One Single Day

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Chapter Four

Chapter Four

The father caracal had gone his separate way from Patrick and Julie. They themselves had walked to the Nile, on the east bank of which Akhetaten was located.

“You don’t suppose there are any crocodiles are there?” asked Julie, disrobing until she was in her bikini.

“Julie, it is the Nile.” Replied Patrick, keeping his clothes on. “The Nile crocodile is an actual animal. Why do you think Sobek has a crocodile’s head?”

“Which one is Sobek again?” Julie was now dipping a toe into the Nile. The water was cool on this hot day.

Patrick paused for a second before saying: “I can’t remember!” If he had been listening to his uncle Enrico he’d remember Sobek was the God of the Nile, the Army, Military, Fertility and Crocodiles. In the case of the last one it made sense that Sobek would have a crocodile’s head. Patrick kept his eyes on Julie, walking towards her and wrapping his arms around her. “But I know I’ll remember this.”

“Oh, Patrick, please, not while I know Collins is only just back there in the camp.” She turned in his arms and rested her head against his. “Every moment he is here I can’t help but feel in danger, both of us, you most of all. He’ll probably arrange to kill you and then force me to marry—“ Julie didn’t get any further. The feeling of something bump against the back of her lower legs caused her to turn and gasp in shock. Patrick looked as well and his eyes widened in horror.

They looked down at the body of a Nile crocodile. It was a bloody mess and there was no way those bite marks had come from another crocodile or even from a hippo.

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