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Intricate Experiment

By Luke All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Humor


Isolation is quite a word. While Flynn, the main character, doesn't go through isolation. That being because people work with him Antarctica, yet he still in a way is. Seeing the same people everyday over and over can make someone quite melancholy. He goes through physical and physiological changes all around. Witness how being on the bottom of the world for four years can transform someone.

Chapter 1: Confession

“No such thing as a life that’s better than yours.”

-J Cole

“How long has it been since your last confession” I was asked me as I sat with a priest on a cold saturday night.

“Um... about 12 years.” I clearly lied, I don’t know what the hell this is. All I know is it’s 11 degrees outside and I’m too lazy to go to a hotel. “I don’t really remember.. Do I just start confessing?

“First if you could recite the act of contrition?” he said calmly.

“You’re gonna have to help me..” I said

“Sure thing.”

Once I recited it, he proceeded asking “what do you have to confess?”

Well I’d like to introduce myself before, I feel you should know the man before he lets you know his sins so uh my name is Flynn. I could, I think, possibly tell you what’s happened. I’m not a good story teller to start out with. My English teacher used to say I couldn’t focus on one topic, I just moved onto the next. I guess there’s just a lot on my mind. Nothing too extravagant to be honest, just general flow of knowledge happening in my big beautiful brain. I’m not disabled or anything if that’s what you’re trying to get to, nope not one bit. In fact I almost was able to graduate valedictorian. You wanna know why they didn’t give it to me, the faculty didn’t think I could handle giving a speech. Which is one of the purest forms of shit you’ll find in a high school. Yeah so some chick got it, and not gonna lie did a decent job. Only problem is it was so typical. 90% of her speech she hopped on a random site and just it used that for inspiration.

You see I would’ve pulled all the info from my speech from my brain, but it is what it is. High school was fun but I mean it has nothing to do with my story, everything I told you is summarized under the word unimportant. But yeah I went to college which was dope. I got into a good one too, Cal Berkeley. I was able to snag a degree in Earth Science while I was there. Yeah, and the best part was I could get a better job. The only person that could beat me was someone from Stanford.

Then the big problem occurred, I couldn’t find a job. Earth Science wasn’t a popular field in my area or quite frankly anywhere. Don’t get me wrong I knew coming into this it was a hard field to get a job into. Long story short nobody hired me, so I outsourced. All my time was spent on this. There was this one point I was living in my car, yup the ole honda civic was the only thing giving me shelter. Then one night, I found something. Stealing the library wifi (desperate times call for desperate measures) I looked at the screen in awe. For this job I knew would be something out of the norm, great pay though. There was just one problem. Out of the great benefits, out came the nasty part. It would be on the bottom of the world.

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