, but once I followed the trail that it left behind it had been easy to track it. Before it could have disappeared into a new tree, I shouted to it.

“Wait! Don’t disappear I want to talk to you. Who are you?”

“Why do you want to know?” As it disappeared into a tree.

“I am looking for someone or something.”

“And who is this thing you are looking for. I do think you do not even know. You weren’t very descriptive.” It had not come out of the trees, but it had been speaking to me inside the safety of the trees themselves. This thing had been weary of me. However, I wasn’t with it. It was curious and pure. It was something that you never wanted to let go.

“I do not know. My Master told me to mediate on the Light and Darkness of this world. And speak with them. This exercise will help me to tell the difference of each emotion I have with them.”

“And who is your Master? He is very wise. Maybe I know him, I have been on this planet for a while now, and I have seen many things. Tell me who he is. What is his name?”

“He does not have a name, and he is not a person either. He is a thing. He has connections with everything that deals with magic. Most people refer to him as the Black Crystal. But I think that name is to subtle. He is much more than that.”

“Do you talk with It daily?” She said out of confusion.

“Almost every minute. We have very good and honest discussions on the Magic in this world. And how I can use it properly.”

“What does It see with in you, to have that connection with It?”

“I am destined with It, my path intertwines with It. I cannot explain It furthermore.”

“It has been awhile since a saw a human.” The presences voice had been protruding right behind me. I turned quickly and noticed a nymph of majestic beauty. Her presence shown like the brightness of a star in the heavens. In her eyes, there had been wisdom through many wonderings on this Earth that she had experience. She had been dressed head to toe in a modest outfit that complemented her greatly. On her head was a white diamond diadem that wrapped around her temple. Her piercing eyes were energetic, with power of light. Her hands wore chained jewelry that laced on the skin. Her feet had been bare. But she had the appearance that she had been hovering above the ground. As she entered your surrounding she let you feel safe and protected.

“What did you say?” Her beauty caught me off guard.

“It has been a long time that I saw a human. Most of the time they have mediated into a deep trance that they meet me. But they only see a glimpse of me. I do not show them my true self.”

“Are you showing your true self to me?”

“Not exactly, but I am close enough.”

“What is your name?”

“What a particular question. My name is Melk. I am the Spirit Nymph of the Light. And what is yours, he who commune with It?”

“My name is Andrew. Andrew River.”

“Such a short name for a great human.”

“What do you mean?”

“You commune with the most powerful thing in this world. And It talks with you, you must be a great human. No man will have a greatest quest as yourself not to be called a great man.”

“You know what I must do then?”

“Yes, we know. They were rumors of course. But rumors had to come out somewhere.”

“You mentioned ‘we’?”

“Yes, I did. If I heard the rumors, then so did the Darkness.” Fear crept inside me. The Darkness knows that his time is almost done. And that is what is frightening to me. Melk continued, “I feel your anxiety, do not worry or be afraid. He has been more afraid of you than you are of him. For light always wins. For a season, there has been no room for me. And I know you can concur Dylan. I trust you. You can do all this with faith in yourself. Remember that young Andrew.” My fear had been swept away to a new place. Now encouragement replaced the fear and anxiety from her words.

“Thank you, Melk. You have encouraged me.”

“It is want I do.”

“Melk I have a question.”

“Yes, Andrew. What is this question?”

“How do I go and locate the Darkness?”

“You just have to call his name?” She said this with sadness.

“What do you mean?”

“He is a traveler of the entire world. Especially now, because he rules it. Once you call to him he will come. Like when you want to speak to me, you must call unto me. You are lucky that you found me here.”

“What is his name?”

“Only a hand full of humans know his name. And they are his devoted followers. Dylan is one of them.”

“Please tell me.” I pleaded.

“His name is Nephan.”


“Yes.” A dark rumble voice spoke behind me. Melk’s eyes widened, with an almost compassionate vengeance look. I turned slowly to noticed a man wearing a black robe with a hood. His piercing crimson eyes glowed underneath his hood. I could not tell his age. His long boney fingers were folded in front of him. “And who are you human? Are you lost?”, he started to walk towards to our company, “What is your name young human?”

“Andrew River.” His eyes widened to show for a split-second fear exiting his eyes. Then that fear vanished.

“You do not look like much to me? You are supposed to defeat Dylan?” And he laughed. He walked around us making sure keeping a far enough distance away.

“Yes, I will.”

“We will see about that pathetic human!” He screamed showing his sharp-edged teeth. His appearance brought a fear to me. But I was getting angry with our conversation.

“You do not believe me?” I yelled back at him.

He smiled showing his teeth and said, “No, I do not. Your life will surely perish if you continue this path. I know you know how powerful my disciple is. I was there when you were at your weakest. You have changed but you are still weak. You will die, when you encounter Dylan the next time your paths cross. I have foreseen it.”

My emotional state with Nephan compared to Melk was a three sixty. Melk I had peace, with Nephan I wanted to continue to argue with him. Anger brewed inside me, from our simple conversation. “That is enough, Nephan. Be gone from me!” I yelled.

“As you wish.” He bowed and vanished within a grey vapor smoke. And the grey smoke evaporated into the air. Once Nephan disappeared, those emotions of anger and fear vanished. Melk’s presence began to refill my body with happiness and peace.

Melk began to speak, “I have never seen a human ordered Nephan and he complied. Like I mentioned before, you are a great human. You handled him very well. You did not play his taunting game. And he listened to you, when you told him to leave. He is very scared of you right now.”

“But I did play his game, his anger rubbed off onto me.”

“He has a way with that to everybody, including me. I have handled him long enough to show him the correct emotions that he did not want me to produce. I cannot tell him to leave and he leaves. That is a gift of itself. You have a way with us, that no human does not have. You can control us. Only some one that has a great power can achieve that.”

It took me awhile to respond to her statement. I knew I had to speak this whole experience with my Master. I need to tell him. I understand what he spoke to me about. Anyone who is anyone could not perform what I just did. Who can control the Darkness, as it fears your name. Happiness over joyed me. But I did not show it through my expression. I can defeat Dylan, and I will.

“Melk, I must go now. Show me the way to get back.”

“As you wish.” And she also bowed to me as Nephah did a moment. “Please Andrew if you will follow me.” We walk a few yards away to find my body sitting as it was. Confusion passed by me.

“How is this possible, Melk?”

“You entered our invisible world only a few have glimpsed. There is always a hidden world battling within your world. Now you must go back to yours.”

“I will return.”

“We will be expecting your arrival, Andrew.” And she bowed once more. She to disappeared. And I had been alone with myself. I walked toward my body and touched it. My body sucked me back in. And I opened my eyes for a second time.

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