The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 25: And Afterword

Today Dylan is no longer on this Earth. I did what I had to do, to protect millions more countless lives. I never went back to Jim Hensworth’s mansion. Never saw Ms. Doris again, nor my chambers. I did hear that David came back home to live with Jim. I never did understand what had truly happened to Jim’s powers. That was irrelevant information that I did not need to know, as my life went on. After I had defeated Dylan, all his followers relinquished their powers into the Black Crystal. The men went back to their homes to find their long-lost families. Most of them, who had not seen their families since they had been small children. But that one child that was with me in my cave prison I could not find. I hoped Dylan did not destroy him. But that is a whole different story to get into.

I went back to the forest in search of the woman with her two nephews. Asked around to nearby villages. No one knew of a lady named Sophia with two young boys. Many villagers reported that a family died in the forest by the hands of Dylan. Years before I got into this war with him. Legend has it if you listen carefully, you could still hear their screams.

The Black Crystal had become my closest friend and ally in my life. I had never aged since. I am going to live quite a long life, because of the power that I possess. But, I do know that all life forms must die eventually. After the defeat of Dylan, I traveled around the world to look for people like me. Those who find favor with the crystal, and I will start their training in the light. Before the Darkness could reach them first. They to possess the power that I have, which to them is a great responsibility. Although every single one of my apprentices lacks one power; the ability to be one with the crystal. That is the only connection I have with it. One day, when my time will finish, I will choose my successor. That person will have the same relationship that I have with my Master. And it will be there Master. And that person will choose their successor and that person after him. This continuation will proceed until the end of time. They will have the responsibility to guide the next generation. To be the leader of our pack and the protector of the world from the evil that resides in the shadows.

Unfortunately, a few strays from the pack, and we do have to take care of them. Wars were fought, from them lives have been lost. When you see famines, droughts, and violence. That was a result of the evil that the darkness can conjure. Sometimes even your government gets involved. When you see on the news talk about diseases, that vanish shortly upon hearing about them. How to bet when you notice “UFO’s” flying through the night sky. Is it a UFO? That is your government hiding our powers and wars between ourselves. You are most likely to have seen us, walking about in ‘normal’ society. Not knowing who we are. Who are we? We are the shadows passing by you in a glimpse of a second. Some of us are the monsters that you fear who are lurking underneath your bed when you were a small child. Most of us are your unforeseen protectors, making sure no harm will come to you. And we will continue our mission until the Earth dies. We are the Shear-a.

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