Love and vengeance

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Chapter 1

It was Monday morning I woke up and I took a deep of laziness and disappointment because it wasn’t a weekend, I dress up and get breakfast and there I meet my step brother who always doesn’t have time for me

Jessie: Where is my breakfast?

Henry: Don’t you have hands

Am used to this kind of answers because I live here alone with him.

Jessie: Never mind I will eat at school

He ignore me and he continued eating

Jessie: Well I am off to school

I said and I left for school and there I meet my cool friends Mya and Ciara

Jessie: Hi guys

Mya: hi

Ciara: how was your morning?

Jessie: it was bad

Mya: let me guess your brother

Jessie: who else do you think is the reason?

Ciara: let forget about your bad morning and get in the class

Jessie: I guess you’re right.

We both got in the class room and after a while the teacher got in.

Teacher: morning students

Class: morning

Teacher: last week we had a test

Jessie: what!!!! A test (I said it myself) I almost forgot

Teacher: The highest mark was scored by Daniel and the lowest was scored by……

Before he finished Jessie interrupted

Jessie: please don’t say it

Teacher: why??

Jessie: I know I am the one

Everyone laughed

Teacher: okay students it is her

Jessie: ooohh shit

Ciara: Why do you always have to be the last?

Jessie: Destiny

I said it and I walked ahead them faster

Mya: hey where are you going?

Jessie: working

Mya: but what about the next class

Jessie: You will give me the notes…. Bye

I said that while fading in the corner, I was actually late for my part time job so I rushed out of the school building and I walked through the main road in a hurry my charm bracelet fell from my hand and rolled on the main road when I wanted to get it a car came and drove onto it I couldn’t believe my eyes that my charm bracelet broke into pieces. I was very angry and I started chasing a car while shouting

Jessie: hey!! You stop (I shouted)

I kept shouting suddenly a car stopped and I went to stand next to it at the window

Jessie: open the window

I said with anger, the tinted glass window slide down and I saw a handsome man looking at me in a serious face I was astonished and left my jaws open in such a way I couldn’t speak anymore . The man took his dark glasses off and looked at me and there I saw his gorgeous eyes, he said to me;

Man: is there a problem!!!!

I stopped looking at him and I thought about my bracelet and I answered him with anger

Jessie: hey!! Do you know what you have done?

Man: what?

He answered me with a confused face

Jessie: you broke my charm bracelet (I shouted)

Man: excuse me how can I see such a tiny thing while am in a big


Jessie: hey don’t play with me around

Man: listen miss if you wanted a money you could’ve just said so

Jessie: what!! How do you see me uuhhh!!

I told him while putting my right hand on my waist and throwing my hairs at the back, he glazed at me for a while and answered me

Man: a high school student who needs money

Jessie: what the hell

I murmured to myself

Man: let me give you the money so you can leave me alone

He took his black wallet from his pocket but before he took out the money I said

Jessie: I don’t need your money you jerk

He didn’t listen to me and took out a check and threw it to me my face furiously turned into red, I took the check from the ground and tore it into pieces

Jessie: I already told you that I don’t need your money

He put a smile on his face and took out 1 dollar and threw it to me

Man: that for buying a stick glue

He said and suddenly the tinted windows slide up again and he drove off

Jessie: curse you

I shouted and left while walking I turned to look at my watch it was already late I ran so fast and reached in the restaurant and I met my manager and I stop after seeing his face

Manager: you’re late

Jessie: am sorry sir I got an emergence on my way

Manager: whatever but you know the consequences?

Jessie: yes sir

The consequences are to do both afternoon shift and night shift, oh! Great now I’ll be away from my evil brother by the way he doesn’t even care if am home late or not

So I spent the day from the afternoon till night working my ass off. It reached 10:30Pm it was closing time I closed the restaurant and returned the keys to the manager because he lives nearby his restaurant, without knowing it started to rain

Jessie: ooh!! God (disappointed)

I said it myself while walking on the road, it was raining more harder and it was getting more darker I started squeezing my hands on my shoulders because I was catching cold suddenly I heard my phone ringing I took it out who it was, for the second time in high school my brother (henry) called me, I opened my eyes wide with astonishment I picked up the phone

Jessie: hello!!

Henry: Jessie where are you

How comes is he worried about me

Henry: Jessie are you there

Jessie: oohh!! Y...e…s am on my way

Henry: hurry up there is someone waiting for you

What!! I thought he was worried about me

Jessie: alright

After saying that he hang up. I kept my phone in my jeans right next to my hips and proceeded on walking, after walking for two minutes I felt like someone is following me. I took a deep breath and I turned back but I saw nothing I turned in front and I thought it was my imagination I proceeded walking

This time I was sure because I definitely heard footsteps coming towards me, I turned back and saw a guy standing there looking at me I also kept staring at him with fear and my eyes opened wide then I realized he was moving towards me I was shaking all over the body because the guy he was wearing a black hood and he was holding a hummer on his right hand, he came close to me

Jessie: who are you?

I asked with a shaking voice of fear

Man: do you really think you could run a way

Jessie: what do you mean?

