The Chronicles. Volume I: Andrew River

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Chapter 4: The First of many visions

The door opened as a gateway opened to another dimension. Behind the gateway emerged a small dusty, cobwebbed infested room. Filled to the brim with unusual artifacts. A large window penetrated sun rays upon the chamber. The presence of humans had not been in the chamber for years, which you could feel throughout the place. The only interaction the room had, was with the loyal sun. The sun was the only friend and companion that visited the chamber. Honestly, the sun felt bad for the room. For rooms, should not be un-kept. Rooms love to have the self-assurance that people will commune with them. That is the sole purpose of their creation. So, you can imagine the excitement the room had when Master Jim opened its door.

“Welcome to the artifact chamber, Master Andrew. You will see all species of relics,” said Master Jim.

" Why have you brought me in here?” I questioned as I walked through the threshold. My eyes glazed with amazement. Trying to understand the artifacts themselves. Asking them where they came from, or who they belonged to once before. Answers to which will fill up this entire book.

Master Jim at that point had not answered my question. I felt he was waiting for something mysterious to happen. What it was, I had not known at the time.

In the center of the artifact chamber, stood a worn out, rough table. It looked as if it would have collapsed at any moment. An ordinary dust-shrouded satchel laid on top of the rickety, old table. I started to walk towards this unique item. I know it sounds crazy, however, the bag called to me. I knew I was the only one who had heard the voice of it. My arm reached out to the satchel. When I touched it, something magically happened. I remember I felt the breath coming out of my lungs. Darkness reappeared.

Through the darkness, I had peace. Peace I knew I had not had in a while. I opened my eyes, and the world I had not seen appeared. I found myself lying on a dusty, dirt road. Little huts made from hay and clay rested on either side of the street. In front of me was the majestic sun setting on the horizon. As it touched the ground, the stars started to awake from their dreams. The stars danced and twinkled throughout the night sky. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

I was confined in awe. Thus, I closed my eyes to embrace the beautiful canvas of stars. Suddenly, I received my breath back into my lungs. It felt like an eternity until I woke up. I realized that Master Jim was lifting my body up from the cold, wooden ground. The satchel had still been in my hand.

“Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Let’s put you up correctly,” grunted Master Jim.

“What happened?” I weakly questioned.

“You fainted a couple of moments ago. Are you feeling well? Are you able to walk?” He asked.

" I perceive that I am able. ” After when I had spoken I got up, to find I had difficulties of walking. My legs gave way. I was drained. My whole body felt heavy. I couldn’t lift myself up from the ground. Fear wiggled throughout my personage. I knew at this point that this satchel was different than regular bags. I could still feel the strap of the satchel in between my delicate fingers. It had been sucking the energy out of my bones. I couldn’t let it go; my body wouldn’t let me drop it.

Again, Master Jim helped me up from the ground. As he did so he expressed, ” Master Andrew, let us go to your room so that you can rest up. I will request Ms. Doris to bring your supper to you. How does that sound?”

He didn’t let me answer him, as he started to hoist my arm and wrapped it around his neck. We headed out of the artifact room, and up to my chambers. I could barely walk for myself. It was a slow journey to my room. As we traveled through corridors and down staircases to reach my little suite. My ears heard every little sound. To the mice rattling through the walls, all the way to the maids who took a stroll on the grounds. The overwhelming sound of the noise that disturbed the mansion made my head ache on immediate contact to my ears. I cannot remember much about the journey or what I saw. Everything was fuzzy and blurred. I most likely let out a quiet moan, but I could not hear myself, I only heard the racket that had filled my ears. Finally, we reached my room, after what seemed like a long, painful journey. Master Jim laid my body onto the soft, mattress; and took the satchel from my hands. I followed Master Jim with my eyes, to see where he will place it. Or to see if Master Jim will take it. Fortunately, he set it right on the edge of my bookshelf.

“Rest up Master River; I will go fetch Ms. Doris, to inform her to bring up your supper.” Stated Master Jim as he closed the door behind him, leaving me alone with only the presence of the satchel.

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