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Displaced I: The Exchange

By Kevin Provance All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

XII - Continuum

“A set of elements such that between any two of them there is a third element.”


Date: Thursday, June 13, 1991

Location: Old Liberty Road, Eldersburg, Maryland

Age: 35 (current)



The car fell through the air, approximately four feet. It crashed to the ground, rolling me around the cockpit.

Residual flashes of bright light flashed within the automobile. The portal that carried the car and us in it fourteen years into the future did not close. Rather, it pulsated. My sense of time was in complete upheaval. Instead of a mid afternoon landscape, it now appeared to be early evening.

Outside, I heard the sound of an aircraft tearing through the air at low altitude. I stretched my neck in an attempt to look up and out the driver’s side window. Pulses of white light from the fluctuating portal followed my line of site as I looked up into the sky. The flashes cut through extended branches from the trees surrounding the reservoir. To my amazement, those fallen branches disappeared into thin air. I looked away from the tree line, and up toward the sound of incoming aircraft. An atmospheric disturbance similar to the distortion one might see from heat rising off a hot surface collided into the one of the outward moving flashes that followed where I looked. The unseen craft disappeared into the flash as well. The sound of the unseen aircraft ceased, leaving silence.

It occurred to me then, if I opened the displacement object, I would also need to close it. I reached out with both hands, thinking I might somehow recall the object I released from my mind. As if on autopilot, a series of additional equations in my head absorbed the displacement object, bringing back into focus the two images from different points in space-time. Only this time, one was now in 1991 and the other was the other now whose point in the space-time continuum I did not immediately recognize.

I felt something else inside that object. A presence. A very angry presence in space-time resolving to Earth year 2095. I could understand nothing else. No, I take that back, I understood one more thing. Whatever that entity of evil was, it scared the living soul out my body.


Without warning, and far beyond my control, the car and I slipped into that other now, stretching across the sixth dimension.

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