Man: you really thought of becoming a witness in a crime scene would actually escape from me

When I was 16 years old I witnessed a man called miles killing his own wife in his mansion, you would be really surprised to know how I got there I went to get the laundry and I saw him killing his wife. After seeing the scene I ran out and after two days I went to the court to be a witness of a crime committed by miles and lastly miles he was sent to the prison for his murder

Jessie: what crime?

I pretended as if I knew nothing

Man: don’t play fool with me

He held my am so tight

Jessie: let go off me

I screamed a lot, after seeing it’s not going to work I used my knee and kicked him straight in his man hood and after I ran so fast into the woods he followed me and started chasing me I run as fast as I could and I came across a road, there was a car passing I went and stood in front of it waving my hands

Jessie: help me, help me please

I said and went to open the car door and I got in. the car drove off very fast I turned to see who it was

Jessie: you!!!!!!

I said that with astonishments

Man: do I know you????

We looked at each other and my face flashed back in his memory (he was the one who drove onto my charm bracelet)

Man: you!!!

He stopped the car

Jessie: why are you stopping the car?

Man: get out

Jessie: come on that man is going to kill me

Man: what man

Jessie: it’s a long story but please you have to help me

Man: I will drop you at the highway

Jessie: no please take me at home

Man: where do you live?

Jessie: Bourbon Street it is just there ahead

The man kept silence and concentrated on the road, I broke the silence and said

Jessie: what is your name?

Man: you don’t have to know my name

I shut up after being embarrassed by his answer, I turned my eyes to him and I couldn’t believe what I saw he was wearing military uniform and he had 5 stars on both his shoulders I could read his name on the uniform it was written Sergeant Stanford, he suddenly turned and I rushed my eyes aside after 5 minutes I told him

Jessie: uuummm can I guess your name

Man: no

I can’t believe it, he is so annoying with his short answers

Jessie: aaaah!!!! Please let me guess

He didn’t answer

Jessie: it starts with letter h

He still kept quite

Jessie: Gideon

He concentrated on road

Jessie: Brian

He kept ignoring me

Jessie: Stan…

I said proudly

Jessie: Stanford

He turned to me with a half-smile on his face

Jessie: yes that’s your name

I said in a jumping mood

Man: do you know why I smiled

Jessie: no

Man: I figured a way to get rid of you if you won’t shut up

My moods suddenly changed and I turned a way

Jessie: am going to shut up now

Man: that is going to be good

I tried to shut up but I couldn’t so I had to speak

Jessie: so is it your name

I said while widening my eyes and got close to him he suddenly stopped the car and took out the gun and put right next to the gear

Man: do you see that

Jessie: y…e…s

I answered with a shaking voice

Man: then continue guessing my name

He said and started the car, this time I decided to shut up but after a while

Man: my name is Dean

He said while looking in front trying not to look at me

Jessie: what about Stanford?

Dean: it’s my last name

Jessie: wow cool name

Dean: thanks you can shut up now

“Aahh does him really have to be this rude” I thought for a couple time. We reached in front of my house and he stopped the car

Dean: get out

Jessie: bye….thanks

I got out of the car with a spending smile before I knew it I felt a sharp pain on my stomach just beside my belly button my legs were frozen from the shock and I couldn’t move I lowered my head to look at myself I was bleeding and there was a small hole covered with blood I grew to weak and knelt down with pain and everything grew dark and became unconscious

I opened my eyes and found myself in a big fancy room covered with the morning sunlight, I turned my head and I saw Dean sitting on a sofa bed reading a novel

Jessie: what happened?

I said with a low, soft and weak voice

Dean: you were shot

He said while standing coming towards me

Jessie: what!!! With who???

Dean: how the hell would I know?

Jessie: where am I?

Dean: In my house

Jessie: aaahh I have a huge headache

I groaned turning my heavy head Dean gave me a glass of water

Dean: this will release the pain

Jessie: what is it?

Dean: its water

He said seeing me stupid, he later stood up and he was heading towards the door

Jessie: where are going

I asked sounding so concerned

Dean: do you expect I will stay with you the whole day

He said and open the door and he went out

I remained seated at the bed. Actually I was waiting for Dean to bring me tray of breakfast like in some movies I saw when I went to my aunt’s home. After seating for couple of minutes there was no sign of dean bringing me breakfast, I sat up straight and I felt a slight inch of pain I opened my top to see my wound but it was covered with a clean bandage. I got out of the bed and I went out of the room my first glance was seeing a long corridor with expensive historical portraits on the wall and a long maroon colored carpet that fitted the corridors floor. I was confused at which path should I take I decided east and I walked while glazing the portraits finally I saw the living room and I found Dean on the sofa eating an apple

Jessie: hey Dean am hungry

Dean: what do you want me to do?

Jessie: would you at least give me a food

He stood up for a minutes and I thought he was going to give me food but it was opposite he opened the microwave and took a sandwich. I felt like punching him

Jessie: but what about me

Dean: you’re a woman cook yourself

He said proudly and headed upstairs. I took a deep breath to calm myself down I decided to cook after I finished eating my breakfast I was heading back to my room but I slipped and to avoid falling I leaned against a cupboard filled with shiny glasses and in a blink of an eye it fell ground loud voice of breaking glasses I remained there standing not believing my gorgeous eyes.

