Leo: Between The Four Sons

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Chapter Five: The White Ball

It’s funny. The one morning you wake up having a wonderful family. Knowing your entire world. Being able to see exactly where you fit in. The next there is a king that you never heard of before hugging you and calling you his son.

“You arrived earlier than expected. But it is still wonderful to have you here,” he told me, not letting go of my shoulders.

I looked over at Katherine with a concerned face but she only raised her shoulders. I didn’t even look at Violet because I didn’t know what to tell her.

There was one thing that made me feel good, the look on Daucus’s face. Although the look of confusion and anger was hard to describe, I felt like it suited him better than his flirty face.

All the other soldiers’ jaws seemed to escape from their bone structures in fact. It even looked like the tiger seemed to be interested in what just happened.

“Ah. This is wonderful and just in time for tonight’s ball too.”

I couldn’t say anything, I was a little in shock, and all that came out was “Ah...Ah...”

His Caribbean eyes took in every inch of me and I could see that they were becoming as watery as the ocean itself. It made me sad and uncomfortable in various ways.

“And this must be your friends?” he walked towards Katherine and Violet, his hand still on my back.

“Katherine and Violet, your majesty,” Katherine told the king.

“Oh, there is no need for that. Any friends of my son are friends of mine,” he turned back to me, his smile as wide and white as the room.

There was a sense of warmth about him in this cool place. He seemed so happy, strong and yet vulnerable at the same time.

I suddenly felt sad. Seeing him so hopeful and excited made me want actually to be his son.

“Where is your mother?” he asked looking at the doors we came through and my heart sank.

That wasn’t even a question I was expecting. I wasn’t even thinking about my mom in any way.

“Your Majesty,” one of the advisors came to stand next to the king, distracting both of us from his question, although his eyes didn’t move away from the door.

The advisor proceeded to whisper into his ear and I couldn’t hear further.

The king’s face dismayed as he listened to his servant but he seemed to understand completely. He nodded and looked straight into my eyes.

“There is so much we have to talk about, but now isn’t the best time. There is still so much planning to do for tonight’s White Ball,” the king made his voice cheerful.

Everyone stood in silence for a moment.

“Cecilia!” the king demanded.

The old woman that opened the door to us before came forward.

“Please help my son and his friends get ready for the ball and see each of them to their room!” the king told her.

“Yes, your majesty!” she told him and started directing us to the doors.

“See you tonight!” he waved at us and started heading back to his throne as the old lady dragged me to the door and the doors slammed shut in front of me. I didn’t have time to process what happened. I needed a moment.

“Follow me please!” she told us.

I just kept staring at the closed doors in front of me. There was no way that what just happened could have been possible. It felt like the Tigers were laughing at me for thinking that this was a reality and not just one of my dreams. In a way, if they were really laughing, it might have placed my mind at ease.

“Leo? Are you all right? You look kind of pale,” Katherine asked me.

I didn’t say a word but I was a little annoyed by her question. How could I be all right? This couldn’t be true.

“Follow me please!” The old lady’s temper was starting to rise.

Katherine touched my arm. A strange noise came out of my mouth that was between a cry and a deep breath.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I lied.

We walked up to the flight of stairs.

“What did that man mean?” Violet asked looking very confused.

What was I going to tell her if I didn’t even know myself?

“That man is the King young lady,” Cecilia told her before I had to answer.

My mind didn’t connect any dots about what I just witnessed. There was no connection, no trail, and no story. Not even a little bit of a wonder that it could be true.

Instead, I focused my mind and just got lost in the walkways and corridors of whiteness that we walked through. So much so that I had no clue where we were. There were so many paintings, so many sculptures and stairs, all of the different colours that complemented the white in so numerous different ways.

“Here are your room young ladies,” she said opening a door, on purposely emphasising ‘young’.

“Amazing!” Violet yelled and ran into the room.

