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Phantom Rose (BOOK 1)

By Tanwa Adanlawo All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


A book inspired by fairy tales. Lillianett is a hot-tempered 18-year-old girl of two realms that currently carries the curse of her ancient royal ancestor, the phantom rose curse. As part of the curse, she must travel to the realm the curse originated and survive for an entire year, staying hidden from everyone who views 'her-kind' as abominations. Having saved the life of a playboy prince she is dragged into a forbidden destiny that unravels secrets that run deeper than anyone realized.

Prologue - Prelude to Destiny

I believe it was Shakespeare who said: ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ Well, he clearly never had my family in mind or he would have realized that not all roses give off the same sweet smell.

My family has an unusual history, one that starts off like a fairy-tale. Once upon a time in the realm of Hiliax, there was a world with five kingdoms; Hiason to West, Revena to the east, Tamikar to the north, Halibel to the South and Sybulis at its center. Of these kingdoms, Halibel was ruled by a brother and sister grieving the loss of their parents due to a devastating war that tore through much of the world’s resources. Hence, Queen La-Muse and her brother, Prince Dante, set out to another realm which had a world much like their own, in hopes that they could rebuild their broken kingdom. The world was known as earth of the realm Tarress.

La-Muse and Dante worked diligently to rebuild their kingdom and make it as beautiful as it once was. By the time the kingdom was rebuilt Queen La-Muse had grown fond of Tarress and its people, often revisiting the realm without official cause. It was soon discovered that she was in love with a man from Tarress and regularly traveled there to meet him. Later it was revealed that she was pregnant by a man of Tarress.

There was an uproar.

A child of two realms could not be, it was against all that was natural, an affront to nature. Immediately, the Elders were notified and they demanded that La-Muse come before them to be trialed for her sins.

She fled. Out of fear and desperation, she retreated to Tarress knowing that the Elders had no power in another realm. Enraged by this act of defiance the Elders called for Dante demanding that he bring his sister back to face her sin of bearing an abomination.

Dante pleaded with the Elders to hear what he had to say. Once they agreed, he suggested the child and his sister not be killed. He rather instead they allow the child to be born and if it lives until the age of eighteen it will be hunted for a day in Tarress by one of the Elders' choosing. Then If the child could survive that day, he may be allowed to live as a show of worthiness.

The Elders thought of his proposal and somewhat agreed but demanded that instead, the child must come on that same day to Hiliax. It should stay in the realm for a year, survive and only then will it be deemed worthy of life. The child would be granted a caretaker to assist in its survival but everyone else would be an enemy out for blood to purge the abomination and bring it to justice.

This cycle would continue generation after generation until the lineage is terminated.

Dante immediately agreed, thankful for his sister’s life. However, before he could go the Elders told him of the curse mark that shall be transferred to each generation child. It would be placed at its exact time of the eighteenth year. They also informed him that he would need to stand trial in place of his sister.

Dante rushed to tell his sister the news. La-Muse pleaded with him to come with her but he declined in fear a war between the realms would occur if the Elders came to retrieve him. They woefully said their goodbyes and parted ways.

Months later a healthy boy was born, time progressed and many years later the Kingdom of Halibel fell to ruins. The Elder’s word became law and the cycle of abominations given the title of ‘Half-breeds,’ began.

My name is Lillianett Hali Sciarra, a 'half-breed' centuries later, and this is the newest chapter to my family’s fairy-tale.

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