It Starts with a Phone Call

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You feel courageous and bold as you stand up, call out to the monster and charge it. Your death is sudden; the monster doesn’t even flinch as you break the bat across its shoulder. This is a story about You; a story of an expanding, ever changing world that never seems to settle. It’s a story of change and decisions, a story about you… You’ve just moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere, marooned by the sea of trees. Strange things start to happen to you after a phone call wakes you up in the middle of the night. This story is unfinished here and will remain so. I am abandoning Inkitt. If you wish to continue following me, follow me here: Profile -

Adventure / Fantasy
Skye Nall
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It Started with a Phone Call

This story is finished here and will remain so, but I am abandoning Inkitt. If you wish to continue following me, follow me here:

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It Starts with a Phone hasn't yet been uploaded to Wattpad but will soon. (Apr 27th 22) You can call me a liar if it's not up by 2023.

It’s two, not the bright and shiny part of the day, no, it’s two AM, at night, that eerie part of the night, not quite the bewitching hour but still it seems like the creepy crawlies are out and about and everything seems to be alive and moving. The night sky is filled with angry looking clouds and crackles of faraway thunder. The mountains surrounding your small secluded town loom on the horizon looking like a frozen tidal wave in the madness of green. The air is crisp with hints of rolling fog hiding the forest’s secrets in a white blanket. You’re sleepy little town is quiet, the occasional dog bark and car driving by your house are the only sounds that pierce the silence.

But then your phone begins to ring from its place on the night stand, lighting up your dark bedroom and breaking the fragile silence with that familiar ringtone of yours. It’s annoying but it does the trick and wakes you from that dream you always have after a stressful day, you know the one. Where you’re in a haze and you feel like something important happened but the moment you open your eyes, it’s faded and a slipping memory that’s gone in seconds.

With a groggy mind and heavy body with sleep you roll over and grab your phone. Your clumsy hands knock it off the night stand and it hits the floor with a thud but keeps ringing. After a few curse words and crawling half way out of bed to retrieve the escapee you roll onto your back and look at the screen. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the light of the phone and you have to blink a few times before you can open them to look at the blaring light.

It’s that person again. That person you never thought you’d get a call from. You’re not sworn enemies but you’re not best friends either, so it’s a bit strange they’d be calling so late. You’re not to incline to speak with this person but you’re not in a terrible mood and consider it.

You’ve never been one for turning down a call just because you didn’t feel like talking; also, your curiosity was just too great. You answer the phone and put it up to your ear. For a second you think that the line went dead, there was a weird beeping and then a crackle, and maybe a voice? Like a scream almost but far away and in a tunnel. You pull the phone away, flinching at the sound and look at it curiously, everything seemed fine. You put the phone back to your ear. And hear an unfamiliar voice start talking then before you can utter a single word.

“Oh thank god you picked up, listen I think I’m being followed. Come pick me up these guys look really scary.” You didn’t know this person; this wasn’t the person on the caller ID. Who was this? You think as you feel a rising storm inside of you, like electricity is running through your skin. It started when you heard the cracking and beeping but you hadn’t noticed it right away.

1.You go see what kind of trouble this person’s gotten into, after all she’s got your friends phone and she’s asking for your help.
Go to: Dining with Bobby at Nico’s Pizza

2. You’re tired and it’s been a long day, you don’t feel like sticking your neck out for some stranger.
Go to: A Strange Sound

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