Katherine’s eyes widened but she didn’t run inside like Violet. She studies my face with her blue eyes that seemed so much bigger now against all the white.

“Are you sure you are fine Leo?” Katherine asked me once more before entering the room.

I knew I couldn’t hide the way I was feeling from her, but I tried my best.

“Yes! Don’t worry,” I assured her.

But no I wasn’t fine, I wasn’t alright. I was freaking out inside, not knowing what just happened. I was so confused.

“Alright,” Katherine said not completely convinced.

I think she just understood that I needed some time alone.

“I will send a maid shortly, to come to help you get ready for the ball,” Cecilia told Katherine as she shut the door.

The old lady started dragging me further. We passed a couple of people that looked like maids and guards. We walked up to another flight of stairs and down a hall until we came face to face with a white door.

“Here we are! Your old room,” Cecilia told me and pushed me inside.

‘Your old room’ wasn’t a good thing to say to someone who was never here before. It couldn’t be my old room.

Although I must say, it was a beautiful room. All the walls were painted white and there was a big bed pushed against one that had light blue pillows and white sheets on it. There was a light blue sofa in the room and a lot of tables and mirrors.

I walked over to a window in the room and looked outside. I could look over the entire kingdom. I could see the waterfall running into the river, the big city, the city walls and the forest behind the walls. It was a spectacular site.

For one fierce moment, I forgot everything that just happened as I gazed into the distance. I could just stand there for hours looking at all of them, at everything. It wasn’t’ meant to last long because I couldn’t forget, although the view helped. It wasn’t enough.

“Thank...” I turned to find that Cecilia was no longer there.

I walked to the door and looked into the hall. There was no one in site, just a big empty white hallway. The palace seemed so hollow with all of the white. Like a blank page waiting to be coloured.

I walked back inside and shut the door, sinking back in the process. Should I scream? And if I did, will anybody be able to hear me? It would probably echo outside and that wasn’t an option. I wouldn’t help to scream though. Maybe the king was crazy? He might have some mental illness and his people are just too sorry for him to tell him. Maybe that was the case. They didn’t want him thinking that he was ill, so they locked him in the room where he could still believe he was king. As much as I wanted to believe it, I knew it wasn’t true.

The room was warm at least. My eyes followed a gaze through the room once more. The room seemed like it was untouched.

On the wall next to me, there hung a big painting of a man with a woman next to him holding a little baby. The painting was a little full of dust so I cleaned it with the sleeve of my shirt.

The man in the painting was the king but that wasn’t what surprised me, it was the woman. The woman in the painting was my mom. Those light green eyes and brown hair, like mine, pinned into a crown. The smile was so prominent, so happy that I might not even have believed it. The saddest of all was that I missed that smile so much.

I moved back and sat on the bed, falling backwards. I wanted to scream and bang my head against the wall. I grabbed a pillow and went ahead. It muffed the scream just fine for me.

What was going on? If I am the king’s child, why didn’t anyone ever tell me? Why didn’t my mom tell me? We had a family? My dad was a grain farmer. I had a little sister. My mind raced with so many questions that I didn’t understand.

Was this the reason my mom used to tell me all of those stories? Did my father know?

I just decided that I would ask the king tonight, about everything that was going on. There was no point in trying to figure it out myself.

If all this wasn’t bad enough we still had to ask him about the war and if he doesn’t know anything.

I walked over to the window again looking over everything. I wanted to run through the halls down to the river. Maybe the water would calm me down and remind me of the little stream I used to sit at. I longed for that stream now. Things seemed so simple next to it.

I didn’t even realise that it was almost sunset. Did this mean it was almost an entire day of travelling we did to get here? It was two of the strangest days of my life. And at this rate things were only getting stranger. In a week, I would be insane.

Suddenly I heard water dripping. I pushed open a door that was in the room. It led into a bathroom and the bath completely tapped fully. I felt the water, which was mildly warm.