Dean came down running and saw the broken glasses I couldn’t see the anger from his face

Jessie: uummm….Dean am sorry

I said with shaking voice of fear and guilty

Dean: what were you doing?

Jessie: I slipped……

Dean: so when you slip the cupboard also falls right?

He asked sounding like my dead uncle Chris always blamed me on everything. I remained silent for a while

Dean: you’re punishment is to clean up this mess

He said and left for minutes there I felt relief because I thought he is going to make me pay and something related to that, after finishing to clean that mess I made I went to turn on television but the shows were boring so I turned it off

I stood up and started walking around the house, I entered one room it was blue in color it looked like a little boy sleeps there

I started admiring a room, I walked around and I saw a picture of a little boy and an old woman wearing a crown

Wait I think I saw this woman somewhere is it in the TV.

Ooohh!! Yes it was Queen Elizabeth, how did this picture end up here or could it be deans little boy. OH my God how are they related to each other?

A heavy voice spoke behind me

Dean: what are you doing here?

I was startled and I jumped with fear

Jessie: uuummm I was sniffing around

Dean: well you sniffed around too much now get out

He demanded

I lowered my head down with disappointment and left the room but I was still curious to know how he is related to that old woman

The afternoon was beautiful especially in that house but I was very hungry so I went towards Dean’s door and I knocked

Jessie: hey there

I said trying to sound normal but seriously I was blushing

Dean: what do you want?

Jess: food

Dean: can’t you see the refrigerator

Jessie: it’s full of apple and wines….

Dean: I left 5 eggs in there this morning

Jessie: well I ate them as my breakfast

Dean: what the hell you ate all 5 eggs as a breakfast

Jessie: but I was hungry

Dean: listen when you live under my roof you live under my rules

Jessie: well does any of your rules says “NO LUNCH”

Dean: how did you know that is rule number 3…….. Now get out

Of my sight

Jessie: but this is inhumanity

Dean: so what are you going to do?

Jessie: to report you in the curt

Dean: my uncle is a judge

He says that proudly

Jessie: army forces

Dean: am the general in charge

Jessie: my brother

Dean: my brother is the minister

Jessie: U. S president

Dean: my grandma is queen of United kingdoms

Jessie: shit

I curse you. He spread an evil smile and asked me

Dean: you got anything to say

Jessie: uuuummmmm……

I actually had nothing to say

Dean: well now you know what kind of a person you’re dealing

So give you a half an hour to get ready and am taking you back

Jessie: but what if that guy hunts me again

Dean: I wish him good luck on catching a prey

He said and slammed the door right on my face, “oooh shit I shouldn’t asked for a lunch …… leaving this paradise”

I said to myself but an idea came to and once again I knocked and he opened

Dean: you’re fast…….. Now let’s go

He pulled me and took me in his black range rover, I got in and he drove off at a far distance I his mansion fading a way

Jessie: uuummm can I get your phone number please

Dean: why do you need my phone number?

Jessie: we’re friends right

Dean: who said so?

Jessie: come on

I said trying to tease him

Jessie: just give me your number

Dean: no

I looked in his pocket and took out his wallet

Dean: what are you doing?

It took out his business card and wrote the number in my cell phone after that I returned it to his pocket

Dean: listen………if you touch me again you going to pay


Jessie: 100dollars my foot

I said with astonishment then suddenly my cell phone rang, it was my brother again

Jessie: hallow!!!!

Henry: where are you?

Jessie: am on my way

Henry: how long is that way because since yesterday you’re telling?

Me the same word

Jessie: I had to sleep at Ciara’s house because of the rain

Henry: alright hurry home

Jessie: wait…….. Do you care?

Henry: no….it’s just that someone is here to meet you

Jessie: who is it?

Henry: you’ll see

He hang up

Dean: who was that?

Jessie: my step brother

Dean drove me till front of my house, before getting down I said

Jessie: thank you for the hospitality

Dean: okay now beat it

I got down and I saw it go off, I entered our house and in the living room and I saw henry talking to one of his friends that I don’t know

Henry: jess meet Elvis and Elvis this is Jessie my young sister

Elvis: nice to meet you

Jessie: likewise

Henry: Jessie go and change

Jessie: why

Henry: just go

I went in my room and changed I put on a jeans hot pant with a red top and black-white clippers. Then I went downstairs, after they saw me they whispered

Henry: listen Jessie……’re going with him

Jessie: where are we going?

Henry: to your mom

I opened my eyes widely and tears fell from my eyes, I hugged henry with so much joy

Jessie: thank you henry

Henry: no worries

Jessie: let’s go Elvis

I said to with a jumpy mood. We came out and we got and he drove off, for sure I couldn’t wait to see my mom and I was very happy

We reached in a big mansion there were bodyguards around the house and at the main gate we entered

I couldn’t believe that my mom is living a luxurious life like that and she wasn’t able to find her children for 17 years now

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