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"The king shall be removed from his throne by someone who could see things that others cannot!" says the prophecy. Fifteen year old Jean was born in Zeasia but brought up in Kala Nagari, which is across the other end of the river. The reason for he not being raised in the kingdom where he was born is the fact that he was born out of an extramarital affair of Queen Tara with Shyam, who receives a tortured death as the king returns from his travelling. The Queen then decides to run away as the king begins to harass her for what she had done. She reaches Kala Nagari, where she lives with Radha who earns her living through providing service to the travellers. There, lives another traveller named Jean, raised as Radha’s son! Unaware of his origins, Jean struggles through school & becomes a misfit immediately as he goes through strange dreams & hallucinations of a person that he calls Angel. He stops going to school, soon enough, & takes all his training from Angel that includes physical training & controlling his emotions through meditation. The hallucination can be due to his excessive reading he does for understanding his personality, but he is too young to realize that! Will he bring down the mighty king?

Adventure / Fantasy
Atul Mohite
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It had been a long time since the people of Zesia gathered in such a huge number. There had been rules and it was one of them, that they should never gather along unless it was the king’s order. They all discussed about just one thing, the prophecy.

There was a man named Mohan, old, almost nearing the age of dying and who lived in Zesia. He could barely walk on his own so there was no question of any work that he could do. The only thing he had was his ability to predict the future, which happened naturally to him & mostly through his dreams. Most surprisingly, all his prophecies had become true, irrespective of how much people believed in them. They all had led to the prosperity of Zesia except this one time when he predicted the destruction.

“The king shall be removed from his position and the one doing that will be someone who could see things that others cannot! While he shall carry the God’s scar on his chest and when he enters, the golden days for this kingdom shall come!”

His words got attention by the people of Zesia immediately. Very soon, everybody was talking about it. The kids, the women, the all working- nonworking men & the old as well, everyone asked Mohan the same question, when shall ‘He’ come? He was going to narrate it in details it is why they all had gathered, breaking the rule of the kingdom & gathering around Mohan. They were all tired of the King & his strict rules. They all needed freedom, freedom of choosing their own profession, freedom to raise their children however they would want to instead of putting them strictly into the king’s army. They wanted art, music, literature to be available in Zeasia like that of their neighbouring city, Kala Nagari. Some were fortunate enough to have been there a few times. Some had even settled there after they had enough from the king’s rule.

“Move! Everybody, move out of the way!” a deep, husky voice came from the crowd.

“It’s the king.” Someone in the crowd announced. Everybody made a way for the king immediately. Very soon, the king was standing straight in front of Mohan. Nobody said a word for a while. The crow had pin drop silent. Everybody was eager to know what the king would reply to Mohan’s prophecy on his downfall. It is not easy to accept the downfall after all, even if you are the king. The king waited, thinking Mohan could speak first, asking for his forgiveness. But Mohan stayed quiet. The only indifference was his head wasn’t down like the others surrounding him. In fact, it was held high, expressing he had done nothing wrong. The king was angry. He felt insulted. His words come out of fury,

“Tell me, what did you see?”

“I saw a path towards glory.”

“Really? How?”

“By bringing you down.” a man took out his sword & moved forward but the king stopped him.

“Who did you see, bringing me down?”

“That I cannot say. But he would be someone…”


“Someone who could see things that others cannot.”

“Really? Haha..haha..” the king broke out into a laugh. Mohan didn’t understand it. Why was he laughing on his own downfall? One should get angry instead. But then the king explained,

“Do you think a mad person could take away my kingdom? Do you?” He laughed again.

“I didn’t say mad. I only said that…”

“Someone who could see things that others can’t, is it? That’s what the mad does! Now, if you ever talk about this to anybody, you know what I can do to you.”

“I’m not afraid of you now Robert. The time has come. He will lead this kingdom to glory, you will see.”

“How dare you take the king’s name!” one of Kings guard took out his sword but the king stopped him again.

“Whoever this man you are talking about, is he from my kingdom? Or somewhere else, eh?”

“That I must not tell you.”

“You should, otherwise I’ll cut your throat!”

“I’m not afraid of you. Had I been afraid, I would have never talked about the prophecy. It was my duty, to share what I see & make you aware of the things that are coming forth.”

“So, you are not going to tell me then.”

“I have told you enough.”

“Alright then. Guards, you know what to do.” He turned his back to Mohan & started going back from where he came, the royal chamber. The guards grabbed him.

“Any last wish?” asked one of them.

“You know my wish.” said Mohan. The guard, without even thinking twice, sliced Mohan’s throat. The next thing they all knew was Mohan lying dead right where he was supposed to tell the prophecy. Many cried since he was their beloved person. He must have told countless stories to people who inspired them in their troubled times including his dark prophecies that never failed to come true. Thy all wished & prayed that his prophecy to come true. Robert will have to pay for what he did. His kingdom will be taken away by someone, as Mohan said, who could see things that others cannot…

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