I didn’t understand how the water got here because no one was in the room. It was just like at Lynx’s house. Who knew that a half-human/ half-horse man was the most normal thing that could happen to me?

I didn’t even think as I got undressed and climbed in. I laid there, soaking up the warm water after an entire day of being in the cold.

It was so quiet. All you could hear was water dripping every few seconds and splashing into the bath making ripples.

It was to quiet. My thoughts echoed too loudly through the room for my taste. I couldn’t decide whether I was angry or confused or even going crazy myself. Maybe the king wasn’t mad, perhaps I was. Possibly this was all just an illusion that provoked my crazy thoughts.

I washed with soap and grabbed a towel that hung over a table in the room.

I walked back into the main room with the towel around my waist trying to clear my thoughts. Over the bed hung a white suit that almost looked like the one the king and the guards were wearing except it looked a little more futuristic. Already they decided I was part of them, which irritated me.

Perhaps everyone here was crazy. (Yet again, I doubted that that was the case.)

The material felt soft and smooth almost like cotton. It was a long white buttoned shirt with white trousers, white boots and a white over jacket with clips. On a little table in the room there stood a white painted wooden case that wasn’t there before. I got dressed in the suit and walked towards the case. I didn’t know why but I tried to open it with care like it was holding something valuable. And it was.

Therein this little wooden case was a glass crown fit for a king. It looked almost identical to the one the king wore but had different shapes on it. It looked like an ocean wave crashing onto the sand, or river currents being pulled downstream.

I walked over to a mirror and put it on my head admiring the boy with dark brown hair and grey eyes for a minute. I didn’t even look like a prince. I was just a skinny farm-boy who got dressed up nicely. Maybe that was a characteristic of a good king, to be one with the people. I couldn’t believe I just thought of that. I shook my head and walked back over to the window. I considered taking the crown off, but what would that help? I was in this mess either way. I just wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible.

There were many clouds in the sky so I couldn’t see the moon tonight. I left my sword in the room on the coffee table that stood in the middle of the room and I sat on the bed looking at the painting once more. I wondered if that little baby was me. But deep inside I knew it was.

Why could no one tell me? I couldn’t answer the question. It wasn’t like my mother to keep secrets or my father for that matter.

My mom was the one that shocked me the most. Maybe I was too little and she didn’t want to tell me. Still, that would mean that she wanted to flee from the king. Was she scared of him and if so, should I be? I couldn’t think that. The woman smiling in the painting didn’t look sad or depressed. She looked beyond happiness. Like there wasn’t anything that could stop it. But maybe something found a way.

Someone knocked on the door.

“The ball is almost starting. You are welcome to come down to the ballroom,” the voice sounded like a puff of smoke.

I walked over to the mirror and gave myself the last check-up. I didn’t know what to expect when I got down to the ballroom, I mean I have never been to a ball before so I wanted to go down to Katherine and Violet’s room to see how they were doing.

I pushed open the door that led into the hallway. There were no people so I headed to the end of the hall. There were no people in the halls or stairs also. I didn’t know where they were? An entire palace couldn’t be vacant, right before a ball? The halls seemed so empty. Every step I took echoed through the palace. It is a good thing I didn’t scream then, I thought. Surely, they would’ve thought I was the crazy one, I was still hoping that perhaps I am though.

I came up to the room where Katherine and Violet were in, after some careful rerouting. I wanted to knock on their door but heard something fall. It sounded like metal so I made my way back down the hall where the sound came from.

There on the floor lay a maid picking up some silver glasses that she dropped off a tray. Her hair was tied back into a white bandanna so you couldn’t see her hair colour and she wore a simple long grey dress with a white apron. I knelt down and helped her pick it up.

“Are you alright?” I asked her.

“Yes, I am fine,” she said picking up the last cup and started walking away.

I looked at her walking away when I heard a trumpet or more like royal trumpets going off. I looked back at her but she was gone. I found it a little mysterious but at least I knew there were people now.

I followed the trumpet sound when I suddenly saw a staircase. The palace was a lot bigger than I imagined. I headed to the staircase and looked over the railing of the balcony.

People started swarming through the castle doors. They looked identical to the doors we came through earlier but it didn’t look like the same entry hall.

All the people were dressed in white gowns and suits with different shapes and styles. Now the entire White Ball made sense, it was like a theme for it, for everyone to dress in white.

I hesitated but my curiosity led me into the crowd of people coming in and followed them into the ballroom.

The room was almost identical to the king’s throne room. It was full of tables that were stacked with foods and desserts. There was an orchestra playing music on violins and a bunch of other instruments that I didn’t even know off.

A few people started dancing and mingling with each other. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling filling the room with light, along with white poles with candles on them.

I didn’t know or see anyone I ever saw before, which made sense. They all looked wealthy and important, however.

I saw Daucus but it wasn’t like I wanted to volunteer to go talk to him. And he didn’t approach me so I think he must have been angry about me being some long lost son. If he wanted to trade places with me, he could. But I hardly knew him and I somehow felt good that maybe I had something that he couldn’t have unless he was the king’s other son, which I doubted and suddenly felt bad about thinking.

It somehow got me angry and I didn’t know why, but luckily he vanished behind a group of people and I gathered my thoughts.

I felt out of sorts, I didn’t fit in and I didn’t know anyone at all. I stood aside looking if I could find Katherine and Violet but I couldn’t see any sight of either of them. I needed someone to confide in and it wasn’t going to be my sister so Katherine had to come. She had to help me. She was the only one here I could talk to now.

I was making my way to the door that led into a garden outside. Almost sneaking away until Katherine would come.

“Leaving so soon?” the voice sounded level-headed.

I turned facing a lovely tanned girl with intelligent hazel brown eyes and long, loose, waves of blonde hair going over her shoulders. Her hair’s waves looked like it was blown out by the wind. She wore a lovely long white V-neck dress with a small round diamond tiara and looked about my age or a year younger. Her dress showed off her soft tanned arms and she wore a silver diamond studded bracelet over her wrist as well. She smiled at me. She had a beautiful smile, which I could just stare at for, I didn’t know how long. I said something really smart like “Ah.”

“What?” she asked me.

“Oh, nothing. No, I’m not leaving, just searching for someone.” I think I covered that up good.

“That’s good, I didn’t want you leaving. I was enjoying the sight of you too much.”

I wanted to blush but tried to hold it back. She had perfect soft pink lips that made you want to kiss her just there. I had to bite my lip to fight the urge. I never kissed anyone anyway so this sensation was strange for me.

“My name is Orchid. I have a feeling we’re going to be great friends,” she said holding out her hand for me to shake.

“Leo,” I said shaking her hand.

She smiled.

“So are you the king’s son. The son of water?”

“How did-”

“Your crown,” she observed. “And the fact that everyone here is talking about your miraculous apparent return. So are you? His son”

“Not exactly or actually yes, but... I don’t know really?”

“You’re awkward. I like that,” she said in a calm, almost flirty way.

I turned my head to act as if I was still looking for someone trying to act as natural as possible and not to stare at her directly. I think that was the main reason, not to stare at her too much. Her soft like face and nice lips. I glanced through the crowd.

At that moment, Katherine walked into the room and my jaw almost dropped, along with most people in the room. It was as if a hush fell upon the entire room as soon as she walked in. Over the glass door from the outside, as she came in, there stood two pots of white roses and two white light drapes. She wore a long white sleeveless gown that spread into feathers on the bottom and had white feathers standing up from her waist until above her head at her back, making an oval. It looked like she was a peacock except with white feathers. So, a white peacock perhaps.

She also wore the necklace Lynx gave her with matching glass snowflake earrings and a small glass tiara. Her blue eyes sparkled with beauty, standing out along with her black hair against all the white. Her hair was done beautifully in a bun behind the tiara.

“Sorry,” I shook the strange sensation from my face and turned to look at Orchid, but she didn’t even seem to notice Katherine like everyone else did.

“I have to go,” I told her.

“It’s fine. I have a feeling we’ll meet again soon, son of water,” she winked at me while grinning and started walking away.

I walked over to Katherine. I never saw her in this light before but she was stunning. It was strange really.

I still couldn’t quite decide the colour of her eyes but they looked bluer than ever before. I could look at them forever.

“You look beautiful,” I said kissing her hand.

“What a gentleman,” she blushed but had trouble hiding the prominent grin on her face.

“May I have this dance?”

“Well, of course, you may.”

I took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

“Everybody is staring at us,” she said looking around as we walked past the people.

“Not us. You!” I blurted it out so quickly that I didn’t know what else to say.

She stared at me with those deep fierce blue eyes. We started dancing along with all the other people who decided that they were no longer interested in us, or her. I guess people here didn’t like not being the centre of attention.

We did a traditional dance. Our hand placed flatly against each other with our arms making an L. I looked at her from the side as we walked in a circle as we made a straight line.

“So have you talked to the king yet?”

“No, I haven’t seen him. I mean he hasn’t made an appearance yet.”

“Alright, remember we are in this together,” she said remembering my words.

It was all I needed to hear, to know that someone was there for me, for someone to go through all of this with me.

At one point, I turned facing her, our arms still in an L and my hand around her waist.

I didn’t want to talk about the king anymore. Not now, however. Although I wanted to early on, it seemed wrong. I wanted to relax for one moment.

“So where’s Violet?” I asked.

“She is standing there over by the dessert table eating away. It is almost like she completely forgot about everything that happened.”

I glanced over seeing her in a knee-length white dress, her blonde hair in two braids to the side. She was stuffing her face with a bunch assortment of cakes. I forgot about Violet. Did this mean that she wasn’t my real sister, maybe my stepsister and my father might actually be my stepfather. I didn’t think of it in that way earlier. The thought haunted me and Katherine looked at me seeing something was wrong, so I put on a smile.


The music stopped.

“Please welcome, King Hendry!” a guard shouted from the door.

The doors opened and the king stepped forward but as it happened, some people dressed in black jumped through the doors of the garden. People shouted and scattered around. I grabbed to the side where my sword used to be and I remembered I left it in my room.

“Well, well, well throwing a party without inviting quests from every country. How rude,” one of the soldiers said.

“You’re kind are not allowed in this country,” the king said staying calm.

“Oh we know king Hendry, we know,” he walked over to the dessert table where Violet stood. “Apparently you have some special guests that were missing for years.”

I walked over and stood between him and Violet. He didn’t even seem to acknowledge us as he stared at the table.

“Oh, how I don’t want to destroy this but sadly. Things are made to be destroyed,” he threw over the table. “Burn it down.”

He pointed over to the other people. They walked over and pointed their hands to the ground. A fire erupted from the floor and they ran back out the door.

“Complements of King Aqualon,” the lead soldier said before running towards the garden.

The fire rose to my stomach, the heat of the flames filling the room as the smoke rose towards the chandeliers.

“Stop them!” King Hendry said with fury, shooting water over the fire that just came from a glass fountain that stood on one of the tables.

“After them,” he yelled.

People ran in every direction, panic taking over the room. For a moment, I was stuck in position, just staring at the chaos of scattering people. I grabbed Violet by the hand and picked her up.

“Follow me!” I yelled at Katherine and grabbed her hand while leading them out of the maze of people.

I pushed people out of the way running towards the entrance and up the staircase.

We ran upstairs passing people screaming and yelling, with a fire burning the furniture. Guards and maids came extinguishing the flames with buckets of water only leaving heaps of ash behind. I retraced my steps and headed towards my room. The entire floor, where my room was on, looked untouched. This of all places, however, didn’t make me feel safe. We ran to the room and closed the door. We had to get out of here as soon as possible but I had to talk to the king first.

I put Violet down and walked over to the window. All the flames in and around the palace looked extinguished but the city down there in the distance was in flames with houses burning, guards and people using their abilities to keep the fire under control. The attack on the palace wasn’t the main purpose, it was just to let the king know what they were doing to his city.

For a moment I imagined the panic and fear our village must’ve been in when the army started to burn it. Everyone running around, not understanding what was happening. Then I looked back down at the city and imagined how scared these people might be. The same thing was happening but on a bigger scale and this attack seemed a little more personal. Something told me that nobody was going to be taken as a prisoner here. This was all just for someone’s amusement, for someone’s personal sick laughter.

I didn’t understand. I thought only the king and his family could control the element that was chosen for them by The Lord of the Forest as the satyrs said. Now I saw that some guards could do it too. I couldn’t be sure from this distance anyway.

Then I realized that if I was the king’s acclaimed son, I should be able to control water too.

“Leo,” Katherine said to me.

She was pointing at something on the bed. A piece of paper, a letter perhaps. I didn’t know why but I suddenly felt like I was being watched. Like all the walls had ears and the entire room wanted to know what was going on in my head, or what I would do after I’ve finished reading it.

I walked towards it. Katherine picked it up and we read together.

We know your friend’s secret...

I didn’t comprehend what was on it and it seemed like it was happening a lot recently. What could it mean, we didn’t have any secrets? Or did we? Did we have secrets that we ourselves didn’t even know of?

Katherine seemed just as puzzled as I was.

“It’s probably nothing,” I lied knowing it was definitely something. With what was happening, anything was possible.

Katherine also looked like she didn’t believe me and wanted to argue, but looked over at Violet who was lying on the bed. I wanted to yell, scream, and ask so many questions that I didn’t have the answers to but I couldn’t, not with my little sister here. And the only person who could answer anything was the king.

“You guys stay here. I’ll go look for someone and try to find out what’s going on?” I told Katherine and grabbed my sword that lay on the sofa.

Then I remembered I didn’t leave the sword on the sofa, I left it on the coffee table. I just had to get out of this room. Leaving my sister and best friend here was probably not good but they didn’t know about anything and I didn’t tell Katherine cause she already was a little freaked out.

I ran down the hall looking for someone who could tell me what’s going on. I ran down the stairs to the ballroom. No one was there so I walked outside to the gardens. I didn’t even notice but it was raining outside, water rushing towards the earth in long streaks. There in the distance stood I figure in the middle of the rain. The king stood there in the garden leaning over a railing staring down at the city. I walked towards him, letting the rainfall over me, making me completely wet. At first, I didn’t say anything; I just stared at him from behind.

“Oh my boy?” he said looking over his shoulder.

I looked to the city, all the fires were out and it looked like people were walking around trying to make sense of what happened, looking at all of the damage.

“What happened? Is everything alright?” I asked him seeing that he was upset.

He lifted his hands to the sky and crossed them. In amazement, I watched as the rain stopped at once. I had trouble deciding if I should be impressed or scared, or maybe both.

“Everything is alright. It is just that this was the fourth attack we had this month.”

He looked at Pride but didn’t say anything.

“Why are they attacking?”

“Because of your birthday my boy.”

He saw that I didn’t understand and I didn’t make an effort to hide my confusion. I didn’t even live here. How could my birthday have anything to do with people attacking his kingdom?

“You see, a few months before you were born a war broke out. King Aqualon, my own brother unleashed a war against me and my other brothers.”

“Lynx told us your brothers don’t get along.”

“So you met Lynx on your way? He is a good centaur. But when we were younger we were all great friends, it wasn’t until we discovered that our father wasn’t our real father that the trouble began.”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Perhaps that is a story for another day, but in all fairness, we haven’t been attacked as much as the other two countries so we tried not to mix in with the war so much. My relationship with Aqualon was always better than with my older brothers, so I naturally assumed that was still a bond we shared. But that’s not the point,” he shook his head disgusted with himself although I felt that the more information I got, the better.

“The point is that the day after you were born, there was an attack on the castle from king Aqualon’s guards to kill you. So I sent you and your mother to a nearby village just outside the land so that king Aqualon can’t find you. But if you ever needed help, you and your mother were close enough to come back.”

“Wait, why would he want to kill me?” I asked curiously.

“Walk with me,” he pointed to the ballroom and started walking. I didn’t have much of a choice. I had too many questions.

“You see, on your eighteenth birthday you will get your immortality and the day I die you will take over in my place in every way, even on the High Council.”

“And if he got me out of the way there would be no other air to the throne and the kingdom would fall.”

Not that I was saying I was his son but that would be very good gameplay.

“That is correct.”

“But wait, I have another question,” I mentioned.


“I thought only the king and their families can control the element that has been given to them?”

“Alright but firstly we cannot control the elements. We just help them along and essentially protect them. There is more to my task than simple controlling water. It’s in order to protect it. Water is life and is everywhere. There are guardians for almost everything in this world.”

“Like the satyrs protect the forest?”

He clenched his jaw. A trait we seemed to have in common.

“Yes. The reason why the soldiers can control water is that I am allowed to grand a people the ability to control it as well, but they can’t master it as well as I can or as well as you will one day,” he smiled. “And they can only use them occasionally and grow tired after using them.”

“But there were hundreds of them that attacked our village and burned it to the ground.”

“When did this happen?” the king looked more furious now and didn’t look as calm as he was before.

“Two days ago, but I wasn’t there I was in the forest when they attacked.”

“And your mother?”

I didn’t want to tell him but I felt like I had to, I mean she was his wife.

“She’s been dead for almost ten years.”

The king leaned against the wall with tears in his eyes. I wondered how it would feel like leaving your only son and wife go with the glimpse of hope that they were safe. Not ever knowing if they were all right. The thought didn’t sit well with me.

“How did she die?” he asked.

“She was murdered.”

The king eyes filled with tears.

“How? Who would do such a thing he or she must be killed!” he yelled with his eyes filled with rage and sorrow.

I was his son. There was no doubt about it now. No one would feel this way otherwise.

“No one knows?” I told him.

I relived the day they told me my mom had died. I was spending the day playing outside with my father in the grain fields when a man on a horse was on his way to him. He told something to my father and my father started crying and looked over at me. He then started running in the direction of the house. I didn’t understand what was going on so I ran after him. He was a lot quicker than me, considering I was only five. By the time I got to the house, he was sitting next to my mom on the floor, with a dagger in her heart. ’Dad? What’s wrong with mom,’ I yelled but he didn’t answer. Ever since that day, I couldn’t get that image out of my head.

I went to the king and put my hand on his shoulder because I didn’t know what to tell him.

“Don’t worry I am fine,” he told me. “Go get some sleep and we can talk about the attack in the morning because I will have to address the council.”

I looked over at him and decided that he probably wanted to be left alone.

“Alright then,” I said and made my way back to the room.

Violet was asleep in my bed and Katherine lay next to her also asleep. She didn’t have her feathers on anymore and it laid on one of the tables. I gave Violet a kiss on her head. She was excessively young to be witnessing all of this. I sat at her side on the bed and couldn’t bear the thought of anything happening to her.

I looked at Katherine who looked like she finally was having a good night’s sleep. I sat down on the sofa and thought about everything that happened today. I couldn’t believe that I was actually the king’s son. I didn’t know how to feel anymore, after seeing him cry over my mom? I turned sideways, made myself comfortable and fell asleep after a hard day.

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